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  1. baksh added a post in a topic Who do you want to win the Iron Throne?   

    Well, I believe that the Prince that Melisandre has seen in her visions is Bran. Coldhands said something similar, I think. My idea is made stronger by the fact that Bran is beyond the wall and she saw pictures of beyond the wall as well and that is why she took Stannis up there. Remember Starks were once Kings in the North and so he would be a Prince, although by rules he is now King himself, ut at the time Melisandre saw the visions, he was a Prince.

    And as already mentioned, Melisandre said that if there is a mistake, then it is in her interpretation of the visions and not the visions themselves. What if the Prince talked of is Bran? Well, I believe that it is.
  2. baksh added a post in a topic 50% read... and the depression kicks in   

    I personally think that Martin is getting better with every book. I put myself in his place. You all also try to do that. You are writing an epic fantasy series of this enormity. You come to a point where there is a lull in the story. You decide to flash forward to the main part thinking that you will tell all that has happened in the meanwhile as flash backs. But, while writing, you find that flashbacks are becoming long, perhaps as long as that story itself. What do you do? You decide that you would not flash forward after all, and just continue with the story where you left. You know not much action takes place, but a build up or the back story is required, and you are rather happier this way because you can tell your story much better and in a much more satisfied manner. I am happy that I am getting to read all this story because I would have hated to read flashbacks and not understand exactly what the writer wants to tell us. Also, that would have slowed the story. Now, he has the space to go full steam ahead. Remember, AFfC and ADwD were supposed to be one single novel. I believe Martin did a great thing by deciding to write these 2 books.

    And, yes my source of information are Martin's interviews and his (Not a Blog). Please, do not criticize what you do not know. Respect the work of the author, and I'm sure no one can write these as well as he has. Most of the readers forget that this is not an easy job, and I'm sure the publishers would not have any bearing upon the author and Martin would not let anyone get in the way of his work. He even stated that he would not allow anyone to complete the series if he, God forbids, dies before completing the novels. What he has done though, is that he has told the 2 producers of the show the main story of his main characters so that they can complete the show. But, he is a healthy person right now, and May God give him good health so that he can complete whatever he wants to in his life.
  3. baksh added a post in a topic Just started ASoS, a question about the red comet   

    I thought the comet already played a great role. It made people do, thinking of it as a sign, which they might not have done otherwise.
  4. baksh added a post in a topic Others vs Wights   

  5. baksh added a post in a topic Others vs Wights   

    Yep, it's pretty much properly explained.

    Wights = Undead beings, animated some way or the other by the Others after killing them and as such are slow and have no brains of their own. Vulnerable to fire. They are white with blue eyes.

    Others = Supernatural beings with extraordinary powers, tall, strong and wield razor thin swords with high skill and move quickly. Vulnerable to Obsidian, or dragonglass. They are dark.
  6. baksh added a post in a topic What about Margaery?   

    I think she has been trained extremely well. But despite that she is a pawn, most definitely. Tyrells know that the Lannisters need the strength of highgarden if they want to rule, so they are just trying to stretch things to see how far Cersei can be stretched without ever taking her to the point of breaking. I think they want to keep Cersei on her toes while they themselves want to be in the commanding position. They're playing it safe according to me, because I feel that the Lannisters will always need the Tyrells to stay in power. How long do the Martells support them, I don't know, and I don't think they will for much longer. I believe that Prince Doran is also too sharp even if not much active, to let his people be disappointed in him for much longer. He is stalling war for as long as he can just to keep his people safe, but he also knows that war is inevitable and he knows that they can not win alone against the might of Highgarden and Casterly Rock together. So I feel he is keeping everyone on his side in check to just wait for the right opportunity, and I believe he will get that soon enough.
  7. baksh added a post in a topic Cersei   

    Yeah, I agree, she is no Tywin Lannister. Even Tyrion was more of his father than she was. Pity, because she is supposed to be damn beautiful. Well, as is the case mostly, they either have the brains, or the brawns, and it seems she is all brawns and no brains. Not a surprise then that she is surviving only by knowing how to use certain people and most of it is with her beauty, I wonder if she will be just as capable if something happened to her the like of what happened to Tyrion after that battle with Stannis Baratheon. That would be gross. Imagining Cersei without a nose. Andd suddenly she becomes just another weak piece in the game for others to move, rather than the mastermind that she thinks she is.
  8. baksh added a post in a topic Why Would Beric Dondarrion Want to "Help" Catalyn?/Spoilers   

    Well, I think that Berric is an honorable man, well atleast as he and others say it, and he thinks that the way the Freys killed her and Robb was a dishonorable act and they should be answerable for it. That makes me wonder that if indeed the Freys sew Grey Wind's head on Robb's neck, and what if The Red Priest tried to bring Robb back to life in that situation, what would have happened? Scary.
  9. baksh added a post in a topic How you picture the world   

    Well, yes even I formed my opinions on my own. But yes the TV series does affect a lot of it. Mostly my image of Tyrion was affected. But yeah also I have a lot of blurry faces especially of minor characters. Bran's is quite vivid image as of Jojen and Meera. Ygritte was quite vivid as were many wildlings especially because they were very well described in the books, so yeah they're mixed.
  10. baksh added a post in a topic Who do you want to win the Iron Throne?   

    Brandon Stark, simply. He is the heir, or rather now the Lord of Winterfell, and I feel that the Throne or the seat of power will shift from King's Landing. Maybe again the North and South will be divided, and once more there is a King in the North with his seat at Winterfell. Remember Starks were Kings before they were Lords. What if Dany destroys King's Landing utterly? The Iron Throne will be prone to melting from dragonfire surely. Rebuilding such a throne will be hard and as such the symbol of power will destroyed entirely. We see how people are after the Iron Throne, even Cersei wanted to shift the seat of power to Lannisport and Casterly Rock, but she knew she could not because people see the power in the person who sits the Iron Throne.

    But I like one property of the Iron Throne. They say only the worthy rulers can sit on the Throne without getting themselves cut. We see that Mad King Aerys and later even Joffrey cut himself on the Throne. That is a sign if the person is worthy to sit the Iron Throne. I would want Bran to be the King surely, whether of the North or Westeros is a separate question. Samwell Tarly, the Slayer, knows Brandon is alive and I am sure he will step in if any dispute arises about him being alive or dead. I do not believe Rickon has much scope just because of the limited mention he got so far. His story would have got told I think, if he would have been someone to be a claimant to the Throne.

    Well, in the end, I just hope that all the characters get their songs which might be told for years after all this has ended.
  11. baksh added a post in a topic First two Arya chapters   

    Well, personally I don't think it unrealistic, her survival, I mean. The reason for that is simply gold. People saw gold in her to give her back to her mother and brother and be rewarded or take ransom or something. It is very much believable for me. She made herself useful in other places where people just did not know her.
  12. baksh added a post in a topic Should I even bother reading the next two books? SPOILERS   

    Okay, first of all, when I found this series, I raced through(in reading of course) AGoT, ACoK and was halfway or so through ASoS when I came to know that GRRM took so long in writing AFfC and ADwD and I thought that he might take as long for the next book as well, and I decided to slow down considerably. While at the same time I got busy with my examinations. Yet, I could not help but resume the series at that same speed as before and before I knew it, I was finishing ASoS and now I am about halfway through AFfC. I was also a bit wary of getting into AFfC but not for the same reasons as you. I had only heard good things about it. That was not the point. The point was that the North had always had more fascination for me than south. That is perhaps because I always liked old things, history, castles, etc. and the North seems to have all that with the old traditions, the old gods, the old ways, blood of the first men, and the varied mysteries and objects, etc that I was drawn to. If we compare that with the South, we have so many cities, people, new gods and that is all man made. Nothing seems to be reminiscent of the old history(even though fictional). That is why i was wary, not to mention the fact that all my favourite characters were in the North, save perhaps for Arya(whose POV sometimes did get on my nerves, I agree, but still felt very promising) and the Imp(whom I liked only for his wits the most) and had all the characters that I kind of disliked(Sansa, Cersei, Joffrey who thankfully is no more, Stannis, Melisandre, etc).

    But what I read on this site did give me some hope. They said that Sansa's character improves a lot, and I am starting to see the improvement. They also said that some new story lines are starting which are good, and I must say they have been very intriguing till now and have a lot of promise. Arya is not disappointing at all. The only thing that was being complained of was Brienne, and I must say GRRM is finding a lot to write about something that I would have thought would be difficult to find enough to write about. Anyways, it's not bad enough as some of the others that were there in the first three books.

    Plus, many said that they did not like Bran in the first three books, which I must say is surprising for me because his were the best IMHO. And now the same people say that his chapters are fantastic as Lord Barristan(who I must say is very comically and ironically a squire here on the site, though I hope and my best wishes with you that you rise much further ahead) is testifying. And that is what has kept me going in a major way because as I loved Bran's chapters, I can not wait to get onto ADwD. Also I am loving Jon's chapters and beyond the Wall was so great!! And now he is the Lord Commander!! Wow, I want to see how he does as one.

    In the end all I want so say is that I know that AFfC, and I think ADwD, are not as action packed as the first three(especially ACoK and ASoS) but I would like to compare the series with a hurricane. As you all must know, they first hit fiercely, and then the eye of the storm goes over which for some time creates a lull, a peace of sorts, and then finally the storm hits again, and sometimes more fiercely and definitely finally. So I am having a feeling that this is just the calm before the storm. A time for everyone to gather what little they have and brace for the storm, which gives GRRM some space for more story build-up. So yes, I would definitely recommend you to read on because if the little story build-up in AGoT and to some extent in ACoK(comparitively to AFfC and ADwD) brought about such a great action packed third novel, I can't wait for the final two books to be out, which are I assume A Winds of Winter and A dream of Springs which as the titles suggest are signs of a sort of a comeback for the Starks, because Winter is their time and the working title for the last book was A Time for Wolves, and we all know who the wolves are.

    I just can not wait to get through to the final book, so much so that I am surprised you have been thinking of quitting the series after ASoS. Well, that's all personal I think, so I would leave it all upto you ofcourse, but I hope to have made you think atleast and be of even a little help.

  13. baksh added a post in a topic Will we see Rickon again?   

    Well, I would rather more believe his character to lead Bran's armies into wars, while Bran goes into them while he has changed his skin into Summer. Bran being the Lord of Winterfell, making all the strategies. I feel they both alongwith Arya have the biggest roles, while Sansa also having important role, but how, I can't much think just at this point (half-way through ASoS).
  14. baksh added a post in a topic Least Fav POV?   

    Daenerys Targaryen. I am halfway through ASoS and except for the ending of AGoT, I have dreaded her chapters. All the rest I can go through even if with some difficulty, like that of Sansa's but Daenerys Targaryen is just a bit too difficult to read.

    My favourite though, unlike many people here believe, are those of Bran's. I have always loved his chapters. I know he has a bigger role to play further down in the story, and so too Arya. But Bran is my favourite. He has been since the start. And if many of you believe that his earlier chapters which I have been loving so far were bad, and that the ones in ADwD are great, I can't wait to get there!! I know I have a long and hard journey to reach there, through AFfC and all that, but still, I am eagerly awaiting all the action.

    I also love everything that has happened in the North, especially North of the Wall. Beyond-the-Wall scenes are my favourite ever since I started reading the series.