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  1. How is the Wall Coming Down?

    I hope gets attacked en masse by some gigantic zombie army and the defenders get a chance to actually use the Wall for its original purpose. For it to be almost immediately bypassed with some magical MacGuffin would be lame.
  2. On the fate of Rolland Storm

    Random theories aside - the wildlings are not the main reason he went north. The Others are "the foe that [he] was born to fight", and everything he's planned since defeating Mance has been centered on that. He's wanted the North and the wildlings united behind him, all the castles rebuilt and garrisoned within a year, nightfires burning before their gates, their defenders armed with obsidian, and him commanding from his new seat at the Nightfort. With the North behind him and the immense wealth of the Iron Bank at his disposal, he'll be able to enact most of these plans.  He doesn't have years and years to fight campaigns in the south getting everyone to recognize him as king before he tries to save the realm, which is the point of his "cart before the horse" speech. He wants to do his duty and save the realm before he takes his rights and gains the throne. For him to finish with the Boltons and then just abandon the North to once again attack King's Landing would not make sense. 
  3. On the fate of Rolland Storm

    I think he's dead, unfortunately. Hopefully he sent some obsidian up north before Loras attacked so the stuff isn't sitting in limbo for ages. His plan is to defend the Wall. He gives no suggestion that he intends to march south again until he's dealt with the Others, and doing so would be completely counter to his development throughout ASOS and the conclusion he reaches at the end.
  4. Aussies LXIV - Invasion Day Edition
  5. Battle on the Green Fork casualties

    They went home or became the sort of broken men that Meribald talked about, with quite a few probably dying at some point. They would be avoiding Stark and Lannister forces for fear of punishment, and the Reeds don't police random travelers moving up and down the Kingsroad.
  6. Is LF-Stannis alliance possible?

    Would never happen. Stannis wouldn't work with him because he hates him, blames him for a bunch of shit, and wouldn't trust a word that comes out of his mouth. And Littlefinger knows that, which is why he's been dead-set against Stannis from the beginning. I'm not sure they'll ever interact though, or if this is a scenario that either gives any thought to.  
  7. All Star ASOIAF tournament

    1 - Mag, but I think he should be disqualified. Too OP. 2 - Royce 3 - Hotah 4 - Garlan 5 - Gregor 6 - Jaime 7 - Greatjon 8 - Sandor
  8. Stannis' horses

    I'm not sure why you think he clearly has a plan for them, given he doesn't mention them and isn't using them, unlike the ice lakes, beacon tower, and ravens. If anything he'd be keeping them in reserve as either emergency food, or for future use as heavy cavalry (when heavy cavalry can actually be deployed). Currently they can barely move through the blizzard, there aren't enough to be very useful even if they could, and the lighter clansmen riders are better suited as scouts anyway. Not sure what he'll do with the Karstark men. Maybe steal their outfits and have his own northmen infiltrate Winterfell.  Btw this wouldn't be the first time he's absorbed a group of lordless men. I think there are like two named lords in his army of 5000+ at the moment.
  9. Was there any way Stannis could have won Blackwater?

    If the storm doesn't delay his fleet for a few days, he handily takes KL before the Tyrells can arrive. Scenario like the one written earlier plays out. Melisandre didn't predict a victory against the Tyrell army, which is the only reason he sailed to Storm's End.  The best reason for attacking Bitterbridge is that much/most of the infantry there would be sworn to people within his own army, as he gained 80% of Renly's lords and knights after Renly died. He lost them in the current world because he waited at Storm's End for too long, allowing Tarly to seize all of Renly's supplies, kill anyone likely to go over to Stannis, and capture his envoys. If instead he marched there immediately, things would've occurred differently, and it may have been Stannis with the ridiculous army.
  10. What are you listening to? Vol. XXI - Soothe Me

    Hoops by The Rubens, cause it won Triple J's hottest 100. Main guy has cool hair. Also finally found This Heart Attack by Faker, which I've had in my head for years.
  11. The Dornishman's Wife Foreshadows Abel's Fate

    Stannis wasn't adamant on killing him, though. He put the responsibility for the burning on Mance for being too "stubborn" and "prideful", then spoke of the other wildling leaders as if they were his second choice. "Whilst your brothers have been struggling to decide who shall lead them, I have been speaking with this Mance Rayder." He ground his teeth. "A stubbornman, that one, and prideful. He will leave me no choice but to give him to the flames. But we took other captives as well, other leaders..." The other comments come weeks (days?) later after they've all made up their minds, but initially it seemed as if Stannis wanted to use Mance the way he did the others, but Mance wouldn't bend/beg forgiveness and so had to be executed. Not that this necessarily refutes what you're saying, if you think his grudges trump his people.  
  12. Where will be the battle of dawn fought?

    Initially confined to the Wall but, eventually, it gets overrun. Significant battles at Winterfell and the Trident. Some sort of shenanigans going on up in the far north. Euron might be a wild card.
  13. HBo teases houses stark targaryen and lannister

    The High Sparrow one sounds like a speech he'd give his followers, but as the other two were directed at Jon and Dany, I'm assuming he says this to Jaime or Cersei. Maybe Jaime tries to intimidate them into giving back Marg, and the HS has none of it. 
  14. Keeper of the gate

    I see him killing all the other nobles, not necessarily screwing over Barristan.  They've (almost certainly) been funding the Sons of the Harpy and will tear him down as soon as they get the chance, and he's wanted Dany to purge them all for it since she took power. With his forces controlling the city, Dany missing and her allies preoccupied, there's nothing stopping him.
  15. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    Playing the Teutonic Campaign in Medieval 2 as Denmark. Took Scandinavia, formed the union with Norway, then invaded and took all Germany and scattered parts of the Novgorod Republic (I own about 40% of the map). But, I've taken way too long doing it, and in that time the Teutonic Order took most of the central region and owns nearly as much as I do. Now the plague has hit and is destroying my income, and the TO decided that this was the perfect time to ceasefire with Lithuania, Poland and the Mongols, and instead throw stacks and stacks of soldiers at Germany. Bastards. Also played a Crusades campaign as Antioch, took parts of Asia Minor and pretty much everything Turkey held in the central area (they are such a paper tiger compared to Egypt), allied with the Byzantines, and I've been buying Jerusalem's cities and castles with my stupidly large income. Might try that with the Byzantines, see if I can steal the rest of Asia Minor.