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  1. L.G. was born in Ontario and emigrated to Oregon. Thank you for your answer! Anything goes when it comes to names.
  2. I always like and appreciate your columns. I've been conducting ancestry searches. My husband, I found out, has a great-grandfather whose name was L.G. All official documents show him as L. G. Was this common in the 1800's? Initials only that don't stand for anything but sound good together? I find it to be very interesting.
  3. Pokemon Go

    I finally went to Silphroad's IV algorithm of Jesus place. All of my high cp ones are solid, except for all of my evee evolves! Even my 1432 Vaporeon. I was very disappointed about that. Today I caught a wild Grimer and weak Clefairy at my Dad's. Trudging along at about 38k on level 22. Also, the 715 Grimer has perfect IV. Proud of that mound of poo. One of my Nidorans has an A+D IV of negative one! Now that is humiliating.
  4. RIO 16 - Best bits

    Monica Puig! Puerto Rico's first gold medal ever. She played like a champion and made our hearts burst with pride.
  5. I've done both security and the door. I will do whichever you need. I want one of those neon reflective jackets like Mountain Goat used in London, though. They command respect!
  6. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Ooo, my preciousss!
  7. Pokemon Go

    I was at a party at a private home in a very small neighborhood. I turned the game on an there was a Pikachu. I hit it with the mega balls and caught it 7 times and it still poofed. Whyyyyyy. 22 is never ending. They are toying us.
  8. Pokemon Go

    I finally hatched something other than trash. I got a Cubone. I also caught a wild Mankey. One weird thing happened. I received three eggs from a Pokestop. I touched them and they were listed on the top right of the screen. When I went to check on them to start incubating, I only showed one new one, not three. I only had two others incubating so I was nowhere near the 9 max. This has happened to me more than once. Has this happened to any of you? I'm assuming it's a glitch. It's still annoying.
  9. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    So this Rican Mama is exploded over the fact that Monica Puig will play for the gold medal in Women's Singles in Tennis. This is a first for us. PicaPower!!
  10. Pokemon Go

    Suffering through level 22. I have caught 85 out of 86 seen. I evolved a nice 1132 Cloyster and an Ivysaur and Graveler in the 800's. Forgot the Starmie at 1190. My strongest ones are an Exeggutor (1644,) Vaporeon (1432,) and Golduck (1307.) I now have 13 over 1000. I have a 900 Seadra, which I love. The sad thing is that I've never been part of a group battle, so I'm looking forward to that next week. I try to dodge when I see the mon rearing back but I get so nervous all I do is do the face to face thing. I tend to laugh my head off while battling. This doesn't help the cause.
  11. Pokemon Go

    I see. I thought 75,000 was bad, oy. Silphroad is an excellent resource. Thanks!
  12. Pokemon Go

    A woman almost killed herself trying to level up to 21. I threw my walking shoes away because of blisters. I have good ones for KC, though. The only cool thing I evolved was a Gastly into a Haunter. Someone tell me that XP levels off here soon!
  13. Pokemon Go

    Thank you Guy.
  14. Pokemon Go

    I got a Pikachu! I live outside a small city's limit. I find it very sweet that I've caught my best Pokemons around the grounds of my Dad's nursing home. It was there that I caught my Pikachu today. I also caught an Electrode, a Magneton, a Wartortle, and a weak Growlithe. The area has a guard gate (there are Memory Patients at the facility). I feel like it's my own little Pokemon garden. I needed this because my Dad had a bad day today. Parkinson's sucks.
  15. Pokemon Go

    Any and all tips are welcome! Hi Mystic Zar! You should do this! I consider X-Ray to be my Sensei so I adopted Mystic because she stated, and I quote: "Mystic or GTFO!" Today I (my son) defeated a level four so we got the gym and I still left stuff behind. I used consecutive special eggs to double my xp. I evolved a few. I need 5k to make it past level 20. I'm loving it!