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  1. I have to admit, the bitter and darker side of me thinks it's kinda tempting to start a campaign called, say, #NRAapproved every time there's a mass shooting, school shooting, kids accidentally setting off guns and hurting each other, etc. I doubt it would be good for anything other than feeling self righteous, however.
  2. The ones in South Georgia and Oklahoma didn't go nearly as well, but I think that's the only way they could have reasonably expected those two to go. And a Vox article points out that Republican officials are becoming leery of running special elections at all. Some places are allowing seats to remain empty, others have resigning Republicans stay in until the normal election cycle is due.
  3. In today's episode of the Trump admin looking out for the little guy: Mick Mulvaney pulls Consumer Financial Protection Bureau lawsuit against an online lender that charged 950% interest, has financial backers convicted of racketeering, and broke both federal and state laws in its lending practices. Here's your daily reminded that Republican politicians hate a judiciary that gets in the way of one party rule.
  4. Maybe not gleeful scorn, but I think a lesson from the Obama and Trump years, (and even drawing on the Clinton and Bush years, for that matter) is that if Democrats ever get power again, especially the sort of power like Republicans have now, we shouldn't give a single damn about any objections that Republicans raise to our agenda or make compromises for the sake of "appearing reasonable", or fostering national unity or any such crap. Obama tried to bend over backwards to make bargains with Congressional Republicans and win the people by appearing reasonable, and he got shat on for it, including by the supposedly "liberal media" and the general public. Republicans were completely opposed to him before he ever got into office, worked to undermine him from day one, slapped away his and whenever he tried to deal with them, and in the end they got rewarded for it all. So Democrats shouldn't scorn Republican voters or ignore their real needs, but they should also realize that no matter what they do, many Republican voters will never embrace them or approve of them, regardless of how much we might help them. So don't worry about what the hell they think and just carry on doing what we believe is right. When bullshit right wing media tries to stir people up about it, just shrug, give them finger, on go on about what we were going to do in the first place.
  5. S&P down by 100 too, which is the biggest gain or drop I can remember in quite awhile. Edit: took a second to look it up, and apparently a couple of days ago it did a similar big drop, but before that the last time there was a similar drop was in 2008. Today isn't close to the 2008 falls in terms of % of total points, however, which featured several drops of 9% or close to it, while today was about 3.75%
  6. I have to give CNN some credit, they actually showed a moment of journalistic worth today. I wondered if they and other major lowest common denominator news outlets might find some way to uncomfortably talk around and downplay the truth about Arthur Jones, the Nazi running for Congress in Illinois, but Alisyn Camerota bluntly and vocally confronted him and picked him apart in the space of a few minutes. If you can spare a few minutes watch the video of the interview.
  7. And if that's treason, I wonder what years worth of undermining a sitting President, claiming he isn't really a US citizen, and repeatedly calling for his death is. By Trump's logic, Trump and just about every prominent member of the GOP, and various Evangelical leaders should have been lined up against a wall a long time ago. Isn't it funny how much we hear Republicans rail about leftist tyranny, but there's no penalty for right wingers doing this or shouting "You lie!" during an Obama SOTU, while simply not applauding during Trump's SOTU is treason and laughing at Jeff Sessions is a crime to be prosecuted. Makes you wonder...
  8. Stupid is as stupid does, and few people do stupid better than right wing racists.
  9. An overview of the small, daily, non-sensationalist ways that this admin is horrible and is doing horrible thing to the country. When Congress first let CHIP expire, it also allowed funding to expire for a network of 2,000 community health centers that were visited for primary care over 26 million times in 2016. When CHIP was funded again, the health centers weren't, and they've now gone over 4 months since that funding lapsed. And if you're wondering what the cost to fund these center would be, 7.4 billion would cover them all for 2 years. By comparison, 18 billion is estimated for the first stage of a potential border wall, and it's estimated that 1.5 TRILLION in revenue will be lost due the corporate tax cuts form the the tax bill alone. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, whose mission is to "create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. HUD is working to strengthen the housing market to bolster the economy and protect consumers; meet the need for quality affordable rental homes; utilize housing as a platform for improving quality of life; build inclusive and sustainable communities free from discrimination" is rapidly turning into a shitshow thanks to having a neurosurgeon as its head. It's looking to copy Trump's Medicaid plans and add work requirements to its conditions, and also to raise the rent rate people have to pay in subsidized homes. Lastly, Ben Carson has gotten his son significantly involved in HUD despite him not officially working there, and it appears Carson Jr. is using the opportunity as a way to enrich himself. MIck Mulvaney has completely stripped the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's fair lending department (which oversees and enact penalties against lenders who discriminate against borrowers) of its powers. He's also reportedly pulling back on looking into the Equifax hack. (Y'know, the security breach that involved the personal information of every American of working age and older, and then the company waited 6 weeks before telling anybody? No biggie, shit happens.) Speaking of shady lenders, payday lenders appear to have won concessions from the administration, and are paying it back by having its events hosted at Trump properties. (Details below to save you a NYT click.) Yay for open political corruption! And lastly, political appointees inside the Department of Labor spiked a report showing that bosses skimmed billions of dollars from workers who gets tips.
  10. Southern Poverty Law Center attributes more than 100 killed or injured by the alt-Reich since 2014 It sure is a good thing terrorism only matters if it's done by a Muslim. Otherwise these issues, and the next generation or two coming of age right now and being raised with this crap as part of their normal surroundings, might be cause for concern.
  11. Trump: response of Democrats to his SOTU speech was unAmerican... "Can we call that treason? Why not?" The sheer fucking gall of this shitstain on the ass of history.
  12. I'm hoping this is also a good sign for the case that SCOTUS took about partisan gerrymandering. If they mean to say partisan gerrymandering is ok, you'd think they would allow the challenge of the Penn Republicans. If they're about to say partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional, however... I can't cross my fingers hard enough. Taking gerrymandering for partisan purpose out of the equation is one of the few feasible positive steps the country can take without having liberals/progressives take unified control of Federal and State systems for a generation so they actually get a chance to implement solutions without Republican lawmakers doing constant kamikaze attacks at the basic system of governance. I've felt for awhile that the floor was going to fall out from under us sometime soon. Still too early to say, but combined with last week, (Friday got all the attention, but there were a couple of other bumpy, selloff days last week, and IIRC the market was down about a thousand points or more overall) it's a worrying sign. And more importantly than the Dow, (which I've been told represents a relatively narrow and small group of industries and companies) the S&P 500 (which I've heard is considered a better, or at least more "real" market indicator) is also tanking pretty hard the last few trading days. And that's despite the fact that it never rose as much as the Dow did. Not good signs.
  13. At the moment I'm assuming that the market drop is the result of profit taking that people have been waiting for ever since Trump was elected. The market has been pushed up despite some worries about the underlying systemic conditions on little more than a hope and a prayer, (and the expectation of tax cuts and maybe an infrastructure plan) ever since Trump was elected. Now people are starting to cash in before it drops and they lose a few pennies on the dollar because of it. Of course, only time will tell.
  14. Good news everyone! We now have the first pro-disease Congress and Administration in history! CDC to reduce efforts to stop overseas disease outbreaks by 80% due to lack of funding. I've been trying to calm the rage this provokes ever since I first saw this. So far, nothing is working. It sure is a good thing Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet, and GE got their tax breaks though! Much better than any other uses that could have been put towards!
  15. Honest question: why should he answer questions about speeches written in 2001-2002 rater than commenting on the here and now? And why should we care about 2001-2002 more than now?