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  1. What will happen next on the Wall?

    Jon will be reborn amidst the salted and smoked hams in the deep freeze locker where they took him after the shanking.   
  2. Another factor is that Olenna knew that Loras would not have tolerated Joff mistreating Margaery the way he mistreated Sansa. Loras would have been Kingslayer the Second, and would have been executed for it. Olenna was in on the plot to kill Joff to protect both Marg and Loras.
  3. Rank the Fighters of Westeros

    Sandor was shown as being a better fighter in AGoT. Jaime is sure that he could defeat Gregor. Oberyn had defeated him but did something fatally stupid. Strength is only one factor in fighting ability.
  4. Whom would you most like to smack for sheer stupidity

    For sheer stupidity Lysa Arryn is hard to beat. A smack to her for placing Vardis Egan at a disadvantage in his fight with Bronn. 
  5. How will Fat Walda die?

    Remember, she's a Frey, from a family of plotters and schemers. When Lord Walder shuffles off this mortal coil there will be a bloodbath among the heirs as they jockey for advantage in the succession. Fat Walda doubtless has at least one plan in place to deal with Ramsay.
  6. Skagos army

    I could declare myself king of the Iron Islands and the North, too. It would be wishful thinking on my part, just as it was on Balon's. 
  7. Skagos army

    The Ironborn took a few castles, not "the the North". Moat Cailin (empty), Winterfell (garrison lured away, taken by stealth) and Deepwood Motte (undermanned). They weren't able to hold any of them for long.
  8. Skagos army

    The North isn't as short-handed as some people seem to think.When Robb went South he only brought forces that he could gather quickly and left plenty behind. Manderly has a considerable amount of horse that didn't go to Winterfell. The Karstarks will have to come around to the anti-Bolton side with the new leadership, and there have to be others, like the Mormonts. The hill tribes have men who can fight though they aren't well-armed. I don't think a few hundred would be significant.
  9. Skagos army

    I think most people avoid Skagos because of the cannibal stories. They might not have a very big population. 
  10. Syrio took Meryn's face?

    I can't agree that Syrio would have surrendered, and even less so that Trant would have taken him prisoner if he had. Syrio was goading Trant ("you are slow for a knight") and irritating him with swats to the helmet with the lead-weighted stick. The kind of man who would beat a teenaged girl wouldn't hesitate to kill someone who treated him that way. Syrio either died or escaped. My personal opinion is that Syrio did the aquatic boogaloo all around Trant, avoiding Trant's wild swings of the sword until he was exhausted, and then grabbed a cloak and helm from a dead Lannister guardsman so he could blend in with the others and left the area.   That or his head's on a spike next to Septa Mordane's.
  11. Was there any way Stannis could have won Blackwater?

    How would Stannis take KL? Too simple. Just take Cat's advice and team up with Renly before starting out. He'd have an unbeatable army and the Tyrells wouldn't be his enemies. Stannis and Renly could sort things out between themselves after the victory was secure.  Remember how delighted Tyrion and Cersei were when they learned the Brothers Baratheon were fighting each other? ("I thought Robert was the stupid one.") That was a blunder of truly heroic proportions.
  12. 1000 Unsullied vs. 1000 Dothraki

    Dothraki is derived from a High Valyrian word meaning "overrated". That said, the Battle of Qohor wasn't strictly open field. The Unsullied had the city wall at their back so they couldn't be encircled. However, the Dothraki certainly lost due to bad leadership, which seems to be the norm for them. Khal Drogo seems to be an exception to that rule, but even he showed poor judgment after being seriously wounded. 
  13. Syrio took Meryn's face?

    Which Jaqen? The original or the replacement? We've seen that FM take the place of Pate at the Citadel. Pate was simply killed, not given "the gift". The FM formerly known as Jaqen and the Alchemist seems not to be restricted by the normal FM code. He kills at need. If you want pointless, why take Meryn's face? Meryn is still around and there's no reason for an FM to hang around King's Landing.
  14. Syrio took Meryn's face?

    My personal crackpot is that the real Jaqen was just a Lorathi murderer and that the FM took his identity while he was in the Black Cells. I hate Syrio as an FM but that could be how he disappeared. For this to work Syrio would have needed to get away unharmed from his confrontation with Meryn Trant, who was too ashamed that he couldn't apprehend or kill a dancing master that he glossed that over when he reported back to Cersei. The way the Lorathi was disposed of is why Rorge and Biter are so afraid of the FM in his Jaqen disguise. Nom, nom.
  15. Which military unit would you most want to belong to?

    Wildling mammoth cavalry. Which would mean I'm a giant, and that's pretty cool.