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  1. Hey, LML. Big fan of your posts. I have a question...i am in the middle of writing a thesis for grad-school and it pertains to the philosophical "nature of things". The concept of "As above so below" of celestial beings and situations are echoed throughout eternity via life on earth in ASOIAF is beyond intriguing to me. In fact, it is the core component to my thesis. I an arguing in my thesis that there is historical and narrative truth in this "echo" reality. 

    This may come across as a silly question, but I wanted to ask you, do you feel like the "As above so below" has any merit in our real world as it pertains to our ancient celestial and astrological stories and our religions/faith-based systems? Also, are there any books, sites or organizations that explore this? 

  2. Awesome @LmL Thanks for the response. As for Jon Snow, I meant "Skinchanger" Not Greenseer. My mistake. But overall, i get the feeling of the Stark Kings of old were often zombified to increase their powers. I cannot wait to see if this is true or not.
  3. @LmL Thanks for this assessment! Just finished reading part 2 and i cannot wait for part 3! But, I wanted to maybe add something to this analysis and I think you were headed this direction anyway. But I wanted to see if I'm on the same page with you. (I will paraphrase, I have to go to work in a few, haha) * it started when I started remembering the ancient Kings of Winter statues in the crypt. With part two of your analysis stuck in my head, I started trying to look at every piece of evidence to suggests the Starks are the Kings of Winter, thus the Kings of death. So, we associate the North with death in which winter is synonymous with. So, in terms of magic what do we associate with Winter/Death? The Others and their undead army. But more importantly was the defining characteristic of the Others/wights: The Blue eyes. Other traits include pale skin, inhuman strength potentially, and at least for the wights, they do not have to sleep or eat and they cannot feel the cold, as you've stated in your analysis. For the underlined reasons, you stated that a person with these abilities would be perfectly suited to survive the Long Night, and I agree. Who better to survive the Winter or travel to the Lands of Always Winter than someone who can't feel the cold and doesn't need to sleep or eat? (Not to mention greenseeing and skinchanging abilities, haha) So, that got me thinking...what happened to the Last Hero? Okay, so for me, the Night's king and the Last Hero are one in the same. (The Last Hero was the 13th final member alive, the Night's King was the 13th Lord Commander) The Last Hero was indeed and undead, skinchanging green man diplomat that negotiated peace with the Others, possibly through marriage. I believe this peace deal was struck at Winterfell. And I believe the Wall was erected to mark the territory of the Others, but also to honor the peace deal. (I believe the COTF, Humans, Giants and Others built the Wall as some sort of united nations blood pact) The Others would stay North of the Wall, and the Last Hero(or Stark descendants) would rule with his Other wife at the Night Fort, eventually being called the Night's King, the representation of the peace union between races as well as the border. (Maybe this peace also required children sacrifice to the Others as well, though I feel like there is more to this) See, I feel like the Night's King is just a fantastical story that talks of the downfall of the "Stark" rulers of the Night Fort. Maybe he was a bad leader, maybe the Starks at Winterfell got greedy, or maybe there was another reason. And I do mean "Stark". For I think the peace treaty the Others made with the First Men was with the proto-Starks. The Marriage Peace Pact was made at the weirwood where Winterfell is. "There must always be a Stark in Winterfell may be a part of this peace deal made with the Others. Maybe the proto-starks were the only clan that the Others trusted to keep to the peace treaty. However, i also feel like the Night's Fort was also ruled by a Stark (maybe a brother to the King of Winterfell). After all, as the Night's King story goes, many believe he was a Stark and many believe that he was Brother to the King in the North. It also seems to be tradition that a Stark sibling mans the Wall. It may have been a hereditary rule when it first started, but later voting was implemented. Bottomline, there was a rift between the Night's king and the King in the North and eventually the King in the North defeated his brother and ended his line, thus apparently ending the alliance with the Others who were now stuck North of the Wall (this is beyond speculative). BUT....it didn't end there. I believe the brother to the Night's King, Brandon the Breaker took his Other-wife as his own, and continued the union in Winterfell. But, before I build off of that, I want to go back to what you said and why I feel like the Last Hero was indeed the Night's King that was defeated by his brother (or descendant). The Last Hero was definitely a skinchanging/greenseeing zombie. Whether immortal or long-lived, he furthered his abilities by marrying an Other who had "eyes like blue stars". She had blue eyes because as an Other, she was death personified. However, the only way humans have blue ice eyes like that, would be if they were dead and brought back to life via Ice Magic, like a wight. The proto-Starks during the Long Night (including the Last Hero) and the Starks that emerged after the Long Night survived a hellish time. 100 foot snows, no food, no water, no shelter. This is why it was concluded that the Last Hero had to be undead. For who better to reign during the Long Night? Not only do you not feel the cold nor do you have to eat