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  1. It's no overreaction, it's exactly what has already been happening in Britain as a result of Brexit. Trump is even more extreme than that.
  2. If it plays out like Brexit then yes it will be. Trump's racist supporters will be emboldened and there'll be a rise in racist attacks just like here in britain.
  3. Well looks like it's over. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but Hillary needs 61 seats left to win and there aren't even 61 seats left.
  4. How are we at this point where supposedly the most developed nation in the world is so willing to support such a hateful person? Being British it hardly effects me directly but there's going to be huge ripple effects across the globe. And with Trump in charge America is not going to be a safe place to live for millions of americans.
  5. Isn't Jessica physically stronger than Luke, in terms of lifting things, whereas he's obviously got the bulletproof thing going on? Iron Fist is magic so they can make him as weak or powerful as they want. It seems to me like it's Daredevil who is the weakest, although obviously his powers allow him to gather information that the other's can't have access too.
  6. I enjoyed it very much although I do think that it's the weakest of the netflix shows so far.
  7. Sure but Zendaya can dye her hair red. Here she is with red hair: she looks great. I haven't really seen her act but I'm confident in Marvel's casting here. It's a different continuity which has had far larger changes to the source material than changing MJ's race.
  8. Justice League (2017)

    It looks like they're dialing the humour up a notch which is a good thing. The Flash basically seems to be the comic relief role in the same vein as Ant-Man or Spider Man in the MCU. Still wish they would have taken their time here to give each member their own movie first. That was the strength of the Avengers, not just having loads of super powered people together.
  9. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Watched it with the parents over a few days, thoroughly enjoyed it. The first half of the season was terrifying, while the latter half more veered into supernatural adventure as things became more overt. Which was still enjoyable but I don't know if that was the intent. The first few episodes gave me a couple of sleepless nights, the latter half had me thinking up monster designs. I think it was pretty tightly plotted, really appreciated that they just did 8 episodes because that was all this particular plot needed. Pretty much the only thing that never tied into the main plot was Really looking forward to season 2.
  10. Musical theme during KL in 6x10

    I think it was a beautiful piece, and even worked quite well within the scene itself. But it was completely unlike any other music in the show. For some people I think that made it stand out so they're calling it the best music in the show. But for others that difference is a little jarring. I'm torn myself because it was a nice piece but I don't know if it fit.
  11. Final thoughts on Season 6.

    Better than season five as it had less sandsnakes and less gross misogyny. But still fairly poor compared to the earlier seasons. The show is clearly relying on pleasing audience's with shocks so that they won't question and probe. For example Cersei blowing up the Sept is a shocking event and the scene was set up beautifully with great tension...but none of it makes any sense. Why does anyone accept Cersei as Queen when she just blew up the Great Sept? What happened to the now hostile Tyrell army stationed at the city? It's things like these which the show now overlooks. I don't think this is due to incompetence, I think at this point D+D just know that they don't have to worry about that sort of attention to detail. They know people will just buy it.
  12. Finally got to see it. And though I can't deny it was cinematic (and I got the odd chill from imagining how scenes might go down in the books)...none of this makes any sense. I'm sure all of this has been said already but: Kings Landing was kind of gross. Like I've said before how displeased I am with the poor writing of homosexual characters in the show and this is like the culmination of that. Given that Loras dies minutes later, having us see his head being carved up was really just revelling in the torture of a gay man. In general the Kings Landing plot line seemed like they had no idea where to go so they just elected to blow everything up. Tommen walking out the window was comical. Why does Cersei get to be queen anyway? Isn't there a now hostile Tyrell army stationed at KL? Same with Jon. Why is he King rather than making Sansa Queen? How does Arya's story work? I mean did Jaqen just let her take one of the faces and do whatever she liked with it? Makes no sense. Also seriously at this point the Frey Pies and the "Vengeance, Justice, Fire and Blood" references more feel galling than like cool references to the books.
  13. UK Politics: The Morning After

    And to continue on the topic of "ignoring the referendum would be un-democratic" look - I've argued for why I think overturning the result would still be democratic. But I'd also like to point out that there is something more important than democracy at stake here: straight up survival and quality of life. I'm a young adult fresh out of uni, looking to get into the world of work. I don't want a great depression esque recession while I'm trying to pay rent, pay off my student loans. I don't want the NHS to dissolve when my family has a history of cancer and chronic illness. And as a member of the LGBTQIA community I don't want bigotry and discrimination on the rise. And that's just concerning me. There are hundreds and thousands of people far worse off than me who will be put out on the streets by recession. And yes it sounds extreme to say but deaths will result from this decision. If there's a way to avert decades of misery I will take it, even if it isn't entirely squeaky clean.
  14. UK Politics: The Morning After

    It seems to me we're screwed either way. If we get a good deal it opens the way for other countries to leave which obviously wouldn't be good. And if we get a bad deal well...there's our economy down the drain, which in turn has implications for the global economy. It's morton's fork, there's no good outcome here.