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  1. I've lost that loving feeling for this show. In its attempt to be Fargo shocking it's become boringly gross. I used to feel sympathy for those characters whose lives turned to shit because of circumstance or fate or an unlucky encounter with pure evil. This was because as viewers, we were meant to have the feeling that "there but for the grace of God..." This is no longer the case for me. There's no connection anymore. When I started this thread a few years back, I was thrilled because it was Fargo. The cherry on top was that my friend and board member Salome Sandwich was in it. Not only was she in the show, she was in the national commercial for the series. Now I feel let down and sad. I'll continue to watch but in all honesty I no longer care. Very disappointed.
  2. Mormont, I cannot imagine the anxiety you suffered. I'm so glad she's safe. This is all horrific.
  3. I got my white whale today!!! I hatched a Chansey!
  4. Felices Pascuas de Resurrección!
  5. Luckeeee! I dropped my 2900 Gyarados in a small gym in a sort of middle of nowhere spot in a different town and it hasn't moved since. It's been 31/2 weeks. At least I now remember to collect.
  6. He was shocked that it was 19%, his third highest percentage after Scotland/England and France/Germany. BTW, I've always thought your avatar was beautiful.
  7. Husband's DNA showed that he is Scandinavian. He had no clue about this, but his looks make sense now. He's Scotch-Irish and German, plus now Scandinavian. Also, he has a little bit of Gengis Khan in him. My favorite trace for me was Polynesian. One thing I wish I knew was what specific type of Native American I am.
  8. I really liked this one. I had no idea that Tracy came from Theresa. It makes complete sense. We almost always call Teresas Tere as, at least in PR , we like to use nicknames, diminutives, and shortening of names as a show of affection. Also, when combined, María Teresa is pronounced with a soft accent on the Ma rather than a stronger one on the ía. It flows nicely that way.
  9. North of Gainesville, Florida, (where I used to live,) is the small city of Waldo. According to the National Motorists Association's 2012 report, Waldo was ranked third in its list of "Worst Speed Trap Cities" in North America. We all ew about Waldo!
  10. I was finally able to evolve my Wartortle to get a Blastoise. Missing/will probably never get: Charizard, Machamp, Lapras, and Dragonite. Chansey is dead to me. Still walking my Omanyte. Yesterday I evolved and got a Croconaw, a Quagsire, and an Ursaring. Caught 191/201. I wants the itemz!
  11. Can't wai! It's been so long!
  12. That's your first baby? Awesome! That's a good one!
  13. I just started level 31. I have caught 184 out of 194 seen. I've been walking my Omanyte since last year. It is torture but at 50, it was the closest one that I could evolve. After that I will probably walk my Wartortle. I have the following: Stantler, Octillery, Remoraid, Corsola, Swinub, Slugma, Teddiursa, Heracross, Qwilfish, Snubbull, Pineco, Murkrow, Wooper, Yanma, Sunkern, Aipom, Skiploom, Hoppip, Sudowoodo, Azumarrill, Marrill, Xatu, Natu, Chinchou, Ariados, Spinarak, Ledian, Ledyba, Noctowl, Hoothoot, Furret, Sentret, Totodile, Quilava, Cyndaquil, Bayleef, and Chikorita. Really. They have got to help us out with items. It's really annoying.
  14. I just remembered that Rose told Chris that he was one of her favorites. To me this raises the question of how many other friends she brought in who may have died in the process. Seems like she wouldn't have said that when there were only three other people involved.
  15. Lilly, it could also be that the buck took revenge on the father through Chris. I found it satisfying. This is what you think about us? This what I think about you. A very interesting thing to me was the way the brother cried after being hit on the head and after the second fight. It was very peculiar and not so rehearsed/fake.