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  1. Best/ Worst Bromance

    Sandor and Arya is better, though I didnt like how they parted :(
  2. Best/ Worst Bromance

    :lol: I like the way you think! Best bromance for me is Stavos, they're just intense. I also like Stannis and Jon, Jon and Sam, Tyrion and Bronn. Worst is definitely Ramsay and Reek.
  3. Turn Quotes From Characters Into Innuendo

    First time I read that I was like, what??? That's just so........:leer: Imagine Stan's face after that :lmao:
  4. Turn Quotes From Characters Into Innuendo

    Stannis: "She's wanted for her teats, not her tongue!" :leer:
  5. Stannis' offer to Jon

    Exactly. I mean, as much as I would love to see Stannis/Jon teaming up, Jon was right to refuse the offer.
  6. Stannis humor

    Great thread :lol: Another gem:
  7. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    To be honest I hated him in ACoK because of all the burning and everyone in Westeros saying how "hard" a man he is. Then he became alright I guess when he uttered THEN WE WILL MAKE NEW LORDS. When he came to the Wall I hated him again :drunk: He became my favorite since I read The King's Prize chapter. I'm a latecomer. :ph34r: