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  1. protar added a post in a topic Doctor Who -- The Forum is Regenerating   

    I think she'll appear in some sense in the finale, probably with the Doctor trying to save her by going back in his/her timeline. But there's little point in bringing her back just to make her send-off a little happier. 
  2. protar added a post in a topic LGBTQI - We're here, we' know the rest of it   

    Well, this is the opposite impression I got from the post. As I read it, Agrippa merely wanted a bit of insight into that POV so they could write it with sensitivity and not accidentally write something offensive. No where did they mention the mechanics of lesbian sex. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that everything in their post can be taken at face value it seems like a fairly innocuous request with the intent to be respectful. If this is all just some cover to get people to talk about their vaginas then I'm with you - that's creepy. Just isn't what I got from it.
    @Aggripa - Nestor is right though that it would probably be more helpful for you to show someone a scene you have written and then they can workshop it. We don't know what this scene is, we can't write it for you. 
  3. protar added a post in a topic LGBTQI - We're here, we' know the rest of it   

    They're writing a book with sex scenes in it, the characters happen to be gay and they specifically don't want it to be fanservicey and exploitative. They're considering just pulling the sex entirely to avoid knee-jerk reactions like this. How can there be any progress in LGBTQIA media portrayals if we immediately take a negative stance towards gay sex scenes? I don't see what seemed creepy about his request. 
  4. protar added a post in a topic Jessica Jones [AKA This Thread Has Spoilers]   

    I suppose they could have cured him of the virus so they could bring him back later if and when they wanted.
  5. protar added a post in a topic Jessica Jones [AKA This Thread Has Spoilers]   

    I'm glad they killed Kilgrave off. As great a villain as he was, his existence in the MCU limits the kind of stories that can be told. There's a lot of things you can't do narratively if your villain can control people without resistance. It's interesting to have stories within those parameters but I think they've told all the stories that they could this season. I want a very different villain next season to switch things up. 
  6. protar added a post in a topic Jessica Jones [AKA This Thread Has Spoilers]   

    Captain America was referenced by name in Daredevil so it can't be rights. I think it is probably a tonal thing but it seems silly. 
    Anyway I just finished it and it was awesome. I feel like Daredevil slightly edges it out but they're very different shows despite their similarities. I'm glad they managed to make it feel distinct. Tennant was amazing as expected. It takes a great actor to make a character like Kilgrave seem sympathetic. Could Kilgrave have been redeemed? What would have happened if Jessica had stayed living with him a little longer, weaning him off villainy and in to hero work (which FYI was one of the best episodes. One of the best episodes of television period that I've seen lately). What if his parents hadn't stabbed him with a pair of scissors? I tend to think - as I'm sure most people would - that he would beyond saving. Jessica would have to mind him constantly and eventually he would have a tantrum and murder someone. Nonetheless though, I think another episode of making Kilgrave do hero work could have been interesting. 
  7. protar added a post in a topic Doctor Who -- The Forum is Regenerating   

    If she dies within the next couple of episodes her infection won't really matter. But wasn't the Doctor infected as well? 
    I don't know if this thread will ever get picked up again, it sort of seemed like a traditional spooky tale, where at the end it's revealed that the bad guy won and is coming to get the audience. I feel that that's been done a lot before (not necessarily in Who). Those stories are never picked up again to explain why the bad guy doesn't end up coming to get the audience. If they choose not to pick up on it, you could posit that nothing in the episode happened at all, other than the villain recording himself. Just a constructed story that the Sandmen invented almost out of whole cloth because they know that people have heard stories of the Doctor.
  8. protar added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

    Shocking to hear about this many deaths and hostages. I hope any boarders in Paris stay safe and I hope they can resolve this as quickly as possible. :/
  9. protar added a post in a topic Women and Minorities in Geek Culture Redux   

    Why not both? It's fine to have unattainable characters, especially in such an exaggerated setting. But also having some average physiques is nice. 
  10. protar added a post in a topic Women and Minorities in Geek Culture Redux   

