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  1. Could not agree more :) I've just seen too many posts along the lines of "DD think they're better writers" or "GRRM can teach DD a lesson" as if the entire creative process of the whole show came down to who wrote a single episode. That's why I couldn't resist my earlier post.
  2. So the same was true for Blackwater then? He was given the outline for that episode and didn't have much to say about it? Credit where credit's due. But the opposite is also true.
  3. I did not read the whole thread but two small moments stood out for me in this episode: 1. Tyrion's 'I told you so' glance at Bronn about the pronunciation of some weird author name 2. Arya's 'so?' glance/shrug at jaquen about her having no honor. Who cares..:) These nonverbal signs are one of the benefits of the medium. Really terrific acting. Sometimes dialogue and words are overrated
  4. Hear hear. I second that. Both have pros and cons. The books are very rich in characters and world building but they can also become bogged down by that richness. The tv-show is an excellent drama, very suspenseful and entertaining, but it can feel rushed from time to time. Although I do have to agree with others that one can only make a fair comparison by having read/watched both. That much seems obvious to me. Oh, and I don't understand how people initially didn't believe bran and rickon were dead in the books. That seemed essential to me. It was only after the reveal that I started to get used to (and increasingly annoyed by) GRRM's habit of faux-deaths. They were the first weren't they?