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  1. Isn't it odd that Robert never named a child after Ned?

    Cersei named her kids, whowere not Robert's, with Lannister names as a further insult to Robert, whether he was sober enough to grasp that fact or not. As to Robert's own kids, it wouldn't be a real compliment to your bestie to name a bastard after him, would it? About Robert chasing whores, he'd bang anything, not just ladies of negotiable virtue. One of Stannis's major butthurts was Robert bedding that Florent in Stannis's wedding bed. Robert was also chasing noble ladies around while on tour with Cersei early in their marriage.
  2. Trial by Seven: 7 v 1?

    Myown opinion is that Robert Strong either never makes it to Cersei's trial or has been weakened to the extent that he's helpless. How? Tyene Sand figures out that he's UnGregor and finishes the job Oberyn started by administering a poison that even Qyburn can't counteract. This may be with the connivance of the High Sparrow, if she informs him of Robert Strong's real identity, so that he considers RS an abomination to be extirpated by whatever means. Anyhow, a trial by 7 seems really unlikely. Reasons for either side insistingon oneare pretty weak, mostly to justify a wish for it to happen because is sounds cool.
  3. A Song of Samwell Tarly (What happens)

    ??? Wheredo we learn "whatever" about Thorne? Last I saw he was sent off ranging, or was about to be sent.
  4. Varys was working for a Targ (or Blackfyre) return to power, nothing to do with Cersei & Jaime's kids. LF was working to revenge himself against the Tullys and Starks, again a separate issue. Without the Twincest there would have been a war anyway; the foundation was laid. You could even make a case that if Bran had died in the fall the chain of events that led to Tywin invading the Riverlands wouldn't have happened.
  5. So many people blaming the Twincest for the war. Littlefinger and Varys/Illyrio have separately been laying the foundation for some sort of war for a long time. Who else can we blame? Cat for arresting Tyrion? Tywin for overreacting to that? Bran for snooping around the tower? Cersei for achieving Robert's death? There was a whole chain of events that had to be unbroken for the war to take place.
  6. Did Tywin know Robert hit Cersei?

    Cersei being married to Good King Bob was a political move on the part of Tywin. It's his connection to the Iron Throne. If he were to object he'd be running the risk of Robert saying that he could have Cersei back, and good riddance.
  7. The monk of westeros (the fighting style monk)

    Varys's martial arts skills are surpassed only by Lady Olenna's.
  8. Quentyn - Dead? Alive? Dragonrider?

    This subforum is aimed atpeople who have read all the published materialso spoiler tags shouldn't be needed, other than perhaps for some of the "sneak" chapter releases.
  9. Do you need valyrian blood to warg a dragon?

    To ride a dragon, maybe. It takes First Men blood to warg anything.
  10. Why don't the wildlings just melt a hole through the wall?

    How old is the Wall? 8 kiloyears? It would have melted on its own in that time unless it was maintained magically. And as was already pointed out the Wildlings only wanted to raid beyond the Wall, not occupy the lands south of it. No reason to have a permanent way through, when that could be guarded anyhow.
  11. Ned Stark Return (confirmed?)

    It has not been and never will be confirmed because it ain't gonna happen. It's confirmed that he's dead because in the show the character was played by Sean Bean, who specializes in roles that get killed off. (OK, the show isn't actually canon, but Season 1 didn't diverge too much from the books.)
  12. The Mighty Mouse

    We do not know that Howland beat Ser Arthur, only that he kept himfrom killing Ned. Not the same thing. At all.
  13. Grey Worm-a Targaryen?

    Well, Martin has said that he'd be killing off characters, so adding more wouldn't be a reasonable expectation.
  14. Taena/Cersei Forever?

    Second paragraph, right on. First paragraph, as I see it Taena was using her, um, charms to get next to Cersei. She was the exploiter, except maybe in Cersei's mind.
  15. Will Brienne end ASOIAF a virgin?

    Jaime/Brienne is the perfect subversion of the Beauty and the Beasttrope. I wish Brienne a joyous, healthy sex life. Why not?