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  1. I thought that was great, up there with TDK. I would like to see more of these smaller, simpler movies in future. I'm glad Jackman and Stewart were able to do one great movie before leaving. Two minor disappointments:
  2. Winterfell itself is only worth anything if you expect the Boltons to attack it. At that stage in the campaign, Roose had called his lords to Barrowtown and hadn't shown any interest in taking Winterfell, only moving there after Stannis takes Deepwood Motte and begins forming a sizable army (at which point Stannis couldn't take it before him). If Stannis had sent most of his southern men to Winterfell in the beginning, there's no guarantee they would actually do anything useful. Roose could have elected to march directly against the force of clansmen, and then marched on Winterfell, destroying Stannis' forces piecemeal.
  3. Been playing CK2 recently. Started a game as a duke under Charles Karling (Charlemagne) and, when he died and his empire split into various parts, my heir worked his way up to King of West Francia, conquering the crown off of Charles' son Bertlin. Seeing as Bertlin was heir to other kingdoms in Francia (Middle Francia and Burgundy, iirc), I banished him and seized his remaining territories so that I wouldn't lose them when he eventually gained those new titles. He ended up as a landless courtier in Middle Francia, with -100 relations with me. Many years later I checked up on him, only to find out he died a blind, landless lunatic, "killed by rabble". Poor dude. Also, East Anglia is the Harrenhal of this game. The original owners were executed when I took the place, the guy I put in charge (the brother of my character at that time) died in battle, his son died in the dungeon of my next character, and that son's brother, wife and two children all died of illnesses over a number of years. Not sure who I'll punish with it next.
  4. Well, in the context of the story, yeah. If the conditions around Winterfell become widespread throughout westeros, no one would choose to do what Stannis is doing unless they were absolutely forced to (and Stannis is only doing it because the snows began midway through his march). Even Roose, immobile and apparently well-supplied, is struggling to maintain his army in the current conditions. As this style of warfare becomes less viable people will look for alternatives. Access to ports and control over fleets should be much more important, if nothing else. That said, I don't know how long it will take for the northern conditions to spread south, so there may be time for some large-scale wars between Aegon, Tommen, Dany, Euron and whoever LF throws in with. I get the impression 'light snows' won't be as much of a hindrance as they were in real life.
  5. Stannis and Davos, as each may think the other dead by the time they meet.
  6. Read Caesar's The Conquest of Gaul and The Civil War, which were both interesting, especially what little there was about the tribes in Gaul given how little attention they seem to get elsewhere. The abrupt ending to the latter makes me wish he lived just long enough to write something about the final ending to the wars. Started reading Richard the Third by Paul Murray Kendall, and I can't get over how much this dude plagiarized ASOIAF. GRRM should sue. Next on the list is The Terror by Dan Simmons, which I'm keen for.
  7. Custom battles are out, but the grand campaign keeps getting delayed. Supposedly it will be out in the next few weeks according to their Steam page. Also, someone should make a First Law mod for CK2. I've tried being a puppet master in TW but it just doesn't work.
  8. Waiting for the Ancient Empires mod for Attila to come out. I'm sick of Warhammer, exhausted with Attila and Med 2, and none of the other settings look very appealing. I've just been despondently killing Franks and Muslims in Age of Charlemagne.
  9. I find it unlikely that among Stannis' twenty thousand men - all the nobles from the Stormlands and many from the Reach, his initial army and sellswords gathered at Dragonstone, and the marines in the royal fleet - that no one had the knowledge to construct siege weapons. If there's a source, so be it, but I am skeptical. His cash-on-hand may be nil (I doubt it, his situation in ASOS is different to his situation here), but he will have access to the Narrow Sea and the Stormlands for many weeks (even months?) and credit is a thing that exists, so funds aren't a problem. Food would be tight, but the city could last a week. He could begin to funnel food in within a few days, and within weeks he would have shipments coming in from Essos.
  10. It would be easy. In this scenario Stannis takes KL in less than a day, and he now has 5 days in which to take the winch towers (assuming they don't immediately surrender). He now has an open path to his holdings at Dragonstone and Storm's End, the holdings of all his vassals in the Narrow Sea and throughout the Stormlands, and the merchant cities in Essos. He has 60-70 ships (30 from Saan, 30-40 that survived the wildfire) to convey goods from those places back to King's Landing (in addition to whatever other ships that may be commandeered). Now, since Tyrion was able to deploy his fleet without it being in any significant danger from Stannis' men on the shoreline, we know those 60-70 ships could navigate the river without being in excessive danger from any forces that may be to the south (it was wide enough to allow for twenty warships to row abreast of each other, at the least), and they would land at the same places they were landing throughout the battle. As to funding - he, again, has access to the wealth of his lands and those of his vassals, and credit, which we know he makes use of. This could continue for however long it takes for the Redwyne fleet to arrive, assuming 1) Tywin and co. even bother laying siege rather than trying a strategy that doesn't leave them open to Robb, 2) the Reach infantry forces don't wilt away to join their lords at King's Landing, 3) Stannis doesn't choose to march north or south or w/e in some other plan.
  11. You understand the Blackwater is to the south of King's Landing, yes? Landing on the northern bank puts them right against the city walls - somewhere Tywin couldn't establish a siege line, because his men would be under constant arrow-fire and in constant danger from sorties.
  12. They can land on the northern bank of the Blackwater, where they were dropping off his soldiers.
  13. The deciding factor would be the Reach infantry. Most of the Reach chivalry went over to Stannis when Renly died, and the foot was only kept loyal because Randyll seized the supplies, started killing those most likely to swap sides and jailed Stannis' envoys. In this scenario, with the Lannisters losing KL along with most of the royal family, I imagine much of that infantry would (at least) desert, if not jump ship. If not, he still holds KL, has a sizable, high quality army, 60-70 ships, as well as control of the Stormlands + Dragonstone. Robb's forces wouldn't be as demoralized, either.
  14. He wouldn't gain anything from killing Rickon whereas he stands to gain a lot from using him as a puppet raising him as a ward and serving as his regent, and throughout the books his focus has been gaining everything he could. He wanted to build a war fleet for the North and station it at White Harbor (and charge Winterfell for it), he charged Rodrik for the defensive upgrades he made to his city, he wanted to be in control of the North's new currency, and he had his soldiers fight Ramsay for control of the Hornwood lands. Rickon's just more of the same, an answer to Roose's control of 'Arya'/Jeyne that lets him rule over the other northern houses. I doubt he's planning to kill him or something that overtly sinister.