or sleep, but your powers are also increased since you are closer to nature and death itself. The Stark children give us Magic levels. Arya lost her eyes, and was able to have more intense wolf dreams and could warg into cats. Bran was in a coma for a while and could warg into another human and had the ability to green dream. I think this is deliberately put to show us that the closer one is to death and forced to use his/her third eye, the more magical potential there is (For humans at least). Jon has already been stated to be an even more gifted skinchanger than Bran...can you imagine what death would do for his abilities? So, the Last Hero and thus the Night's King were probably very powerful indeed. So, my question is...how long did this tradition continue? How were the Starks feared for so long, how did they survive this long in the realm of Winter and Death? How did they become Kings of Death and Winter? By being death itself of course! I surmise that it was tradition for the Kings of Winter to be zombified to increase their powers and abilities to survive and "fight" the Winter. Only the dead can maximize their powerrs to the max, for the North is death personified. The evidence is in the crypts, in Bran's greendreams and in old stories told of the Stark Kings. 1.) The Crypts are referenced often, usually in relation to Jon Snow who feels like he needs to go down there. Jon is also about to be resurrected probably similar to the Stark Kings of old. 2.) The Kings of Winter statues are all depicted with Direwolves, meaning it was just once in a generation that a warg was in the family. The Kings were ALWAYS wargs. 3.) The Kings of Winter statues are setup in such a way to "keep the dead from rising" (Yeah, to keep their own dead Kings from rising. Apparently it was an issue. 4.) And the smoking gun for me....any man raised from the dead using ice magic will have blue eyes, just like the wights. For in this story, that is the color of death and winter. Now, the Starks are told to have grey eyes...but what about their ancestors? "He was walking through the crypts beneath Winterfell, as he had walked a thousand times before. The Kings of Winter watched him pass with eyes of ice." "Brandon Stark this was, Edrick Snowbeard's great-grandson, him that men called Ice Eyes. He took the Wolf's Den back, stripped the slavers naked." Now look at the description of the Others "The Other halted. Will saw its eyes; blue, deeper and bluer than any human eyes, a blue that burned like ice." All the Kings of Winter statues in the crypts are depicted with blue Ice Eyes, the same as the wights, and the Others....That is how they survived ad became Kings for Winter, for only the dead can rule during a time of eternal darkness. After all, "What is dead may never die, but rise again harder and stronger." (It seems the Ironborn were trying to do the same thing) Now, the rising of the dead can only be achieved through blood sacrifice. If I can recall, the last vision Bran has is a woman sliting a man's throat before a heart tree. Another blood sacrifice that Bran can taste in his mouth. This is significant because the very next chapter ( i think) is Jon Snow getting killed.....I do not think this is a coincidence. I think Bran is witnessing perhaps the first ever blood sacrifice to raise an undead King in the North. Even in the gift chapter, Bran is trying to get Theon to the heart tree, where he will be killed. It could be a ploy, but still. This is the darkside of the Stark history that caused a continent to fear them. On a side note, this is why I feel like Ice Dragons can only exist IF they are dead Dragons risen again. For, Ice is the personfication of deeath. and again, what is dead may never die, but rise again, harder and stronger. This is why Ice Dragons melt and there are no bones left. This is also why Ice Dragons are 3x bigger than Fire Dragons. Anyway @LmL What do you think??? My apologies for being so unorganized or if all of this was brought up already.
  4. What this implies more than anything is that Dragons and Dragon riders once ruled Planetos. The Seastone chair all the way to Asshai were cities built from Dragons/Dragon Flame. Period.
  5. But then one has to wonder, what is about to happen. Clearly the hinge is blown wide open and the monsters are returning, but is it a bad thing? Is it trying to create balance? Or is it trying to overtake the world of men and bring back to the time of magic? I don't think Asshai is in abalance either, I think they are overwhlemingly magical. I mean, technically speaking, you can say that balance was acheived when the Targaryans conquered Westeros. But was there peace? Was their "true" balance? Maybe balance is unachievable. Maybe thats not the purpose. Maybe each side just has an era of domination and the War for the Dawn happens during every era in which one side wins. I personally do not think the Winter will be beaten back. The way the story is unfolding, it seems like it is just time for the Long Night to take over. It is just their era.
  6. Anyone who has slaves or has threatened Dany in the past will Burn: Qarth: Taken up arms against her, have slaves - They will burn Volantis - Taken up arms against her, have slaves, they will burn Slavers Bay - had slaves, destroyed Pentos - Have slaves, Illyrio tricked her, Tattered Prince wants it. They will burn Also Dany can potentially get a large Khalasar behind her. If she wanted to she could take Norvos, Qohor and the Disputed Lands(Myr, Tyrosh, Lars) Essos is nowheerenear done bleeding yet. Fire and Blood bitches
  7. exactly. It was already predicted that if they took up arms against Dany that the city will bleed/burn. So yea, Volantis is finished. And personally, I expect Dany or members of her team to turn North and take out Pentos as well.
