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  1. Future of Stannis

    If he wins the Battles of Ice & Winterfell he would return to the Wall. It'll be in chaos with Jon dead which leaves his family at risk and humanity's biggest defense against the Others weakened. Furthermore, he has already concluded that conquering the throne before saving the kingdom would be a mistake, so he's not going to abandon the North to take the throne just when he's capable of mounting a proper defense.
  2. The naval battle was meant to be the easy part.
  3. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    It's the complete opposite for me, siege battles are one of my favourite parts in Attila. I find the layouts are interesting to play, the maps are varied (more than Medieval II anyway, which is all I've played), and the enemies are reasonably smart (again compared to Medieval II). The only downside is that the AI seem unwilling to attack walled settlements so usually I'm just playing in low-tier towns, but I can't blame them for being smart I suppose. I haven't played Warhammer but from what I've seen they look pretty repetitive, even the ones involving large armies? It's given me a deep loathing for horses and anyone who rides them. Weirdly I had a peace request from Attila, which I denied because I thought he'd betray me, but now I wish I had accepted just to see where all the Hun hordes would go as they're currently fixated on trying to take my regions in northern Italy.
  4. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    That is pretty good, but regardless trolling your opponent is a time-honoured tradition and I'm perfectly fine with people typing ggez or get rekt or whatever. I can't imagine playing a mature online game. In my Attila campaign I'm stuck on how to kill Attila. I got the achievement but he keeps coming back, and whenever I send assassins after him he just gets 'wounded'. I read this should only happen three times but I've killed him in battle twice and gotten no message, and successfully 'wounded' him plenty of times. Who knows. Sent a lone army into Britain, controlled entirely by the Ebdanians and Picts. Had the most interesting battles in the campaign so far, generally defending small settlements with a battered army against their combined forces. Got the Heroic Defense achievement for beating a 20+ army with just the garrison, so yay. It was a combined land/naval attacked that they could've won if they landed inside the city, but they landed outside, massed their troops and then attacked. Almost all their cavalry got killed riding into a choke point manned by one unit of spearmen, and I tied up their infantry with a unit of axemen and a barricade in a little courtyard while my archers picked them off. Ended up landing my surviving naval units (two archer units) outside the walls and firing into their backs while cav charging any who turned around to fight them.
  5. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    Yeah, but in my experience the campaign map puts you into scenarios that you (probably) wouldn't ever create just doing custom matches, and, while I can give sanitation and fertility a miss, having to keep an eye on diplomacy and larger scale strategy seems pretty fundamental.
  6. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Workprint Prototype Version

    Watched Gone Girl. All the twists started becoming pretty obvious as soon as she was robbed, and the last 20 minutes or so were deeply unsatisfying to watch, but otherwise I liked it. (what a fucking fruitloop, by the way) Also saw Heart of a Lion, about a neo-Nazi who starts dating a woman with a black kid. The acting from the main guy, his brother and the kid was really good, and it had some hilarious moments and some touching ones, but the plot was completely shit at points. Like the wife (and her black ex-husband) just letting the main dude's unrepentant Nazi brother move into her house with the kid while she was away.
  7. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    "To the No Man's Sky Haters... Tread Lightly" Shame about the game though. I thought the original trailer looked really cool. My Suebian campaign in Attila took a turn. Built a fleet and another couple of armies to invade the ERE, but then Attila rocked up and I've been fighting him in northern Italy since. Horse archers are a fucking menace. They ended up taking and sacking Genoa, which I'm going to blame on the map allowing them to stand on a little area that lets them shoot down onto the walls at one section, which they took advantage of and wiped out a lot of my archers and spearmen.
  8. Balon's plan was truly stupid without Theon

    No, but his weak position makes him more amenable to a deal favourable to Balon. And he's a king at this stage so he can't just make peace with Tywin.
  9. Balon's plan was truly stupid without Theon

    Eventually this would happen, but until it does you've got Robb trapped in the south, his supply lines cut, route north blocked, and facing Tywin Lannister. He may have been hoping that Robb surrender or strike a favourable deal in order to continue the war against Tywin (whom Balon thought would definitely win).
  10. Dothraki, Literary device or genuine military might?

    Most of the Essos armies seem pretty bad. The Unsullied have quite primitive equipment and tactics, and the castration is going to leave them physically weaker than many other soldiers. A lot of the sellswords and slave soldiers (at least those outside Meereen) are ridiculous, with their chained-together soldiers, soldiers on stilts, bikini armour and daily rotating command structure. The Golden Company and some of the more professional groups (like the Second Sons or the Tattered Prince's group) are the only ones that should be able to compete with Westerosi armies, but I expect it won't be written like that.
  11. Between Catelyn and Sansa, who would petryr baelish choose?

    By the time of the books, Sansa. He would know that he missed his shot with Catelyn. She saw him at his most pathetic and spent most of her life with another man. Sansa is his second chance, a Cat-lite that he can be a saviour and mentor to. But if he could rewind time, Cat.
  12. What is the Iron Bank Up To?

    In this instance I'd blame it on GRRM not being great with numbers. He wanted to hammer home the idea that Robert was an irresponsible spender and that Littlefinger was a corrupt Master of Coin but went too far and came up with an unreasonable level of debt. The Iron Bank's actions seem consistent with their stated motives and history. They were happy with the prior arrangement in which they were receiving repayments, but, when Cersei called a stop to that, they did what they always do for the sake of their dangerous reputation: back a rival candidate. Stannis was the only viable one around at the time and he happens to be a great military commander with a reputation for meeting his responsibilities, so they decide to throw their weight behind him. I don't think a conspiracy theory is more believable or adds anything, given Varys and Illyrio are already doing basically the same thing.
  13. Littlefinger's revenge?

    He's not in a position to hurt them without throwing away whatever other plans he has brewing. And those plans take priority over sentiment, given they involved hurting Cat and her family in the first place.
  14. Stannis' thoughts on Dragons.

    Well I quite like Boromor, so I don't think the comparison is negative. Both were in seemingly hopeless positions and expected to save the world, and also had a desire to prove themselves with the power offered by the Ring/Stone Dragon. And yeah, he was a lot further gone than Stannis, but he had been living without hope for a lot longer and the Ring itself was built to corrupt.
  15. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation