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  1. Pokemon Go

    @dalThor. I've never even seen a Chansey! You are so lucky to live in a real place with Pokestops. My closest one is 2 miles away. I drive a lot with the phone on, while charging, so I can get some Ks when traffic is slow. Today I finally got enough candies to evolve my Grinder, but I'm going to wait to evolve it during the Christmas event, if there's one. I'm now walking with my Kadabra. I need 20 candies to evolve it at 3k/candy. Any news on Christmas/New Year's event?
  2. Pokemon Go

    I have trashed my potions a lot. The weak ones and half of my revives since I don't battle much. Caught another Ditto today. I hatched all my eggs and my Pokestops aren't giving me any. It's so crazy to have 1000 XP out of 350,000 needed. I just want to get to level 30 for no good reason.
  3. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    He ages as Ford rebuilds him in his lab, plus turnover? I think Maeve should kill the MiB.
  4. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    The back history of the photo was revealed. When was it placed there? Also, Theresa didn't know that the MiB was a Board member after being around for 30 years? That's weird.
  5. Pokemon Go

    I got my Ditto today.At 66, it's my weakest CP Pokemon! I caught a Pidgey and the Oh? came up and the Ditto appeared. The event helped me get to level 29. I'm still walking my Grimer. After that I'll walk my Kadabra.
  6. Pokemon Go

    Thanks! Dang, I was hoping for shorter distances for candy again.
  7. Pokemon Go

    Halfway through 28. I'm going to evolve with an egg after I finish walking my Grimer. I need 5 candies. Still no Ditto. Can anyone confirm if there's a Thanksgiving event and what it involves? Thanks!
  8. As usual, I liked article a lot. We have a son named James who we call Jamie. I think there's also a connection between James and Iago. James, son of Zibedee, is said to be buried in Sant' Iago de Compostela, Spain. I visited Santiago in August. The Cathedral is beautiful. Iago has become Diego in Spanish. I always think of poor Desdemona when I hear the name Iago.
  9. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    We'll see. All of that is predicated upon William being the MiB, which I don't agree with because the MiB is the ultimate host, created by Ford as he created Bernard, right? So Abernathy is the key. He will have all the knowledge plus the photo trigger which led to his famous quote about the evil games or whatever, which was told to Dolores, which was told to Maeve. I would think that for dramatic purposes he'll be reintroduced to the park. Dolores will remember him: "Daddy!" Will it be enough to save her as she comes face to face with the MiB? Meanwhile, all these poor hosts self-destruct as they approach the edge of the park. Ford is going to win. He is going to proceed with his new story. On to the second season. The conundrum, the epicenter of the fulcrum is the damn MiB. Damn that character!
  10. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    So if William/MiB became a god, it must have been in a different business, as I don't see Logan forgiving him for all the stuff William put him through. I wonder if we'll ever find out about the torn photo. I think it was the trigger for all of this re-awakening, secondary to the reveries update. Is it possible that Ford created the reverie program to flush out any hosts that may have been "infected" with the Arnold program? Can't we just bring back the yellow king? This show is killing me worse!
  11. College Football 2016 - B1G expectations

    OMG! Gators!!! I cancelled my Atlanta hotel reservations after Tennessee won last week. I thought for sure we wouldn't prevail with all the injuries. Also, screw those who caused grief because we cancelled the original game because of hurricane Matthew.
  12. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Does someone remember what Maeve was told about how long she's been acting as Madam? I'm trying to see if it coincides with the MIB's timeline. He said he killed Maeve and daughter "last year." I am stuck with the idea that the MiB is a host. The more he reveals about his life, the less I believe him, after all, all hosts have a backstory. The thankful person could have been a plant. His search for "the truth" is such a lame reason to play the game, in my opinion. I envision a reveal that the last host built by Ford is the MiB, a la Kaiser Soze. i hope this episode lays to rest the opinion that the MiB is a good person. When saying "I can't," Teddy could have meant that he wouldn't rather than he was technically unable. Aaargh! I can't stop thinking that the climax of the series will be that the MIB's "deep truth" revealed is that he is, indeed, a host.
  13. Pokemon Go

    Yeah Baby!!
  14. Pokemon Go

    No problem! X-Ray became my Sensei. I had no clue what was going on but I was doing geocaching and this is better in a different way. There's some good experts here (me not included!) Plus reading the early posts in the thread will help you too. I'm getting a lot of clusters now at usual stops. I stopped at a rest area on the Interstate and I spent a solid 15 minutes hitting the Pokestop and all the mons around it. I'm still walking my Graveler. I'm at 94 candies.