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  1. Well, Anne is definitly not in her best shape right now. I exited the episode convinced she was a goner, but since have come to think that, yeah, it will be better for the story if she ties some loose ends before her (inevitable I think) death. But I dont see how she could recover of these injuries before the end of the season, so she'll probably bite it still in a pretty rough shape. Which means she probably wont go down fighting, which is kinda sad... Or maybe I'm overthinking this...
  2. Maybe to get sure Rodgers didnt escape... maybe... dunno... I agree it was a bit reckless but well, who knows... or maybe in hope to find valuable information...
  3. Later than usual, if I remember correctly. Didnt previous seasons started around April / May ?
  4. So... what about Billy ? Did he charge the militia ? Looked like so... Well, let's see where we go from here ! It's, as always, damn tough for me to talk about this show in a constructive way : I love everything about it, and loved everything about the episode, and I'm so pumped for the rest of the season ! Cant freaking wait ! And yeah, that Rackham - Teach scene was pure delight !
  5. Really have to say so : the "escalating" scenes (aka the UN war-council) were wonderful and tense as hell ! Loved everything about it ! Now, I look forward to learn more about Martian leaders... if ever, I still havent read the books so I'm going in there totally blind and I love it... well, I knew that a certain Bobby Draper was to be a major new character and knew a little bit about who she' supposed to be, but apart from that, my eyes are totally new to this universe.
  6. It's back and it was glorious !
  7. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Yeah, nice and catchy... but we already had Jedi in VI... but I'm obviously not the first one to say it, nothing original here.
  8. Sigurd is really starting to grow on me, and I wouldnt have bet on that a few episodes ago... and Hvitserk continues to be useless... Otherwise, yeah, very few character still remaining from the very first season : Rollo, Floki, Helga, Lagertha, Bjorn, Aelle ( and Torvi ?)
  9. Well, I really enjoyed it and I was dubious beforehand, with the superhero theme. But it turned out really entertaining ! The two main characters of the story (the supernanny and the journalist) were really engaging, Peter Capaladi was brilliant as always and Nardole was used just enough not to be tiresome. So, come on, now, Steven, for your last season, I'm expecting some seriously great stuff ! But I trust you ! (Or I'm too much of an optimist maybe, but after all, Doctor Who is all about optimism !)
  10. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    May you drink in Valhalla your majesty. Or Heaven, if you'd prefer... Yeah, in the end, both are ridiculous, and wherever you are, we'll remember you. Oh, and Ubbe looks a hell lot like younger Ragnar !
  11. Carrie Fisher has passed away

    Alan, Carrie, David, Gotlib, Lemmy (even though you left us in 2015; I dont care), you guys are the ones whose loss hit me the hardest this fucking year.
  12. 2016 deaths

    Gotlib... Although maybe only Belgiumsn French and maybe Swiss know about one of the founding father of bande-dessinée and dark humor in comic strips.