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  1. I'm good with this stuff...
  2. Don't sleep on Arrieta. Dude will be pitching and getting paid (just not 25 million and year) until he' close to 40 is my prediction. Guy is smart and I see him reinventing himself a la Maddux in another year or two...
  3. Did he though? 25 a year for 3 years is essentially what he wanted, other than it wasn't 25 a year for 6 years. Yeah he'llbe 35 at the end of it, and isn' going to see 75 million for another 3 at that point, but if he's still gping, he may see three more years at 12 to 15 per. That would put him in closer alignment with Darvish overall. The Darvish contract isn' actually that bad...cant say on the other two...
  4. Appreciate that you did spot the response...but I completely understand you've moved forward already. Let Ghjhero play. I wont cause a ruckus. If something pops for a second league, let me know. If groz has room and wants me in, I'll play there.
  5. Haven't caught up yet, but would anyone say that they'e ending Rebels in a manner that sets up the general background of the rest of the story in a proper way? I mean, know extended universe stuff accordingly when appropriate, but the stories did help flesh out a world where it seems inconceivable that Luke really was the Last Jedi...
  6. It sucks...but it' a legit way of slowing down the rebuild to do it right, rather than a Miami style deliberate tank or have a slobbering fan base wanting to accelerate the time table... That said, it sucks and isn' the way it' supposed to happen. I'm far from a Sox guy, but they've absolutely been rebuilding the right way and two successful baseball teams in Chicago is preferable.
  7. I'm more than willing to give it a go this year.
  8. Seriously? Huh. Learn something new every day.
  9. My other curiosity I can't figure out: I've caught 313 type of Pokemon according to my Pokedex. I have this odd thing for myself that I keep 1 representative of each available (I only have space for 400 total right now, so my 313 out of 400 works right now). But if I exchange all extraneous Pokemon, excepting that I currently have three of the four version of the Castform right now and a second Rynhorn because both that I have are awesome. So I shouldn't ever show more than 317 Pokemon, yet I currenty show 324...I cannot figure it out. First World Pokemon Problems.
  10. My lack of time/ability/effort to get the legendary Pokemon means I'll likely never have a full set...I want to Raid more...battle more, but timing is always a pain. But I know what you mean. Though how I'll ever get the Hitmonlee to finish Gen 1 except for legends and outside the country Pokemon, I'll never know...
  11. Color me dubious.
  12. The scene in the finale when Penny confronts Midge was one of the best sitcom bits I've ever seen, by the by...
  13. 126 over 6 with incentives it actually seems...if it brings another ring, it's a solid deal...
  14. I think some folks mentioned this in different watching threads, and I'm late tobthe oarty, but wanted tonstate that this show has me almost seriously rethinking my negative views of streaming services and general disdain for non cable/network televison... Writing was super strong. It didn't shy from anything. The acting was perfect, not a single performance fell flat, and it gave you the right amount of disdain for Joel. The comedy was, I'm certain meant on purpose, to be more in tune with 2017, rather than 1957. But I'm okay with that. Mrs. Jax did say that I wasn't allowed to call it, "Gilmore Girls in the 50s If Lorelei Hadn't Had Rory Young..." And rrally, in the end, it really wasn't that at all.
  15. I'm mulling getting back into fantasy baseball... Let me know if someone is needed...