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  1. Some like it because of the stain resistance. It's still the absolute worst.
  2. I took this thread to be spoilers for this current iteration of the Poldark show on tv, not the books or series that aired in the 70s. You should probably re-read your last post and edit. You spoiled a pretty massive event that has not at all taken place in the first season and that I had absolutely no clue about.
  3. If you do cloth full time, then your probably only washing once after your cycle is done. That's what I did anyways. So, it's another laundry load once a monthish, assuming you have enough to go through your entire period. Cloth wicks incredibly well and I find them to be much more comfortable than disposable. It's like having rough paper and plastic against my skin the entire time. As to material, how much you need depends upon what stage your cycle in. I use multiple layers of cotton flannel for pantyliners. Heavier flows need either zorb or PUL. My favorite combo is cotton flannel on the side towards me, terry flannel and either PUL or zorb in the middle layers, and then either more flannel or fleece on the outside layer towards the underwear. Minky is popular but touching it makes my teeth itch. If you get some with PUL, see if it's ecopul. Every other PUL brand I've tried is shit in comparison, Babyville is the worst.
  4. I never warmed up to Karen, dunno. I was pretty horrified when her husband killed her though. I think her murder was meant to be used for a bit of class commentary. Blamey killed his wife in an "accident", served a few years, still in touch with his kids, and went on to live with no real negative career impact. Mark, who did something similar, was facing an almost certain death sentence. Demelza, another woman, is the only other person who made any attempt to reach out to her. After my earlier post, I started thinking about Elizabeth again. The best I can come up with is that she serves as a foil to Demelza and is a representative of the gentry class. Elizabeth is exactly what she is supposed to be and not much else. She plays the harp and does embroidery, provides a male heir, and wrings her hands over the family fortune. And that's about it. Man, I'm spouting some serious weak-sauce here. I keep wanting to compare her to Sansa which doesn't much improve my opinion of Elizabeth either. And thanks for the welcome back. I'll be around for season two for sure. Sadly, couldn't find any legal methods to start watching it earlier.
  5. Hi, You're one of the ones I've missed too. Not much new content so don't drop in much. But, if this thread is active when season two finally gets to the US then I'll be around for it. Yeah, I have pretty much the same opinion of Elizabeth. She just sorta exists for the plot with no real arc of her own which stands out to every other female character. Prudie grows more than she does. She provides love triangles and man angst because she exists and that's it. The other women are pretty well done in comparison, even Karen who is rather unlikeable is more developed and given an actual story of her own. I love Verity, she's the smartest one around.
  6. I'm a seamstress by trade and made reusable pads to sell for years, locally and online. I've experimented and tested with different methods of construction and materials over the years and I've never hear of hanging them to dry. Mine go through the washer and dryer with no problems, several are six or seven years old and still work perfectly. The big thing is to use a smaller amount of detergent and rinse well. I run through a couple extra rinse cycles with mine. Toss in the dryer when done. I know several women who use the diva cup with no problems but have no personal experience with it. Since my flow was extremely heavy, I decided to try the IUD route with Mirena. Love it so much. It took a few months but my period has mostly gone away, just some very light spotting which a pantyliner takes care of for me. One of the best decisions I've made in years.
  7. Ross is being tried for three reasons: plundering the ship, inciting a riot, and murdering George's cousin. He's been framed for the last one and the first two are debatable. The riot started because neighboring miners came to also plunder. As the military officer also explained, plundering was technically legal but the bribe changed his mind. The drunk caretakers were fired by Ross. He had been ignoring Jud's drinking and their laziness mostly because he know Demelza and Prudie were close. Jud took it to far and Ross overheard him calling Demelza a hussy (I think it was?). So, Ross makes Prudie and Jud leave and explicitly tells Demelza his reasoning for doing it. They only move out to the barn which Ross pretends not to notice. I don't know if you are asking about Demelza or Elizabeth here. Don't know why everyone likes Elizabeth, never figured that one out. As to Demelza, she's loved by the miners and tenants because Ross loves her. She also helped out Jinny, helped Mark escape after he killed Karen, we repeatedly saw her cooking and providing food to the miner's children. She lacks self-confidence but has done really well with several members of the local gentry, she was making friends with the same people Ross should have been at the Warleggan ball. For comparison, I'd liken it to Tyrion's comment about Sansa having a knack for it during the purple wedding. ...I may have watched season one a couple times. Or five. Or six.
  8. Nah, the worst in the series are Cersei and Thick Vic. Thanks for providing a great example of what I'm talking about though.
  9. Well, sure, I'm not disagreeing with you. My point is that the POV can influence a reader's perception all the time. I'd say your example of Arya's opening chapter is a pretty good example of it. And Sansa does it, but no more so than any other character in the books. I haven't visited these boards much in the past few years but the idea that unreliable narrator was an especially big issue for Sansa specifically used to be a common opinion. An opinion that doesn't really hold water. All the characters are unreliable.
  10. Sansa is much less of an unreliable narrator than many readers tend to think. George's 3rd person limited style means all of the characters are, is wrong on everything, Tyrion tends assign his dwarfism as the cause of other's feelings/interactions with him, Jaime reads Brienne wrong in Storm, Arya's lack of knowledge regarding the North makes events at Harrenhal much harder for the reader to understand events. The really funny thing about Martin describing Sansa as an unreliable narrator is that his comment also describes Sansa getting Joff's sword name wrong, stating it as another example. However, George is the unreliable narrator here - if you look at the actual text, it was Arya that got the sword name wrong, not Sansa. I wrote an OP on this topic a few years back but can no longer find it As to SanSan, it felt good to see Sandor coming back after advocating for his return all these years. His story is done, my ass. I tried to find Martin's response to Lyanna Stark's question as to whether Sansa would get a replacement for her wolf but had no luck. IIRC, it was read and find out. Le Cygne would know it, if anyone does.
  11. I hate Sansa so therefore I'm going to twist things around and deliberately misinteret the text while also nitpicking which quotes I use to prove a point. And if the text proves me wrong, then I'll ignore that too cause Sansa is mean and a brat and secretly hates her family.

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    2. Asha Greyjoy:Feminist Icon

      Asha Greyjoy:Feminist Icon

      Well....obviously. Sansa is the worst! (It is known blah blah referential joke more blah.)

      In other news: Sansa is pretty fucking awesome as a character study. To say the absolute LEAST.

    3. Alayne's Shadow.

      Alayne's Shadow.

      She should have spread her legs for Tyrion, It is known.

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      She should spread her legs for Sandor. It is known.

  12. If your only argument against someone else is to attack the says a whole lot more about you than it does me.

  13. Why yes, I do think viewing ASOIAF through a feminist lens is a perfectly valid way to better understand and study the text.