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  1. Looking forward to your reaction to season 3, Channel4s JS !
  2. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    Yeah, I really felt the final confrontation between Becca and ALIE was earned and intense. Quite well written dialogue and stakes imo.
  3. For me, no matter what happens in the show, it will always remain unique and special just thanks to Tatiana... but I personally dont feel let down by the story. Sure, some mysteries were lost or forgotten down plot holes, others could have been handled with more subtlety... but in the end, I am truly engaged and invested in that story and will remain so !
  4. Wow... that was brutal... Where do we go from here ?
  5. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    I totally admit the season was ups and downs and full of lazy writing moments, but it had its great ones as well, and I for one found the whole ALIE idea and story arc clever and interestingly written. I'll be back for next season ! It's sure as hell not one of my favourite shows, but it's still a damn good guilty pleasure !
  6. Anyone has a link to watch After the Black outside the US ?
  7. Naah, the latest two episodes of Hunters redeemed (at least a little bit) the beginning of the show... I'm still sticking with it for now, curious to see how it will evolve ! (same for Dark Matter, because despite its lazy writing, it's still a damn good guilty pleasure !) As for binge-watching Killjoys... well, I dunno about the first episodes, but truly, the latest three of the season were a blast (at least to me), so I think it can be awesome to watch these three in a row !
  8. Sure Dark Matter is a guilty pleasure, but Killjoys is truly entertaining, the latest three episodes of the season were great ! Sure, we're light years away from The Expanse or 12 Monkeys level but still !
  9. Some people really want to nitpick just for the sake of nitpicking.
  10. Dany???

    That is sooooooo wrong and close-minded to say. Of course it wasnt dictated by budget ! D&D wanted Dany to show her powers and regain confidence in herself by herself. I totally expected the scene to go down that way and it was awesome !!! Do anyone really truly think that was budget reason ? Really ? In the highest budget TV show... if they wanted Drogon to swoop in, it would have happened. Truly great scene !
  11. Yeah, Krystal definitly has to get the speech ! I was really hoping she was gonna get it all out of Donnie (well, by force, but still...), but I guess it will be for another time !
  12. The Musketeers (BBC): Season 3 will be the last

    First three episodes are quite good indeed !
  13. Yeah, you're right... now that you point it out it's obvious but until now I was convinced Neos (well, Susan...) had taken Krystal's eye as a template or basis for Rachel's new one... Well, glad Krystal has both her eyes in the end, but yeah, it would have made for interesting dynamics if she hadnt and her eye was now Rachel's.
  14. Supernatural 3

    Curtis Armstrong has been on fire these last episodes ! I really hope Metatron is not gone !
  15. Wait, so what happened to her eye ? Wasnt she supposed to have lost one ?