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  1. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    Ooooh, okay, she fed up the dog to Cass ! Damn, that just came to me in a flash. I've seen the episode yesterday and didnt understand that last scene at all... just got it now !
  2. 12 Monkeys

    Well, you're missing on something then. Season 2 has been nothing but stellar all the way ! This finale was no exception, even if we all called the Witness nature... but being predictable doesnt necessarly mean bad or easy, it can also mean coherent and logical... which it was imo.
  3. I, like many here, prefer Killjoys over Dark Matter, overall, but this week, Dark Matter was better. Killjoys wasnt bad, but it was rushed. Interesting development in the plot and character interractions and evolution, but it felt rushed anyways. But I trust them to deliver as the season progress. As for Dark Matter, I must say there is, at least to me, an obvious amelioration in the writing this (beginning of) season. And even though this episode treated previously used themes of the characters, it still was very enjoyable, and the new trio in the Raza brings up interesting dynamics. As for Five, yeah, she's a boss ! I must say though, Two (Portia) starts to annoy me... but curious to see where they'll take the character. (Actually, I prefer caling the characters by their real names now, except for Five, who's name I cant remember, but for the others, I have more ease remembering "Marcus Boone", "Ryo Tetsudo" and "Portia Lin" that Two, Three and Four.)
  4. Attempted Coup in Turkey

    Yeah, that is one of my main concerns as well... repercussions against those who voiced support to the "losing side" or did nothing at all... Not a good time to be living in Istambul or Ankara. Or the whole Turkey for all that matters.
  5. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    Amis Niçois, j'espère que vous allez bien ! Monde de merde...
  6. Emmy Awards 2016: Nominations

    Go Tatiana, go Black Sails, go Limitless, go Penny Dreadful !
  7. And an Emmy nom for Black Sails... didnt think it would ever happen... just a technical one, it deserves a hell lot more, but we'll take what we get...
  8. Tss, tss, tss ! The Rack is (ahem) totally neutral !
  9. True. Although I'm pretty sure there's something more to Dark Matter's first episode cliffhanger. Also, totally agree, GrimTuesday, there's a natural ease to the dynamics in Killjoys and a compelling universe supporting it... add to that the rock'n'roll vibe and damn, it's a really solid show !
  10. The final! France - Portugal

    Once again, I want to raise my mug to Hugo Lloris... damn, we definitly have one of the best keepers in the world here... if not the best !
  11. Raaah, fait chier quand même... Gimme some Tripel Karmeliet... sure I should drink wine, but dammit, Belgiums are better when it comes to drinking !
  12. I'm still more invested in Killjoys than Dark Matter, but damn, the second one keeps being a very sucessful guilty pleasure !
  13. The Musketeers (BBC): Season 3 will be the last

    There was a moment this season (towards the end but no spoiler) where Louis (on the throne) rolls his eyes, checks if the Queen has seen him roll his eyes, and re-rolls them when she watches... that was a very short shot, but damn, it made me giggle for the whole rest of the episode ! Ryan Gage was on fire this season !
  14. Damn, Hugo, you were impressive this whole match !
  15. Sherlock

    Toby Jones in the new series ? Ow yeah, that can be only amazing ! Yeah, "Stephens" would have rocked as well but I imagine he's quite busy at the moment !