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  1. SanSan next season?

    Nah, the worst in the series are Cersei and Thick Vic. Thanks for providing a great example of what I'm talking about though.
  2. SanSan next season?

    Well, sure, I'm not disagreeing with you. My point is that the POV can influence a reader's perception all the time. I'd say your example of Arya's opening chapter is a pretty good example of it. And Sansa does it, but no more so than any other character in the books. I haven't visited these boards much in the past few years but the idea that unreliable narrator was an especially big issue for Sansa specifically used to be a common opinion. An opinion that doesn't really hold water. All the characters are unreliable.
  3. SanSan next season?

    Sansa is much less of an unreliable narrator than many readers tend to think. George's 3rd person limited style means all of the characters are, is wrong on everything, Tyrion tends assign his dwarfism as the cause of other's feelings/interactions with him, Jaime reads Brienne wrong in Storm, Arya's lack of knowledge regarding the North makes events at Harrenhal much harder for the reader to understand events. The really funny thing about Martin describing Sansa as an unreliable narrator is that his comment also describes Sansa getting Joff's sword name wrong, stating it as another example. However, George is the unreliable narrator here - if you look at the actual text, it was Arya that got the sword name wrong, not Sansa. I wrote an OP on this topic a few years back but can no longer find it As to SanSan, it felt good to see Sandor coming back after advocating for his return all these years. His story is done, my ass. I tried to find Martin's response to Lyanna Stark's question as to whether Sansa would get a replacement for her wolf but had no luck. IIRC, it was read and find out. Le Cygne would know it, if anyone does.
  4. What was Ned's worst/most costly mistake?

    Telling Cersei. Seems he was just as fooled about Cersei as Sansa was after the death of Lady.
  5. Why the Mallister worship ?

    Does it matter if this prevented Robb's plan or not? His liege lord made the decision to hold the fords and Mallister came up with the needed approach to help make that possible, deserving a good portion of the credit for their victory. I'd also add that your confusion over the Mallister loves has be wondering. The character is hardly ever mentioned on this board, rarely it seems. So, where is all this Mallister worship coming from?
  6. Who will win the Iron Throne

    Some random blacksmith to melt it down and make items that are actually useful. A privy, for example.
  7. The "Bittersweet" Ending

    If you look at the whole quote from GRRM here, it's clear he is joking about this bit. It's not a spoiler. I wouldn't worry about this possibility overly much. Martin has come out to criticize the endings for both Lost and BSG for exactly this problem. He felt the shows didn't wrap up storylines or solve its mysteries. In the case of Lost, it led to some minor public feuding with the producers of the show. Martin has clearly expressed he does not wish to do the same. I wouldn't be so quick to attach this label to the Starks. Ned, at the beginning of the series, makes it clear that the Starks were a very harsh people. Later in a Davos chapter, we learn Starks had the entrails of slavers hung from trees. They have also practiced human sacrifice. Yeah, that doesn't fit in well with King Arthur all that well. Also, not sure why everyone things the ending will be that depressing. It's not a tragedy and this isn't a work of nihilism. The entire series has been bitter so far, from the death of Ned all the way up to Jon's assassination attempt. We've had characters lose limbs, turn in to zombies, be forcible married, turned in to child killers, subject to sexual violence, become slaves, and I could go on and on for awhile. There will be some sweet in the end, I am sure. But, any sort of HEA is out of the picture at this point I'd say.
  8. I hate Sansa so therefore I'm going to twist things around and deliberately misinteret the text while also nitpicking which quotes I use to prove a point. And if the text proves me wrong, then I'll ignore that too cause Sansa is mean and a brat and secretly hates her family.

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    2. Asha Greyjoy:Feminist Icon

      Asha Greyjoy:Feminist Icon

      Well....obviously. Sansa is the worst! (It is known blah blah referential joke more blah.)

      In other news: Sansa is pretty fucking awesome as a character study. To say the absolute LEAST.

    3. Alayne's Shadow.

      Alayne's Shadow.

      She should have spread her legs for Tyrion, It is known.

    4. XxLittleBirdxX


      She should spread her legs for Sandor. It is known.

  9. Best ASOIAF Villains?

    He probably loved his mom...
  10. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    I'm not underestimating that story of his at all, gave him his full due. Stannis still wins.
  11. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    If that's the case, Stannis is going to win.
  12. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    In that same scene, Tywin puts Cersei in charge of planning Joff's wedding which she seems to be pretty happy to do. She doesn't seem to realize that as Queen Regent, this is another way that Tywin is removing her for power and putting himself in place.
  13. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    Tyrion in Dance when he is taken off the boat via wine barrel and falls out of it. I have this image of him doing a little dance afterwards for some reason. The breakfast where Sansa and LF are discussing Harrenhal being cursed and she suggests he give it to Walder Frey
  14. If your only argument against someone else is to attack the says a whole lot more about you than it does me.

  15. The sad thing is I've done this more than once in other threads. Stupid auto correct getting the best of me.