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  1. Brandon Stark / Lady Dustin

    I think we can rule out Old Nan.
  2. Littlefinger: King of Ash

    I don't thinki Lord Baelish is interested in actually being king. He wants to control the realm without the public face of ruler.
  3. The COTF sent Bran's assassin

    From the get-go, the Children of the Forest being anything but the remnants of a dying race. That's what we see and that's what we are told. You base your whole theory on an unprovable premise.
  4. What if Robert found about R+L=Jon Snow?

    New would turn around and tell Robert about the parentage of Cersei's kids, which would distract Robert for long enough for Ned to get Jon out of Westeros. Depending on the time frame, of course.
  5. The COTF sent Bran's assassin

    If this is so obvious why are you the first one to come up with it? The forum's been around for a lot of years. The knife doesn't implicate the Lannisters until Cat gets to King's Landing and shows it to Littlefinger, who seizes the opportunity to blame the Lannisters. The knife never belonged to them. Do the CoTF influence Littlefinger to make up this lie? Again, not obvious to anyone but you. Why would the CoTF want to influence Cat? She's a second-tier player. You want my opinion? The theory is contrived, overly complicated, and and unconvincing.
  6. Do Krakens exist?

    I want krakens to be real, and I want one to eat one of the dragons.
  7. Do Krakens exist?

    Where did Wales get the idea for the griffin on their flag?
  8. Quentyn - Dead? Alive? Dragonrider?

    Just picking this one point our of your topic, it seems to me that the whole Martell family is a little slow-witted. Doran's plots include getting both his brother and his heir killed, Arianne's escapade with Myrcella blows up big time, Oberyn getting himself killed at what ought to have been his moment of victory, etc
  9. Opinions on Theon

    There have been too many pages of posts for me to go through the whole thing looking for a duplicate, but totally aside from the millers sons and whether or not Theon betrayed the Starks his actions on the way to Pyke show him to be a person whose character is less than admirable. I refer to his treatment of the ship captain's daughter, taking sexual advantage of her during the voyage and casting her aside on arrival, and his subsequent attempt to seduce "Esgerd", the "wife of a shipbuilder", in actuality his sister. Both actions are based on his self-assumed "privilege". No honorable character would have acted this way.
  10. Arya the faceless queen

    IMO the timeline doesn't match for the switched identities. Arya is training with Izembaro in Braavos, as per her sample chapter.
  11. Arya the faceless queen

    Looks like this belongs in the Show subforum. Your hidden content doesn't happen in the books.
  12. The few dragons in Westeros were not domesticated, and there's no indication that the magic there was used to produce anything like steel. The Azor Ahai story is from the other side of the world.
  13. Will Daenerys become greatest ruler of all time?

    Everybody in Astapor (?) over the age of 13 who wears a tokar? Sounds like genocide to me. Some people consider genocide evil.
  14. Will Daenerys become greatest ruler of all time?

    Living on Drogon's leftovers and unable to make a hat? Those are great qualifications, for sure.
  15. Will Daenerys become greatest ruler of all time?

    Simply looking at Dany's actions in Meereen reveals her as an incompetent leader. She's bamboozled by the Green Grace, takes hostages to insure the cooperation of the noble Meereenese Houses and declines to punish/kill them when those Houses act against her, closes the fighting pits on ethical grounds then opens them again, outlaws slavery and allows it to begin again as long as it's out of town. Jorah can't believe she's real? I can't either.