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  1. Something like 15-20,000 counter protestors, no major violent incidents, no injuries, only about 20 arrests out of that, but this is apparently "many" anti-police protestors, even though I think I remember hearing the police themselves being willing to thank the protestors for their good behavior. Meanwhile, the Charlottesville alt-right mob that came to the area with torches, clubs, guns, and homemade riot shields, started the violent encounters, attempted to assault clergy members, and topped it off by driving a car into a crowd had many fine people and weren't even the ones to get violent, if you listen to Trump. His responses to the two events make it perfectly obvious where he stands and who has his sympathies.
  2. This kind of dysfunction is a major problem that's going unnoticed but is also becoming universal on both the Federal and State level. We know how the Feds have ground to a halt, but as of July 1st ten states were without a budget, New Jersey and Maine were both entering shutdowns because of that, a lot of states that are either currently or just recently under full Republican control are wrestling with serious, long term budget crisis issues, (see Louisiana, Alaska, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, etc.) and so are a bunch of states that are either blue or traditionally so. (CT, Rhode Island, Mass, etc.) In a lot of these case the parties can't agree on basic facts, are more concerned with implementing ideology than solving problems, and kicking the can down the road so they're not the one sitting in the hot seat when it all falls apart. Between that and the inevitable catastrophe of a Trump presidency, (conflict with China in the South China Sea, North Korea, the wholesale destruction of the State Department and many other agencies, having FEMA unstaffed during hurricane season, etc.) this is going to be a major, major, problem in the next 5-10 years, and is going to cause a lot of issues throughout the country.
  3. Sessions is done. It may take awhile to catch up to him fully, but he's done.
  4. GOP lawmakers are already blaming "Democratic rhetoric" for the shooting. Remember how every time there's a mass shooting someone (usually right wing) says it would be too early and disrespectful to use this as a time to politicize things? Yeah. Meanwhile, I'm just going to leave this old Rand Paul tweet here as a reminder of right wing approval of using guns to shoot at government figures. (Full quote in case you can't click the link "Why do we have a Second Amendment? It's not to shoot deer. It's to shoot at the government hen it becomes tyrannical!")
  5. Supply side economics will never fail, even though it fails every single time someone tries to implement it. It will only ever be failed by those damn dirty RINOs.
  6. Really, Republicans and right wing media have been engaging in varying degrees of war since at least the early 90s. The only difference lately is that leftists have started to realize that not only is the fight real, but that they were on the edge of a complete rout. Only Trump's incompetence and divisions within the Republican party have kept it from already being a rout. (Also, because Trump only likes the showmanship aspect of "playing" President, he loathes the reality of actually being President and having to do work.)
  7. See also the "so much for the tolerant left" meme. Had Jacobs fought, no doubt the exact same spin about the evil, biased liberal press hounding poor, put upon, all-American conservatives would be pushed harder, and the same people using that pathetic spin would also be saying that the press is so hostile to conservatives that a member of the press actually crossed the line into getting into a fist fight with a conservative running for congress. Gianforte would be matyr and saint within hours, and any proof that he started things would be ignored to talk about the unprofessional, hostile, and anti-conservative/anti-American actions of the reporter. (Anti-American because not only is he a representative of the press, aka an enemy of the people according to the president and much of the Republican party, but a foreign newspaper at that!)
  8. Sorry to hear about this Bonesy. I hope you get better soon and I'll be thinking of you.
  9. I just posted this in US Politics, but it looks like it belongs here too. In one move the Trump administration is looking to screw students, create a new too big to fail financial institution, and aggravate a bubble with the potential to sink the US economy.
  10. So in a single deft move, the Trump administration is looking to screw students, create a new too big to fail financial institution, and aggravate a growing bubble with the power to take the US economy right down. All to save 130,000,000 out of a 4,000,000,000,000 budget. For whatever reason the board doesn't want me to be able to turn the text above into a link, so here you go:
  11. An already large, conservative, and pro-Trump media broadcasting company might be about to acquire the vast majority of local television news stations. So yay for more misinformation! (For bonus points, this is happening part because of Trump's FCC appointee loosening the rules regarding broadcast companies.)
  12. Yeah... no. This is where any kind of point in favor of the Confederate statues falls apart. A statue may not be an object of veneration in the strict dictionary sense, but they are obviously supposed to be respected and approved/inspiring figures. Statues don't get made of specific people unless they possessed outstanding characteristic or made great achievements that the population wants to honor. Nobody gets a statue specifically for them because they were Joe Schmoe, an above average bureaucrat, or a perfectly passable plumber. If statues were built by people and put on prime public lands for no more reason than that the person was a good parent or hard worker, then I'd say "Sure, whatever" but that's obviously not the case. Lee was a capable military commander who was more decent than most of his compatriots. So was Erwin Rommel, and I don't see statues of him dotting the landscape either in the US or Germany. If a statue is just about remembering history and is strictly value neutral, then why don't we erect some? Throw in some for Admiral Yamamoto and General Cornwallis too. After all Cornwallis was an MP who frequently sided with the colonies and against Parliament when it came to a number of their actions that increased tensions between them and England such as the Stamp Act, performed with skill and valor in war against America on behalf of a hostile power, which isn't much different (and is arguably better) than Lee's actions. If statues are value neutral, where are the statues of Benedict Arnold, who served his country with distinction before separating from it before fighting against it? Where is his likeness captured in stone and marble, looking inspiring and like an example to the youth? Sorry, I don't buy your argument. At all. If it was a plaque, that's one thing, but statues are built for very different reasons. If you want to remember history, teach it better, don't try to claim that a statue is doing so, especially when in the same paragraph you say that it's just part of the landscape, because people don't tend to learn history. And yeah, tearing them down causes a brief uptick for white supremacist assholes and such, but in the long run I think it's the better course of action, and we have to tear the band-aid off eventually. Might as well get it over with. And considering that these people can manufacture causes and propaganda out of thin air and bullshit, (see their claims that the government wants to import masses of immigrants in order to replace them and outbreed them, or their whining about genocide against white people around the world) I don't see any reason to give them this, especially now when appearing to give in to them will let them claim a win and embolden them further too.
  13. I'm not bothered by any "cheapness" of Chuck exploding/going into a rant because it's a pretty long established pattern that any time something doesn't go Chuck's way he blows up and goes into a rant. When Jimmy finally sees through Chuck's manipulations and bullshit towards the end of season 1 and confronts Chuck about how Chuck has spent years working against Jimmy, what does Chuck do? Blow up and go into a rant. When things start going south in the copy shop, what does he do? Blow up and go into a rant. In the start of this very episode, when his ex-wife's cell phone causes him pain? Blow up, go into a rant, and blame her for it. You can find a similar occasion for almost any time something goes Jimmy's way or doesn't go Chuck's way. Chuck's always been a simmering pot of hate and hypocrisy. He's forced to put a lid on it to look good for others, but just like any pot that being heated with a lid kept on it, the contents get hotter and hotter all the while. Chuck's entire character has been about getting overheated and lashing out at others because of it. The idea that it would happen again, when he's out of his mental comfort zone, experiencing pain due to the nocebo effect he has going on, is thrown off by seeing his ex-wife again and is overconfident because he fell for a feint and thought he'd seen through Jimmy's plan is entirely plausible. As such I don't see Chuck blowing up on the stand as cheap, blowing up has been a part of Chuck's character since the first season.
  14. Especially if you're walking around Atlanta or thereabouts. I say have fun and rock it, as long it's not going to get you in too much trouble if you actually are in the South.
  15. New travel ban gets put on hold by Hawaiian judge