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  1. I really think they just don't care any more. They know they can get away with it. The casual fans don't even know who half the characters are, and the dedicated fans do all of D+D's work explaining the plot for them. They know they can just bamboozle their audience with a hurricane of convoluted plot lines wrapped up in a shiny package and if audiences don't get anything they'll blame it on the show being too complex. Since season 1 the show has had a reputation of being hard to follow, so most people don't recognise that there's no longer any cohesion when you scrutinise it closely.
  2. Because nothing happened in that plot. You can't really call it a plot even, it was literally just D+D relying on the chemistry of Maisie Williams and Rory McCann to carry an entire arc. They did the same thing with Arya in Harrenhal. If they have a dynamic that they like they'll play it up even if there are no actual plot events to facilitate it.
  3. Best lines from EP601

    You know something's wrong when the best line of the episode is Mutton. Good line though.
  4. [spoilers] What You Liked/The Positivity Thread

    I liked Davos. He's one of the few characters I'm still enjoying. Liam just brings something special to the role. Maybe it's the rare sincerity and goodness of the character.
  5. I really think that D+D just kind of stopped caring a few seasons ago. If you look at all of their old interviews, it's clear that their plan was just to get to the Red Wedding. They had no plan after that and they still don't have one now. Once Tywin died that was their last ounce of passion for the story out the window and it really shows.They'd rather the show was wrapped up quickly while HBO is pressuring them to go 8 seasons. Which is a real shame becauseat this point the show is doing well enough that under more passionate show runnersHBO would happily let GOT go for 10 seasons, which could have given Martin time to get the books out, and allowed a more faithful adaptation. D+D really should have handed over the reigns after season 3.
  6. For me it wasn't so much that she was naked, more that she took the time to stare at herself naked in the mirror. And okay who doesn't do that from time to time, but it definitely felt gratuitous. I've got to give a little kudos to D+D for having nudity that wasn't sexy, but it just felt like a really shoe-horned way to reveal her true form. Like does she compare her young and old forms every night? Surely this should be pretty routine for her.
  7. He did. I think that happened all the way back in season 2 actually. Back when the plot made sense, characters, Martin still worked on the show. Simpler times.
  8. I think I have found something of an inner peace with the show. It's awful, butnow that it's passed the books, and is confirmed not to meaningfully spoil anything due to all the changes in the plot, I can just fully enjoy snarking about it. Dorne was awful. Not much more to be said than that. The rest of the episode was just kind of meh. Like not much of note really happens except at the Wall where things don't make much sense. If everyone is so angry at Thorne for killing Jon, how did things not come to a second mutiny? He gives one short speech and they just grumble acquiescence.Davos is perhaps the only good thing about the show right now.
  9. Saw it today. Looks like - as expected - they haven't learned anything from season 5. Honestly I think the only good thing about this show any more is Davos. I hope he sticks around for at least this season. In the past I could at least say that individual scenes where usually well crafted, but Dorne kind of put an end to that. What an unsatisfying way to wrap up characters which where only just introduced and barely got any screen time. Did Arya really need to be in the episode? It was like a minute of her getting beaten up with no mini-arc of her own and no cohesion with the rest of the episode. That really stood out to me as a big structural flaw.
  10. Such a movie would have been prohibitivelyexpensive and taken ages to produce. Realistic animated films are probably an even less safe bet than video game movies. I think if they can get the wackiness of certain marvel properties to work on the big screen, Warcraft's hodgepodge of different fantasy ideas should work, should they ever get to that point.
  11. I wouldn't compare the film to Hearthstone. Hearthstone is completely different in tone, very kid friendly, lots of humour. WoW itself can be a bit jokey at times but it's still supposed to have a "serious" (albeit often poorly written) story underneath. And the first war is probably the darkest period of Warcraft's history.
  12. That summary kind of misses out on the big thing though, which is that in the later lore the Orcs where retconned into being an honourable and shamanistic (though still warlike) race, that was tricked by demons. One of the greatest demons, Kil'jaeden, masqueraded as the Orcs ancestral spirits and told them that a neighbouring race - the draenei - where planning to attack them. So the Orcs are corrupted by the demons and commit a preemptive genocide against the draenei and basically mess up their home world to the point that all of them (even the good orcs who never drank the demon blood) had to find a new world to colonise/conquer.I think the best way to summarise the film is a fantasy planet of the apes. It's Orcs vs Humans, but with factions on both sides looking to find peace. Unfortunately the movie's marketing has been awful. But I have a lot of faith in Duncan Jones and the rest of the cast who seem to have a lot of passion for the project. I'm not really worried for the quality of the movie, I think it can easily reach fun fantasy action flick levels with a little bit of depth beyond that. It may bomb domestically but the chinese revenue kind of guarantees financial success. Any blockbuster which airs in china usually does well and warcraft is apparently as big as star wars over there.
  13. When I see a trailer like that, that's what gives me confidence that the MCU can go on indefinitely. It looks so distinct from any other film in the MCU. Looks awesome.
  14. I think at this point they might go for more. We've known for a while that S6 would just be left over bits of Feast and Dance mixed with fan fiction. I definitely think adding back in stuff that was cut from those two books suggests they've reevaluated and gone with a longer plan.
  15. God the whole meta thing they're doing with Tyrion is annoying. "I drink and I know things." They had a bit of that in Season 5 with his "I am the Gift," but this is really laying it on thick. Dinklage deserves so much better.