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  1. I believe more as he is showed to us as a danger (more or less The Hound persona is the danger). But finally it was Sansa the danger to The Hound. Certainly Sandor wearing a green cloak during the second day of the tourney I really believe as a way of showing us the knight that it is inside him. He pick the color of his lady (not as a favour) and he carries it at the tourney. Also he is wearing a green outfit when he arrives with Arya at the Red Wedding. Another wearing green outfit is Cersei at AFFC when she is plotting with Falise to kill Bronn. Before that same scene she has left Jaime while they have discussed. It can mean a change in their relationship, cause she is thinking the whole time what things he used to tell her before. The Lannister have green eyes and Petyr Baelish also has green eyes. I also see at them as changing characters. For that I see important the green eyes of Shaggydog.
  2. I want to do it more properly but I am right now with somethings. I can be wrong as all the theories that we have here, but I really believe that they means something. The first thing that I notice was the Ice and Fire of the title (white and red). After the "tokkens" (just to give a name) of the Starks (as I have related before: ghost to Jon, the weirwood to Bran, the hair of Jaqen J´ghar to Arya and Sandor cloak to Sansa). Also I have notice the great amount of red hair people (38 at least and 2 more doubtful) but also they are somes really important with white hair. Also the amount of people with the alias The Red (the Red Viper, Ser Dontos the Red, the Red priest). Even places or things as the Red Keep, the Red Desert, or even the Red Comet or the Red Wedding, and of course The Red Good. (All with the Red aka tells me about danger) I have even notice when people wears red clothes (you know that at the middle age red clothes were the most expensive because they weren´t easy to find the red dye). But here it is not about how expensive they are, but the moment when they wear it. An example: the night of the Hand Tourney The Hound is wearing a red cloth with a leather silhouete of the head of a dog. Sandor Clegane has a good amount of red in his face already (due to his scars are red) but the author makes him wear that outfit to symbolizes the danger that Sansa can feel from The Hound. Sansa that whole day is wearing a green dress. After that night and after their speach, at the next day, Sandor is wearing a green cloak. Anyway Sandor himself with his face and the white armour can be also a Sansa tokken. All this makes me feel danger when I reat at ASOIAF the mention of red or red variation. After I have look to the white. It is less notice but you can see the White Walkers, Ser Barristan with his white hair, the Targaryan with also white hair, the snow that preceds before the White Walkers kill. Sorry, I have to go. But I will be pleased to discuss about this. ;D
  3. If you want at Spanish and mostly Sansa POV, I will be doing it. Anyway it is one of my ideas.
  4. Antonius in fact green is in important color that shows the begin of changing at Sandor. White means death, red danger. And these are meanings at the book. Black, I am sure, means something but I haven't get it yet.
  5. Ok: Ghost is an albino (white fur, red eyes) and Jon is inside him. Bran tokken is the weirwood: white trunk red leaves. Bran watches thru the trees. Jaqen J'ghar has red and white hair. And Arya is learning to be a FM. Sansa has Sandor's Kings Guarding white cloak stained with blood. Marriage is something always discussed regarding Sansa. Sure they are more: as Griff which shield is a red griff under a white field oppositing a white griff under a red field. He is turning to stone, and normally Griffs are stone statues.
  6. Thanks Queen Sansa!! I didn't know that meaning about Shaggydog. The farest I could get was as a reference at Scooby Doo. But I truly believe that it will happens something as you have say. Wouldn't it be funny that after he will turn to be a peaceful king? I most say that colors also are relevant. And Shaggydog is black with green eyes, IIRC. Green means change. Black meaning I havrn't realise yet.