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  1. I think Chaos operates as normal when not playing Norsca. I'm at a similar point, but I might run two saves and see how each decision goes. I'm the only one left to really challenge Chaos, but then again I've never seen Chaos survive long enough to make it into the dwarven/orc area, so it'll be interesting to see how they fare against them. Skaven look cool, but I'll probably never play them. The further the factions stray from being human the less interest I seem to have. (still hoping for Kislev and Tilea/Estalia factions at some point)
  2. Chaos are actually triggered by Norsca maxing out devotion to one of the gods (the others get locked out, fyi).
  3. My Norsca campaign is winding down. Norsca is mine, as are all the coastal settlements from Kislev around to Tilea. Bretonnia, the Empire and the Wood Elves are dead, the Dwarves and Greenskins are stalemated in the Badlands, and of the remaining factions all are weak except for a Vampire Counts + Von Carstein alliance that controls the lands east of Altdorf and south of Kislev. Other than the vampires and I guess Archeon there's not much left to kill. Fighting Bretonnia with my Wulfrik mammoth army was awesome. Every battle was like this. I'm caught between wanting to start a new dwarf campaign and wanting to wait for the combined map so I can go teach elves and lizards about artillery.
  4. I don't know if that "two kings to wake the dragon" even comes from Melisandre. It's never been a part of the prophecy up until that point, as a king's bastard apparently would have qualified back on Dragonstone (where Melisandre was less powerful). Plus, assuming Stannis was still convinced, they could have gone through with it almost immediately upon arriving at Castle Black, but they instead chose to use Mance for a kidnapping/rescue mission. Plus plus, I doubt some random footman would be aware of the private discussions between Mel and Stannis regarding kings blood, given the only people aware on Dragonstone were the members of Stannis' inner council. I always assumed it was a result of the queen's men being too fervent in their desire for a burning, and an indication that the reputations of Stannis and Melisandre precede them. They do the same thing on the march to Winterfell when they start believing that burning Asha will end the storm and solve their problems.
  5. Yeah, if not for the first lie being Stannis, I would be certain that it's Melisandre-related. It's a stone beast, and Melisandre wants to raise a stone dragon. It breathes shadow fire, and Melisandre is a shadow and fire sorceress. But I can't think of any meaningful lie that isn't already covered by the blue eyed king with the red sword and no shadow.
  6. Total meme show at the moment. This is so far divorced from what the earlier seasons were.
  7. I don't see why the Starks would need to be involved or why we should assume that they would be given the series we're reading. The Starks didn't get their vengeance against Joffrey or Tywin or Balon, so Roose being taken down by someone else isn't unlikely. I also don't see a feasible way for Jon to do that. Stannis has already rallied the northmen willing to openly defy Roose, and if he fails at Winterfell they will all die, given the weather makes any sort of successful retreat impossible. They also can't wait, given how drastic the food situation is already. (and having Jon repeat what Stannis did in ADWD is just pointless) Plus, he's one of the three 'lies', and his only lie is that he's Azor Ahai. I think people are actually going to have to believe that for the slaying to mean anything, and they will only believe that if he's doing Azor Ahai-y things like trying to hold back the Others, and he's not in a position to do that without the North.
  8. Conveniently, there are potential ruses everywhere. He's dismantled the Karstark plot to betray him, and now has several hundred soldiers that Roose thinks he can count on. He's taken the ravens from the Dreadfort maester, which were being used to keep Roose up-to-date on the condition and location of Stannis' army. And a small Manderly army was ordered to ride out and fight Stannis, but will have no intention of actually doing so. The most obvious ruse is to defeat the Frey army (with or without a Manderly backstab), then send a report back to Roose (that he will be expecting) detailing Stannis' defeat, then send disguised or turned soldiers (whom Roose is also expecting) back to Winterfell. With the Bolton forces lulled into a false sense of security, several hundred men inside the walls, several thousand other men ready to turn on Roose should a situation present itself, and a major snowstorm masking his movements outside the walls, taking Winterfell isn't anywhere near impossible.
  9. Looking back he did seem overhyped by the narrative. His plan to split his forces and thereby defeat an unsuspecting Jaime was a smart move, but beyond that, nothing he did was either successful or that noteworthy. His plan to lure Tywin back and defeat him with cavalry superiority may have worked, but plans are rarely 100% successful and Tywin isn't a lemming to walk into a trap. His navigation around the Golden Tooth was complete authorial fiat ("ah yes, this impenetrable natural defense that has worked for thousands of years is undone by a goat track no one knew of") and the Lannister uncle running the third army was a complete and utter moron to not have any scouts or defenses posted.
  10. People do respect his military ability, they just (generally) don't like him, personally, very much. Ned and Robert agree he'd be a good choice for Warden of the East, even though Robert was too whipped to not give it to Jaime. Tywin thought Stannis was a greater threat than all his other enemies combined, despite his minimal resources. Stannis' men believe he'll lead them to victory even as they're marching through a blizzard, running out of food and approaching an enemy castle that houses an army which outnumbers them. etc.
  11. I've been playing the Norsca campaign for WH and it's pretty fun. Managed to take the western half of the continent as Wulfrik while Throgg took the eastern half, then we had a showdown on the northernmost coast, and we confederated after I defeated him. Now I've started raiding the Kislev and Ostland settlements and my income is skyrocketing. I've yet to start the Monster Hunts and I've barely played with the 4-god mechanic, so that should be good. Incidentally the combined map will be great for Norsca. Can't wait to sail around the world pillaging as I go.
  12. I don't know if many people are familiar with DanielFromSL , but he released his latest video recently. He reaches peak-Daniel at about 18 minutes in.
  13. Well, I already know my position and I doubt it'd change regardless of how many people agree or disagree with it. I just think the plebiscite and all these other methods are a pointless waste of time and money, as I don't believe that everyone in parliament will abide by their result. Certain members have said they won't necessarily abide by the result and Abetz has been using weasel words to give his colleagues an out if the overall vote is yes ("well the overall vote was yes, but my electorate said no, so I'm going to vote no" or vice versa). It's basically a 100+ million dollar vote on whether or not there should be a vote. I'd honestly rather they just ignore the issue and then there'll be a free vote whenever it is that the ALP comes back to power. But they want to simultaneously halt gay marriage while getting progressive cred for having a vote.
  14. The last thing I remember reading about multiplayer said they had no plans to implement it, unfortunately. But yeah, I really love how atmospheric it is and how immersed I get. Of all the various survival-type games that came out in the last half a decade, this is easily my favourite.
  15. About 4 hours ago my vision went red and blood started coming out of my ears and now I know the reason. Norsca seem pretty cool though. They're definitely not a horde faction, although they seem to occupy a similar role as the WoC do in that there are various incentives for wrecking the south. I'm really looking forward to the cross-continental games when Warhammer II comes out.