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  1. Sigurd is really starting to grow on me, and I wouldnt have bet on that a few episodes ago... and Hvitserk continues to be useless... Otherwise, yeah, very few character still remaining from the very first season : Rollo, Floki, Helga, Lagertha, Bjorn, Aelle ( and Torvi ?)
  2. Well, I really enjoyed it and I was dubious beforehand, with the superhero theme. But it turned out really entertaining ! The two main characters of the story (the supernanny and the journalist) were really engaging, Peter Capaladi was brilliant as always and Nardole was used just enough not to be tiresome. So, come on, now, Steven, for your last season, I'm expecting some seriously great stuff ! But I trust you ! (Or I'm too much of an optimist maybe, but after all, Doctor Who is all about optimism !)
  3. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    May you drink in Valhalla your majesty. Or Heaven, if you'd prefer... Yeah, in the end, both are ridiculous, and wherever you are, we'll remember you. Oh, and Ubbe looks a hell lot like younger Ragnar !
  4. Carrie Fisher has passed away

    Alan, Carrie, David, Gotlib, Lemmy (even though you left us in 2015; I dont care), you guys are the ones whose loss hit me the hardest this fucking year.
  5. 2016 deaths

    Gotlib... Although maybe only Belgiumsn French and maybe Swiss know about one of the founding father of bande-dessinée and dark humor in comic strips.
  6. Woooo hooooooooooo for Tat ! Stephen McHattie... dont really know him but he sure has an interesting face. Good call from the casting department !
  7. 12 Monkeys

    Ooooh, neat ! SyFy seems pretty confident with the show ! Hoping for a 4th season !
  8. Supernatural

    Well, the old topic must be quite a page back, so why not start a new one for the beginning og season 12 ! Season 12, yeah ! And the show keeps kicking ! Quite loved the introduction of the British hunting way, adds to the world and I'd love the show to go more international than just US based. It would bring in something fresh, in my opinion. And the stuff with Mary coming back was handled pretty well. They did something quite tragic and poetic with coming back to life 30 years later, it wasnt too much handled, just enough to make it work with few words and some really nice musical cues. Really looking forward to what will happen this season ! Oh and if you find a good pun for the title, just shoot. I hesitated between a few but nothing really convincing so far, so if you have any idea, I can edit it.
  9. JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    Naaah. Maybe I'm naive (but on this particular one, I dont think I am), but it has nothing to do with Jo's personal wealth. It's more like she cant let go of her universe. Not that I blame her at all (I will never blame her for anything, actually, and I am one of those people forever grateful for what she offered to the world), in the end, when you create something so massive, something you know nothing else you could create will ever top it, it can be really hard to let go. So, I for one, am curious to see what she has in mind.
  10. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    The show has made me so paranoid about everyone that now I am convinced that everyone but Ford and the MiB are just hosts... At least when it comes to the facility team, behind the curtains. Didnt make my mind about the guests yet.
  11. Well, there is that new redbeard character in the trailer, so who knows if it wont be Israel. Sadly, I think the Mary Read ship has sailed.
  12. Holy fook, that looks amazing ! Cant freaking wait !
  13. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    I tend to think he's the co-founder of the park with him, but yeah, a jealous/scorned family member could work as well.