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  1. Does anyone else out there want Jon Snow to die?

    Characters who dislike Jon: Janos Slynt, Alliser Thorne, Bowen Marsh, etc Characters who like Jon: Tormund, Stannis, Val, Pip, Dolorous Edd, etc Which side do you want to be on?
  2. What annoys me about R+L=J supporters

    It's not just Jon's fans that do this. There's a certain class of fan that does this for whomever their personal favorite is. Especially fans of Dany and Stannis.
  3. Best Guess what is Baelishs' goal/endgame

    I think he wants to put a puppet on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros through him (or her).
  4. The Theory of Rhaegars Rubies

    Melisandre's ruby seems to be pretty big. I doubt that the ones on Rhaegar's armor were that large. Mel more than likely got hers in Asshai or wherever she was trained, not in Westeros.
  5. What's there to like about Robert really?

    Robert's a fun guy to go drinking with, among other things. Loves a good time. He's a bad husband but he got the wife he deserved (and she deserved him just as much). He wasn't a bad king, other than not being able to control expenditures. Why would his whoring and having bastards be a negative? He was a king in a medieval setting, and nothing was thought about that in real history. In fact the bastard son of the King of Spain "Don John of Austria" was a highly regarded historical figure. After all, Robert was king, not High Septon.
  6. In this situation it's the Blackfish vesus Randyll Tarly, as they are the real brains behind the armies. Robb is young enough to be learning, while Mace is a dunderhead, at least if you believe his mother. I would give the nod to Robb/Blackfish over Mace/Randyll. Mace seems to be more interested in saving his strength than in actually doing any fighting.
  7. Which Two Characters Would You Like To See Romantically Involved?

    Arianne is hawt, and she succeeded in seducing a puritanical King's Guardsman; Ami looks like a ferret.
  8. Which Two Characters Would You Like To See Romantically Involved?

    Lancel Lannister and Arianne Martell. She'll cure his debilitating piety in short order.
  9. who planned the Riot in Kings Landing?

    I'll go with Varys, just on general principles, and to kidnap Tyrek, though what his reason there would be isn't clear. Maybe he wants a controllable Lannister heir and thinks that most of the leading family members will be killed in the future.
  10. Who is Oswell Kettleblack?

    What's been posted on this topic is very mild compared to some of the posts a few years back. It could be bare knuckles and blood, in a verbal sense.
  11. Dinner with GRRM - what should I ask?

    Was Tywin the Hand of the King who had the tunnel to Chataya's establishment dug? Did Luthor Tyrell in fact ride his horse off a cliff to get away from Olenna's nagging?
  12. Will Daenerys forge Valyrian steel?

    She is but a young girl and has no knowledge of metallurgy. Seriously, no one (real no one, not Arya) has the knowledge of how to create new Valyrian steel. There are smiths who can work already-made VS but you have to have that on hand. Most Valryian steel is in the form of swords already, and it would be sort of a waste of time to make a sword out of a sword. Add to this the fact that Dany has sent Jorah away for treachery, which should void any promise of giving him a Valyrian steel sword. If the Young Bear gets one it really ought to be Longclaw, which is his birthright.
  13. Who is Oswell Kettleblack?

    Simplest answer: "called Kettleblack" refers to the saying "the pot calling the kettle black". Just a joke on the part of GRRM. No need for elaborate constructs based on speculation.
  14. Gendry is the young prince Aegon Targaryen

    Yes, so much. He was the pregnancy that Cersei aborted, brought to term in vitro by Varys, who raised him until he was old enough to be apprenticed to Tobho Mott. Somehow Cersei got wind of him after Robert's death and planned to have him killed (again) but he was sent off with Joren to the wall, but Cersei found out (again) and sent the Goldcloaks to bring him back. Makes perfect sense.
  15. Hooded Man is a red herring

    It's an open secret that Bran and Rickon are alive. The Boltons are searching for them, and the Liddle Bran & Friends meet on the way to the Wall warn Bran of that, so the knowledge is widespread. There's some speculation that Theon fathered one of the miller's wife's children, so that could be the kinslaying referred to.