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  1. Oh I'd quite like seing Abigail and Thomas in the finale for sure !
  2. Can we take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous that episode was ? It was full of truly beautiful shots and I've done my share of screencaps there ! I'll try to offer more constructive thoughts later but now it's time for a rewatch ! And welcome among us for this last ride, Leech !
  3. Of course Madi's alive ! So are we to assume Billy is the one who dragged her off the burning house ? (or maybe I missed when they confirmed it). Also quite curious to see that whole dynamic between Woodes and Billy evolve ! Could make for some interesting stuff ! Jack's definitly sailing to his death... that truly felt like Jack and Anne's final scene together, and the more the show goes on, the more I believe Anne will leave the story alive, maybe with Max. They may end up the pioneers of the new Nassau if they manage to work with grandma Guthrie without screwing it up. By the way, amazing grandma ! The actress was truly great, she has that commandment, that sharpeness in her voice, her attitude and I loved her whole exchange with Max ! And now everyone will be after Flint, hehe... I really wonder when (if) Thomas Hamilton will be brought back into the game. If he's truly alive in exile, he may be (as many have pointed before) the end of Flint, or what finally breaks his desire for this war and make him sail into the sunset... and if it happens relatively quickly (not in the last episode at least), it could once again change the power landscape for Nassau, maybe one last time in a glorious serie of delightful betrayals, shifting allegiances and conflicts of interests... but yeah, I feel that if Thomas ever shows up again, it will be at the very end, so we may not get to see a Nassau without Flint fighting for her, having abandoned her... Again, a tremendous episode. No major death, no big action setpiece, but the show doesnt need that to be wonderful !
  4. Sunshine was kinda good when it came to no-sound in a vacuum as well, but yeah, I've been tickled by that in The Expanse, but it's one of the very few things that bugged me in that show !
  5. Yeah, I just rewatched the last scene, Julius was there. As for De Groot, I'll have to go a recheck again ! Thanks for the heads up ! And good luck processing your thoughts ! ETA : Aaaand De Groot is in that scene as well indeed ! Yeah, it was one hell of an episode ! Damn, I think I'm off for a third rewatch (or just some scenes maybe).
  6. You're not entirely alone there... I wouldnt say it hit me that much (still denying Madi's dead), but it was visceral, intense and, as always, amazing TV ! Although I must say, the fighting scenes were definitly not what made the episode for me, I just rewatched it skipping them, only going to the dialogue ones, and damn, it's such a delight ! Btw, maybe I missed it he died in one of the fighting scenes, but did anyone caught what happened to Julius in the end ? Was he among the survivors ? And what about De Groot ? I wonder if we'll ever see him again...
  7. Alien: Covenant

    There is still an atmosphere, a vibe that is intense, claustrophobic, clause to madness (all the cult thing, and the mystification of the xenomorph) that makes it to me a truly good movie. It could have been better, but in term of each film of the quadrilogy having its own unique vibe, I really like it (and I also really like Resurrection, flawed as well, sure, but full of gems !) Anyway, I'm curious to see that new one, but yeah, call me purist maybe, but there is a continuity with the quadrilogy that makes it really hard for me to accept any other movie in that saga. For me Prometheus is just some kind of alternative (mildly-enjoyable-but-that-could-have-been-far-better) universe... but the thing that I've always thought about Prometheus is that, despite it flaws, it could work as the first movie of a saga, as an introduction to something better and bigger, so I wonder if Covenant will prove me right or if it will be just a failed attempt at remaking the original Alien (with some influence from Aliens, maybe, as there seem to be a bunch of the movie taking place on land, but nothing more).
  8. Spoilers for episode 6 Cant believe Madi's dead. We need to see the body ! But damn, that was a tough episode. Many wont, but I'll miss you Eleanore. You were flawed sure, but damn, you were a very well written character and an emblem of the show since the beginning. So long princess. And I keep every episode thinking it's gonna be the end of Anne or Jack and now I'm afraid the Guthries will hang them as soon as they present themselves at their door...
  9. I dont think Billy would come out on top of his trip at the Underhill estate. My guess is that he will fall into Julius's army's hands and they will keep him alive only to use him to their advantage before he manages to escape... But then again, there is no way to know with this show, I maybe completely alway from any semblance of truth here. Oh, and, by the way, a little though to Mr de Groot who's completely fallen off to the sidelines since he lost his ear... we briefly saw him at the beginning of the episode but I wonder if there's anything left in store for the character by the end of the season !
  10. Spoilers for episode 5 ! Damm, the chills I had when Mrs Hudson started to wonder where they were and I started to slowly realize the only place they could be was Havana... and then I laughed so much with excitation when it was confirmed ! Well, that will definitly open a whole new can of trouble and I cant wait to see what comes of it ! Also, on the sidenotes, I wonder if Kofi's delay wasnt because he ran into Julius... after all, the show wouldnt introduce a new major player like that for nothing and it could turn out interesting if the cache is with Julius... maybe a little far-fetched but who knows... Oh, and I really hope we get some continuation of that last scene on the beach next episode, I really want to see Jack facing Eleanore ! And to get some news on Anne but judging from Jack's behaviour, she's hanging in there ! Really wish she'll recover, though I cant see how she can regain her full strenght in the course of what remains of the season after what she's been through... Anyway, another splendid episode ! And that exchange between governors at Havana was beautiful ! Light, dialogue, performance... as always, every episode of the show contains at least two extremely memorable scenes (at least), usually a dialogue scene and a more nervous or action-packed one, and this time it would have been that reception at Havana and the whole finale and its build-up !
  11. Well, Anne is definitly not in her best shape right now. I exited the episode convinced she was a goner, but since have come to think that, yeah, it will be better for the story if she ties some loose ends before her (inevitable I think) death. But I dont see how she could recover of these injuries before the end of the season, so she'll probably bite it still in a pretty rough shape. Which means she probably wont go down fighting, which is kinda sad... Or maybe I'm overthinking this...
  12. Maybe to get sure Rodgers didnt escape... maybe... dunno... I agree it was a bit reckless but well, who knows... or maybe in hope to find valuable information...
  13. Later than usual, if I remember correctly. Didnt previous seasons started around April / May ?
  14. So... what about Billy ? Did he charge the militia ? Looked like so... Well, let's see where we go from here ! It's, as always, damn tough for me to talk about this show in a constructive way : I love everything about it, and loved everything about the episode, and I'm so pumped for the rest of the season ! Cant freaking wait ! And yeah, that Rackham - Teach scene was pure delight !