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  1. More Like Ned's Rebellion

    Well, two of those three are dead, and one's at death's door. That style of honor seems not to be much use as a survival trait.
  2. More Like Ned's Rebellion

    You're attributing the values Ned learned as a ward of Jon Arryn to the other members of the Stark family. Love 'em and leave 'em Brandon? Skip out on your betrothal Lyanna? Political plotter Rickard? The old throat-cutting Kings in the North? Those are your real Starks.
  3. Exactly how did Euron kill Balon?

    The "drowned crow with seaweed hanging from his wings" is thought provoking. What could that actually mean? The drowned and seaweed parts might point to Aeron rather than Euron. But crow?
  4. Val is screwed.

    Not impossible, though I get the impression that Marsh has sold out to Twyin.
  5. Val is screwed.

    Alliser Thorne may not be Jon's #1 fan, but he's an authoritarian martinet and would regard mutiny as punishable by death. We see what happened to Janos Slynt for gross insubordination. The Watch is military organization and has strict rules.
  6. Syrio dying is fanfic. His fate is unknown. Martin's comments are, paraphrased, "It looks bad, doesn't it?" Sounds like he's weaseling to me. Syrio does comment on Trant's slowness, and from the exercises he assigns Arya he seems like a parkour master, or something similar. And when Trant reports back to Cersei about his failure to capture Arya he says that the "dancing teacher" interfered, but pointedly leave out the parts where he lost men and doesn't claim to have killed Syrio. It's not impossible that Trant killed Syrio but far from a given.
  7. Val is screwed.

    You're making one big assumption, that Marsh survives the aftermath of his actions against Jon (mutiny in any man's army) and that he's in charge afterward. Maybe that's two assumptions. Alliser Thorne may hate Jon, but he's a rigid authoritarian and would take a dim view of the quartermaster attacking the Lord Commander. Wun Wun might find it a good idea to tear Marsh in two. Ghost may be let out of Jon's quarters and take quick revenge. Any number of things could shorten the number of Marsh's days.
  8. Val is screwed.

    I think intelligence in this context isn't what you assume. Like military intelligence. Or that it's used ironically (we have yet to see a particularly bright Florent).
  9. What if Rhaegar didn't take Lyanna?

    Maybe. But if Varys and Ilyrio were plotting to bring down the current Targaryen branch and substitute Blackfyres or whatever it is that they have there still could have been a war with similar consequences. There were still Rickard's Southron Ambitions that Aerys could have used as an excuse to try and overthrow the Starks and other Houses.
  10. Most unintelligent character in the series?

    Tie among Lollys Stokeworth, Jinglebell, and Small Paul of the Night's Watch. Of the three, maybe Jinglebell is the stupidest.
  11. Val and Daario

    Val is a Valkyrie who missed her left turn at Albuquerque and wound up in the wrong story.
  12. Lancel Lannister VS Boros Blount

    The winner fights Ser Dontos Hollard. Actually this sort of topic is as relevant as contests at arms between long-dead warriors we've never seen fight, simply based on reputation.
  13. Could Viserys have known who Dany was...?

    Robert may be salacious but he's not Salic.
  14. Young Griff theory

    I don't think the situation had come up in Westeros. Aegon the Conqueror left the various Houses in place, with a few exceptions and until Robert's Rebellion there were no challenges to the Targs from outside the family.
  15. Could Viserys have known who Dany was...?

    Robert's claim is one of possession: he has the Iron Throne. He doesn't rule as a Targaryen, but as the first of the Baratheon kings. The fact that he has Targ blood is window dressing.