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  1. Blame Pod

    I blame pod for turning padraig into a quoting whore
  2. Blame Pod

    I blame pod for returning stubby to sanity so he could close that awesome thread :( ....dick
  3. Blame Pod

    How did blaming pod start? Can anyone tell me?
  4. Blame Pod

    I blame pod for all the bad people in this world
  5. Blame Pod

    I think pod's dead.
  6. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    Since his appearance in ACOK,stannis's monologues have been gold.It is known.
  7. Blame Pod

    Er im a dumbfuck Fl00b so ull forgive me for asking,by pod u mean podrick payne right?
  8. Blame Pod

    I blame pod for my upcoming finals
  9. What does Blackfish have against Jon Snow?

    And you have the same prejudice like most readers that a Tully=Stupid idiot. The Blackfish is not Edmure or Lysa,he fought in the war of the ninepenny kings,distinguishes himself thoroughly in it,fought against the kingswood brotherhood,was responsible for Robb's victories in the war. He is badass. Even ur beloved Jaime used to drool all over The Blackfish as a kid(see AFFC jaime's POV right before he confronts brynden) I feel sad that u cannot appreciate the greatness and badassery that is The Blackfish.
  10. Myrish Swamp vs. Fat Pink Mast

    Yes! I can see it again now :)
  11. Myrish Swamp vs. Fat Pink Mast

    Yea its the only one not coming :( i can see al l the others.. And its like that on all the threads.Everyone else's avatars are showing except yours,in which there is just a FM..
  12. Myrish Swamp vs. Fat Pink Mast

    What about Arianne's slimy wet nipples?
  13. Myrish Swamp vs. Fat Pink Mast

    Arrey Simarien why u remove ur avatar? It was brilliant.
  14. It dosent make sense to me either.How is Jaime doing tyrion a kindness by bringing him a whore and doing that entire ' act' so he could get laid?(this is what tyrion thought he did) why not just bring him a whore straight away instead of going through an entire charade. I think the one who loves jaime for his kindness was probably Aery's abused wife Rhaella.After all we know how much Jaime wanted to save her from those brutal rapes..
  15. Gendry and Arya

    Wat about Gendry and Brienne?