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  1. Especially if you're walking around Atlanta or thereabouts. I say have fun and rock it, as long it's not going to get you in too much trouble if you actually are in the South.
  2. New travel ban gets put on hold by Hawaiian judge
  3. Largely unnoticed on Monday, Trump signed an Executive Order telling every head of an Executive Agency to see which parts of their agency should be cut, or if their agency should be cut altogether and its functions left to the state or the private sector. The reports are due in 6 months Direct link to Executive Order text. Key parts of the order. It's worth remembering that just about every agency under the Executive Branch (Justice, State, Treasury Education, EPA, etc.) has been put under the "care" of people with idealogical or financial reasons to want to shut them down, reduce their scope, or reduce their ability to function. Get ready to say goodbye to every program offered by any of these departments that don't directly benefit anyone who's not a conservative rich white American male and/or a Trump family member or crony. I don't know if Steve Bannon is going to be able to live out his fantasy of burning down the country, but he's certainly going to give it his best shot, especially when it comes to the Executive Branch.
  4. Arakan, For someone who is so concerned about the US looking hypocritical (to the point that you feel the need to mention it multiple times in your post) and wants a consistent policy so badly, you seem to want Obama to take wildly differing approaches. Sometimes you want him to be wildly aggressive, sometimes you want him to be non-interventionist, and apparently the only thing that ties them together is you want him to be those opposing things as it suits your personal views and what you think was the right thing to do. Had things actually played out the ways you wanted, and, say, Obama had rushed into conflict with Russia over Crimea, had casualties piling up from an intervention in Syria from a direct conflict with IS, or broken with decades long allies at the drop of a hat, I feel skeptical that anything would change except that the complaints would instead be flowing about Obama's dangerous saber rattling with a major military power, his need to continue US interference in the Middle East, and how his treatment of allies undermines the US geopolitical standing.
  5. A little from column A, a little from column B.
  6. Yep, they let you vote. Trump is just being a vexatious/frivolous litigant, the sort that Republican politicians claim they hate but are now backing for president.
  7. Silver is overcompensating very hard after failing to call Trump winning the primary. He's basically pushing his model to always predict the best case for Trump/worst case for Clinton. I gave my numbers prediction on a prior page, here's my 270 to win map, with my expectation of (roughly) the results I'm expecting. The early voting data I'm seeing says Clinton is behind slightly in Penn, (keep in mind Penn does almost no early voting) ahead in Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, (indeed, Trump may have lost Nevada before election day) Ohio, and Iowa.
  8. You can put me down 323 Clinton to 215 Trump, with an outside chance for 334 Clinton, 204 Trump.
  9. I gotta say this for teams with huge baseball droughts: when they finally win, they do it in style. Boston coming back against the Yankees in '04, and now the Cubs against the Indians in 2016. I remember thinking a few days ago that it would only be appropriate if the Cubs won after making a comeback like that, but I didn't dare say anything for fear of jinxing it. Goddamn.
  10. History has been made!
  11. An anarchist who hosts a show on the propaganda network of a dictator, and doxxed every woman voter in a country in serious risk of turning into a dictatorship while it's in the middle of curtailing women's rights. If Assange is an anarchist instead of just posing as one/claiming to be one, then he's doing it wrong.
  12. Yeah, I don't know why anyone would think to call such people deplorable.
  13. A terrorist militia plot to kill Somali Americans was broken up
  14. Maine governor and Tea Party darling Paul LePage has had a bad couple of days.
  15. GMO food is not bad for you. The way they make GMO foods so that they are super resistant to pesticides and chemicals in order to spray the food with more and more toxic pesticides that will leave residue on your fruits and veggies or be absorbed into them, all the while ignoring the way that the organisms they're treated for will simply evolve and become immune to these more toxic pesticides... that might be bad for you. And for the environment.