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  1. People who knew Elia well would make sure that the body was indeed hers, I'm afraid. Little Aegon was the only one disfigured so much that his identity could be doubted. Given that Aegon's birth nearly killed her, I don't think she was fit to travel any time soon (IIRC, she was bedridden for half a year after Rhaenys).
  2. People can lose beauty and formerly haunting eyes may lose the charm, but if Lemore had purple eyes and GRRM didn't indicate it in any way, I would consider it very poor writing, especially when she is travelling in the company of YG whose purple eyes disguised by his dyed hair are a plot point. We have never seen such a cop-out from GRRM, so I don't believe Lemore is Ashara.
  3. I guess we should also take into consideration if the ravens are loaded or unloaded and if a raven can carry a coconut. - Sorry, OP, just couldn't resists
  4. Is it supposed to be this quote? He looked somehow smaller and more vulnerable, like the youth she had wed in the sept at Riverrun, fifteen long years gone. The same problem as with the Brandon quote - that 18 years old Ned was smaller than at 35 says only that he somewhat grew up (and most likely got broader in the shoulders), not that he was notably short at 18. And yes, referencing his height has everything to do with Brandon because if Cat was to marry a knight and got a midget instead, she would have mentioned it in her thoughts in greater detail than just "shorter than Brandon".
  5. In other words: you cannot provide any quote to back your claim, you cannot provide a comprehensive theory of what Ned as KotLT accomplishes, but you are apparently having a time of your life ridiculing what others say. Which bridge do you live under again?
  6. Because fighting a war as comrades at arms doesn't explain how they became friends? And what about the rest of the Magnificent Seven, do we also need an explanation how Ned befriended them? No idea what you mean here. What does the story tell about their relationship and what light does it shed if Ned is KotLT? See above. See above. And no, I'm not being intentionally obtuse, I honestly don't see what it is that you think you see in it. Do you think that preventing revenge for murdering Ned's father and brother was not a motivation enough? Wait, whoah, that all gets explained by Ned being KotLT? How? Well, I don't particularly care if Jon is the most important snowflake or not, but the mystery of his origin is the big mystery of the series, big enough for the author to use it as a test question. Funny, I thought that the one theory that actually explains how and why the whole HH scandal and the subsequent abduction happened might actually be worth considering.
  7. Which goes with the ideal of masculine beauty in Westeros. Brandon was an epitome of it, which is why Ned's appearance seemed disappointing to Cat. That's what happens when height is not notable. He is shorter than Brandon, hence not notably tall, and he is not notably short, either, because that would require to be commented upon, just like LF or Olenna's short stature is commented on. He never was the boy he was, though. Doesn't seem like a description of one into fun. Good that you can recognize what makes good storytelling; not giving away such an obvious feature as notably short height is definitely not good storytelling, especially when it's used as a plot point. And Joffrey is described as tall for his age. ETA: BTW, what do you propose that Ned as KotLT brings to the story? And how does it fare in comparison to Lyanna being KotLT?
  8. Cat only says that Ned was shorter (and plainer) than Brandon. Neither she nor anyone else ever says that Ned was short for his age or shorter than average people.
  9. Absolutely nowhere.
  10. Yeah, this is the scenario I am hoping and rooting for :-) Besides, it makes sense.
  11. Yep. It is stated somewhere. In TWOW, we also have A good point about Jaime. Also, with a small person, one would expect their voice to be rather high-pitched rather than deep, no? And then, people hear what they expect to hear, and since no-one expected KotLT to be a woman, no-one would expect to hear a woman. One important point about Ned as KotLT: not possible. The mystery knight was notably short. Ned wasn't. He was shortER than Brandon, but not notably short in comparison to average population. The short persons in the story would be Howland, Lyanna and Benjen. Howland doesn't have the skill, Benjen doesn't need to hide his face.
  12. I am not entirely opposed to the idea but what we know about Elia's personality is completely different from Arianne (or Oberyn), so it's in no way a given. I would quite like an Arthur-Elia romance like a parallel to Lancelot-Guinevere, but even if they were indeed in love, it doesn't mean that Rhaegar was necessarily cuckolded. For instance, they could have made a mutually convenient agreement that Rhaegar would be free to pursue his own love interest and Elia would pursue hers. Aegon would then marry a daughter by Lyanna, which would eventually get both Martell and Stark blood on the throne, so neither family would be slighted. I don't think that there is a way to completely absolve Rhaegar of any blame, nor that there should be one. People make mistakes, do things they shouldn't. Every single one. And for the record, I don't consider Rhaegar a douche, I consider him a human being. Living all his life under the shadow of impending death and doom, having a crazy, abusive father who mistrusts him (and I bet Aerys was jealous of him, too), with a wife whom he likes but doesn't love and who nearly dies birthing his children. It seems that before Lyanna, he had never been in love. It doesn't make dumping Elia right (if it is what happened) but it makes shirking his duties, the first time in his life, quite understandable (if it is what happened). There have been other examples of children taking after a non-Targ parent, so I think all it means is that Aerys was an idiot.
  13. Well, since when does the show care about such minor details? - Which, IMHO, means that whatever way book!Rhaegar resolved his dilemma, it was not annulment because there was zero basis for it.
  14. Eh, only in theory. There were quite a couple of scandals, with secret marriages or lovers/mistresses which were not supposed to be, either. I don't think she cheated on Rhaegar, either, but I can well imagine the two of them arriving at an agreement about their love lives, especially if it meant for Elia to be able to follow her own love interest. Plus, it shouldn't be forgotten that we already have an example of a royal wife willing to put up with her husband shagging someone else for the greater good. Yep. When the love is gone, it's gone, and it's human nature to fall for someone. All that matters is the way the breakup is handled - which is why I reserve my judgement till I hear the whole story. But according to the World Book, Elia was originally on DS. We don't know how or why she ended up in KL (though I suppose that we can assume that Aerys made her come). Nor do we know if Rhaegar bothered or not, or why and how long the secrecy went.