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  1. POVs, Unreliable Narrator, and You

    Well, it's a good thing I didn't say that then. I pointed out that he's the most brutish. He's introduced to us via Ned as a Lannister henchmen and Ned, even after the tourney, thinks oft him as dangerous. The tourney is a hint that there is more to the man but it doesn't change the fact that Ned seems him as a rather brutish henchman. In other words, seeing him through multiple characters add to his development.
  2. What was Ned's worst/most costly mistake?

    Telling Cersei. Seems he was just as fooled about Cersei as Sansa was after the death of Lady.
  3. Why the Mallister worship ?

    Does it matter if this prevented Robb's plan or not? His liege lord made the decision to hold the fords and Mallister came up with the needed approach to help make that possible, deserving a good portion of the credit for their victory. I'd also add that your confusion over the Mallister loves has be wondering. The character is hardly ever mentioned on this board, rarely it seems. So, where is all this Mallister worship coming from?
  4. That POV character you could care less about

    I think you're right. He's fleshed out as a character just enough to serve his purpose in the plot but that's about it. No development within him at all. I guess an argument could be made that he was brave at the end, facing two dragons and attempting to tame/steal one. But, I'll just say he was an idiot. Going in to a dragon pit with two untrained dragons and almost no knowledge yourself? What in the hell do you think would happen?
  5. That POV character you could care less about

    ] Thanks. :) I've got quite a few comments on it. Well, the fact that you even suggest he would grab the IT tells me everything I need to know about your analysis.
  6. That POV character you could care less about

    Really? With all the foreshadowing around Sansa and the hints on Stark history, you think the only possible reason Martin would include her as a POV is for Littlefinger?
  7. That POV character you could care less about

    Liking a character and approving of his actions are two different things. Nothing wrong with enjoy his story or his wit. Agree. I sometimes say that it's not so much Tyrion changes but his circumstances. His behavior towards Jon doesn't quite stand out as much as his actions later in the series. It's as if Martin keeps raising the stakes with Tyrion.
  8. That POV character you could care less about

    There is this one too. Not really, see butterbumps! list below.
  9. That POV character you could care less about

    In one interview, he brought Tyrion up when asked a question about villians.
  10. That POV character you could care less about

    Agree. And agree again. I'm always amused by how many on here know D&D alignments. Not really surprised though.
  11. That POV character you could care less about

    -Shae didn't deserve death for it. More, that wasn't his motivation for killing her. - Yes, he really did. Compare Tywin's presentation of marriage between Cersei and Tyrion. It's quite a big difference. He even said that he'd find Tyrion another bride. - Actually, I wouldn't expect anything more from Tyrion than what he already did. His moral compass firmly points to CR and he is very comfortable commiting murder and treason in support of that.
  12. That POV character you could care less about

    It depends on who you ask. I say none. Bran's saddle was paying the Lannister debt for also trying to kill him and not raping Sansa was about his pride.
  13. That POV character you could care less about

    Yes, that's the only reason why anyone could possibly dislike Tyrion. It couldn't possibly be from the fact that he hits and kills the woman he claims to love, forcibly marries children, rapes slaves, murders people, sets the Vale on fire out of revenge against a single person, supports his tyrant of a nephew, and has POVs that come across as a one long pity party. It's totally because he beat Stannis. Good point. They might show others doing the crucifying, but they won't have Dany do it.
  14. That POV character you could care less about

    Technically that scene hasn't happened yet, it's on the way to Mereen.
  15. That POV character you could care less about

    I like him. His escape with Gilly, travels, and working the election were all some great stuff.