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  1. Hayley Atwell is definitely my first choice for the next doctor. Some other options: I think Ruth Negga would be another great choice, she's got a great range from sassy and mysterious in SHIELD to tough and more than a little bit batshit in preacher. I could absolutely see her as a doctor who could go from kind and quirky to insane at the flip of a switch. Riz Ahmed, would be a good choice for a more mild mannered and amicable doctor going off of his role as Bodhi in Rogue One. If we're not going for the diversity cast Damian Lewis has the chops for it and we'd finally get ourselves a ginger doctor. What I don't want is someone like Ben Wishaw - i.e an obvious attempt to recreate a 10/11 style doctor. They were both great, but we need something different. Ayaode's name has been thrown about a lot and while I think he has the comedic, quirky part down pat the Doctor is more than that. Does Ayoade have any history of dramatic roles?
  2. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    I fear for a repeat of iraq. If Trump goes to war for some frivolous reason, the UK is bound to follow.
  3. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    Okay centuries? No. But a special relationship? Yes. Clearly the US and UK are close allies and major trading partners. It's an alliance that even trump would think twice about ruining which puts us in a position where UK leaders can actually try and steer things in a less troubling direction. I applaud her for standing strong on sanctions against Russia, but other than that I think she came across as very spineless and subservient to trump. That's my point here. Unlike with Turkey we actually have a very close relationship with the US which means we can be clear on when the US is doing something bad without it spoiling our entire relationship. The situation with Turkey is more delicate (although I am at the very least happy she bought up Edrogan's human right's violations.).
  4. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    The special relationship is a pretty well known term for the close relationship between the US and the UK. This isn't about pandering to "SJW's". We're at the point where the leader of the free world can talk about how he thinks torture works and is a-okay and he can do that without any challenge. We need May to spend less time cracking jokes with him and more time being publicly firm with Trump about what she finds unacceptable with his policies. I am British, so obviously I want to see May protecting the UK's national interests first and foremost. But what Trump is doing in America is relevant to us. Our close relationship with the US gives us a unique position to actually take a stand against his outright immoral policies. Even Trump will think twice about cutting ties with the UK after all.
  5. RIP John Hurt

    Looks like 2017 is set to be just as brutal for celebrity deaths as 2016. He was one of the greats, he'll be missed.
  6. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    I disagree. Trump is not a president who should ever be normalised. You treat his ilk as though what they're doing and saying is okay and you give them legitimacy. Obviously I understand the delicacy of her situation - the relationship between the US and the UK is one of the most important relationships between two countries in the world. She can hardly trash the special relationship that's lasted centuries because of one president's four years. But now is the time for other world leaders to be firm and strong. She had a perfect opportunity in that press conference to make clear the areas where she opposed trump and she didn't take it.
  7. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    The conference was a load of fluff basically. May pretty much refused to talk about trump's...problematic (to say the least) policies, even when directly asked to. A bit concerned that trump even felt the need to talk about british sovereignty in his opening statement? Was our sovereignty in question before? All the usual spiel about having a great relationship with mexico, being for the working people. The usual lies.
  8. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    That's the hope but who knows how guaranteed those freedoms will be by the end of his term. I'm seriously worried that we're going to start seeing sanctions and red tape for any news organisation that doesn't conform to the narrative trump wants. The fact that he felt the need to lie about the inauguration turn out specifically is worrying in it's own way, because it is a mostly inconsequential thing which lying about serves no purpose save to stroke trump's own ego. It's the same kind of narcissistic behaviour dictators do, broaching no slight against them.
  9. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    I'm not even American and this terrifies me. Stuff like Trump have one of his advisors make a statement claiming that his inauguration was the largest in history and that there would be repercussions for the press for reporting otherwise. This is the start of the suppression of freedom of speech.
  10. It's no overreaction, it's exactly what has already been happening in Britain as a result of Brexit. Trump is even more extreme than that.
  11. If it plays out like Brexit then yes it will be. Trump's racist supporters will be emboldened and there'll be a rise in racist attacks just like here in britain.
  12. Well looks like it's over. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but Hillary needs 61 seats left to win and there aren't even 61 seats left.
  13. How are we at this point where supposedly the most developed nation in the world is so willing to support such a hateful person? Being British it hardly effects me directly but there's going to be huge ripple effects across the globe. And with Trump in charge America is not going to be a safe place to live for millions of americans.
  14. Isn't Jessica physically stronger than Luke, in terms of lifting things, whereas he's obviously got the bulletproof thing going on? Iron Fist is magic so they can make him as weak or powerful as they want. It seems to me like it's Daredevil who is the weakest, although obviously his powers allow him to gather information that the other's can't have access too.