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  1. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    X-Ray! I'll be there! Staying at the Marriott 
  2. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    I think the Hollywood Foreign Press appreciated Gaga's over the top performance of an over the top character. They may be awarding her for her carrier's dramatis personae (which is fabulous in my view.) Kirsten may be better received at the Emmy Awards. Then again, who knows.
  3. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Count me in. SISTER! Wait for me!!
  4. Happy Birthday Lany!

    Lany!! Happy birthday again! You are a tremendous person. Love you!
  5. Merry Christmas Everybody!

    Feliz Navidad!!
  6. SpaceX Falcon 9

  7. SpaceX Falcon 9

    I was lucky to see the rocket from my front porch as I live in Florida. We saw the launch and the booster stage ignite and descend (two points of life one going up and one going down.) it was awesome!
  8. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    Plus there's the disposal of a body by meat grinder, Ed as main and Peggy as accessory. That's got to get you some time in jail. In California. With a view.
  9. Golden Globes nominations are out today and Narcos was nominated in the Best Television Series Drama category. Also, Wagner Moura was nominated in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series Drama category.  Jon Hamm will probably win this category but I am very glad that Wagner was nominated and that Narcos was noticed by the Foreign Press.
  10. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    Golden Globes announced and Fargo is nominated in the Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.  Both Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson were nominated in the Best Actress and Actor in a Mini-series categories.
  11. Inigima Birthday Vanity Thread

    Happy birthday!!!
  12. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    Ed and Peggy's iteration of Bonnie and Clyde has been awesome to watch. I thought she looked the part when she wore her beret. They will either end up like Swiss cheese or they will be abducted by the UFO. Did anyone watch last Saturday's SNL? They had a hilarious skit on UFO abductions.  Here it is:
  13. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    Dodd and Peggy's scenes were gold. I'm so glad Hanzee's hair stayed intact. 
  14. The Walking Dead S6 (no comic spoilers)

    Morgan? He's dead to me.  In a time where only the fittest survive, he is in the bottom and as much a danger to others as the wolves are. Same thing with little Damien boy. One "Mom" out of his mouth and I would have slowly done an Exorcist head turn and given him "Mom death eyes." Jesus, what's wrong with these people. 
  15. The Walking Dead S6 (no comic spoilers)

    So Glenn is alive then. Right? Walkie Talkie convo: "zombie growl followed by 'help'." Here I thought they'd wait until the season finale. I was so bored during this episode, I started playing Candy Crush.