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    He didn't march straight to Winterfell. When he left the Wall to rally the mountain clans and liberate Deepwood Motte, Winterfell was a ruin inhabited by squatters and the Boltons were at Barrowton. Only after Stannis rallied a sizable army did Roose hunker down in Winterfell, and at that stage Stannis was forced to march else he would lose his new support. "Let Stannis march on us. He is too cautious to come to Barrowton … but he must come to Winterfell. His clansmen will not abandon the daughter of their precious Ned to such as you. Stannis must march or lose them …" Even prisoners have ears, and she had heard all the talk at Deepwood Motte, when King Stannis and his captains were debating this march. Ser Justin had opposed it from the start, along with many of the knights and lords who had come with Stannis from the south. But the wolves insisted; Roose Bolton could not be suffered to hold Winterfell, and the Ned's girl must be rescued from the clutches of his bastard. So said Morgan Liddle, Brandon Norrey, Big Bucket Wull, the Flints, even the She-Bear. The alternative to marching was to risk losing the many thousands of northmen that had just come to his cause, which would make him easy pickings for the Bolton forces, so better to risk a march and hope that an opportunity presents itself.
  2. Do you like Melisandre?

    Probably a combination of that and the idea that he'll be in a much better position to defeat the Great Other if he has the entire kingdom at his back, rather than just the relatively poor/weak lands he holds as Lord of Dragonstone.
  3. Do you like Melisandre?

    Ch25 spoilers:
  4. Winds Of Winter Battles

    He doesn't fit at all. It took him more than a month to march from Deepwood to the crofters village, which is a shorter distance than that between Winterfell and the Wall, and he made good distance before the snows set it. So whatever reinforcements he may want, he can't expect to see them for months, and he doesn't have the supplies to wait that long (plus he's expecting an imminent battle in the sample chapter). In terms of what reinforcements he can expect, the last time he was at the Wall there were only 300 wildlings in fighting condition. Even if he did, somehow, find out about the warriors Tormund brought over, they aren't going to do much in a siege that his current men can't. Plus, he's never undertaken this sort of deception, and if he was one to manipulate his allies like that it would be far more simple to write something along the lines of "Jon, Ramsay has your sister and is flaying/torturing her to demoralize us. Send help if you care". That's more effective than all the threats and insults in the PL, and doesn't jeopardize his family or Melisandre. That's not to say that the information in the PL is correct, though. Stannis has ravens that fly to Winterfell taken from that traitor maester Arnolf brought with him. He can send Roose/Ramsay false info (e.g. "Stannis is dead, I have his sword, we and the Karstark soldiers are coming back") which 1) lowers their guard 2) frees them up to deal with any other challengers, like Jon.
  5. South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    Huh, that seems pretty good actually.
  6. September 2016 Reads

    Finished the First Law Trilogy the other day, and have ordered the next few books. Thought it was great, especially some of those reveals and betrayals in the last few hundred pages. Have also been reading the Witcher series (currently up to the Tower of the Swallows), which I sort of love-hate. Anything involving Geralt and his love interests makes me want to shoot myself, but other than that it's quite good. (The book's Emhyr is ridiculously more interesting to read than the game's Emhyr was to watch.)
  7. South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    Who do you all think figured out Gerald? Kyle seemed conspicuously absent this episode, but then it also wouldn't surprise me if it was Cartman, since he'd naturally assume a jew was at fault.
  8. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    They're making Wasteland 3, set in the "frozen Colorado", with vehicles. Pumped. Well, I'll bet you that Bethesda makes a Fallout game set in an icy wasteland in the next half a decade.
  9. Grading Policies: Everybody gets 50% for free!

