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  1. Spiderman: Homecoming

    Yup, I'm fully on board now.
  2. Arrow Season 5: New Thread, New Team, Same Angst...?

    Saw that...guess it's hard to not expect it...
  3. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    FB, I do get a lot of that, but the system is far too much of a pain in the add. Having to go back and forth to decipher what the trainer is telling you and comparing that to a calculator on a separate website. It's far more complicated than it needs to be. THAT is my actual, main issue. If the Pokemon is strong, just tell me and give me a numerical figure to go with it. I have appraised my biggest CP Pokemon, some seem to be decent based on what's being said. But if a Pokemon is telling supposed to be a "wonder" just tell me...
  4. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Though I am trying, I don't understand any of what you just said, FB...
  5. (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Still solid as ever. Cowboy Phillip. It also seems telling that Phillip and Elizabeth have specific memories about the Soviet Union. Phillip in particular with his childhood. They've not been there for many years and can't know exactly what is going on, so their reactions to the defector they're working is interesting.
  6. Arrow Season 5: New Thread, New Team, Same Angst...?

    All of the CW shows have been strong this year, even when they're a little silly. I was, frankly, disappointed in the ultimate Prometheus reveal, but I do agree that the most recent episode was very strong. The season is geared towards finishing as though the series was ending (even though we know it isnt actually). They were obviously hedging bets.
  7. The new Justice League trailer

    Personally, I find the Thor movies the weakest links in the Marvel Universe. I'm hard pressed to say that I've not seen either all the way through. That being said, I'd still pay to see the new Thor in the theatres and wait for the JL movie to hit cable...
  8. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Polygons are the Loch Ness Monster of this game...they supposedly exist, but no one actually sees them...
  9. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Thanks to the water ecent, I evolved my Gyrados last night...I've been seeing a good spread of various Pokemon lately too, not just the usual four or five I'm used to in my building. I also hatched a Phanpy this week. And a Magby. Got the item bonus for seven days today, a steel coat, yet I don't have a spare Onix to use it on at the moment, I've ready used one on a Scyther. I'm waiting on a stinking King Stone and another Sun stone. I don't have the Pokemon or candy to use the Dragon scale and the up grade I've been sitting on since the things first came out... Been a good few days.
  10. You gave to put this into greater context though. On shows such as this the core characters never die (I now fully expect Ezra and Kaman to disappear off in search of something else that can help...perhaps giving some extra weight to Yoda's comment of another, meaning that there is something more put there than just Luke, not actually Leia...). Thus when a character does die, it's got to be a significantly weighty secondary character. Sato's end, brilliant in its way, also kinda mirrors some of what happens later in Rogue One, and it also is likely how we get General Sindula...small but significant story advances that continue tying things up towards Rouge One and A New Hope...
  11. The whole thing is a Cracker Barrel publicity stunt...yes, I'm just that cynical about this one..
  12. The new Justice League trailer

    I'm usually forgiving...but this looks awful. I mean, I loved everything about Affleck's Batman except the movie he was in... DC continues to show me they're just not that good at movies...they're much better at television...
  13. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    Oooohhh...wait, I get it, this entire book is the novelization of the un-made third season of Legend of the Seeker. All twenty something episodes. Tairy just tweeked the characters a little. C'mon, you all see this is straight up bad television in word form, right?