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  1. Still first cousins which is iffy depending on what state you're in lol I thought the look was one that could portray Little finger giving her an i told you so kind of look not necessarily Sansa agreeing though.
  2. There was a reason we only partially heard the conversation I think it will be 100% confirmed at some point, can't have a claim to the throne unless you know who both parents are..
  3. This person gets it. ^
  4. fact is she had valuable information and withheld because is Littlefingers puppet.
  5. If he had the information he could have planned for it but some emotional little girl decided she wanted to be petty.
  6. The blind love of Sansa is strong recently.
  7. this has zero to do with the outcome of the battle. Running out like there was stupid and was playing into Ramsay's game and it almost lead to him dying but did not change the outcome what so ever Sansa did not offer advise she just complained and whinned.
  8. ^ She whinned a bit? but that is not a strategy.
  9. Sansa's*
  10. He was not attempting to run in anyway other than straight.
  11. She as present at the battle planning its not like they excluded, its not like she tried to talk and they shut her out. She is just a weak pawn in Littlefingers plan.
  12. what a crock of a topic.
  13. The waif chasing Arya reminded me of the T2000 chasing the kid from Terminator 2. I am very disappointed in arya arc in this season.
  14. I expected a more svelte lithe type of person, a contrast to his brothers.
  15. I agree, there was nothing special about the particular dream. Seems like the time could have been better spent preparing.