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  1. In literature, things like that don't happen without reason :-) "she did not remember ever having such a heavy flow" "The moon is still a crescent, though. How can that be? She tried to remember the last time she had bled. The last full moon? The one before? The one before that? No, it cannot have been so long as that." So, we have an unusually heavy period, at a wrong time, and she does not remember if she had her period last time when due. I doubt that GRRM would go into such length describing Dany's periods if there wasn't a meaning to it. As for bloody flux: I didn't realize this when I was writing the case against it in an earlier post, but that's definitely not it. With bloody flux, there is blood in the stool, but that's not the case here. The diarrhea was caused by something else. I've re-read the end of the chapter and it really looks more like food poisoning from those berries: first she vomits, then there comes intestinal reaction, but the next day, there is no more watery stool. None. She is weak and feverish and has cramps, but no stool. No stool as she walks for hours, no stool when she rides Drogon. Infections - especially with so bad symptoms as she experienced - don't go away so easily.
  2. I guess she was too occupied with other things to realize that she hadn't had a period in quite some time. I sometimes lose count, as well.
  3. I would only point out that while my doctor basically told me to do as I pleased, within reason, this changed considerably when my pregnancy turned somewhat problematic. Since my "embryo" is almost ten now, I don't think there was anything wrong with him. My ex sister-in-law was indeed confined to bed rest for almost two months when about half-through the pregnancy. So, perhaps it is not just the problem of embryo but some bodily mechanisms not kicking up as they should, which then might lead to miscarriage. I certainly cannot claim experty but the text I read stated this difference in rural girls, and not England.
  4. I had a look at the timelines - it is unclear how much time Dany spent on Dragonstone, but it must have been several days. Two days before she made her descent, she spied the stream, and she definitely spent more than two days riding Drogon trying to direct him to Meereen, which led to the realisation that no matter what, he would always return to his lair for the night. Infections of the gastrointestinal tract seem to have a relatively short incubation period, from hours to several days at most, and the conditions at Dragonstone (cold and little nutrition) would most likely facilitate the onset. I also think she wouldn't recover so fast. Dany vomited an hour after she ate the berries, which was a really stupid idea - even if she got it right that it was the kind the Dothraki used for seasoning, things used for seasoning are not to be eaten by handfuls, and doing so on a starved stomach was doubly reckless. E.g., juniper berries are commonly used for seasoning venison, but they were also used as a contraceptive/abortificant, IIRC, so this may be what GRRM might have had in mind when he had her eat those berries. The stream water is definitely not off the hook, though - shallow, muddy, exposed to the sun, that's practically a festering ground for various organisms that would cause one hell of a problem when digested.
  5. Now this is really hilarious. So, GRRM writes several pages' scene where Olenna and Marge insist that Sansa tells them the truth about Joffrey, yet we supposedly have no evidence that they were at least, well, concerned? Why did GRRM even bother writing it in the first place, does he have a reputation for writing nonsense? But, well, from the guy who chooses to disregard when the author himself says that Olenna had a good motive, anything goes, I guess.
  6. You shouldn't believe everything you read because this is utter and complete bullshit which cannot stand even the most basic scrutiny. There are cultures which don't - even cannot ingest - milk, yet, guess what? the menstruation period is also one month long. That's why in so many cultures you see fertility rites connected with moon cycles,and why the whole thing is called "menstruation" (mens = month). Don't you think that medical science and biology evolved a wee bit earlier than in the early twentieth century, so, you know, such an abrupt change wouldn't have escaped notice? For example, like it didn't escape notice that with more stable diet and less hard work, girls start menstruating earlier. Back to the topic: Dany probably felt safe during sex because of Mirri's prophecy, so she never thought about contraception. She then unwittingly caused herself abortion, either by those berries she had eaten, or by infection from contaminated water.
