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    Love reading (obviously!) apart from George R.R. Martin I love Bernard Cornwell's books, especially his 'Sharpe,' and 'Saxon Chronicles" series.
    I also love history, currently reading for a degree at university, love sports too, especially cricket, football and rugby. Also have a great passion for music, mainly folk artists like Phil Ochs and Pete Seeger but also partial to a bit of The Beatles and Johnny Cash etc.
  1. Ruining it for yourself.

    jessalyn Just spoiled that for me haha! My own fault, being too reckless with the spoiler tabs Hells bells. Will the tragedy tat befalls every Stark just stop! In fact don't answer that :)
  2. Ruining it for yourself.

    Luck you indeed! I just cant stop ruining it for myself.
  3. Ruining it for yourself.

    How many times have you ruined the plot for yourself? So many times I've gone to look up after thinking 'wait, what, who is that?' Then finding out something I didn't want to know arghh. I've just found out about: I knew about Joffrey and Tywin's death in the last book from COK (Read it on the internet, didn't mean to!) I've ruined countless other parts of the story too. I never knew about the deaths of Renly and Robb, and when it came WOW was it an incredible twist. (By the way that doesn't need spoilers does it? Happened in the last book and second) So I just wanted to know how many of you out there have ruined parts of the story for yourselves?