    That's essentially how my high school ran. There was a final mark and grade based on your scores and a separate grade for your general attitude. But giving everyone who scores below 50 a 50 doesn't accurately convey how much the student knows, allowing them to miss deadlines with no penalty essentially gives them more time to complete the same amount of work, and having no score-based punishment for plagiarism just isn't realistic and doesn't prepare them for how they'll be treated later on. This stuff is just as bad as some of the things they're removing.
  10. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    Yeah, once you build up enough momentum it's hard to stop. The Top Knots were one strength rank above me, but I got three WAAAGH's off in quick succession and just rolled over everything they had at that point. The variety is definitely a plus. The dwarf roster is pretty basic and I played essentially the same way in every battle for the entire campaign, whereas so far I've made some distinct greenskin armies that play differently, and I've only just unlocked giants and arachnaroks so I'm eager to try them out.
  11. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    I'm just about done with my Dwarf campaign in Warhammer. After finishing the orcs and taking the entire eastern portion of the map I was able to quickly mop up the few vampire settlements remaining, just in time for the End Times. I then allied with every human faction remaining and just set war targets on the chaos armies. I did nothing but watch while chaos razed the entire middle/northern portion of the map while my allies sent their armies at them. Eventually the humans won, though, and I mopped up the survivors + the warherds with my forces. Then all my allies turned on each other (and me) and 30ish turns later only the Empire and the Border Princes remain, and they're at war now. Meanwhile I've confederated with the western dwarfs and taken those northern settlements. The evil Scandinavians keep throwing armies at me but they're useless at taking out dwarfs (seriously, an equal force of cannons, thunderers and longbeards can mop up any of their forces with barely any losses). Started a Greenskin campaign. Dwarf armies are giving me trouble so I've been avoiding fights in which I don't have a large numerical advantage. Grimgor is pretty great, though.
  12. South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    The only part I'm not liking very much is the election stuff, as I think every Trump joke possible has been made at this point. I'm loving the trolling stuff though, and that literally no one suspects the troll could be an otherwise normal person and not some evil loser. If you steal my sunshine....
  13. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    It looks pretty bad but it's a great game, and if you've played the first two then that shouldn't be a huge deal anyway. I'm still keen to do a Greenskin, VC and Beastmen campaign (the latter when it drops in price) before I move on. In Attila I tried to start a few new campaigns but they all ended up feeling the same, aside from the Roman ones. eta: that's not fair actually, the Hun and Middle Eastern factions were distinct as well, but I just hate them.
  14. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    Bought Total War: Warhammer, have been playing the dwarf faction. I like the new map, love how distinct the factions and playstyles are, and enjoy a lot of the details, like the confederation mechanic or those WAAAGH armies. Not a fan of the sieges, and having towns that don't exist in the battle map is pretty bad, but I suppose it makes the borders more hectic and rapid expansion less viable. So far I've pushed south into the Greenskin territory, and had an interesting scenario play out. I had two main armies, one besieging (I think) Black Crag and another garrisoned at the Iron Something town. The Greenskins had two full armies and a ~20% remaining one in between those towns, but fortunately elected to attack the Iron town. I managed to win, mainly using a mass of those crossbow units, and then picked off the remaining orcs while the other army eventually starved out Black Crag. Since then I've been rolling over the remaining Greenskin settlements, and was also able to confederate with the southernmost dwarven faction. But had I lost that battle I imagine they would've destroyed the other army and probably be rolling over my settlements right now. Once I'm done with the Greenskins I'm going to take out the Top Knots, then destroy unite the other dwarven factions. Weirdly, the recommended graphics setting for Attila was normal, and yet in Warhammer it's high. I heard Attila was badly optimized but that seems silly.
  15. 1) Don't declare yourself king. It immediately makes rivals out of Stannis and Renly, and discourages anti-Lannister lords who nonetheless feel more loyalty to KL than Winterfell. 2) Marry the Frey immediately, don't cheat on her. It ensures a stronger (albeit not complete) bond of loyalty from Walder, and doesn't give him cause to abandon you. 3) Don't send Theon back to the Iron Islands. However much you may trust him, you have zero reason to trust Balon. 4) If you need to give your underlings important orders, make sure you're specific. e.g. Roose, do not engage Tywin unless absolutely necessary. Edmure, hold Riverrun and only Riverrun. It saves confusion and some costly mistakes. Roose wasn't necessarily a bad choice for infantry commander without the benefit of hindsight, but obviously that turned out to be another mistake. Karstark had what was coming to him.