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  1. Blame Pod

    I blame pod for turning padraig into a quoting whore
  2. Blame Pod

    I blame pod for returning stubby to sanity so he could close that awesome thread :( ....dick
  3. Blame Pod

    How did blaming pod start? Can anyone tell me?
  4. Blame Pod

    I blame pod for all the bad people in this world
  5. Blame Pod

    I think pod's dead.
  6. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    Since his appearance in ACOK,stannis's monologues have been gold.It is known.
  7. Blame Pod

    Er im a dumbfuck Fl00b so ull forgive me for asking,by pod u mean podrick payne right?
  8. Blame Pod

    I blame pod for my upcoming finals
  9. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    You"ve got alot of nerve for starting this thread :angry:
  10. Did Cersei murder Melara?

    Star wars deja vu,GRRM is george lucas who is actually a FM?
  11. Your Top 10 aSoIaF Moments (Spoilers)

    Can someone please tell when/what this scene is about? Ive completely forgotten
  12. Your Top 10 aSoIaF Moments (Spoilers)

    It is known
  13. Your Top 10 aSoIaF Moments (Spoilers)

    10) "The things i do for love" 9) "There sits the only man i mean to bow my head too my lords, THE KING OF THE NORTH!!!" 8)"Blood of my blood"(dragon screeching) 7)Renly and his peach 6)All the battles of book 2(off-screen too) 5)joffrey getting dung thrown on his face,abused,beaten 4)RW...... 3)joffrey dieing 2)broken man speech by septa merribald 1)The Ides of Marsh...... (will probably update after other books)
  14. Introductions