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  1. So far I like it well enough, even if it does give me some major Heroes vibes. I can't say I care much for the kids, but otherwise I like the Mutant Underground they have chosen an nice set of X-Men characters to use with Thunderbird, Blink and Polaris. Plus Garret Dillahunt is apparently in it, which was a nice surprise.
  2. I watched this yesterday in a empty cinema. I liked it and it was very very good, maybe even great, but I don't think it wast a masterpiece by any means. And not as good as the first one. It was and absolutely gorgeous movie. The story was good and the themes very interesting and appropriate. Plus the action scenes were pretty damn good too. K, Joi and Luv were great, and I would have liked to see more of Mackenzie Davis character. The acting was stellar all around, Harrison Ford made a very strong showing and I really liked Barkhad Abdi's small role. The fight/chase-scene between K and Deckard was too long and drawn out. I don't really think the chase portion was necessary there. The movie was also too loud at times and almost hurt my ears at a few occasions, but that may just have been the cinema? While I liked it and it was better than I ever though a Blade Runner sequel would ever be, I'm still not sure that it feels like a necessary sequel. I would have been fine with Deckard and Rachel's story being left where it ended in the first film. I'm not sure how I'd feel about more Blade Runner movies though. I can't say that a movie about the Replicant resistance feel like a very tantalizing prospect.
  3. New Mutants Trailer. This looks nothing like I ever expected it to look like.
  4. Runaways Teaser Trailer Frank Serpico Trailer
  5. Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer
  6. How to Talk to Girls at Parties Trailer. This trailer looks like it's showing the entire movie. Replicas Trailer
  7. I'm so glad Jagr finally got a deal.
  8. Shameless season 8 Trailer
  9. That GIF is made even better by Bobbie eating cucumber in the background.
  10. That was enough to make me excited about the new season. Do we know the release date yet?
  11. Well, that certainly looks spectacular. I'm not entirely sold on the prequel aspect of it though. I still think a story and characters mostly unrelated to the first one would be better and more interesting. Hopefully it will feature John Marston as little as possible
  12. That's a pretty fucking low bar to clear though.
  13. I really liked this one too, it's one of my favourite movies so far this year. And it is certainly one of Charlie Hunnam's best performances.
  14. New trailer for Murder on the Orient Express Trailer for Stephen King adaptation 1922
  15. Well, All Star Batman and Robin was certainly entertaining in all its over the top ridiculousness and insanity. So, I'm guessing the America Chavez book never got better after the first issue. Judging from what I've seen of the comic online I feel like one of the Issues with Ms America is that the writer don't really get how to write comic books.
  16. Trailer for The Meyerowitz Stories Trailer for Wonderstruck New Trailer for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
  17. Damn, there is a lot of David Simon regulars on this show.
  18. From what I've seen of Ruby Rose elsewhere, what makes her works so well here is that she does not speak.
  19. That's sad, but 91 isn't a too bad of a nage to go at. Great actor with many memorable roles both big and small. And there a good looking movie coming out called Lukcy where he plays the lead. RIP to a screen legend.
  20. The Disaster Artist Trailer Downsizing Trailer
  21. In the start of the season I was excited that they were finally going on the road, but it seems they just traded Annville for a ratty apartment. How the fuck do you make Preacher this boring.
  22. Hostiles Trailer Lady Bird Trailer Mudbound Trailer
  23. I'm done. It was good, definitely on par with the earlier seasons. I knew nothing about the Cali Cartel as opposed to Pablo Escobar, where I knew a little bit, so that made it very interesting. I'm looking forward to the Mexican Cartels.
  24. He's a Swedish actor whose biggest international roles are probably in Assassin's Creed, the Point Break remake and the Swedish Easy Money movies.
  25. Norwegian actually. But yeah, It's a really fun show.