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  1. Arkash added a post in a topic Jessica Jones [AKA This Thread Has Spoilers]   

    Totally out of topic, but Red Tiger I love your signature ! ^^
    I dont watch Dardevil, but I'm curious to see that episode dealing with Kilgrave's children.
  2. Arkash added a post in a topic Doctor Who -- The Forum is Regenerating   

    Really liked "Face the Raven", but "The Magician's Apprentice" and "The Woman who Lived" are still my favs of the season.
  3. Arkash added a post in a topic Heavy Metal 9: through Bruce is salvation   

    Discovered Eldritch yesterday : some solid Power / Trash Metal (a little bit in the vein of Iced Earth) although a bit cheesy by moments (but, well, that's Power Metal...)
    Also discovered that song ! For those of you who enjoy Sabaton and Joakim Broden (who makes a contribution here). Some Power Metal ballad (love me some good ol' Power ballads, when well done they are the best !) but that gets really kick ass as it unfolds !
  4. Arkash added a topic in Entertainment   

    His Dark Materials - In the Hands of the BBC [Thread Reborn]
    Well, since the previous thread disapeared in the regeneration of the forum, let's start it again ! 
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  5. Arkash added a post in a topic The implications of the Paris attacks   

    Well, hopefully that can never happen in France ! ^^
    We are too proud of our laicity (I think we are the only laic country in the world actually), and truth be told, France is definitly not a very religious country ! 
    After all, we struggled hard to dissociate church from state, we wont give the Clergé back it's influence three centuries after casting them down ! ^^ 
  6. Arkash added a post in a topic Doctor Who -- The Forum is Regenerating   

    Yep and I'm curious to see it ! 
    But what I mostly liked about the episode was Mark Gatiss writing. It was quite a challenge when you think about it, and that final part "I delivered you a proper story, with nice death scenes, a climax and a final big twist"... (paraphrasing here).
    I loved that line and it made so much sense ! 
  7. Arkash added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

    Yeah, you're right. 
    Sorry for the out of topic. 
    I'm gonna take a walk, I'm quite angry right now I need that.
     (well, I've lost a acquaintance last night, even if I didnt truly knew him in the end, more like the friend of a friend), 
    Salinea : you're also right. Though deep down, it's not really against people expressing sympathy. In the end, I thank you for your prayers.
    I'm mostly angry at the lenghth people will go for an idea that's been brutally implanted in their minds.
  8. Arkash added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

    Stop praying for Paris, we already had too much religion for one night over here.
    Think, love, laugh, smile, but dont pray.
    Paris stands for wine and kisses, so although you're all very kind to send prayers, send love. Much better and more beautiful.
    Or, to put it as a cartoonist from Charlie Hebdo said it : 

  9. Arkash added a post in a topic Doctor Who -- The Forum is Regenerating   

    C'mon, even if the latest two parters didnt convince you, you gotta admit Peter was gold !
  10. Arkash added a post in a topic Rugby - RIP Jonah Lomu.   

    You'll see what us Frenchies will do this World Cup, just wait and see !

    Oh, who the hell am I kidding, we'll be out pretty quickly most likely ! ^^
  11. Arkash added a post in a topic Strain S2, soooo?   

    I, for one, am quite interested to see where they'll take Edritch Palmer from here on... I dont think the character could embark a redemption train, and I wouldnt like it so, but I'd like to see him... let's say... reconsider some of his views, if written well !
  12. Arkash added a post in a topic Supernatural 3   

    Well, not always, they take turn, but this year, yeah, I expect things to go harsh on him !
  13. Arkash added a post in a topic Continuum [Canadian Season 3] Spoilers: Sci will just talk to himself if he has to...   

    Ok ! Waiting for episode 2 tonight, for my part !
  14. Arkash added a post in a topic Richard E. Grant   

    I'd say he'll be a new character.

    If he was Aeron we'd know by now but I'd love him in the role !

    Possible Mad King...
  15. Arkash added a post in a topic Metal Thread Vol. VIII -- The Angry Red Planet   

    Man, you remind me that I definitly gotta check what they've done ! And that one must have been one hell of a show ! Have fun with Saxon, saw them twice in festivals and they were great both times ! Now off to listen the Book of Souls !