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  1. Throughout the text it's made clear that bastards are looked down on by Westerosi society. Jon Snow is a good case in point; his presence at Winterfell is considered an insult by Catelyn and he's not allowed to eat with the Starks when they host Robert's retinue. He gets drunk and is feeling sorry for himself during the feast.
  2. There is neither salt nor smoke mentioned in connection with the crypts so they couldn't be the scene of Jon's revival if he's the PTWP. No reason for there to be anything of Rhaegar's, either. Not impossible for there to be access to the cave system. It would make some sense to build the crypts in naturally-occurring caverns, to save work if for no other reason.
  3. Ah, the Stannis fanboys are out in force. The best you can say about him is that he progressed from being a self-pitying, privileged fascist in the early books to being a decent, somewhat interesting character. And I still say that anyone who burns people alive is definitely lacking in certain facets of humanity.
  4. Shiera is Quaithe, not Melisandre. It is known.
  5. Baelish or Cersei. I'd go with Baelish, too. Doesn't quite sound like Cersei's style.
  6. He managed to kill the boar that ripped his guts open, using just his dagger. He's a tough mofo, no doubt about it. To those who say that weapons are equalizers, the warriors in the story fought armored, and Robert's strength and use of the war hammer would defeat said armor. The only tactic for someone of a modest skill level would be what Bronn used against Vardys Egan, to avoid being pulped until Robert exhausted himself. And the, swords are marginally effective against armor, so the opponent would either need something else or get close to Robert, at which point he'd be placing himself in danger (think Oberyn vs Gergor). Can George Foreman still box? Climb into the ring with him and find out.
  7. I don't think that a breach between the Crown and the Lannisters could be considered stabilizing anything. Tywin would be losing his influence in court; his daughter, and his favorite son would be executed for treason. And most likely Robert would repudiate the Crown's money debt to the Lannisters. That's the making of a rebellion.
  8. I don't see that LF would want to kill Ned. His personality is such that it would be more pleasing to have Ned fallen from power and disgraced, so that he (LF) could gloat while Ned suffered.
  9. Good point about the Wall. That wasn't my main idea, just an afterthought. I just can't buy into an FM staying in prison unless he wanted it that way. Easy enough for a highly trained FM assassin to kill a guard, assume his identity, and stroll on out.
  10. We can go real tinfoil on this and say that "Jaqen" the FM is not the same one who was in the cage. That was a real Lorathi criminal, bad enough that even Rorge and Biter were afraid of him. Sometime between the escape from Lorch's attack on Jory's group of Watch recruits and Harrenhall the FM killed the real Jaqen and took his identity. An alternative is that "Jaqen" had been inserted into Jory's party by Varys, and had never been an actual prisoner, just in the Black Cells for the purpose of being sent to the Wall for some unknown reason. It's noted that the paperwork for the prisoners going to the Wall was irregular. Edit: looks like Whitering had the same sort of idea as I did, about the same time.
  11. I'm stuck on the blood sacrifice part. Sounds like natural causes to me. A sacrifice demands some kind of ritual and actual killing. Not to mention intent.
  12. The family that flays together stays together. Let's not forget that before steel was developed there was plain old iron, not all that hard, but compared to bronze quite cheap since it's common and doesn't depend on expensive tin that had to be imported from the Tin Isles or some such distant land.
  13. We see Meera using her net and frog spear in the fashion of the Roman retiarius from their gladiatorial games, and she says that she learned it from Howland. The retiarius usually beat his opponent who was armed with a sword and shield. So between Howland and Ned they were able to beat Dane, even though he was the superior fighter. At least that's my take on things.
  14. Why mention them then? Including them in the conversation implies that they are important to the topic.
  15. So many points of disagreement. Just listing two. The Warlocks haven't proven themselves to be very effective, for one thing. They tried to entrap Dany and got their house burned down, for their efforts. And Victarion has Moqorro, who has proven talent. Euron may have Valryrian armor, which itself may be proof against dragonfire because that was used in its forging, but the man inside could still be roasted while the armor remains untouched. VS isn't quite magical. Euron is major bad news, but I don't think he'll be the top villain: maybe in the top 5.