  8. I also am interested in reading a book that ends with fewer POVs then when it starts :) I agree with everything you said and I dont know what will happen either. I figure, especially in the beginning that certain POVs will just be minimized and then ultimately forgotten. Liek once Dany returns, there is no point for Barristan to have a POV anymore. At the moment we have 4 Greyjoy POVs. Some have to go. I dont see Damphair having too many. I see him trying to "wake" something to get Euron, only for it to back fire and for him to get himself killed and create an even bigger problem for Westeros(Uneashing an undead kraken, getting help from the others, etc). With Theon and Asha in the same place now for the forseeable future, I don't see the need for Asha POVs anymore, unless Theon dies soon. Either way we will be down a POV. I think Areo Hotah is finished as a POV now. Arianne Martell is now the "Eyes of Dorne" and Doran is dying, more or less. Brienne and Jaime will be together for the forseeable future, in which case I feel like Jaime will get the bulk of the POVs and Brienne's would be minimized, if she has any at all. The cool thing is, is that groups of characters(And POVs) are starting to come together.
  9. Good points. For me, in Volantis, the thing I rememebered more than anything was that if the Volantis Fleet attacks Dany, then Volantis will burn. The Volantis fleet is laready headed for Slaver's Bay, so it would be safe to assume that this is going to be the cas,e especially with the inevitable slave revolt that will happen. (Dany might sweep through Volantis just like the Ghiscari cities). Further growing her "people" and army. But I don't see the Volantis Fleet destroying the Iron Fleet, though I do believe this battle is just getting started with many twists and turns. The biggest reason for me why Victarion will stay alive for the time being is that as we speak, Euron Greyjoy is getting ready to destroy the Reach. They have to deal with the Redwyne Fleet, but they already probably on their way to High Garden. Oldtown is nearby as well. Would the Tyrells preoccupied at Kings Landing and Storm's End, the Ironborn can have a field day. Dany has to win The Reach in order to win the throne. Who better to give her intel on Euron Greyoy then Victarion? Who else better to even tell her what the Ironborn are doing then Victarion? Saving High Garden or saving Oldtown would do Dany wonders. Banners would flock to her. Now this is just speculation, she could just as easily make her way to Storm's End or King's Landing if Aegon the Fake has already made his way there. I doubt the Volantis Fleet can beat the Ironborn led my Euron. Victarion may try to muscle Dany, but Dany is the one with the army and the Dragons. He may wise up and say, "Hey, I may not get the Dragon Queen, but I can be Lord of the Iron Islands, kill my brother and gain lands once she comes into the throne. " Mutual gain. And the fact that Jorah and Barristan will both be against it means that Dany will probably go for it. The Iron Born will fight themseleves at some point. Damphair might be helping the Others and raising Krakens. Asha still wants the Iron Islands and will fight her uncle. The Reason why I think Euron and Victarion are more tied together than Asha is because, in terms of Ironborn culture Euron is the Storm God, while Victarion is the Drowned God. (Many reasons why, but it would take too long to list now). Asha's storyline is more tied to her brother. Plus at the moment, she is in the middle of a snow storm, here team is decimated, she is injured, hundreds of miles from the sea and she is a prisoner. She wont be a factor in the politics of the Ironborn for some time, if at all. Her and Theon have an arc together. Im not expecting a one on one final batte between Euron and Vicky, but Vicky IS probably the best Ship Commander left. A natural reaver. Imagine Dany landing of Westeros soil with Ironborn Reavers at her front(And she will do this). Moqorro is mysterious, but Vicky did save his life. I doubt he is just leading Vicky to his own demise, considering that he is willing to help bind the Dragons to him. This is the biggets point. The Horn. Euron was planning on Vicky blowing the horn, dying and sending the Dragons straight to Euron. (Two birds, one stone). This has to be the reason, but it only works if Euron has already binded the horn to himself. But with Vicky binding himself as well, what will happen? With the dragons be split? one to euron? one to vicky? both to euron? both to vicky? neither? Its a curious thing. I do feel like the Dragons will be split though. Even if the horn is blown, it will fly to Euron, whch would given Vicky and Dany a common enemy, regardless if it was Vickys fault. he can even blame the 3 losers who blew the horn as the ones at fault. It will also mobilize Dany for Westeros.
  10. Victarion is needed way more tha anyone. He is the leader of the Iron Fleet. He is the one who technically will save Mereen. He is the one who is brignign Moqorro to the Dragon Queen. If he dies, who will lead the Iron Fleet? Jorah? Victarion is doing what Quentyn Martell didn't do. He is bringing a fleet an army, and only his fleet knows how to sail anywhere around Westeros Barristan will be around as well as Jorah and Tyrion. Dany will be at full strength when the make it to Westeros. After that, whateber happens would be anyones guess. Victarion's arc is tied to his brother Euron. He will not die yet until that rivalry with hm is complete. Doesn't mean we will get a crazy 1 on 1, but the arc must become complete
  11. He asks Tumco, whose young eyes can see more clearly, to identify the banners. Tumco says “Squids, big squids. Like in the Basilisk Isles, where sometimes they drag whole ships down.” Barristan replies, “Where I’m from, we call them krakens.” Hail Victarion! Woo! Best line in the two chapters. I got goosebumps...only another two years
  12. I agree with this. I give it a 10 as well. I really, really loved the ending for Dany, White Walkers and Master Luwin.
  13. Very good sir. I started rereading it too and it is like a buildup until the end. A storm of swords is completely different, lol