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  1. Chareerchat II: Production of Means

    Oooh...a career theead...never really looked at these because I've been quite content in my job...the company's contract with the University was up this year, but no one was overly sweating it...turns out we ought to have worried a little. Found out today the state chose the other guys. Feeling a little back stabbed, but we were at the mercy of the state money people, though it feels fishy. Now I'm not certain where, if anywhere, I'll land. There just isn't much in my specific area around the company, around the country right this moment. Might have to uproot and move the family to Virginia or South Dakota or something if I want to stay with the company, which I do. More to come. I may be back for advice...
  2. MLB, Spring has sprung.

    That was pretty damn nice.
  3. I bitch and moan about my belt every single time, but I'm trying to be better about it. Security became more interesting with small children, especially once they were walking. Our goal is to be efficient and get through and then move anything that could gum things up for other people to the end of the area and get it together. I worry about the kids first, then me.
  4. MLB, Spring has sprung.

    No. I was legit surprised by that stat.
  5. MLB, Spring has sprung.

    Serious Question: After Arrieta's second no hitter tonight, the radio guys were reading a list of guys with at least two no hitters...and Kershaw wasn't on that list? I was actually surprised by that...
  6. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    I don't think for a moment that they won't return to the Supergirl stuff...in context, they dropped the ball without at leasta throwaway line...but they'll be back to it...
  7. MLB, Spring has sprung.

    Arrietta/Bryant 2016!
  8. Jackson, not Hamilton to be replaced on US Currency

    Actually coins are perfect for giving wedding gifts to siblings...
  9. He'll never be King - Prince dead at 57

    Yes. I realize that. I also have Facebook, so I'm not unaware of many multiple sources and more reporting it. It doesn't mean I can't, in some small way, hope it's a cruel hoax.
  10. He'll never be King - Prince dead at 57

    Still waiting to hear this is a cruel hoax...
  11. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Exactly. There's times when you gotta roll with it. I mean, I get they sorta tried to explain why ships in the time of Archer and the Enterprise looked more advanced than Kirk's time, but really, it is what it is.
  12. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    It is also a valiant attempt to explain away Trek's timeline passing by what was supposed to happen with actual history...
  13. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Actually, that was a good bit from Season 4 trying to tie into and work around various Trek inconsistencies from the 60s to the 90s. Not perfect, but a valiant attempt to explain TOS Klingons...
  14. Jackson, not Hamilton to be replaced on US Currency

    Coins are heavy though. And I'm not certain that the stripped industry will be down with all coins for the $1.00... ?????
  15. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    Nope. Not listening to any more negativity. I'm not looking to perfection and I remain entertained. Could some things be tighter? Yup. But I'm not sweating it. I'll miss all of you from the thread.