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  1. Robert's possible bastards

    'Twas Barristan he asked, not Renly, I believe. OT: Yes, it's indeed plausible that Russell Merryweather's Robert's secret bastard. As for others, it seems we haven't met anyone who could be one; All of Robert's confirmed and speculated bastards have the trademark Baratheon look, and they're about the only ones with that exact look.
  2. So much this. In a world of realpolitik, favoritism and feudalism, here we have a man who would piss on it all and place the most able man in the station where he belongs. In contrast to other claimants, he rewards people when they earn it, and not solely because they happen to come from a house with a lot of swords.
  3. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    Well, he seems to be a full-fledged coldhearted sociopath, so I can't say I like or admire him. But for the purpose of this thread: He certainly deserves recognition for having stayed on the Starks' good side up untill the Red Wedding. His rule of a a quiet people has allowed him to avoid any suspicion on what's been going on in his lands - if Ned knew of even half of the misdeeds Roose had done for his pleasure, he'd have gone to air Ice a little at the Dreadfort.