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  1. Pokemon Go

    I'm on level 26 with 115. Im walking with a Charmander and was able to evolve my Koffing. Next is my Kabuto. I hatched an Electabuzz and found a Tangela. I evolved my Vulpix into a beautiful Ninetales. I may give up when all I have are 100 candy evolutions left.
  2. Fashion thread: updating classics

    You are so freaking cool. I need to see this ensemble next time we meet.
  3. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    Oh God, my Gators. Poor Luke.
  4. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Did you wear them? You are the Queen of Sheba. <3
  5. Soup or Man?

    My son misheard the cashier when she asked: "would you like a bag?" My son thought she said: "would you like to die?" He responded indignantly: "not any time soon!" "Would you like a bag?" "Not any time soon!"
  6. RIP My Dog Winter

    Oh no, my friend. I'm so sorry. I can only imagine your pain and so fear the time when this inevitably happens to me. "All dogs go to heaven. If they don't, I want to go where dogs go." Will Rogers. Love you.
  7. Pokemon Go

    I went to Spain and didn't do too well other than catching a Mr. Mime. Then I went to Italy and I was very happy. I was able to evolve and/or catch a Dugtrio, a Persian, a Rapidash, a Dodrio, a Dewgong, a Hitmonlee, and a Primeape. There is zero chance I could have done this in six months where I live, much less two weeks. I'm soooo happy!!! I now have 111 and am almost halfway through level 25. I'm going to Chicago in October and will be sure to walk a lot and hopefully catch more unique mons. That plus I got tickets to Hamilton in Chicago so life is good.
  8. Fargo 3: not until 2017

    Fargo received 18 Emmy nominations this year. It won in the Sound Editing and Cinematography categories for a show of their type.
  9. The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread

    I'm sorry Pebble! You are of course right, but then again you've been enslaved. <3
  10. The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread

    Just a note to say that Peadar O'Guilin's The Call was just released. It's a fantasy YA book and it's goooood. Plus he's a board member, so check it out!
  11. Pokemon Go

    Yes! I got it on the very first evening. I was just hoping for Ivysaurs or Drowzees. Something different.
  12. Pokemon Go

    I don't know why I was thinking that northern Spain would have cool Pokemons. I got the same pidgies, rats, and metacarpies I get in Florida. Except for Abras. Thank goodness for that. I was able to evolve it. All the walking has netted me nothing good, but I'm currently incubating two 10ks. I also caught a Rhyhorn, enough to evolve it to a Rhydon. It's nice when your hotel is a stop and I can lure it. Tomorrow we leave for Italy. How about some other types? Geez.
  13. Pokemon Go

    I caught my Mr. Mime the first evening of our holiday in Spain. I also caught a wild Onyx for a total of 102. Had great fun battling at Barcelona airport. I snuck in a Gyarados when a gym went gray.
  14. The shoebill bird is my new favorite thing.

    That was some nasty baby bird pecking the other baby bird. I know it's survival of the fittest shoebill bird, but now I'm angry at that little sucker. They remind me of Skeksis from The Dark Crystal. Scary birds.
  15. Pokemon Go

    I had a great time Pokemoning in a real city, Kansas City, Mo. What a delight to have Pokestops everywhere and an active Pokemon environment. There were lots of lures, two of which I could reach from my hotel room. I caught a couple of Tauros there. There was a nest of Clefaries in the corner and I was able to evolve to a Clefable. I also caught a wild 1008 Magmar. My strongest ones now are a 1868 Gyarados (yes, I caught a million Magikarps, but I live in Florida.) I'm up to 99 in my Pokedex and am halfway through level 23. I'm super excited because I will be visiting Spain an Italy here soon and am looking forward to checking out what they each have that are specific to them, plus Mr. Mime. X-Ray gifted us with a most fantastic Team Mystic Con ribbon. Thank you!!!