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  1. With the Flash just getting worse and worse, I'm really glad that Arrow got back on track again. This was easily the best season since s2, despite kinda wasting Dolph Lundgren a bit. However the cliffhanger was a bit silly, there's no way that they would kill off almost the entire cast. Although I guess some of them could go. Plus we got a nice Spartacus reunion with Crixus, Ashur and Mira.
  2. Trailer for Wind River New Trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Trailer for Zombillenium Trailer for Grateful Dead Documentary Long Strange Trip
  3. I recently read Eaters of the Dead and it gave me an inclination to re-watch The 13th Warrior, so yesterday I did just that. It was just as marvellous as ever. It is a very flawed movie, it's very cheesy and silly and I love it so much and will never tire of it. And this time around I managed to figure something out about it that has always eluded me. Despite having seen the movie many times I have never gotten the count of the warriors to more than 12 that I could actually rememberer. However this time around I realized that the 13th and last warrior is a teenage boy that is never shown fighting, barely has any screen time and has no lines, which makes him very easy to miss. I also noticed that the character that the end-credits give the epithet "The Dour" spends most of his limited screen-time laughing. I have also watched Fortitude which I liked very much. It didn't quite turn out to be watch I expected it to be when I started watching, but I think it was all the better for it. And it was seriously more gory and grisly than I expected. Plus there's some really good acting, particularly from Richard Dormer and Stanley Tucci. Dennis Quaid was a solid addition for season two too.
  4. However they have not clarified this at all in the show. In fact the Saint is seemingly a lot less Saint-like in the show, as so far he only seems like a guy that has been snuck out of hell and not an actual Saint of Killers. Hopefully they'll expand a bit on him to add all the extra bits.
  5. I was very into the James Bond movies when I was younger and collected all of them on VHS and have seen all of them countless times, so this is very sad to hear for me. While he was not my favourite Bond I have always had a very soft spot for him when it come to his Bond and the movies he was in, especially Live and Let Die and The Spy that Loved Me. Plus I always loved his role in Cannonball Run as a man pretending to be Roger Moore as Bond. Farewell and Thanks for the movies.
  6. While I am a Ducks fan, if they had to lose to anyone I perfectly fine with it being the Nashville. I have always liked the Predators and I hope they can take it in the finals.
  7. Zack Snyder is stepping down from directing Justice League due to family circumstances. Joss Whedon to step in to help finish it.
  8. Was that Lance Armstrong at the end? That's a bold move.
  9. Apparently Tom Hardy is set to play Venom.
  10. The Glass Castle Trailer Okja Trailer Blade of the Immortal Trailer The Merciless Trailer Teaser Trailer for Borg about tennis player Björn Borg and his rivalry John McEnroe
  11. So, it looks like The Dark Knight Returns: Black Lightning Edition.
  12. It seems like the cause of death has officially been ruled a suicide.
  13. Final Trailer for War for he Planet of the Apes
  14. Or a faux reality show starring a group of young nobles from various parts of Westeros sharing a house on the Northern west coast, called Stony Shore.
  15. I watched River's Edge yesterday. I've been meaning to watch it for a while and finally got around to it. It was very good and exceed my expectations. Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Ione Skye and Joshua Miller were all good and Crispin Glover was great. Plus it got one all time great movie insult with "You just stay around here to fuck my mother and eat our food. Motherfucker! Food Eater!"