    Well you can't deny the formula works. 
    Overwatch is rumoured to be the remnants of Blizzard's old project Titan, so if that is true there would have been a lot of left over story. I'm glad they're separating the story and gameplay though. I think that's often a downfall of story telling for them and just video games in general - the gameplay gets in the way of the story. I'm hopeful that without the constraints of gameplay the storytelling will improve.
  11. protar added a post in a topic Women and Minorities in Geek Culture Redux   

    it's a FPS, though it does have MOBA like qualities, in that it has distinct characters with their own distinct abilities. More comparable to Team Fortress 2. No beta invite for me so I can't really speak for the gameplay.
    On the is stereotypical but then almost all the characters are national stereotypes, at least on the surface. Mei really got off pretty light on that front. It is an aspect of the game which I am not overly keen on but it is equal opportunity national stereotyping. I mean the American hero is a cowboy so yeah. Still, I hope that Blizzard adds more depth to the characters than the cliches. Their writing is hardly shakespeare, but I think that they do a pretty good job of putting all the cliches into a blender so that what comes out is somehow original.
  12. protar added a topic in General Chatter   

    Women and Minorities in Geek Culture Redux
    I made this thread yesterday but the forum ate it :3
    Anyway, I remember this series of threads from a while back and I thought it was time to reopen it. We have the Video Game thread, we have the Feminism and LGBTQIA threads, but nowhere to really discuss the intersection of the two.
    I'm opening this as a general thread but I was specifically prompted to open it because of a game called Overwatch. It's an upcoming FPS by Blizzard entertainment and I'm unhealthily excited about it. From day one Blizzard announced that there intent was to begin a new focus on diversity which is a pretty big deal coming from Blizzard. They've always given off this teenage boy atmosphere to me. But true to their word Overwatch is nationally and ethnically diverse.
    Blizzard came under a little bit of (not unjustified) flak for the lack of variety in female character designs, immediately after them say that they were striving to sexualise their female characters less. But in response they gifted us with Zarya, a female weighlifting champion from Russia. And at Blizzcon 2015 one of the newly announced characters was Mei - a chinese climatologist. And boy do I love Mei's character design. It's the kind of female character design so rarely seen in these kinds of games. This is Mei:
    When you look at a character like Zarya, her physique is just as unattainable as some of the other female characters in her own way. Mei actually has an average figure, she's dressed practically for her work, completely unsexualised. And kudos for Blizzard for creating a busty character with really no attention whatsoever on her chest. She's a complete cinammon role as well. I love Mei and I wish more games had characters like her. 
    The second bit of SJW news from Blizzcon was that Overwatch is confirmed to have multiple gay characters amongst the main cast. As someone who has watched Blizzard hmming and haahing and question dodging for years over gay representation, it was very heartening to get a definite yes. The only character I would be wary of them making gay is Zarya because her masculine phsyique and demeanour combined with being gay would be incredibly stereotypical. However with multiple gay characters confirmed that would be mitigated to an extent. Big difference between a cliche being our only representation and it being just one facet of representation.
    Blizzard have made a few missteps on the road to diversity and mindfulness of objectification. But I truly believe that they are committed here and I think that is what counts. This has even began to feed back into their other games a tiny bit. They've given Sylvanas in World of Warcraft some more clothes. And having one of the biggest names in the indsutry committed to this topic is a big deal. 
    TL;DR I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on Overwatch, and Blizzard. And on female characters and minority representation in games in general.
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  13. protar added a post in a topic How old are you?   

    20, 4 years in forum time.
  14. protar added a post in a topic Rant & Rave without repercussion S 5 continued [book spoilers]   

    That's true, forgot about Snowbowl . But Bolton is probably definitely dying in the premiere.
  15. protar added a post in a topic Rant & Rave without repercussion S 5 continued [book spoilers]   

    So yeah I'm predicting Balon, Yara, Roose and Ramsay will all bite the dust in the first episode. What a shocking premiere it will be!