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  1. Cersei is dragon food . .
  2. To the topic at hand, I think Little Weasel will wait and see. If Dany is showing up with Dragons and has House Tyrell, The Dornish, The Stormlands with her, he has to bring in the Vale and the North, that would be it for Cersei. Cersei also has turned all the Septs and Septas against her. Huge error for Cersei . . . as Tywin says, "You aren't smart."
  3. I watched them and you are correct. Jaime is now scared of Cersei, Arya has gone mad, Jon and Sansa will have major tension.
  4. Best episode of the season, one of the best of the series along with Baelor, Fire and Blood, Blackwater, Mhysa, Watchers on The Wall and Hardhome.
  5. 8/10 Those Jaime and Brienne scenes were solid .. .
  6. 7/10 I can do without Dany's "I am your civilized Savior, follow me ye Savages and finally live!!!" It has gotten old. Let's get to Westeros and start the real fun already.
  7. So the one thing that gives me hope for Captain Vic Greyjoy is that Euron in all his wisdom doesn't know about Moqorro and how Moqorro has deciphered the Dragon Horn. Euron already had worked a spell so that Vic would blow it and die, while Euron controlled the dragons. Not anymore . ... Vic is going to change the game.
  8. A lot of debate . .. won't know until the chapter is released or until TWOW is finally finished.
  9. 9/10 some amazing things but some fails . . I wanted my Dragon Horn!!
  10. I hated parts of this episode. 1. Dany being Neo 2.0. So she burns down the hut with all the Khals in it and they like cowards, try to run. Good but now all the Dothraki see that she is the one to follow, she will lead them as one people out of Vaes Dothrak and to Budapest errrr Westeros, after she smites her enemies in Slaver's Bay. 2. Enough of the High Sparrow, enough! Cersei started this mess by snitching on the Tyrells and it backfired. Send Franken-Gregor in and clean house. 3. Tommen seems so confused that it hurts to watch. I am just not feeling King's Landing this season. 4. Ramsay still gonna Ramsay. Adios Osha, a character developed and gone, another loose end tied up. 5. The Tyrion scenes with Grey Worm and Missy are awful, just painful to watch. 6. Theon's scene with Yara/Asha was good, she had a right to be angry but after he was mutilated and tortured she had no know he had no intention of being any type of King. Didn't feel it . .
  11. 6/10 I'm just over Dany being "The One" complex that this show has. I'm just done!!!!!
  12. They mentioned in an article that after they received so much criticism after Season 1, they stopped visiting. I even did a support thread for them. They didn't do well in season 5 and many folks have, "lowered expectations" for season six. We shall see. But they have to know despite our criticism or support of their work, I am glad that there is a show to talk about.
  13. 8/10 The Dorne scenes are bad, really bad, really, really, really bad.