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  1. BR in the show is a thousand years old. I'm guessing he's actually Bran on GoT and Bran is Bran the Builder.
  2. You can't complain that Dany's DwD arc was boring when GRRM does it but praise it when D&D graft it onto Tyrion.
  3. They've given Dany's aDwD story to Tyrion, only now with more sanctimony. Remember last year when people were like they're improving on the book?
  4. "Creatively it made sense to us because we wanted it to happen. "
  5. Hey guys remember last season when people were upset about Sansa's rape and one excuse offered was that once she was married there was no way to avoid it without changing the fundamental rules of their society? Apparently D&D have no issues changing the fundamental rules of fictional societies when it suits them re: Dany and the Dothraki. (And I'm not arguing Dany should have been rape, I'm arguing there was no reason for Sansa to be, even you wanted her to marry Ramsey.
  6. Man I usually pray my favourite characters WON'T show up in an episode.
  7. So I know that the Mel reveal was supposed to be this huge ZOMG SHE'S OLD thing but I'm confused by the mechanics : is the amulet just a glamour or does it actually de-age someone? Because if it's just a glamour then damn Mel's been doing a lot of physical stuff that would be hard for someone older like the constant riding and the stairs at the Wall and Dragonstone-I'm thinking Master Cresswen level agonies here.
  8. Tommen wouldn't win because he's bad at it. Lyanna had excellent riding skills which are extremely important in jousting. If her opponents were poor jousters who did not practice-and they do seem to have been less than stellar-then Lyanna beating them is perfectly feasible. Moreover, the stunt is in character for her, as it would be for Arya.
  9. Ah no, it is Ned who calls him "slender as a reed". Sansa merely refers to the golden roses about his slender waist. OT: Lyanna unhorsed three not very competent knights, as an excellent horsewoman, in a sport where riding is essential. This is not the absurdity you're making it out to be. Ask yourself: would you be making such a fuss if Lyanna had been a ten year old boy who'd never jousted?
  10. ...are you serious? The Burning of Shireen, Brienne straight up murdering an unarmed man, Tyrion's laughable introduction to Dany, Bad Pussy were some of the best the series had to offer? Really? And I haven't even begun to mention the lionisation of Ramsey or how the death of the dogkeeper's daughter was portrayed as revenge for Sansa. Season five was terrible and the idea that the same writers will be adapting tWoW makes me ill.
  11. It's worth noting that the other men described as "slender" are: Lyn Courbray, Allister Thorne, Marillion and Oberyn Martell. It is used often to describe women's necks and hips, hands and fingers in general, and swords,towers and blades.
  12. *sigh*
  13. LF is kind of like the Snape of ASIaF, if you removed every last bit of heroism from Snape and replaced it with resentment. Yes, he was turned down by Cat, and rejection hurts. And yes he was nearly killed in a duel that amounts to little more than sanctioned murder. But he reacts to this by torturing little girls.
  14. But Obara isn't Ellaria's right, so she has three daughters.
  15. Oh absolutely. They'll make Shireen Night Queen and she'll make sure no more little girls are hurt.