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  1. I decided to spice up my time Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines a bit and installed the Antitribu mod which switches out the original seven vampire clans to other Non-Camarilla-clans from the pen&paper game. Unfortunately while it was fun to shoot snakes a people the mod also added a lot of unnecessary combat, more enemies, seriously beefed up some of the already existing fights and made most npcs look like a bunch of goth-punk-thugs. So I ended up going back to the more normal version. My initial idea of just doing Santa Monica and Downtown also fell through spectacularly as I just wrapped up the last of the Hollywood sidequests and now have the horrible sewer level to look forward to.
  2. That's probably the least surprising choice of a villain they could have gone with. Now of course, Carnage is a garbage character, but it's really the only choice for a Venom antagonist.
  3. Honestly, I have never been fond of the idea of a Han Solo origin movie, so I kinda hope this one ends up terrible just so we won't get any more unnecessary stand-alone movies. They should have just done a Dash Rendar movie if they just wanted a new Han Solo.
  4. What, really? Fuck! The Infamous is one of my favourite Rap albums and Shook Ones Pt.II is one of the greatest Rap songs of all time. I remember when I was in France when I was sixteen and was picked out for a supposed routine bag-check at the airport, the guy doing found the Mobb Deep album I had in the bag and started geeking out over how great Mobb Deep was. RIP
  5. Trailer for female wrestling show Glow Trailer for Some Freaks Trailer for evil doll movie Annabelle: Creation New trailer for American Assassin
  6. That was good and it feels like the finale was a good representation of the show so far. It is good but it also doesn't feel like it is in a hurry to get anywhere. Sure a few things where answered and the war finally started, but it took its sweet time getting there. I like American Gods and when the it is good it is great and it is especially well cast, Ian McShane, Pablo Schreiber, Emily Browning, Gillian Anderson and Crispin Glover have all been fantastic, and the rest of the cast are very good as well. And it is a great looking show. But sometimes it feels a lot more like style over substance and the pace is really slow. I wonder how I would feel about the show if I hadn't already read the book.
  7. Oh trust me, that little fucker gets way way worse in season three.
  8. I've been watching The Strain. It's entertaining enough but it's also an incredibly frustrating show to watch. Most of the characters is kinda unlikeable and they constantly take the stupidest decisions they could and make dumb mistakes. And the show is filled with badly thought out plots that never go anywhere remotely satisfying and end up feeling like a waste of time. Plus the show has the worst kid in TV history. But I still liked it enough to binge three seasons, so it must do something for me.
  9. It should be on sale on GOG right now.
  10. I felt a pull to return to the World of Darkness, so I dug up and reinstalled Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines for the first time in like, nine years. It is as delightful as ever even if it is showing it's age in some parts at this point. I probably wont do a full playthrough though and will probably just go through the Santa Monica and Downtown areas, as they are probably the best parts of the game.
  11. It's almost as if they didn't learn anything from Last Stand.
  12. Brigsby Bear Trailer Goodbye Christopher Robin Trailer Jungle Trailer Trailer for Whitney Houston documentary Whitney: Can I Be Me Second Trailer for Detroit Trailer for Happy Death Day, aka "What if Groundhog Day was a slasher movie?"
  13. Trailer for the remake of Flatliners Trailer for Shot Caller New Trailer for Tour De Pharmacy Trailer for Mountain, a documentary about mountains
  14. Mad Sweeney is probably my favourite character on the show so I really liked this episode and it is my favourite one of the show so far. Plus I really liked that particular Coming to America story in the book. Of course it was a sidetrack and didn't do that much to much to further the plot, especially since the show already has a very slow pace, but I'll give them a pass this time.
  15. So this is Project Dylan? So called because they wanted to make a game that was as timeless and ubiquitous as Bob Dylan. Otherwise, I really liked this trailer for side-scrolling Cyberpunk Action-Adventure game The Last Night And the trailer for the new Wolfenstein game.
  16. Yeah, I can't really muster up that much enthusiasm for this, it just seems kinda derivative on first look.
  17. RIP
  18. Teaser for Bioware's new IP Anthem
  19. RIP Adam West
  20. Good Trailer, but Is it just me or does the suit look kinda bad? At least compared to the Civil War outfit?
  21. That's a fairly awful poster.
  22. American Made Trailer
  23. I really like the bits with Mad Sweeney and Laura, it's a fun road-trip they're on and I look forward to seeing where it goes. I'm a bit sceptic about Salim though. I really like the character but I'm not sure how I feel about him running after the Djinn. Vulcan was a great idea that didn't completely work, the whole town just felt a bit silly. And the music was awful during parts of the episode, it was just too loud, too irritating and too distracting. Absolutely awful.
  24. I watched Seven yesterday (or I guess it's Se7en) for the first time since in probably 14-15 years. I had almost forgotten how gruesome it is. I still like and It is a very good movie. Although it does go a bit hard on the evil-genius-supervillain trope for the antagonist. And the ending isn't as strong as the rest of the movie..