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  1. He's the white sheep of the family.
  2. Tormund or Damphair? Mance or Theon? Talk about easy choices.
  3. She's mostly a danger to lower forms of life. Freys, for instance.
  4. This is the best I've seen, puts most of the others to shame. But Jaime as "Hand" would have a certain irony to it.
  5. She's kind of damaged by having been dead for some time before her revival, so she's not fully Catelyn any more. I don't see her being killed. More like she passes on the life force that she got from Beric Dondarrion to someone she sees as being the next deserving carrier.
  6. Varys has a spy network that brings information on topics he finds important. Plus he's partners with Illyrio in whatever Targ/Blackfyre restoration scheme they're doing, and Illyirio is in Essos with contacts everywhere (a merchant of his importance just does). There's no mystery how Varys gets his info on the Targ kids. Later Jorah is sending reports back to Varys, betraying Dany for money. It's just my opinion, but Varys probably isn't interested in what's going on in the North, which is too far from the seat of power, so he hasn't wasted resources spying up there. Littlefinger has commercial interests all over, so his contacts are certainly reporting back on various situations.
  7. Same place he finds everything else. Makes it up. Same deal with every one of his topics.
  8. Hard to square this with "We do not sow". Unless you mean you have a whole lot of slaves who sow for you, and slavery is off the table in Westeros. And I can't see Balon brokering deals. Just not in character.
  9. San-San? That really sets people off. I love the way she keeps his letterman's jacket King's Guard cloak.
  10. The problem is Point 3. Joff and Tommen were recognized as Robert's legitimate heirs. It's politics: Stannis has to convince enough Great Houses that they are not legitmate (or to convince those Lords that it's in their best interests to act that way) to get himself enough support to take the Iron Throne.
  11. Dany is a fine conqueror but totally inept as an administrator. And who are her projected allies in her return to power? Dothraki and Ironborn. Good luck with that.
  12. Why do you ask? It's pretty apparent, or should be, that there are plenty of book readers that are perfectly fine with it. They are more than likely in the majority, in fact.
  13. Not true. Tywin green-lighted Robb's killing but not the RW. He learned about that after the fact and was not pleased.
  14. The Dothraki horde that's about to get dracaerys'd? If Dany is impregnated by this crowd it'd be quite some time before a son would mature into a warrior and I don't think the timeline extends that far.
  15. Good enough. More than likely a lot of peoples' favorites and anti-favorites die in the last book. "Their watch is done...".