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  1. I always though of him as South African Jai Courtney.
  2. A lot death this episode. RIP Mr De Groot, he always gave sound advice and was never listened too, it's fitting that he went down with the ship. RIP Dooley, the latest in a long row of victims to Captain Flint. RIP Joji, never said a word but gave us two pretty cool fights in this episode and was probably the most curious member of the Walrus crew. RIP The Walrus (again) and the Walrus crew. RIP Billy Bones' last shred of decency. A lot of action too. Like I said, the Joji fight were pretty cool, I especially liked the short but effective fight between him and Dooley. The fight between Hands and Flint was a disappointment though. It seemed like Hands had just completely forgotten how too fight. And I think that Rogers taking out the Walrus was a little bit too easy. There was a lot of good stuff in this episode. The flashbacks were great, I liked how Silver just couldn't be completely honest, plus it explains how he learned to fight. The scene with Madi and Rogers was fantastic too, especially Madi shutting Rogers down. And in addition to that the whole episode was beautifully shot. I liked the scene with Rackham and the old man, but this part of the story has started to feel a bit like an afterthought. There's a lot of things that needs to be packed into the finale. I am actually wondering how they are going to get it all in there. At least the chest is in the ground so that is taken care off. I think the show could have needed another season to properly tell the story, as of right now Nassau and the rebellion feels a little bit forgotten given that it has been the focus of most of the season. Anyway, I both look forward too the last episode and don't look forward too it. It want to see how it ends but I don't really want it to end.
  3. The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season one]

    AFAIK, Finan has been cast, so no worries there.
  4. Trailer Thread III

    Another, more substantial trailer for IZombie Season 3.
  5. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    It's basically a combination of the opening of the original movie and the opening of the Stand Alone Complex series.
  6. Trailer Thread III

    Death Note Teaser Trailer
  7. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    A clip showing off the first five minutes.
  8. I loved the confrontation between Obi-Wan and Maul. It was a good sequence and felt like an appropriate end for Maul. The fight itself was great and I liked how short it was when it played out. That felt like a great homage to the samurai-movies that inspired George Lucas. On the other hand, while it was a good end, it was also a bit disappointing. I feel like there was still a lot of potential that could be had from Mauls still being out there a bit longer. After his great introduction at the end of season 2 I had big hopes for Maul in Rebels and high expectations that they completely failed to capitalize on. It just felt a bit anticlimactic. And lastly, Ezra shouldn't have been in the episode at all. It should have been just Obi-Wan and Maul the entire episode. Instead we got just a little bit of that and instead got to see Ezra trek trough a desert for the majority of the run-time. It was great example of how the need to always involve the Ghost crew can hurt an episode.
  9. So we finally get to the Treasure Island. We got five men going with Israel Hands and Dooley is with Flint. That makes for six men and a treasure chest. Toby Stephens was amazing in this episode. From his reaction to Silver's plan and their subsequent interactions, it was all great. His story about Henry Avery discovering the island was fantastic and incredibly atmospheric. The visuals of the island and the wrecked ship certainly helped too. Plus we got to see Flint's single-minded determination to make war on England and to get things his way return. And his plan is presumably hide the treasure and make him-self indispensable to anyone who wants to reclaim it. I feel a bit sorry for Dooley though, as he's definitely becoming the latest casualty of people getting caught up in Flint's plans. Did Max just fuck Jack over again? I'm losing a bit of patience with Max. I never really bough that she is in love with Anne so I don't really know how I fell about that plot-point being brought up so much. I think I'll be pretty disappointed if she gets away scot-free with Anne in the end. Otherwise its all good. Billy is a dick and the scene where he talked about money breaking up a partnership was excellent, especially with Rogers there, presumably making a parallel of Billy's words with him and Eleanor. Woodes Rogers is a dick. We got a Mr Gates shout-out and a Henry Avery shout-out. Ben Gunn is probably feeling a bit like a fool. Jack has gotten himself another fine coat.
  10. The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season one]

    A solid first episode and they're off to a good start. I still think Dreymon is a bit too pretty and not blonde enough for the role, but I think his acting is solid and he's only getting better. Alfred is still great. I probably liked his scene with Ragnar and Brida the most. Btw, what the spoiler situation with this thread? The title has a spoiler warning but indicates that it is only for s1? I figured I'd better hide some of my comments that might possibly be spoilers.
  11. He never used an axe, just the hammer. He uses the spike to tear up Jacob's throat and then he nails Billy with it.
  12. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    As far as I know though, Walker is a pretty big fan of the previous Mass Effect games. So I don't think it's just bias against big RPGs.