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  1. Gonna watch. At this point not positive book series ever getting finished. Even if sixth book announced who's to say series will be done within several years from there? I think fans best off watching. just me.
  2. What is Lancel, her cousin? Wasn't Joanna Tywin's cousin?
  3. Cruz and Fiorina? maybe. Stark should be Cruz (paul irrelevant IRL) and change Renly to Rubio/Christie. LOL
  4. Oh I get it. Rubio as Renly seeking a marriage with Christie maybe?
  5. I think all Varys cares about is there being a state of chaos in the capital, regardless of who if anyone is on the throne.
  6. Hey, I chuckled. That was the only glaring error that stood out. Although the whole Cruz "seeking a marriage" with Rubio idea did have me baffled.
  7. Tommen going to be dead, Tyrells take over at this point
  8. Margaery is de facto head of state in the immediate future
  9. Fair attempt. FYI Cruz not popular among the establishment at all
  10. this confirms that at the time that the outline was written, Jon was not Ned's biological son.. I suppose in Westeros society, if Lyanna were Jon's mom, Jon/Arya's passion would no longer have to "torment" them b/c relationships with cousins was totally fine? But the big reveal could also be that neither Ned or Lyanna are Jon's parents and Arya is not a blood relative at all - based on context of the outline. I don't think this does anything to support the R+L=J theory.
  11. I think the bigger issue is that its been clear for awhile Book 7 will likely not come out for 1+ years after the TV series wraps up in 2018. I'm fine watching this season but the fact that the conclusion will be spoiled before last book is out is a disappointment. Still holding out some hope that the turnaround for last book will be much shorter than previous two, but that seems like a pipe dream.
  12. How many WW are there? I don't think seven swords gonna cut it.
  13. Of course the masses enjoy the the show more. One would be crazy to argue with that. You pumped for that new show "Ballers"?
  14. Ratings and revenue say "Faster N' Furiouser 6" is a good movie, what does that mean
  15. Ridiculous. anyone paying any attention knows the wildlings still have the upperhand x1000. they were just scoping things out like Jon said. Stannis will still save the day. Almost seems like some stuff may be pushed into next season though. Tyrion/Tywin possibly??