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  1. Just completed a running study for a local university which was an interesting experience. 2 sessions with 5mins treadmill running at 8, 10, 12km/hr each. Followed by 2x3km time trials all out. And then a repeat of the 3x5min at increasing speed. Purpose was something to do with gait analysis before and after exhaustion. First session I went out way too hard in the first time trial (tried to run an 11min 3km), blew up in the first 2km and came in just below 12mins. Did not have a great time after that. Second session I went into dreading, but paced myself much better in the first time trial (12:20) and had a much better time of it, reaching the limit at the end of the second 3k. Got a free pair of shoes (last years ASICS kayanos) +$100 for my trouble, and was a good way to kick start my training for the year. Don't think I've lost too much speed with my milage reduction over December / Jan which is good. Otherwise have signed up for my first marathon (Melbourne Marathon), and now I have until October to get into shape for it. Target time is 3:30, which I hope is realistic given how I progressed last year. Meantime there's a bunch of local half marathons starting in April to slowly ease myself back into the longer distances.
  2. And Root hasn't come out after lunch. Lower order is collapsing in a predictable fashion.
  3. I still think it was a mistake not keeping Renshaw in the lineup. Sure he had a couple poor shield games in the lead up, but he's young, needs experience, and otherwise his form for the last year has been excellent. And Bancroft has not been particularly impressive.
  4. Hottest day on record for Sydney. Thermometer in the centre of the SCG recorded 57.1C. Holy hell that'd be brutal to play in.
  5. Should be looking at 600+ from here. Bat once, then send England in to try to save the test late tomorrow.
  6. See this simply isn't true, at least as far as my understanding. Yes there are a few big ticket items that people can do to reduce their carbon footprint: Choosing to buy a hybrid / electric / smaller car for example, or taking public transport or cycling when possible. Or putting solar panels on the roof. Then there's the little things. Hanging clothes outside to dry on sunny days instead of using a dryer, or not filling the kettle full of water to only make 1 cup of coffee. And yes reducing meat intake, you don't need to eat a steak every meal. Things which yeah on a single person scale don't make a huge difference, but when a big portion of the population does it suddenly you've cut emmisions by a significant %. And it's all stuff that doesn't reduce quality of life, mostly it saves money, and hell in the case of eating less meat and getting outside more often may even make people healthier, happier and longer lived. And yes the correct government policies and subsidies do help, but they're not necessary. Big business (for example) is starting to make the transition to renewables in regardless of government policy, largely for economic reasons.
  7. Trying not to be too combative given that this view has been put forward in this thread, but I really dislike the 'Oh it's all too late, better just adapt / mitigate' narrative. It's a bit of a cop out which doesn't acknowledge that the severity of climate change is not an all or nothing proposition. It's a sliding scale with the worst case scenario being many times more disastrous than the best. And it allows people to say to themselves 'Oh I don't have to change my lifestyle, it's all inevitable and / or we'll just science or way out of it'. No. It's on all of us to manage our resources as best we can to keep things sustainable, and it could have a big effect on how easy (or even possible) it is to dig ourselves out of this mess.
  8. Yeah. No one has made a hundred, but aside from that stupid run out, no one has gone really cheaply either. Bit of luck and could be looking at 350+ from here.
  9. It isn't accepted for a girl to ask a guy out? What? Are we in the 1920s again? I am so confused.
  10. Looking like Labor will pull it out with a slim majority. The big pluses are One Nation tanking and only looking like getting a single seat, and the Libs prevarication over One Nation backfiring spectacularly. Hopefully this'll convince the LNP that if hint of a One Nation coalition is that toxic and costs them votes in Queensland of all places, getting into bed with them elsewhere isn't an option.
  11. Yep, common problem no one talks about. I've had badly bleeding nipples after a couple hour jog before. It was pretty embarrassing (blood soaked through my shirt) and painful. Now I shave my chest (less hair less friction) and put a strip of strapping tape over each nipple before I go for long runs. Same type of tape you'd buy to strap a muscle strain or support a joint. Oh and the other advantage to not having chest hair , you don't rip it off when you rip off the tape.
  12. Thanks guys! It was mentally the hardest run I've ever done. I wasn't familiar with the course and 7-14km were largely up a very gentle slope. So gentle I didn't realise I was running uphill. Almost gave up and walked at 10km I got so discouraged with the precious seconds I was losing. Wasn't until the course looped back on itself at 14km and I started running back down to the finish that I figured out what was going on, and then had to summon the energy to lift and make up the time I'd lost. Have never felt so utterly destroyed after a race. @3CityApache you'll get there! If I recall your 5km time isn't too dissimilar to mine (currently 22:13, though I haven't raced a 5km in a month or so). I'd be shocked if you couldn't easily run a PB now.
  13. Ran my 4th (and final) half marathon for the year today. Came home in a time of 1:39:25 (4:42mins/km), just inside my target time of 1:40. That means I've knocked about 20mins off from my first half in April to now. Don't post here much (mostly lurk and get motivation from reading about you guys) but I'm pretty happy with that result and thought I'd share. Thinking about tackling the full 42.2 next year, but going to give myself a bit of a break and reduce the weekly kms over summer (in Aus).
  14. Ahhh that makes sense, thanks! I hadn't seen any articles on what the government was trying to argue.
  15. Not a lawyer, but would be very surprised if the high court decides the postal survey meets the "urgent" and "unforeseen" test for the funding. Question is where the government goes next in the event the court finds it can't do it. Hopefully it's enough to give them a kick in the ass and just allow a free vote, so it isn't constantly coming up in the lead up to the next election.