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  1. Damn, nice. Where did you find this?
  2. Subpar writing from episode to episode, it's really quite pathetic. The kingsmoot was Dorne tier bad. Summer dying served literally no purpose, the zombies didn't even slow down. Completely. pointless. Atleast they're consistent about Brienne is still the same murderous wench, whose ready to kill Littefinger for not giving an anwer to Sansa in timely fashion. Mereen scenes were pretty much the only positive side of this episode for me. 4/10
  3. I am talking about Linda's tweet. She has no knowledge what will happen in TWoW and the point of her tweet was not to spoil book readers, but to spoil the shows episode 10 - because she is mad at D&D.
  4. It's not suppose to be a spoiler for book readers. It's supposed to spoil the episode 10, because she is mad at D&D. They already said they have no information about the next book nor do they want it.
  5. It would have easily worked if it was written by a competent screenwriter. I would have loved to see the Arya's wolfdream where she pulls Cat out of the water as Nymeria. It would have shown how big of a connection she still has to Westeros, but I mean even this is pretty unnecessary since the show is doing such a bad job convincing anyone that Arya is actually becoming 'no one' in the first place. But by now Cat has been dead for 'years', as Myrcella puts it, or who knows with this show.