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  1. Sandor is Hungarian for Alexander, Gregor is a form of Gregory Sansa, sans is French for "without" and she is the Stark who is without a direwolf.
  2. I'd say that if all those Baratheons died the House would be toast as far as the Iron Throne was concerned. Someone with Targ connections could drum up more support from a number of loyalists than a Baratheon bastard could.
  3. Cersei was infatuated with Rhaegar. Good King Bob was Rhaegar's killer. I don't see her forgiving him for that ever. The other stuff just served to reinforce her feelings.
  4. The only god that has shown any power at all is Red Raloo, and that's through his priests. Thoros can resurrect the dead, Moqorro gives Victarion a bionic arm, and Melisandre can see true visions through her flames and make shadowbabies. These things can be ascribed to magic rather than godly power. The Seven never protect their clergy from depredations, rape, murder, etc and never punish the evildoers. The Drowned God? Yeah, right. What does he ever do? Martin is an atheist/agnostic. He doesn't give gods powers in these books.
  5. There are so many of them that their favorite parlor game is charting who has to die so that they can advance in the progression of who takes over when Lord Walder dies. They probably just mark off the ones that are hanged and move up one position.
  6. The Gods are taking their time dealing with Lord Walder Frey.
  7. Apparently there are fewer bards in the North than in, say, King's Landing. We don't hear of any other entertainment, and what's a high-class wedding without entertainment? Mance was hired on the spot. What was he actually in Winterfell for? My thought is that he was interested in the Crypts, which may connect with the cave system the COTF live in and may include the ones that pass under the Wall. It's also been suggested that he was on a scouting expedition for Stannis.
  8. Not feasible.She could maybe take his face, but she's rather too small to pass as an adult male.
  9. "Abel" was more hired help than a guest. He was expected to sing for his supper. The spearwife "washerwomen" were considered prostitutes by the Boltons. Not the sort of people you invite to the wedding of nobles. Not even the wedding of the bastard son of a noble and a fake daughter of another. The actual guests were the various heads of local Houses and their retinues.
  10. If you're talking about the "bring me a block" incident, that was an execution for gross insubordination leading up to attempted mutiny. Refusal to obey a lawful, direct order and defying one's commander. Justifiable in any army, especially in time of war. Absolutely necessary to preserve discipline.
  11. Maybe the First Men give the earthly remains to the Weirwood trees. That wight thing would have been a short-term anomaly.
  12. LF is certainly the best plotter in the story, better than Varys in the way he can change plans quickly when the need arises. He seems not to have major long term goals, though, just gathering wealth and power and wreaking revenge on the Houses that he thinks have wronged him, especially the Tullys and Starks. Recently Lords of Harrenhal seem to have the same survival rate as Margaery's husbands, and he's Protector of the Vale at the pleasure of the Vale lords, who don't support him unanimously .
  13. I may have read too much into your few sentences, or misunderstood them. There's nearly zero chance for Jon to become king under any conceivable circumstance, but there are multiple possibilities for the outcome of the rebellion if both Robert and Rhaegar die. They are all fanfic, of course. Aerys buying Tywin? Now there's a fanfic.
  14. You seem to assume that the loyalist army will be inspired even though the best replacement for Aerys is dead, the others being minors. And that the rebels fall apart without Robert. Everybody, even the loyalists, knows that Aerys is toxic, and the rebels have Jon Arryn and Ned as leaders to take over for Robert. I can see a situation where the leaders of the two sides get together and say that the war is too big a drain on the kingdom, and that if the loyalists depose Aerys and set up (real) Aegon or Viserys as king under a regent agreeable to both sides, and grant amnesty to the rebels, everybody will go home and act nice.
  15. There's the small matter of Aegon and Viserys, legitimate heirs of Aerys, not being dead. The rebellion is about Aerys's unfitness to rule, not to replace the Targaryens outright. Get rid of Aerys and plug in another Targ. Or the "other" Jon, Rhaegar's putative son that we know as Jon Snow, whatever his Targ name would have been.