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  1. Sansa Stark Samwell Tarly Asha Greyjoy Davos Seaworth Olenna Redwine Bronn Jeyne Westerling Gendry Mya Stone Hotpie I don't know about any of the major POV characters, as most of them seem to be fated to have troubled lives no matter what the outcome of the story will be. However, I'm fairly certain Sansa will make it out all the way through; with her tactfulness and grooming under Littlefinger, I suspect she will either become the next Lady of the Eyrie, Lady of Winterfell, or Queen of Westeros. I just don't think she's grown into her own yet, but at the same time I think she will have a happy outcome. I think in the last book all bets will be off and GRRM will feel free to kill off whichever beloved characters he pleases.