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  1. Brilliance! All around brilliance!
  2. While I agree there was a bit of an underwhelming holiness to last night, I reevaluated it a touch after reading a Nerdist take on it, and the season as a whole... Side note: Is anyone watching Class? Is it worth it?
  3. I'm so glad you reposted the link to that...
  4. Once again, you forgot to list me on your list of people you love and admire...i don't know why I continue to put up with you...
  5. Not really enough times one can say, "FUCK!" at news such as this.
  6. Well shoot...that's not how I'd read that...and I've see a couple of the Kangaskhans I'm gyms, as well as a Farfetch'd. No Mr. Mimes though...
  7. They've lost that lovin' feeling...no really, someone call Cialis...
  8. I was under the impression it was possible to hatch them, even in the States, just not see one in the wild...
  9. I'm kinda the same. Keep thinking I need to amass some candy, but the potential for better Rhydons and Golems is tempting, particularly as thr evnt is going to wind down very soon. Managed to get into four more gyms today, bring me up to seven, a new high at one time...though I've been bumped out of a couple since...
  10. Exactly. Not all the books are as bad as Wert makes them out to be, but it isn't the stories that necessarily be lifted, but the framework of the storylines that could beused...as I argued above.
  11. I'm now torn whether Oleg ends up dead or as a defector... Mischa is back? What is Chekov up to with that gun that is just looking over in Moscow...? Gotta be setting up for the final season, right?
  12. Butseriously...isnt this just going to be a rehash of the Iron Eagle movies, with Tom Cruise in the Lou Gosset Jr. role...?
  13. That was a classic television cliffhanger. Of course we know people survive, the show is renewed! But how they do it...that's what will be interesting... Things were very well done overall. I was never truly onboard with Chase as Prometheus, because it felt like it needed to be someone more personally connected to Oliver to be completely effectual. That being said, the actor playing him did a he'll of a job. They tied up the flashbacks neatly too without it feeling overly forced.
  14. I thought the ending encapsulated all the best and the worst of the Flash as a whole. I didn't get to watch until the end, a d while tried to avoid spoilers, I was tipped off to what went down with Barry, just not how. I thought it would have a little more impact on the why it happened...that said, I'll be interested in how they start next season...I mean, it isn't that much of a cliffhanger that Barry is gone, because the newspaper byline And headline from the future gives (some) indication he comes back, which we know anyway. It's the "how" that interests me.
  15. Just North America? Are you not counting the Kangaskhan or the Farfetch'd?