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  1. Was that Lance Armstrong at the end? That's a bold move.
  2. Apparently Tom Hardy is set to play Venom.
  3. The Glass Castle Trailer Okja Trailer Blade of the Immortal Trailer The Merciless Trailer Teaser Trailer for Borg about tennis player Björn Borg and his rivalry John McEnroe
  4. So, it looks like The Dark Knight Returns: Black Lightning Edition.
  5. It seems like the cause of death has officially been ruled a suicide.
  6. Final Trailer for War for he Planet of the Apes
  7. Or a faux reality show starring a group of young nobles from various parts of Westeros sharing a house on the Northern west coast, called Stony Shore.
  8. I watched River's Edge yesterday. I've been meaning to watch it for a while and finally got around to it. It was very good and exceed my expectations. Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Ione Skye and Joshua Miller were all good and Crispin Glover was great. Plus it got one all time great movie insult with "You just stay around here to fuck my mother and eat our food. Motherfucker! Food Eater!"
  9. It seems Fox has killed Scream Queens too.
  10. Damn, that Djinn was packing some heat.
  11. Yeah all the mutant power just looked super boring. Just the same vague mental powers. And they're gonna do Lorna Dane and not give her green hair? Lame!
  12. Oh no, that's so sad. I always liked Powers Booth, he was always very good in everything I ever saw him in. Especially Deadwood and Tombstone. He knew how to rock a moustache too. RIP
  13. He won best supporting actor though.
  14. 6 Days Trailer It Stains the Sands Red Trailer The Limehouse Golem Trailer
  15. Europe of course, our hills are way better than the hills of USA.
  16. It looks like IZombie has been renewed for another season.
  17. Actor Michael Parks, probably best know for his various roles in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez movies, has passed away at age 77.
  18. A solid second episode. Not as remarkable, weird or eventful as the first one but still good. The TV scene was great and exactly what I pictured that character to be like. I totally didn't realize she was played by Gillian Anderson though. Anansi was not exactly like a pictured him, at least not lookswise but he certainly had the right swagger, plus I always pictured a lot of the gods to be old as fuck. Czernobog and the sister was great too. I like Peter Stormare and it is certainly kinda fitting that Czernobog is portrayed by an actor who has spent a considerable chunk of his carer playing east-european characters. And we even got a space-boner.
  19. I think it comes out on the Starz app earlier.
  20. I can't post in the Last Kingdom thread, although I can post fine elsewhere.
  21. Experience in the brain-dealing business maybe. Or he's just a convenient asset at the moment and can be disposed off as soon as it is suitable.
  22. Damn, Duck's got back from a 3 goal deficit in the last three minutes of regular time. Although there was definitely some iffy refereeing going on.
  23. Aw, Don E just wanted a friend.
  24. Today I watched Slumber Party Massacre 2 which in essence is everything one imagines a forgotten 80s-slasher movie to be. It was full of bad bad acting, overacting and flat characters. The story was nonsensical and ridden with every slasher movie cliche. Plus it has the most ridiculous slasher movie villain ever. So naturally I enjoyed it very much in the so bad it's good way. Although for a movie of this sort it took it's sweet time to get to the good stuff. But I can't help but kinda love a movie that has a scene like this.
  25. That was a solid season finale. The Wessex stuff was pretty boring but the rest of the episode made up for it. The rescue sequence was good, albeit very different from the book IIRC. I really hope the start using ships more but maybe that's just a budget thing.. The brief battle was pretty good, although I don't understand why they need to have suck complicated shieldwalls. Siegfried vs Erik was very good, as was Erik's death. Siegfried even managed to make the stump-knife seem kinda badass. Having Aethelflead be the one to kill Siegfried was a nice touch. Osfreth was suitability useless. Clapa went out like a badass. Odda killing himself was kinda dumb though, wouldn't suicide be a big no-no in medieval Catholicism? Overall I think season two was a great improvement on the first season in almost every way. I also think they did a way better job at fitting two books into one season this time around. Although I do think they season might arguably have peaked during the slavery-episode. Siegfired and Erik were great antagonists for this season and Björn Bengtsson and Christian Hillborg did a very good job. Mark Rowley was also a fine addition as Finan. I hope they can keep this up for future seasons, even though than are now moving into the weaker parts of the series. Maybe they can finally give Uhtred some proper armor too.