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  1. Have you ever written something about your given name? I'd like to know all about it,
  2. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I hatched an Elekid and Igglypuff. I'm not getting many eggs from my squalid Pokestops. 50k away from level 30.
  3. Excellent column about Collum. We visited Florence this past September. I didn't know that Arno comes from the Latin word for lion. Another cool thing is that my father's Parish is St. Columkille. The location? Iona Road.
  4. Fargo 3: not until 2017

    Thank you for the update. Yipee!
  5. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    OMG!! Gym at the Acropolis FTW!
  6. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I hatched a Pichu!! I'm looking forward to what comes out of a couple of 10k eggs that I'm hatching.
  7. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    Finally caught the Santa Pikachu. It's so cute!! No other new ones, though.
  8. I know I'm just a Florida housewife but one thing that really reminds me of this is when nominations involve limited release movies that I may never get to see in my small town. Jackie is barely out and it's nominated. It seems like there's so much studio manipulation with these awards. It's no longer just "for your consideration." Now it's consider this, this second, so you can nominate before Christmas even though the film will be widely released (if that,) in January.
  9. Walking Dead Season 7 (No comic Spoilers)

    I enjoyed this show. I'm still watching but I'm thinking about breaking up with it. I no longer find it compelling, or even funny. It's become a watch while you fold clothes show for me.
  10. I'm glad to see that Westworld and Stranger Things have received nominations. They were my favorite shows this year. Also, Bryce Dallas Howard was excellent in her Black Mirror episode. I'm glad she was recognized too.
  11. Pokemon Go: Generation 2

    I'm happy to have Pokestops at Starbucks. It took me so long through the drive-through that I spun it three times. I caught a giant wild Snorlax the other day at my grocery store. It was so odd. Then today, I saw the new game cover with Santa Pikachu and it also features a Snorlax. Coincidence? I'm a third into level 29. I evolved my Kadabra and Grimer so I now have an Alakazam and a Muk. I've caught 135 out of 142 seen. I'm now walking my Omanyte because I'm a masochist. It seems like I'm getting a double vibration when a Mon appears. One like a warning before the Mon appears. Is this happening to anyone else?
  12. Inigima birthday vanity thread

    Well, well, well, look who turned 29. Happy birthday Ini!
  13. Did I ever tell you I bought a dress like yours at the con, from the same vendor? I love it but now I don't think I could wear it.
  14. Jury Duty

    We were released at 11am. Not one of us, and we were close to 200, was called to serve on a panel. We sat for three hours, waiting. We were lucky as it could have been more time. All the cases plea bargained. We did have wifi.
  15. Jury Duty

    Soooo, I'm to report tomorrow at 8:00a.m. Thankfully we can bring phones and iPads and they provide Wifi. I think this is very smart as it subdues the restless masses. It definitely settle me down. No drinks allowed, so I'll gulp my Starbucks mocha on the way. Hopefully my number won't be called.