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  1. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16
  2. Roose was a semi hero

    An 'ends justify the means' defense only makes sense if you think Roose actually cares about achieving a good end. He never claims to care about the North, or his men, or ending the war, or justice, or w/e else. He betrayed the Starks and conducted the Red Wedding because he saw an opportunity to take power. And he didn't even secure the North, since half of it is rebelling against him and he's had to perpetrate several other evil means to hold what he does.
  3. If Stannis is dead, no. The only chance for her would be if Stannis won, stabilized things, and worked out a proper transition. If he dies in battle and Shireen is left at the Wall with one castle, 50-100 guards and no political support, there's no way she'd ever take the throne (unless Massey turns out to be some amazing, prodigious general and politician).
  4. Nothing that makes sense. He's a thousand miles away from Castle Black and months of travel, and as far as he knows the only reinforcements he can expect are 300 wildlings. 300 poorly equipped and poorly disciplined soldiers aren't going to turn the tide of battle and certainly aren't worth the wait, even if he had the supplies and morale to wait that long. Nor does he have the time or supplies send his forces marching hundreds of miles around the North to the Dreadfort, and nor is he going to trust Theon with taking the Dreadfort or wording the Pink Letter given he's a demonstrably untrustworthy servant (which Stannis is completely clear on). And given how many men and horses Stannis was losing when he tried to plow through the storm, he's not about to march an even greater distance, past Winterfell and back again. "Oh, leave him be," said Ramsay. "Just see to Blood. I rode the bastard hard." Ramsay hates being reminded that he is a bastard, but there's nothing at all to suggest he has a problem with the word itself. He uses it casually, here. Does your dad work for Nintendo, too?
  5. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Yeah I've really liked it. It's very simple, basically just trying to manage thirst, hunger, temperature and fatigue in a frozen wilderness, but the dwindling amount of supplies keeps you on your toes and the environment is always throwing things at you. The atmosphere is pretty great as well, very stark and bleak.
  6. Varys' plan for the Tyrells

  7. Varys' plan for the Tyrells

    I think he'd be open to turning them, but I imagine Mace would be the unwilling one. As it stands he is the Hand, his daughter is the queen, and he controls a large portion of the Small Council, none of which he's likely to retain if Aegon comes to power (seeing as he has his own advisers and still wants to marry Dany, so a polygamous marriage is all Mace can hope for). Anyway, I expect the Tyrell side will seem far less appealing when TWOW begins.
  8. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Been playing The Long Dark again, this time in the Pleasant Valley map, with only a vague recollection of where things were. For the first two days I was wandering around the fields like a moron looking for the farmhouse and some better clothes. On the third I went towards the radio tower that can be seen in the distance hoping to get a rifle, but ended up completely sidetracked after taking a detour to avoid a bear, looted some cars and some corpses, and spent the night camped against a cliff. On the fourth I made it to the radio tower, picked up a rifle, returned to the farmhouse and began hunting the wildlife. On the fifth I set out exploring, got caught in a pretty bad storm quite far away from the farmhouse, at which point I tried heading back but realized I'd be cutting it too close. Was on the verge of trying to wait it out in an ice fishing hut, but luckily I found a prepper's bunker, where I've left it for now. Fun game. Can't wait for story mode.
  9. Would Stannis be more suited to the North?

    Probably wouldn't be more content, but he seems like he'd fit in among the old Kings of Winter better than he did as a southern king. Hard men who lived in hard times, frightening to Ned, may have partaken in some human sacrifice, brutal to their enemies, etc.
  10. Did Renly have any opinion of Davos?

    I don't get the impression Renly is being especially grateful to Davos in that passage, but if he was I doubt he'd see the reason. Stannis keeps Davos around because he's unfailingly loyal, honest and smart, rather than for his heroics at Storm's End, and no one seems to pick up on his value other than perhaps Cressen and Melisandre. Most lords view it as an absurdity (e.g Kevan speaks of him as if he were a pet) and I imagine Renly would feel the same if he thought about Davos at all.
  11. South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    I was really looking forward to Garrison's reaction/meltdown after having won, Jenner making him a MB mindslave was underwhelming. The video call was the best part. "Stop being such a pussy, okay pal?"
  12. South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    Jeez, so Garrison is going to be President then.

    He didn't march straight to Winterfell. When he left the Wall to rally the mountain clans and liberate Deepwood Motte, Winterfell was a ruin inhabited by squatters and the Boltons were at Barrowton. Only after Stannis rallied a sizable army did Roose hunker down in Winterfell, and at that stage Stannis was forced to march else he would lose his new support. "Let Stannis march on us. He is too cautious to come to Barrowton … but he must come to Winterfell. His clansmen will not abandon the daughter of their precious Ned to such as you. Stannis must march or lose them …" Even prisoners have ears, and she had heard all the talk at Deepwood Motte, when King Stannis and his captains were debating this march. Ser Justin had opposed it from the start, along with many of the knights and lords who had come with Stannis from the south. But the wolves insisted; Roose Bolton could not be suffered to hold Winterfell, and the Ned's girl must be rescued from the clutches of his bastard. So said Morgan Liddle, Brandon Norrey, Big Bucket Wull, the Flints, even the She-Bear. The alternative to marching was to risk losing the many thousands of northmen that had just come to his cause, which would make him easy pickings for the Bolton forces, so better to risk a march and hope that an opportunity presents itself.
  14. Do you like Melisandre?

    Probably a combination of that and the idea that he'll be in a much better position to defeat the Great Other if he has the entire kingdom at his back, rather than just the relatively poor/weak lands he holds as Lord of Dragonstone.
  15. Do you like Melisandre?

    Ch25 spoilers: