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  1. US Elections: Apocalypse Now

    A little from column A, a little from column B.
  2. US Election 2016: the fall of the American republic

    Yep, they let you vote. Trump is just being a vexatious/frivolous litigant, the sort that Republican politicians claim they hate but are now backing for president.
  3. US Election 2016: the fall of the American republic

    Silver is overcompensating very hard after failing to call Trump winning the primary. He's basically pushing his model to always predict the best case for Trump/worst case for Clinton. I gave my numbers prediction on a prior page, here's my 270 to win map, with my expectation of (roughly) the results I'm expecting. The early voting data I'm seeing says Clinton is behind slightly in Penn, (keep in mind Penn does almost no early voting) ahead in Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, (indeed, Trump may have lost Nevada before election day) Ohio, and Iowa.
  4. US Election 2016: the fall of the American republic

    You can put me down 323 Clinton to 215 Trump, with an outside chance for 334 Clinton, 204 Trump.
  5. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    I gotta say this for teams with huge baseball droughts: when they finally win, they do it in style. Boston coming back against the Yankees in '04, and now the Cubs against the Indians in 2016. I remember thinking a few days ago that it would only be appropriate if the Cubs won after making a comeback like that, but I didn't dare say anything for fear of jinxing it. Goddamn.
  6. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    History has been made!
  7. US elections: aiding an' Abedin

    An anarchist who hosts a show on the propaganda network of a dictator, and doxxed every woman voter in a country in serious risk of turning into a dictatorship while it's in the middle of curtailing women's rights. If Assange is an anarchist instead of just posing as one/claiming to be one, then he's doing it wrong.
  8. Yeah, I don't know why anyone would think to call such people deplorable.
  9. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    A terrorist militia plot to kill Somali Americans was broken up
  10. U.S. Politics: The Bipartisan Dismemberment of the VA

    Maine governor and Tea Party darling Paul LePage has had a bad couple of days.
  11. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    GMO food is not bad for you. The way they make GMO foods so that they are super resistant to pesticides and chemicals in order to spray the food with more and more toxic pesticides that will leave residue on your fruits and veggies or be absorbed into them, all the while ignoring the way that the organisms they're treated for will simply evolve and become immune to these more toxic pesticides... that might be bad for you. And for the environment.
  12. 50 Dead, Dozens Wounded in Orlando Club Shooting

    Speaking of contributing to the overflow of trans/homophobia, there are all the pastors out there calling for the death of gays, including the one who Ted Cruz, (the guy who'd likely be a presidential nominee if not for Trump) had introduce him at a special event back in November.
  13. Also, wasn't the second stock market collapse supposed to happen no later than 3 years ago or so?
  14. Better Call Saul

    It requires Chuck to be screwing over his brother to have Mesa Verde ever involved. If, as I said, Chuck sat down with Jimmy and had a serious talk with him when Jimmy got the law degree, none of this happens. And if Jimmy was just some random person in HHM's mailroom that Chuck knew had been shady years ago but had since been straight for years, Chuck would have never done any of this. He would have advised against giving the person a position as a lawyer, shrugged, and let the person screw up or not on his own. But with Jimmy, Chuck went out of his way to make sure that Jimmy would never be able to be able to go straight. Never even have a shot at it. And I absolutely do not believe he would have done that with another person. He wrecked Jimmy's attempt to go straight, and he is in the middle of trying to wreck Jimmy's chance of being a slightly crooked success. What happened with Mesa Verde was Jimmy finally pushing back. Again, Chuck had the opportunity to be a stand up guy and do this openly when Jimmy came to tell him about the law degree. He chose not to. Chuck chose to make Howard play the bad guy. Chuck chose to undermine Jimmy from within when Jimmy thought Chuck was virtually his only friend and ally. Chuck chose to repeatedly spite Jimmy even as Jimmy nearly killed himself taking care of Chuck. And Chuck did all this after hearing Jimmy swear that he was going to change his life, after he saw Jimmy living on the straight and narrow for years. (Jimmy worked in the mailroom long enough to get a law degree, even from a degree mill/correspondence school that takes a lot of time, as would taking the bar multiple times) He then watched Jimmy be an honest underpaid public defender/solo practitioner for at least another year. (When Jimmy gave Howard a list of Chuck's needs, Howard was shocked and incredulously stated that Jimmy had been doing that for more than a year.) Chuck chose to be a backstabber instead of a straight up guy about his brother practicing law. That backstabbing had a lot of unintended repercussions, and Chuck has his share of responsibility for it all.
  15. Better Call Saul

    More, the reason why I don't see Chuck as fully justified, (partly but a long way from fully justified) is because he could have headed this all off at the start. He could have sat Jimmy down when Jimmy came and told him about the law degree, explained that good name and reputation is all a lawyer has in the business, that they can't just hire someone newly out of law school with Jimmy's past, how if they did it would like nepotism, and it would be ridiculous considering the source of Jimmy's degree. He could have then had a very sober chat about how it's a different life being a lawyer, it requires a code of conduct, it prevents cutting corners, etc. After that, even if he didn't believe Jimmy was straight, he could have wished him well, crossed his fingers, and let Jimmy try to make his way. If he made, it, great. If not, c'est la vie. Instead he pretended to be Jimmy's friend while sabotaging him at every step, (despite the fact that Jimmy was now desperate trying to take care of Chuck) drove him to desperation and near poverty with nary a thank you or good word, spitefully taunted Jimmy about being late to his job at Clifford and Main because Jimmy had come over to take care of Chuck, and most recently the fact that Jimmy helped Chuck in the copy store instead of pulling a Walter White watching Jane choke to death. And he has the gall to complain about Jimmy sabotaging his Mesa Verde meeting when he's been sabotaging Jimmy 24/7/365 for what, upwards of a year? For the first point, there's the possibility that Jimmy and Chuck's father was at least partially responsible for the hole in the store's finances thanks to giving out cash and product to the conmen and grifters that frequented the store. And the havoc at Mom's birthday party sounded like it happened when Jimmy was a teen, and if that's the worst thing that happens during someone's teen years with their parents, those parents are getting off light. The thing is though, Chuck has judged Jimmy, and he doesn't allow for the possibility that Jimmy could change, and that drives Jimmy back to his old ways. And at least part of it is because Chuck resents Jimmy's way with people and being well thought of by their parents. Like I said in a prior post, both of those guys are flawed and twisted. And each one exacerbates the flaws that the other one has.