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  1. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    Maxwell 82 not out at stumps, looking solid and comfortable getting there. What the hell just happened? Nice job from both Smith and Maxwell in rescuing the first innings, intelligent batting. Was all looking a bit pear shaped for Australia at lunch. But this sets up an interesting test.
  2. The group of 30-50 year old women swooning over that photo at my work today would probably disagree.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery

    Trouble with Tribbles (great episode) completely side-stepped the issue. Worf just said "We do not discuss it with outsiders."

    I work in respiratory disease. It's impossible for us to 100% tell whether or not smoking has lead to someones emphysema, or lung cancer. The body is incredibly complex and people do develop those diseases in the absence of cigarette smoke. That doesn't mean they should just say 'oh well you can't tell I'll just keep smoking then'. Which is pretty much what the above is excuse is geared towards.

    The difference is Dems aren't just agreeing with their party. They're also agreeing with over 90% of people who have studied this is enough depth (the scientists) to form an opinion. And frankly looking at the fucking crazy weather patterns that are happening world wide as it was predicted they would.
  6. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate!

    Mosf likely scenario in my mind is a few million voting for Clinton split tickets as a check against a Clinton admin. And a few million only showed up to vote for Trump.
  7. I worked in research microbiology for several years. There is very little funding in antibiotic development. That's from either public or private money. Big pharma isn't really interested, as any new drug developed will immediately be put as a drug of last resort and be extremely sparingly used. Plus resistance tends to arise very quickly. Public money is up and down. But infectious diseases in general aren't particularly sexy. And the healthcare burden isn't high enough (yet) in the western world when compared to the more common cancers, or say, smoking related illness (which I'm currently working on). A large sustained injection of cash into antimicrobial drug development could absolutely make a big difference.
  8. Table Top RPG Stuff

    Personally i find the skill system, classes and combat to be way over simplified in 5E. Especially the combat; the monsters have too many hps, and it can too easily devolve into a repetitive roll fest. We've had to convert a bunch of the 3E rules to our current campaign to spice it up. And sure you can do that, but I often find myself wishing we were still just playing 3.5E.
  9. US Politics 2016: Delay the Electoral College Vote?

    This whole argument started because polling data was disputed. Not echo chambers. Not what people who they interviewed predicted. You said: So give us some solid examples of NBCs polling being systemically biased. Not some massive goalpost shift. Because their recent and easily verifiable election polling looks solid.
  10. US Politics 2016: Delay the Electoral College Vote?

    Fox fucking news had Clinton +4 in their last poll at the election. Identical to NBCs polling. I guess they're biased towards Clinton too.
  11. US Politics 2016: Delay the Electoral College Vote?

    The crux of this argument was about NBCs polling. NBC doesn't do predictions. They interviewed several people who do (including Sam Wang), giving Trump varying chances. However NBCs national polling right before the election had Clinton +4. That's pretty similar to most of the other polling conducted at the same time, and is easily within the margin of error of the actual result (Clinton +2ish). ETA: They also interviewed Michael Moore btw.
  12. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    It does sound like it's probably the motherboard. However before you go for a new one I'd tear the whole thing apart and reseat everything. It's possible you've just knocked a cable / component out of place and while you were screwing around in there. So pull everything out including all the cables to the PSU, and see if anything will come up with the bare minimum connected (ie PSU, GPU (if there's no integrated on your mobo), CPU and RAM). It's surprising how often I've seen old PCs boot after doing that.
  13. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Just finished up Tyranny. I liked it, though the ending felt quite rushed & incomplete. It also felt like it could've really benefited from some companion quests, which were inexplicably absent. Overall I enjoyed the story far more than PoE, which never grabbed me enough to finish.
  14. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    Australia should win from this position, but it's far from a sure thing. If deKock and Cook can form a decent partnership, and have the tail wag a bit as it did in the first innings, a chase of 150+ is not off the table. Batting should be much easier during the 1st session tomorrow. And the current mostly untested Australian batting lineup could easily collapse for less than 100, especially if the pitch starts to get a few gremlins in it. Still I'm glad that Australia has shown some fight this test after a dismal spell. Hopefully at least one of the young batsmen can hang around and develop over the next few years. Lyon must be relieved he's found some form this test, but he's still looking on his way out, and we'll need to find another couple test spin bowlers to develop for the tour of India early next year & beyond.