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  1. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Did someone above just actually refer to the 4th season of Enterprise as "boring"? That's gotta be a first. 
  2. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    It was Supergirl, older Oliver from Legends, Hex, Grodd, and a Legion Ring...the Legion Ring could mean we'll get a XS appearance at some point... Be ready for the Flash in Supergirl to be an, at least slightly, older version of Barry. That the crossover isn't specifically set during his fight with Zoom...that's my guess...after he's learned to better control crossing over...
  3. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    It's bigger scale?  I don't have a clean answer other than to say that that particular thought never even entered the equation for me, Scot.  
  4. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    The post Dominion War setting of the Novels is the real deal. Particularly once they dealt with the Borg in a final matter and moved on to a Cold War setting...
  5. The Good Wife 2

    That's just it...they've built an entire universe to build on. Just because they're done telling Alicia's story, doesn't mean there isn't more out there.  But it would have to start almost right away to be effective.  That's kinda what I meant with the Major Crimes comparison, though I actually love that show...
  6. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    As always, Star Trek Nerds have this covered: Theories and such...
  7. The Good Wife 2

    Boston Legal is the only spin off you think is worthy of mentioning?  Ever?  That's a hard line you've drawn and there are a few shows who would like to have a word...  That being said, I don't agree.  I think a show with Cary, Luca, David Lee, and a few of the others would work very well. 
  8. Big Bang Theory: It's so sad now

    The mother dying, in the end, wasn't the sin of HIMYM.  It was Ted running straight to Robin.  It was awful.
  9. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    The problem with the JJverse is  that it doesn't actually work as a proper alternate timeline ultimately.  
  10. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Ah. I'd prefer no such ambiguity. 
  11. Big Bang Theory: It's so sad now

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day! And while I understand, and totally don't disbelieve your theory, I think it's too dark for this particular sitcom. 
  12. The Good Wife 2

    I'm holding out hope for a spin off featuring Cary, Luca, and some of the others a la when Major Crimes came right out of the Closer...
  13. Big Bang Theory: It's so sad now

    Howard could grow beyond your fears...
  14. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Hahaha...we're you suggesting a story idea for the JJverse?  Heh. I meant the Prime one.
  15. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    I don't think they need to go that far into the future. Trek is always at its best when it's commenting on our present as much as plying with the future.  Set a show a few years, at most, post Dominion War and you've got a lot of story to mine with our world the way it is.  And you can play a GoT/House of Cards/Homeland type of vibe...you placate the old guard by working withing what they know and expect and you cater to the more sophisticated modern television viewer who expects intelligent storytelling.