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  1. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Like I said, consent isn't an issue with the hosts and yes, he is acting out a dark fantasy. I see this behavior as disgusting. He is acting as a rapist and torturer. I'm not willing to minimize it because "it doesn't count."
  2. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    You are right. There is no consent for the hosts. What we have been addressing is the fact that the MiB's intent is to act as a rapist to Dolores. He drags her by her hair to the barn, talks to her in a pejorative, disgusting way about "remembering him,"closes the door behind him, whips out a huge knife, and tells her it's time to get reacquainted. This, in my mind, does not make him a good person, even if his foundation (tax deduction) helps others. The law may not consider him to be a rapist, but I do.
  3. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    I don't care if the MiB is a philanthropist or not. The fact that for 30 years he has been raping and torturing Dolores makes him a monster to me. I don't see how his behavior toward Dolores advances his quest to solve the maze. Also, there's no way that Ford is not aware of the MiB's motivation and game playing MO. Have we seen other people being scalped? I wonder if only that one host has/had the maze diagram on its scalp.
  4. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    I watch with subtitles and the MiB is referred to as the MiB. Why would they keep his identity secret? If he was a member of the board, why would he say that he was on vacation? The creators say "Ed's character represents all that is human." Why the ambiguity? Is the Wyatt story new? If it hadn't been created then the MiB would be stuck at the Snake Lady level. Bernard introduced Dolores to the maze, so the MiB's quest isn't unique to him, as I thought it was. I think Bernard said that the maze led to freedom while the MiB says he'll find truth. I'm not ready to give up on the idea that the MiB is a host, perhaps Arnold's Opus, looking for its creator after thirty years of learning by repeating. Wouldn't the MiB have figured how to blow the lock y himself? Instead the omniscient "request for two pyrotechnic low level explosions." Someone is minding him.
  5. I'm watching Westworld, Poldark and Outlander. Waiting for The Walking Dead.
  6. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    It is tremendous. Ramin strikes again. I'm sure this will be a strong contender for the Best Introduction Emmy next year. This year, the intro to The Man in the High Castle won. It deserved it for sure.
  7. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Oh yeah, absolutely. She said the dragons need to be real. I think they entertained the notion for one second, if that.
  8. Random Thoughts

    This was so cute!! No Howland Reed though??!
  9. Good chills. It's like certain songs or music really Wow me and I get chills.
  10. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Two Michelin Stars! Last time I was in DC we ate at Jaleo & Zaytinya, both Bib Gourmands.
  11. Music gives me chills. Other things give cooties, like people who sit with their work clothes on their beds. I don't like the cross-contamination, as I see it.
  12. Special request

    I am always willing my friend. All you need to do is ask. The prayers go in Spanish so all bases are covered.
  13. In August I visited an 11th century monastery in Spain. The hotel historian pointed to a millennial oak. Like you said, the structure was built on a former Gaelic sacred site. Asturias and Galicia (Gales) were initially Gaelic. A castro was a Gaelic settlement. The last name Castro pertains to such locations.
  14. US Healthcare insurance

  15. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Yes about Arnold and MiB. Possibly Ford created Dolores and Arnold created MiB and they are both the oldest hosts. The two easiest programs, one good, one bad.