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  1. I finished it. Overall I liked it. The lower number of episodes feels like a good choice and something that they should keep for the upcoming shows, 13 episodes are just too much. I also think Iron Fist worked a lot better here than he did in his own show. The Hand does end up feeling pretty tired and played out as the antagonist though.
  2. Teaser Trailer
  3. The Florida Project Trailer Last Rampage Trailer Mother! Trailer
  4. New Trailer for The Defenders. Probably also the final trailer.
  5. There isn't a movie that I hate more than Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween, so that one gets my vote.
  6. Lawyer up, hit the gym, delete facebook.
  7. Of course the Night's Watch shops at IKEA.
  8. Another trailer for The Deuce
  9. Not enough pouches.
  10. Season 3 Trailer
  11. Tombstone's first appearance was in a Spider-Man comic, so it's possible that Sony has the rights for him. He would make for great foe for either Punisher or Luke Cage.
  12. I suggest you don't watch Life.
  13. Trailer for the remake of Death Wish Trailer for LBJ Trailer for Call Me By Your Name
  14. New season 3 Trailer. It looks good.
  15. First look at Domino
  16. Trailer for The Deuce, David Simon's new HBO Drama
  17. Trailer for George Clooney directed Suburbicon New trailer for IT
  18. I like that Dennis is Cassidy's kid, it's a nice touch and makes perfect sense in hindsight. I'm iffy about the soul business but don't mind most of it. Although I'm surprised show-Jesse even has a soul. They keep messing with the Saint though, in ways they don't need too. I think Graham McTavish is a great casting choice and makes for a great Saint in both looks and demeanour. But the writing is just disappointing and once again just comes of as someone who does not really understand the source material. Plus that library scene was fucking ridiculous. And if they are seriously making Angelville and the L'Angell's into some kind of voodoo/romani-magic user bullshit, then this show can go fuck itself.
  19. My Friend Dahmer Trailer Triple Threat Trailer
  20. It seems Iron Fist is getting a new showrunner. Probably for the better.
  21. Here's a new trailer from Comic-Con showcasing what is coming up on this season.
  22. New Defender Trailer
  23. End of Watch is really good too.