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  1. Solid start to the season, though it felt.lile the final two parts of last season. But I'm really looking for them to bring it this year...
  2. I think I hate him most of all right behind the scruffy pitcher and the ginger hobbit...
  3. I got nothing. I hate the Dodgers. I hate that no pausing Kershaw goofy looking EmEffer. I hate that ginger Hobbit EmEffer. I loathe LA. There is absolutely nothing good about Tommy Lasorda. Screw LA. How such a horrible town produced such a great ball team is beyond me. I absolutely HATE that my NL preference means I have to root for this LA team in the WS . Screw LA. You sure as he'll better win it all, damn all your eyes.
  4. Who watches that much West Coast baseball except for you fools in LA? It feels egregious tonight though...plus a of the dancing and framing from that catcher...
  5. That could be reason enough to change my mind...Dusty Baker is not someone you generally want to be associated with...
  6. Look, make light all you want. Dude doesn't pause. Maybe that's what makes his curveball so nasty. And it's a badass curveball, even i can admit that. But freaking pause.
  7. Mad? No. Guy is a balk machine though.
  8. How Kershaw isn't called for a balk every god damned pitch is beyond me...
  9. The title of this thread sucks... Also:
  10. That campaign is so insufferable and inflammatory. I already know that there is zero chance in hell I'd vote for the Republican candidate, but if there was a chance I was on a fence, that campaign would have me voting Democrat so fast...
  11. Still Seems like more of a Curse of Dusty...
  12. Maybe the Cubs don't actually win it all again this year, but Dusty and the Nats are proving they're absolutely not...
  13. #FlyTheW And I don't care who you're rooting for...these playoffs have been spectacular already...
  14. Been working a bunch...and Twitter is funky...did something happen to Kershaw? I thought the Dodgers won?
  15. Hmmmmm...could be the incentive I'd need to go for another kid...