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  1. No words for how disappointing this episode is. This is probably the last season I watch even if by some miracle they get Stannis' arrival right next week .. :|
  2. NCW played identical twins in a suspense film Mama, with Jessica Chastain. Yoren played King Saul in The Bible. He was also in The Fades with Margaery & Gendry. Stannis & Benjen? :wub: I need this show in my life!
  3. Ned Stark:
  4. :bowdown: :lmao: :lmao: Something from our favorite Onion Knight: .... I swear, these two :lol:
  5. 8 for the Theon (how awesome was he? And Bran? Ahhh my heart!), and also KL riot bits :D
  6. Robert Carlyle used to be my Davos. :3 HIC is great & all but I agree, he'd be better as the Damphair .. A suggestion for Mance Rayder (that is not James Purefoy): Craig Parker!