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  1. Has to be trolling
  2. I thought i read somewhere the he doesn't watch it because he does not want the show to influence his writing.
  3. I Agree, i watch the show and think not bad there was a lot of good stuff. Then i come here and get all riled up about inconsistencies that i did not notice.
  4. lol this is good, and acurate
  5. I like this idea, It draws a parallel to people looking for rheager's rubies in the ruby ford.
  6. Someone mentioned in a different thread that the wedding he may be referring to was a future wedding, I don't remember if Sans was wearing white (i assume so at a wedding) or if it was snowing as Bran said. I have to hope if wasn't just reminding her of that
  7. Pretty close!
  8. I liked all of this but the Theon bit
  9. Exactly they should know their place , the part about her being a girl in there to ruffle some feathers
  10. Talking like this will get you banned around these parts friend. I agree though, why is like fucking 8 year old girl lady Mormont talking like a battle hardened 30 year old warrior and being listend like she has battle experience
  11. Still first cousins which is iffy depending on what state you're in lol I thought the look was one that could portray Little finger giving her an i told you so kind of look not necessarily Sansa agreeing though.
  12. There was a reason we only partially heard the conversation I think it will be 100% confirmed at some point, can't have a claim to the throne unless you know who both parents are..
  13. This person gets it. ^
  14. fact is she had valuable information and withheld because is Littlefingers puppet.
  15. If he had the information he could have planned for it but some emotional little girl decided she wanted to be petty.