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  1. I agree with this post totally. Your voice is great and your enthusiasm for the subject really shines through, but the background music is distracting and gets annoying.
  2. Well, Lagertha is a rapist now, so that's something. I actually mostly liked that episode. Some of the editing seemed a bit weir and abrupt though. The tiresome bickering between the brothers was ended before it got truly tiresome and developed into inevitable outright enmity. Hvistserk staying with Ivar hopefully means he will become an actual character. The battle was alright, even if the Saxon's continue being stupid. I really don't get why they let Ubbe and Hvisterk go though. Also, bonus points to Hvitserk for remembering to use a shield. The Harald and Astrid stuff was alright too, not particularly exciting but I didn't mind it too much. The Floki stuff continues being great, all the magic shit aside. The best part of the episode was the scene with Bjorn and Halfdan. This is pretty much the most interesting part of the season for me, so naturally it get the short en of the stick. It was nice to actually get to know Halfdan a little better, hopefully the he can develop a little more now that he is separate form his brother. And is was nice to see that the had stopped to pick up Sinric too. Plus there was minimal Judith and absolutely no Kattegat whatsoever, which was nice surprise.
  3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer
  4. I watched a documentary called Bad Rap, about four Asian-American rappers and their struggles with finding success and their place within the Hip-Hop scene and community, as well as within mainstream media as well. It was good and really highlighted something that I never really though about with regards too Hip-Hop and Rap.
  5. I went back and re-played Jade Empire. It was still enjoyable even if it didn't quite hold up as well as I hoped it would. The fighting system in particular is a little simple and feels kinda unrewarding and the alignment-system is pretty poor too and ends up being way too black-and-white despite the game itself telling you that is isn't. Still, I really wouldn't have minded a sequel to this. Too bad we probably never getting it.
  6. Batman Ninja Trailer A Wrinkle in Time Trailer A Quiet Place Trailer And a Trailer for All the Money in the World without Kevin Spacey
  7. And seriously, how shitty is Kattegats security. Harald's manages to free him, kill a couple of guards, kidnap Astrid and sail away without anyone noticing until they were already on their way. I though Lagertha was supposed to make Kattegat a more safe and secure place? And what are they feeding the kind on this show? Alfred, Guthrum and Athelred aged something like four years in a few months. All while the women on the show doesn't seem to age at all. It is also impressive that Bishop JRM has managed to find a hair-mousse in 9th century England.
  8. Wasn't William Gibson's upcoming novel supposed to be about an alternate reality where Donald Trump won the election?
  9. I'm not even sure what to make of that. It's mostly business as usual, a few glimpses of brilliance and a whole lot of bullshit. What the fuck have they done to Lagertha? In fact all female characters currently on this show are terrible. Judith is the worst, Astrid sucks and of course Torvi sucks too, even if I think Lagertha might be taking over the crown as worst character in Kattegat. England in general is pretty boring too, both on the Saxon and Norse sides. The sibling squabble is tiresome and will like only get more so. And the Saxon's just remain as boring as they have always been. Bishop JRM is kinda ridiculous so far. Floki is still pretty great though and manages to hold my interest pretty well. I was also disappointed that we did not get to see anything form Bjorn and his journey. Even if Alexander Ludwig and Bjorn was boring as fuck last season I'm still really looking forward to this story. Especially since it also seems like it might give Halfdan something worthwhile to do too.
  10. Well I wasn't all that impressed, but then I saw that they have the heroes fighting a horde of faceless baddies, and that really sold me on the whole thing.
  11. He's the oldest son of Vicente.
  12. Yeah, I really liked this one. Definitely my favourite Marvel-Netflix show along side s1 of Daredevil. The first couple of episodes were a bit slow but once it got going it was great. Plus it felt a lot better paced than the other show and didn't run out of steam towards the end in the same way the other usually does. Even if it probably would have worked just as well with 2-3 fewer episodes. Jon Bernthal was fantastic and the rest of the cast was pretty damn good too. Especially Ben Barnes, Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Amber Rose Revah.
  13. Although the first movie is just Point Break with cars.
  14. So, Titan Quest just got a new expansion. That was certainly unexpected.
  15. I'm not sure why, but I'm really not feeling this season of Rebels.
  16. Yeah, this why I'm not really in favour of Marvel getting the X-Men rights back. While I like the MCU films they do feel like they are all fairly "safe" movies , and something like Logan or Deadpool wouldn't fly in the MCU. Plus I really like Madrox so I would actually like to see what they will make of that.
  17. Well this is a surprise, it seems Fox is planning on making a Multiple Man movie.
  18. That was certainly a great start to the season. I have a hard time seeing how John could survive that and I'm sad to see him go, but I guess someone major had to die to really drive home the magnitude of the threat they are facing. Michael will survive though, of that I have no doubt. It was nice to see how everyone was fairing in life outside the Peaky Blinders, and how none of them seemed even a little content. I really liked Arthur's line about fixing cars. I'm interested to see how Adrien Brody will fare in his role. I though he did pretty well in is first scene and he seemed to have the swagger and menace that a gangster of his sort should have, so I'm interested to see if he can keep it up. I also haven't seen him in anything noteworthy since Predators.
  19. Man, they really are firing at all cylinders this season.
  20. I'm liking it so far. But the female agent is kinda ridiculous. And it's also always nice to see Christopher Heyerdahl and Not-actually-Tom-Hardy in work.
  21. First released in 2012 I believe.
  22. So it's kinda like an official version the Medieval 2 mod The Last Kingdom. Which does work pretty well for me, as I really like that mod as well as the old Viking Conquest expansion pack.
  23. Yeah, rum gets my vote too.
  24. Honestly, I think I might be getting tired of them too. I haven't even watched Spider-Man Homecoming yet.
  25. You know, I used to think that I'd never be tired of Star Wars movies, but at this rate I'm soon going to be.