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  1. The weather thing is pretty awesome...
  2. The full I pact of the Stanton deal didn' hit me until I saw a tweet of the projected line up and I saw him back to back with Judge...thats crazy scary. The only thing I think is pots totally scarier is the Cubs line up in a year or so that lines up Bryant, Rizzo, and Harper...
  3. Another horrible idea that has followed the continuing series of bad ideas from the people in charge of Star Trek...
  4. Loving the influx of new 'mon. It was needed. And the weather aspect is actually kinda neat too.
  5. Twice. But, eh. It's all good.
  6. And left my trade offer on the block forever...real life in the way my ass... And you all can just bow down to Wentz.
  7. Wait? There was Trek after Nemesis?
  8. I was enthusiastically and whole heartedly into Crisis on Earth X. They did those four hours right. No single episode concentrated on that hours specific cast, and any minor storylines that came along for the ride fit into the overall story. Yes there were little holes here or there, but come on, they pulled that extravaganza off. I think every major character of the four series got at least a scene except for Lena Luthor and the woman who will he the big bad on Supergirl. They threw out some future tidbits, had a death I did not expect, and generally told a pretty good comic book story...
  9. Im absolutely still playing. We actually let Little Jax have his own account and he and I would go walking in Colonial Williamsburg...though he doesn't play as much now. With my coming move, I'm intrigued tonsee what the area will be like for gyms and stops. It's been too easy having a gym and a stop inside my building for so long. Anyone else hear the rumors of Gen 3 coming as soon as next month...?
  10. This show is really well done. I like it, but it doesn't compel me to watch as soon as I can...hard to explain. May be it's because the characters don't lend themselves to rooting for very easily...
  11. Well I'm caught up and still enjoying this show. It's really channeling it's inner TNG. Comedy remains there...but it's ebbed some. The laughs are never played for, but they're there...
  12. Hey. Statistically, Bryant was virtually identical to 2016, his MVP season. There was nothing wrong with him getting some first place love... Though even I know Votto and Stanton were better choices...I think Votto should have won, to be honest.
  13. I shall not debate the episode. It wasn' the season's strongest...and Ralph does need to graduate away soon... However, the fact with the big bad this season is a bit refreshing. And one has to have high hopes for the crossover this year.
  14. Ah. I missed that that was a midseason finale. Sorry. But it was a pretty awesome episode. I know some have commented on the change in approach with lightsabers and what Ezra and Kanan are doing with them, but despite that, the last couple episodes have really amped the stakes and drama for this show. Would that we'd seen Hera get the promotion...