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  1. Are Dany haters politically conservative?

    "We're gonna build a wall, don't worry about it. We're gonna build a wall. It'll be a huge wall. Fabulous wall. And we're gonna make the Others pay for it."
  2. My biggest problem with Ramsey inspiring fear

    That's true, I was more talking about what they'd be willing to do on their own initiative. If it looks like he's going down there's no reason for them to stay loyal.
  3. My biggest problem with Ramsey inspiring fear

    Roose has about 4100 men under his own command (3500 from the south + Ramsay's 600) and 2000 Freys, and you'd need almost every northern lord working in tandem to beat that. So it could happen, but it would require a lot of coordination and bravery from all the different lords that I don't think is there. Even with Stannis at the gates with >5000 men they've been unwilling to jump ship.
  4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    1/2 - I haven't played the first, but in the second it seems like most of the augs were augmented for medical reasons rather than cosmetic/power reasons, and that the medication required to stop rejection is quite expensive. And after the events of the second game, with the augs being only one crazy rich dude away from turning into robot-zombies, it makes sense that normals are going to fear them. So it seems pretty reasonable to me that there'll be a divide between them, and that disgruntled augs struggling to pay for their meds while dealing with everyone's suspicion/hatred would turn to terrorist groups. It might end up cliché but it'll depend on what they do with it.
  5. Is everything north of the wall dead?

    The Weeper and his band of wildlings are still around. They've been killing rangers and were supposedly gathering men for an attack on the Shadow Tower.
  6. My biggest problem with Ramsey inspiring fear

    If Roose died and Ramsay just slid into his position with no big fuss that would be bad storytelling but that's probably not going to happen. Dustin hates him and openly insults him, people from the Hornwood lands would hate him, and the Cerwyns, Flints, Tallharts, etc, all probably hate him for what he did outside Winterfell. It's Roose keeping them together and if he goes things should fall apart. As to the other northern lords turning on the Boltons: Roose has the largest army, Frey reinforcements, and a number of hostages from many of the northern families held at the Twins. Even if the crown wouldn't care they're not in a good position to turn on Roose.
  7. Are both Umbers "in" with Wyman? Is Mance the key?

    If that were the case you'd expect Mors to send word to Stannis that Wyman isn't his enemy, either with Theon and the bankers or preferably much earlier. In the sample chapter though Stannis still lists "Lord Too-Fat" as one of his foes. And it wasn't necessarily a coincidence that Theon and Jeyne ran into Mors so quickly, since they were escaping in the direction of the drumming and horns hoping to reach Stannis' advance guard. Also, Mors really hates the wildlings. They stole his daughter and one of the conditions he gave to Stannis was that he wanted Mance's skull.
  8. Why did Mel and/or Stannis save the Mance

    They couldn't spare him publicly because he was too stubborn and prideful to bend the knee, and to spare an unrepentant oathbreaker only invites others to do the same. The mock execution allows them to make use of the information he has regarding the wildlings and the Others while still deterring others from deserting and/or attacking the realm. Melisandre herself seems to want to use Mance to make Jon trust her. He wasn't responding well to her visions, so she turned to saving Arya, and Mance is obviously the most skilled person they have.
  9. Do you think Robert would have killed Jon?

    Well, the worry was still there. Robert hated the Targaryens and Ned wouldn't want to risk the child's life. I just don't think Robert would have actually ordered it, given he let Viserys and Dany survive all those years. I'm not sure. I assume Jon Arryn would've had an idea before Stannis was ordered out, and that the idea wasn't to kill them given his opinion on them throughout Robert's reign. Westeros is handy in that the Wall, Citadel and Silent Sisters are a good place to drop someone if you need to remove their claim, so maybe they'd be sent to one of those places. Dany herself might be married to Robert's heir to solidify his claim, which was pretty common.
  10. Do you think Robert would have killed Jon?

    Robert didn't order them dead, he ordered them captured, which anyone would do seeing as they were living in the last remaining Targaryen holdout. No one thought Robert was capable of ordering them dead himself, and Stannis isn't going to make it easy for him and present two dead children. As to your last point, when Viserys married Dany to a Dothraki warlord they became a threat. That's indisputable. They weren't marrying powerful warrior factions to not press their claim. In the 15 or so years prior to that Robert was content to let them live. Again, Jon would be raised by Ned Stark, Robert's best friend and ally, who helped overthrow the Targaryens. Jon almost certainly wouldn't grow up hating Robert and wanting to reinstall the Targs, even if he knew the truth. Sweetrobin is Jon Arryn's son, another great friend and ally of Robert. Hoster's an opportunist, but he made his bed when he threw in with Robert, Ned and Jon. You'd need some Aerys-tier paranoia to start suspecting these people or their children after they just fought a war to make you king. As to the GC, they're a historic enemy of the Targaryens. Furthermore they were more available to Viserys and Dany, wandering the Free Cities and actively courting sellswords, than they would be Jon, raised in the North under the care of an ally, and he did nothing to stop the former until they actually gained an army.
  11. Do you think Robert would have killed Jon?

    Viserys and Dany were trueborn and actively courting local rulers and sellswords to reconquer the kingdom. Jon would be a bastard raised under the case of his best friend and ally. If he wouldn't bother with the former (until they became an actual threat) he's not going to bother with the latter. Not to mention that everyone apparently agrees he wasn't willing to order the deaths himself at the time, and no one in Ned's retinue would take it upon themselves to do it.
  12. What does the title allude to?

    Winter's coming, the Others with it, things are going to get worse than they have been, etc. I imagine the north will be in trouble, the Wall probably overcome, and the south completely unprepared for an attack thanks to the WOTFK + the new wars just beginning in ADWD. Last book was originally titled A Time For Wolves before it became A Dream For Spring, so my guess is that will feature the Stark resurgence.
  13. Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    So Bolt is flipping his shit.
  14. Would have Renly spared Joffrey, Myrcella & Tommen?

    Definitely kill them. He argued that Dany and her child should die because they posed a vague threat, and was totally fine with having Stannis killed, so child-murder and kinslaying aren't out-of-bounds if he feels he has a good reason. If he believes the incest story then it would be an even easier decision.
  15. Aegon's absence is really noticeable now

    ? This isn't the end of Doran, it's obviously a precursor to events in the future.