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  1. Fantasy Football 2016

    I thought so too.
  2. Fantasy Football 2016

    Sending Willie Snead and Giovanni Bernard in a trade for Mark Ingram and DeShawn Jackson... Good or bad?
  3. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    So the campaign denounced it. Did the Donald? If he'd been asked about it.
  4. I can't like this post enough. Anti-Vaxxers are possibly the only group I dislike more than alt right Trump supporters...
  5. Perhaps I'm looking at the ground game concept a little incorrectly, in terms of defining it, but I think I'm going to maintain that, in his mind, Trump believes that the use of and the manipulation of the media to disseminate his message and fear mongering, he doesn't need a "traditional" ground game. He believes people will flock to the polls purely because he is telling them to. "Ground Game by Hubris" perhaps?
  6. U.S. Elections 2016: It's Not A Lie, If YOU Believe It

    Hasn't Trump essentially negated the need for a strong ground game through the absolute dearth of free media coverage he's enjoyed through his manipulations? His lack of a ground game only will take any effect if the media backlash over the birther hotel commercial fiasco has any lasting effect.
  7. U.S. Elections 2016: It's Not A Lie, If YOU Believe It

    The willfully blind following of Trump is infuriating, but I'm also highly agitated with those who insist on backing Johnson, mainly because they recognize Trump is awful, but who can't articulate why they don't support Hillary other than they believe she killed people, which I suppose might be valid if it wasn't, you know, not exactly correct...
  8. Will eBooks supplant Paper-books?

    Man, I love having MMPBS. Of course hardcovers are nice, but with all of my books, I don't always have space or cash for all of the hardback I want. Plus, I find the MMPBS easier when traveling, as I'm one of those with little to no use from an e-reader.
  9. U.S. Elections 2016: It's Not A Lie, If YOU Believe It

    Far too many of my friends in Ohio are inexplicably Johnson supporters...seemingly because they have either bought into the narrative that Hillary is "evil" and/or that Johnson will not let anyone take their guns...
  10. Wearing a suit to a black tie wedding?

    Oddly enough, for the number of higher end events and wedding I work, I've never had a tux. The expense still never seemed worth it.
  11. U.S. Elections 2016: It's Not A Lie, If YOU Believe It

    If the campaign had come out and said, "The Secretary has been diagnosed with pneumonia, something she felt was simply allergies until the doctors diagnosed her on Friday. She immediately went on antibiotics and is taking fluids and she responded really well. However, the heat truly did get to her Sunday afternoon while she was determined to attend the ceremonies in New York as a private citizen. She's resting and feeling better and her full recovery is imminent in just a few days." You can be assured the reaction from such transparency from the right would have been, "SERIOUSLY SHE'S FUCKING DYING, SHE'S GOING TO BE DEAD SOON! WE TOLD YOU! YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN SHE'S GOT THE PLAGUE!"
  12. Wearing a suit to a black tie wedding?

    Get the opinion of those in the know with the wedding if you can. If you go with a nice suit in lieu of a tux, make sure it's a black suit for heaven's sake.
  13. Westeros Open and Westeros Outlaw Fantasy Football

    I feel like I need to play against Jace every week. In both open and outlaw...
  14. Star Trek (TOS) Digitally Remastered

    Did they add any scenery? I swear I don't remember quite as much going on when Sarek first arrives in "Journey to Babel" when I was watching last night. Specifically the shuttle coming into land and security arching out to meet him...
  15. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    That's good. I went big out of the gate in game one and now find myself without those points...