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  1. One of the guys teaching my Philosophy class was 'one of those' atheists, who put me off a bit by constantly using bible passages for his examples of logical fallacies (and I'm not at all religious myself). On the plus side it clued me in to how my own non-belief in God might come across badly to others if I got preachy about it. On the other hand one of my microbiology lecturers ranted and raved about kids these days and socialists any opportunity he got.
  2. The Greens under Di Natale seem far more willing to compromise to get an okay deal across the line, rather than hold out for a perfect piece of legislation, or try to just get ideological point scoring in. I much prefer them to the Greens who refused to back an increase in the petrol excise under Milne. As an aside, that the Government (well, their backbench) is comfortable cutting a deal with One Nation, but shies from even the possibility of a deal with the Greens does not bode well. When did those corrupt, incompetent, xenophobic nutbags become normalized?
  3. lol! That's awesome if it holds up.
  4. Yup. Not demanding personal loyalty from law enforcement or using your office to obstruct investigations into your administration is one of those unwritten democratic norms. It's the kind of thing you expect to see in tinpot dictatorships and military juntas. Not in a developed democracy. I'm honestly surprised anyone would try to defend it. Really isn't a good precedent.
  5. Challenge to an IQ test? What the fuck? I shouldn't be shocked anymore, but is the President a 5 year old child?
  6. A local rescue does rehoming, fostering and adoption of racing greyhounds, so we're looking at options to train and adopt one. Not sure if we'll meet their criteria though. We only have a very small back yard, and would need to figure out where the dog would live when we're at work or whatever. In reality we're planning on dropping the dog at my wife's parents (which is on my way to work) when we're not in, same as we did for our last little guy. When we are at home they'll have access to our large fenced front yard, and we're looking at moving to (have already bought) a property with a big fenced yard in about a year. But I'm doubting all that will fly as a solution in the eyes of the greyhound rescue. Still, big steps for my wife to even be considering this. Her best friend of near 17 years passed last September.
  7. Though I preferred Billy Bob as the antagonist in season 1, I remember thinking the middle episodes really dragged. Could've done with being a couple episodes shorter. So I far preferred season 2, which engaged me from start to finish. May have been less of an issue if you binged it though. Enjoying the current season, though not as much as the last.
  8. Thanks! That makes life so much more tolerable.
  9. I don't agree that bioware are in decline either. But that's probably because I never put them on a pedestal like some do. They've always been massively inconsistent. There was Neverwinter Nights, though Bioware would say they released a toolset rather than a game, but the base campaign was awful. Jade Empire was lackluster and never grabbed me at all. DA2 was oddly paced with horrible combat. DA:I (some may disagree with me here) had cheesy as hell writing and seemed like one overlong fetch quest, and again had horribly oversimplified combat (at least the mobs weren't spawning everywhere though I guess). And ME3 was a big step down from ME2 and had that ending. Now we've got ME:A, which is a massive tonal shift and has some terrible writing, but at least has the best gameplay / action of the series once in combat. I'm still on the fence whether if I care enough about the plot to be bothered finishing the game though.
  10. Yeah I was going to write something similar. I mean even if you do conflate the One Nation (populist extreme right wing) party with authoritarianism, they're unlikely to break too much more than 10% nationally, which is about where they were at in the mid-90s. The recent state election in Western Australia had them at 4% there, and that's far from the least conservative of states. This is probably as much due to them being run by an utter moron as much as anything else though. The mainstream parties aren't going anywhere soon due to mandatory voting, and I would be extremely surprised if our current center right government lasts more than its current term. That's about par for Australian polictics (2 terms in government). So we'll end up with a center left government in 2019, and they'll in all likelyhood need support of the hard left greens party (who consistently get 10% of the national vote) to get legislation through the senate.
  11. Ah, the cyclists dilemma. Ride on the footpath and get abused by pedestrians taking up the entire path, unwilling to move a foot to let you pass. Or ride on the roads and get repeated near misses, or just run off or hit by crazy / inattentive drivers.
  12. Overbooking most certainly does happen here (Australia) I was bumped from a connecting flight in Melbourne just last week. Luckily there was another flight only an hour later. I believe Europe has tighter laws on it though. News source to back up assertion:
  13. Maxwell 82 not out at stumps, looking solid and comfortable getting there. What the hell just happened? Nice job from both Smith and Maxwell in rescuing the first innings, intelligent batting. Was all looking a bit pear shaped for Australia at lunch. But this sets up an interesting test.
  14. The group of 30-50 year old women swooning over that photo at my work today would probably disagree.
  15. Trouble with Tribbles (great episode) completely side-stepped the issue. Worf just said "We do not discuss it with outsiders."