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  1. Indeed. Ned doesn't list the results of all the black-hair/blonde pairings but solely of the Baratheon/Lannister pairings, where blonde always yields to black.
  2. Just a little point about incest: incest per se doesn't damage genes, it only increases the chance of passing on the already existing bad genes, like the Habsburgs did. So, unless Craster was already a carrier of some problematic gene variant, his children by his daughters are perfectly healthy and it would take a couple more generations of "crastering" until some problems might start to show, just like with the Targaryens and their mental health and baby deformities.
  3. That certainly doesn't, a girl just wonders what exactly Jorah meant when he said that Rhaegar fought honorably and nobly.
  4. Thank you. I am of the same opinion, though I wasn't familiar with the details from history. May I have another question? Are there any details concerning Rhaegar's duel with Robert? There is a discrepancy between the House of the Undying vision and Ned's account of the duel - the first has Rhaegar sinking to his knees in the water, the other refers to combating on horseback - but Ned is actually not a first-hand witness because he arrived only when Rhaegar lay dead in the stream. Is it possible that at some point, Rhaegar dismounted (e.g. if the wound that Robert sustained caused him to fall down from the saddle), and his chivalry basically got him killed, just like Daemon's?
  5. Are there any details on this available? It has become popular among some people to claim that naming Viserys meant that Aerys disinherited every single offspring by Rhaegar forever.
  6. I know, but thanks for the video. I'll save the link, too, so that I don't have to fish for it next time someone claims that Lyanna absolutely couldn't have possessed the skill :-)
  7. Thank you for confirmation. I've saved the link to this post for future reference. Besides... now I'm imagining Lyanna pestering Rickard about swords "But Da, why can't I try swordplay when I can joust?" "That's too combative." "But so is jousting..." "That's different, you're not combating a person. Besides, it's dangerous." "But so is jousting..." "Grrr... /should have forbidden the jousting thing from the get go/" And I would pay in gold to see Ned and Brandon's faces when they realized who the mystery knight was.
  8. I think you may be misunderstanding - the theory proposes that Allyria is secretly Ashara's daughter and officially her sister. Young Ned probably doesn't even know her real identity(if the theory is correct, of course). But the phrasing that "Brandon died before he had sons" does allow for some bastard daughters (or even a posthumous son).
  9. Well, if someone promotes a theory and dismisses another, I'd expect them to know at least a wee bit, or be able to respond to information served right under their nose.
  10. Neither do I, and I am also waiting for your response to the quotes showing the outcome of the ToJ fight. What's your explanation of them, if you think that the KG survived?
  11. IIRC, it is not uncommon for victims of a traumatising event to erase or replace the memory, so I beg to differ. Either way, I think @Lollygag has the right of it - a coping mechanism. Sandor came into her room with the intention to rape her. I think she figured that out, or intuited, and the thought of the one person in KL she sort of bonded with and who saved and protected her turning into a monster was simply too much to bear for her.
  12. And when they are overthrown? :-)
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/37l3gg/spoilers_all_updates_to_the_winds_of_winter/ I asked, "Regarding the Tower of Joy, did anyone other than Ned, Howland Reed, and Jon leave?" "Any men, I mean." My intent wasn't to be sneaky about Jon. I think R+L=J is a fact. I was actually asking because I have a tinfoil theory about Ser Arthur Dayne being alive. Check way back in my comment history for proof. In his answer to my question, GRRM only commented that all the others "fell," not that they died. It should be somewhere in the SSMs, as well, but I don't have the time for a more thorough search. Not that it really matters because all GRRM does here is rephrase what he had already said in the books: out of seven against three, only two lived to ride away, Ned built eight cairns and Martyn Cassel is buried in the south with the rest.
  14. The other day, I entertained the thought that the forced kiss is actually an edited version of rape constituted on her by LF, who sneaked into Maegor's to check on her after the battle. Pure fanfiction, of course, but remembering that would definitely be meaningful for her story arc :-)
  15. Sorry but there is no indication of such knowledge on her part. Her husband is making her not just to live under the same roof with his bastard but sit with him at the same table, as if he had the same status as her trueborn children. Ned is fiercely and irrationally protective of him, from which she deduces that he must have loved Jon's mother dearly, and the bastard keeps besting Robb. Enough reasons for her to feel uncomfortable around him and want him gone. I'm afraid you're misremembering, Ned has no such thoughts about Jon. The "better claim" pertains to Robert, when he tells Ned that he should have become king. Which would make everyone totally stupid to believe and never question it, not once. The quote is brought up in the context of Jon being too young to go to the Wall, and has nothing to do with physical growth. There is nothing to maintain, they all believe that Ned is the father. As for the mother, tongues are wagging, of course. If there were any doubts about Jon's age, they would have been hinted at. They're not. I've listed the reasons above. A capable bastard of an age with her own son can be a threat, regardless if he is olde or younger by a couple of months.