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  1. Seashell_Knight added a post in a topic WANTED: House Suggestions   

    So, after reading Meera's story, again, I think House Lonmouth would be an excellent addition--best crest, ever.
  2. Seashell_Knight added a post in a topic Game Down   

    You broke it, Jy =P
  3. Seashell_Knight added a post in a topic WANTED: House Suggestions   

    So, I just finished Reading The Mystery Knight, for like the third time, and I would like to add House Lothston to this list. I imagine they would be up there with the Hightowers and Reynes in terms of wealth and prestige.

    And House Mormont.

    It might be interesting to have a tier-II or tier-III female Lothston, or Mormont, who defies some of the feminine conventions, e.g. wears armor and leads men into battle, like Danelle or Dacey. I really believe there should be more than one gender role defying woman at court in King's Landing: someone other than Daena.
  4. Seashell_Knight added a post in a topic INFO: OOC Meetings?   

    I agree, on both points. There are so many MMO's out there that, I think, a lot of new players are expecting something akin to WoW. I think Dei, Luthor, or Farin might have said something like this. Regarding things happening quickly, I actually have a suggestion regarding this--well at least for next spring/early summer when season III of Game of Thrones airs.

    The Princess's nameday tourney was an excellent idea--especially given all the new players we have had--and I thought, perhaps, next spring/summer we might have some of the experienced players run small events each weekend, on Friday or Saturday, before GoT airs. This would get some of the new players involved more readily. None of these events need be huge staff/admin managed events. Things like Reyna's Savory Pork Pie Night at the Three Hills Inn would work perfectly.

    I also agree with you regarding the challenges of a cannon game and I have a few suggestions regarding this, too. The biggest thing that comes to mind is maybe putting out some player level jobs for describing the current state of existing houses, so that new players don't butt heads with cannon in their efforts play a character in a house with no Baelorian primer.
  5. Seashell_Knight added a post in a topic INFO: OOC Meetings?   

    Topic: Retention.

    I read Nym's post on recruiting this morning and I really think retention is a bigger problem than recruitment. A number of really good players joined BOD during the airing of GOT and a lot of them just passed through, briefly--and it looks like we just have two experienced players last month over an issue that wasn't that big of a deal except that it aggravated other issues.

    So, I'd like to suggest a discussion concerning retention--I think, perhaps, there was a similar discussion about getting new players involved during one of the previous OOC meetings, although I think recent events merit a discussion about retention as it pertains to new and experienced players.
  6. Seashell_Knight added a post in a topic WANTED: House Suggestions   

    I would really like to see the Royces played. As Andred said, they were one of my first choices before I was aware that they did not have a family tree; I would also like to suggest giving them a large family tree, or possibly expanding the Blackwood family tree so that players who want to play a character who worships the Old Gods may have the opportunity.

    I also recommend the Fossoways, Tarbecks, and Lannisters of Lannisport. I am huge fan of the Hedge Knight and extant houses--and you can never have enough Lannisters.

    I would like to see an 18-25 year old knight, from house Royce, who is the second son, or heir, and unmarried.

    I would also like to request an 18-25 year old Royce, the daughter of the Lord of Runestone, who is unmarried.
  7. Seashell_Knight added a post in a topic Character Theme Songs.   

    Jon isn't -that- Emo.
  8. Seashell_Knight added a post in a topic Character Theme Songs.   

    So, the best I have found for Humfrey, thus far

    "The Hand that Feeds" by Nine Inch Nails
    "No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin
  9. Seashell_Knight added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Character Theme Songs.
    So, Barion suggested this. Please post your character's name and their theme song, or multiple tracks, if you'd like.

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  10. Seashell_Knight added a post in a topic BoD Casting Call   

    Thus far, The best candidate for Humfrey is James Franco.

    He's about right in terms of height, build, weight, hair, and eye color.