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  1. I am sincerly confident Mary Read will appear in the second half of the season, it would be the perfect time to introduce her.   Another character I'd like to see (even if it's a come back, not a first introduction) : Abigail ! I really wish to see her return to the story :
  2. Haha, I was looking for a way to word that exact same thought but didnt find it ! Nicely put ! ^^
  3. Oh, okay ! Thanks for the info !  I have learned something today ! ^^
  4. One interraction I'm really looking forward : Teach and Rackham !  I hope Blackbeard will start respecting Jack and understand that he's what pirates need to be in the changing world rather that the old-fashioned cranky grandpa he is !
  5. Heavy Metal 9: through Bruce is salvation

    The members of the Iranian metal band Confess have been in isolation for a few months and may face the death penalty for blasphemy in their country... fuck Iran, fuck religion (again and again and again, and that will never be said enough). Nothing we can really do but spread the word, I think... 
  6.   Yeah, okay, I admit it's true, the writers probably wanted to make a "subtle as a troll in the dungeons" appeal to the rolepalying community, but it's so rare to see that kind of item on screen that I must admit it really amused me ! ^^
  7. I totally agree with all your points, but one : I really laughed and loved the roleplaying dice !
  8. Best of '15 : TV Shows

    I'll come back read the other opinions after that, but here's my personal list (trying to rank almost everything I've watched) : 1 - Black Sails. 2 - The Expanse. 3 - Doctor Who. 4 - 12 Monkeys. 5 - Vikings. 6 - Orphan Black. 7 - Limitless. 8 - Supernatural. 9 - The 100. 10 - Sense8 11 - The Last Kingdom. 12 - Mr Robot. 13 - The Musketeers. 14 - Continuum. 15 - iZombie. 16 - Killjoys. 17 - Jessica Jones. 18 - Defiance. 19 - The Last Ship. 20 - Game of Thrones. 21 - Once Upon A Time. 22 - Marco Polo. 23 - Dark Matter. 24 - Dominion.  I know The Expanse was mostly 2016 but it started in 2015 and I really wanted to name it ! ^^  
  9. The Magicians - SyFy

    Well, seems I'm in the minority as I loved it !  I'm actually co-writing and acting in a web-series taking place in a (weird-as-shit) asylum and I saw there a few themes we used, so it amused me (and it's a kind of "game with the audience" I really like) so I'm biased, but I really enjoyed the shit out of this episode !
  10. Haha, I guess it's gonna be more "wild" and intense than that ! ^^
  11. Yeah, cant get enough of that opening music and visuals !  The shark-hunting scene was quite intense as well ! Loved how you could feel the thirst and exhaustion on the ship (Silver's dry lips were a nice touch... actually, everyone must have had them, but I really noticed it on him more than others). Yeah, Rackham's speech was great ! He and Silver are the two characters that I like the most, but I always loved "silver tongue" characters and they are exactly that !
  12. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    Well, and that Roan is an exiled-prince and Vane a former slave, but yeah, other than that, I cant say Roan has any substance so far (unlike Vane who's pretty damn well written), but I have (perhaps a misguided) faith that the writers for The 100 will make something interesting out of the character, I dont think they're bad characters writers, so who knows.
  13. Yeah, I think I'll totally follow your advice on this, guys ! 
  14. Should check Shadowhunter, but I feel like it's Supernatural for YA so, well... 
  15. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    Yeah, but it will be very hard (for me) not to picture Charles Vane in any Zach McGowan role, he's a great actor, but the uniqueness of his appearance make it so that he's totally not a chameleon actor to me. Anyway, war is back in The 100 !