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  1. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Are they? Still don't actually care that much. Sorry. It's the Mariners.
  2. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to watch Mariners games? You asked if there was a more exciting team in baseball right now. I gave you at least ten. Virtually every one of which is more significant and more likely to have actual chances in October when all is said and done.
  3. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Cubs, Mets, Nationals, Blue Jays, Orioles, Royals, Indians, Tigers, Pirates, and even the Cardinals, Giants, and Dodgers all off the top of my head...
  4. US Elections - There is 'Ahead in the Polls' behind you

    And if Trump backs out of the debates? How does she handle that? I hope she shows anyway and turns them into town halls...
  5. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Oh yeah...and the five, I think, other novels he had after that...even those are given a special.place outside even book continuity and canon... Kirk is the ultimate super man in Shatner's mind...
  6. Westeros Open and Westeros Outlaw Fantasy Football

    Maybe Experts needs to move IT'S draft...
  7. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    For what it's worth after rematch ingredients a couple days ago, there was another female storm trooper other than Phasma...
  8. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Well said, Rhom. Move forward. If it's something that truly worthy of touching upon, do so, but otherwise try not to worry too much about 50 year outdated sensibilites.
  9. Westeros Defense Fantasy Football.

    If it becomes necessary, you can add me.
  10. Westeros Dynasty Football 2015

    Second star to the left and straight on 'til Cleveland...
  11. Westeros Open and Westeros Outlaw Fantasy Football

    You're going down, Howdy. Experts needs me back in it. You're all going down.
  12. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    I'd suspect they're likely referring to something like the incident referenced in "Conscience of the King" or the history of Garth of Izar...using the incidents but absolutely ignoring actual established timelines.
  13. ‘Ocean’s 8’: the female-driven caper spinoff

    Something is obviously wrong with me. Hearing about this, I was immediately intrigued because I loved the Ocean movies. But reading the castings, I was actually distracted by it not having Julia Robert's involved...all the rest being discussed in this thread never occurred to me.
  14. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

  15. Westeros Pro Football Pick Em 2016

    I always do. Invariably, I get the reminder when I'm on my way to work and then I forget to do anything about it once I'm there...