  7. Personally, I'd go with Aemon, too, but I think that the Jaehaerys theory has its merit.
  8. It is stated here that it is not a leak but a fan theory, as well as supposedly lip-reading from Season 6. - Not sure if this counts as a spoiler but, just for the sake:
  9. Well, you are leaving out a highly possible interpretation, that she is crying out of joy over his death, which doesn't mean that she was the one who offed him. His death is a huge relief for her.
  10. So... in a book where bloodlines and legitimate claims have been the basis of society for thousands of years, you claim that a character who needs to solve the problem of being without an issue, doesn't care about bloodlines? Sorry but the burden of proof is with you that he doesn't, not with us that he does, because caring about the bloodlines is the norm. He says explicitely that the Starks must continue. Unless you can prove that he is being disingenuous there, your theory is dead because Cat is not a Stark. You are applying a lot of circular thinking to support your theory but I'm afraid it doesn't work this way.
  11. I don't think Sandor lies, either, but I do agree that the imagery of the scene is pretty much that of rape. Might it be possible that someone else took advantage of her, and the brutal Unkiss that she remembers is actually the only echo of that other whom she does not remember and whose image is overlaid by that of Sandor? However, who? We are presented with three men lusting Sansa - Sandor, Joffrey and LF. Sandor, by his own admission, didn't do it. Joffrey wouldn't have shut up about it. LF was not there - or was he? We know that he reached KL with Tyrells and Tywin's forces and was with them before the battle began, because he was the one suggesting that Garlan should put on Renly's armour. But after that? Would it be too much for a stretch to assume that the man who can snuck out of the Red Keep, might want to snuck in to check on "young Cat"? After Sandor leaves, Sansa lies on the floor under his cloak, shivering, and she loses track of time until she hears a bell tolling. If LF found her like that, perhaps asleep or passed out from emotional exhaustion, what would he do? Just recently, I read again GRRM saying that the Unkiss is going to lead to some plot point concerning Sansa's unreliable memory, and I can't think of a way the Unkiss would be really significant. But, say, if Sansa was found not a virgin on her wedding night with Harry? And/Or actually remembered her "daddy" LF being the one kissing her,or worse, back then? Even the repression would work here, IMHO, substituting the kiss from the man who raped her, by the kiss from the man who did not, and it would be sort of a parallel/opposite to LF losing his virginity while mistaking Lysa for Cat
  12. You have mentioned this before, but do you have any, any, textual support for this? Because in the book I have read, he seems to care about being a Stark and son of Eddard Stark quite a lot.
  13. Definitely not - this is the classical example of a sword and the hand which wields it; which one is guilty of killing? The person who organized the poisoning is as guilty as the one who actually put the poison in the chalice. And the conversation between Sansa, Olenna and Marge, and Sansa and Marge, and Sansa wondering why Marge is not afraid, and Olenna being the only one pawing Sansa's hair, and the missing stone in the hairnet. I don't see how Sansa's romantic memory lapse (which is actually not a memory lapse, more like daydreaming confused for a memory), compares. Plus, one thing: what is the point of giving Sansa the hairnet? Do you mean that she was told explicitely what to do about it but forgot, or that she figured out completely on her own what to do with it and forgot? Only, this is not what Tyrion says. He doesn't mention anyone moving around the chalice, he thinks - in retrospect, after being asked if it was Sansa who poisoned the wine - he thinks that the chalice was put practically in her lap. Which is an exaggeration, because Sansa is not described as having to avoid the chalice or anything like that. ETA: Plus, in your scenario, what is Olenna's agenda? Does she just go ahead with the marriage which will harm her granddaughter and, as a result, might even harm her whole house if Loras takes matters into his hands? What is then the purpose of the scenes which I mentioned above?
  14. She would have been very vocal about such a decision! But really: naming Cat does not preserve the Stark bloodline, naming Jon does.
  15. Now, that would be a twist - Cat marrying Jon! No wonder Robb had to trap her into it, there is no way in seven hells that she would agree to it!