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  1. [Spoiler] EP604

    I hated parts of this episode. 1. Dany being Neo 2.0. So she burns down the hut with all the Khals in it and they like cowards, try to run. Good but now all the Dothraki see that she is the one to follow, she will lead them as one people out of Vaes Dothrak and to Budapest errrr Westeros, after she smites her enemies in Slaver's Bay. 2. Enough of the High Sparrow, enough! Cersei started this mess by snitching on the Tyrells and it backfired. Send Franken-Gregor in and clean house. 3. Tommen seems so confused that it hurts to watch. I am just not feeling King's Landing this season. 4. Ramsay still gonna Ramsay. Adios Osha, a character developed and gone, another loose end tied up. 5. The Tyrion scenes with Grey Worm and Missy are awful, just painful to watch. 6. Theon's scene with Yara/Asha was good, she had a right to be angry but after he was mutilated and tortured she had no know he had no intention of being any type of King. Didn't feel it . .
  2. 6/10 I'm just over Dany being "The One" complex that this show has. I'm just done!!!!!
  3. Maisie Williams Interview

    They killed him off the show, let it go folks. He may still be alive in the books or come back in book 7. Folks need to move on . . .
  4. Wilko Johnson(Ilyn Payne) has pancreatic cancer

    Bring Back Ser Ilyn Payne
  5. Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    They mentioned in an article that after they received so much criticism after Season 1, they stopped visiting. I even did a support thread for them. They didn't do well in season 5 and many folks have, "lowered expectations" for season six. We shall see. But they have to know despite our criticism or support of their work, I am glad that there is a show to talk about.
  6. On deleted scenes

    Maybe her and Kit, "practiced" in real life. #TrailerTussle :cool4:
  7. A Pregnant Sansa

    When has the show ever stuck by the books? :ack: They've deviated from the books so much, they are only similar in names only.
  8. A Pregnant Sansa

    Too Late. Sansa was in her prime and had sex with Ramsay repeatedly, and the way Dave and Dan write, she's preggers.
  9. Maybe Stannis is still alive

    Stannis' Grand mother is a full blooded Targaryen, he has king's blood.
  10. Maybe Stannis is still alive

    Stannis and Jon Snow are done on the show. The actors have moved on and so should we.
  11. No, it is horrible writing by Dave and Dan. That is the reason.
  12. Did Stannis even have a chance? (Spoilers)

    Linda made an excellent point of this in the episode review, there were so many tactical errors made by Stannis, it was pathetic. Clearly David and Dan were tired of Stannis and just wanted him to die. They always hated him and ruined him on TV. 1. No scouting party to see what was up ahead. 2. After desertations, horses should have been with the most loyal troops. 3. Should have had recon squads, especially after the covert attack by Ramsay and his 20 good men. 4. Burning Shireen made him seem MAD/INSANE, it is a wonder that anyone was left after that piss poor and non book decision. 5. Once his troops would have told him, Bolton has us by 700 men and all on horse, Stannis had one choice. Gurellia. You can't meet them out in the open, spread your forces out, and once the Boltons charge the woods, Ambush them, break up their numbers, and get them off those horses. Stannis was done, as Sansa saw from the high walls of Winterfell. They got routed by horse, and outflanked. NEVER GET OUT FLANKED is the rule of warfare from King Hammurabi to General Jospehm Dunford. Even with horse, Stannis still would have lost the battle. Bolton had him by 700 men, and in old school warfare from Sumer to the Crusades, numbers won the battle unless one force had the advantage of terrian, tactics, quality of troops and technology. Based on the Wiki numbers mentioned, Bolton had a fortified large castle on high ground, and 700 more horse. Easy victory.
  13. Make 10 Predictions for Season 6

    1. Jon's body is burned. He's not resurrected or revived at all. He's done on the show. 2. The Night's Watch elects Ser Thorne 999th Lord Commander. 3. The Wall falls when The Army of The Dead attacks and they invade the north and defeat the Boltons 4. Mel and Davos go Braavos and meet Arya 5. Bran learns about Jon Snow's death and the event in the North. 6. Brienne, Pod, Reek and Sansa flee from the Boltons. 7. Cersei kills Tristan, starts a war with The Dornish 8. Brienne and Folks get captured. Sansa reunites with Stoneheart and they hold Brienne hostage and Jaime goes after her to rescue her. 9. Sam and Gilly are in Oldtown, the baby finally grows, Sam meets Marwyn then are threatned by The Ironborn 10. Kingsmoot Bonus 11. Daario and Jorah find Dany in Vaes Dothrak . .
  14. [Spoilers]The fate of Stannis

    Benioff, Weiss, and Nutter (The Director) say that Stannis and Jon are dead and gone. Kit and Stephen D. have moved on. The show is going completely away from The Books. I wonder what they are going to do with Davos and Mel?
  15. Men That Left Stannis

    Bad writing by the show writers. One of the many plot holes and illogical points within this season.