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  1. Technically I'm also in Thunderdome and Dynasty if it goes... But depending in timing, I may be up for another.
  2. This is where my fatigue comes in. I find myself unable to not rail against those who want to rewrite fact. But the trying-to-drain-the-ocean-with-a-bucket aspect of it all is exhausting. Will keep fighting though.
  3. Is anyone else getting too run down having to listen to the excuse making for people who support 45, particularly now, when they're attempting to relitigate the essential causes of the Civil War? It's one thing coming from the hardcore 45ers who've now firmly exposed themselves for who they are, but those who you might have held out hope for as reasonable people just not getting it? Had a long time friend lament on students being taught that the Civil War wasn't about freeing the slaves, that Lincoln simply wanted to preserve the Union. That the teachers teaching it are also uniformed. Trying to explain that there's just too many layers of that, and all layers actually find themselves rooted back into the issue of Slavery...it's exhausting, even when you give credible evidence and some 45er, who you try to ignore because it's simply pointless talking to them, let alone arguing, jumps in to your discussion. You're not supposed to be losing sleep over this are you? Ugh.
  4. Shit. I still need to get this set up.
  5. Ok. That makes sense too.
  6. 26th, 28th, 1st, 3rd are all out for me, but most other days appear good at the moment.
  7. September 3 appears to be clear for me.
  8. So I just realized tonight, some of my Pokemon in my 'dex have a blue haze behind them...almost all lower level ones that are unevolved...Iguess that's important...?
  9. I'm of the hook!
  10. Caught a Corsala here in Florida...saw a Heracross in the distance, but couldn't get to it. Still only one of the Legendaries that are out there. But I figure they'll use them for other special events periodically.
  11. Brutal, Juice.
  12. IT. IS. THUNDERDOME!!! 16 ENTER! 1 LEAVES! No. Really. 16 teams. Snake Draft. 4 divisions.
  13. Eh. It was a hurricane of events and my first ever playoff auction...it was a raw, untamed time in the Westeros Football Leagues...i got caught with 1 spot left and $82 in my pocket...we can all laugh today...
  14. Back in after I'm back from vacation.
  15. I can't commit to any one specific day until I'm back from vacation in Monday and can go through my events calendar, but I'm in. Very very in.