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  1. Big Bang Theory: It's so sad now

    I laughed aplenty this season.
  2. Am I the only person who doesn't like watermelon?

    Rock melon??? I've heard cantaloupe called musk melon, but rock melon? Nonsense! Stuff and nonsense!
  3. Am I the only person who doesn't like watermelon?

    So, are you having your Southerner card revoked then?
  4. Archer Season 6: Caress of Krieger

    This last episode was possibly thirty of the greatest minutes of television ever. I do not think it is hyperbolic at all to make that statement.
  5. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Un-Safe Zone

    Soooooo...the Cubs seemed to have turned the Pirates into a bunch of head cases...it's quite enjoyable...
  6. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    If either of those two are picked, Christie or Perry...I'm going to love the adds Hillary puts out using their own words against them. He'll, even if it were Bernie, it'll be the same.
  7. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    I've learned never to underestimate the good, wise, sincere people of Wisconsin. This is a state that's allowed Scott Walker to be elected three times still. Though at least one young Republican I'm acquainted with here at the University has disavowed the Republican party because of Trump. I also didn't realize until a couple months ago the Reince actually lives about ten/fifteen minutes away from my work...guy still never visits... :Op
  8. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    As much as I like that first salvo from Hillary on Trump with the commercial featuring all of those other Republicans...I'm hoping there is something similar to use with whomever is unlucky enough to be the VP candidate. That would be a fun attack ad.
  9. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    This is still going to be a major misstep on the part of CBS.
  10. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    That Barry simply didn't just jump back into the particle accelerator right away and attempted to think about the consequences by consulting all his various father figures worked. That other metals humans are afraid of the flash..that all other metas are meant to be bad guys was clumsy. Though at least they're setting up Jessie Quick and Kids Flash...yay... Having the Flash seemingly dead at the end wasn't unexpected. I'm not a Kevin Smith fan, but let's see what he does with next week...
  11. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Un-Safe Zone

    That was epic. They played that on the radio yesterday. I'm not ready to give up on the Pirates and call them done, but I expected a bit more out of them with this first series against the Cubs...ah who am I kidding? Down with Pittsburgh!
  12. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    It needs to be a relentless and from multiple corners. Too little, or not consistent would allow the Donald to shrug it off and regroup. Don't give him breathing room and he'll lash out in a manner that would will only lead to his downfall.
  13. I do occasionally wonder, I admit, if there are any people who read comics...silver age and into the 80s...on these writing staffs...I think a general lack of over reaching understanding of the source material plays into some of the issues when they arise...
  14. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    I think it's been a great season. And let's not complain about things too much, this entire season has comprised about a month of real time maybe? Less? The last couple of episodes focusing on Martha have taken about three days it seems...
  15. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    I've actually been rather busy. It's the final few weeks of the school year and my company's contact is up so I've been working on doing my job while looking for a job...I just haven't had time for ya'll's whining... It wasn't a high point for the show, but the idea of exploring Barry without speed has merit. That he'll get it back is inevitable. That they'll try to do it with the particle accelerator was inevitable. I'm hoping for a strong finish, but they need to slim down the cast a little to strengthen things overall.