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  1. I think the FTP limits are slower levelling, limits on the high end gear (the purple stuff), only three available races, limited number of character slots, credit cap at 250 000, mounts become available later, limited participation for PVP and Operations and a whole bunch of smaller things being unavailable like titles, companion customization and so on.
  2. IIRC an average Wookiee lifespan is like 400 years, so he's basically middle-age.
  3. Trailer for season 2
  4. You should stop at like season 4 or 5.
  5. Man, it's like Scorsese doesn't even read our Vikings-threads.
  6. Reg E. Cathey has passed away at age 59.
  7. So I finished it last night. I liked it a lot even though the first 2-3 episodes were a bit rough and had to do a lot of exposition and worldbuilding. I haven't read the book so I'm judging it just from what I saw. And honestly the whole thing was just right up my alley, cyberpunk with noir flavor and great aesthetics, so I'm not surprised I liked it.
  8. Last night I had a dream that I was a character in a new Jurassic Park movie. But it was an R-rated movie, really brutal, violent and nasty, not even child-characters was safe in this one. It was honestly a lot like Aliens but with Velociraptor in and T-Rexes instead of Xenomorphs. I was part of a mercenary group alongside Donald Glover and Byron Mann, trying to survive a long with some civilians.
  9. And here it is. It is seriously not very impressive.
  10. Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer
  11. I mean, the EU has been non-canon since Disney bough it, so most purists have probably had the time to adjust or have left the franchise in disgust. They have introduced new versions of some EU material, like Thrawn and stuff like that, so some nods might come through.
  12. None of the EU stuff is canon.
  13. Mission Impossible - Fallout Trailer Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer Irreplaceable You Trailer Disobedience Trailer
  14. I feel nothing for that trailer.
  15. Also, just because a building is made of brick does not mean there wont be things in the building that can be set on fire and used to smoke people out.
  16. And they are going to make the Zombies pay for it!!!
  17. Nice, been wondering when this was supposed to come back.
  18. Mute Trailer Hereditary Trailer Andre The Giant Trailer
  19. That was a weird episode. I appreciate what they were trying to do, but I don't think they managed to pull it off. I guess the actual battle was pretty good, but a lot of the supposed big moments felt unearned and fell flat. Mostly because I don't care enough about most of these characters, which is extra clear with the ones that died. I dont care that much for Astrid or Guthrum (I guess that he's not that Guthrum) and I especially don't crae about those fucking Sami-Ninjas (good riddance). I did care about Halfdan and I think his death worked well, as did all his parts of the episode, although it was kind sudden and felt very abrubt. That felt like something that should have happened towards the end of the episode. Lagertha fighting those Ray Harryhausen skeletons looked ridiciolous. I also don't care much about most of the surviving characters anymore. I gave up on Lagertha long ago and all this shit with Heahmund is just awful and boring. I have no idea what they are doing with Margerethe. I never cared about Torvi. I do feel like Hvitserk could be good if they actually made an effort with him, but so far he is just bland and undefined, good job on killing Guthrum though. Ubbe and Ivar has become less interesting than they where before. And I already hate all the Saxon characters. That leaves Bjorn, Harald and Floki, and the latter's Iceland adventure have felt like a waste of time and Bjron was chugging along well until he was drawn back into this civil war bullshit (which isn't even a civil was, it is one kingdom invading another!). Kattegat as a whole is just holding the show back at this point. At least Rollo's back. what are the odds that Michael Hirst is going to reveal that he is Bjorn's real father? That intro scene with Harald and Halfdan singing was fantastic though. Easily the baest scene of this season. And here's a trailer of what is to come (featuring Vikings with actual helmets)
  20. I Kill Giants Trailer Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot Trailer The Vanishing of Sidney Hall Trailer New Trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising
  21. It was too plodding and cliché and the finale was all-around terrible. It did have some good performances though.
  22. Definitely not Preacher. But s3 of Mr Robot and Narcos are both good, Godless is kinda meh. Haven't seen the other two, so I cant say.
  23. Yeah, it wasn't Ian McDirmid in ESB.