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  1. [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    good Episode, not the best this season its up there though.I think If they did not have Tyrion be a decent dude to Sansa before the wedding they could have pulled off the Sansa no kneel move without her coming off as a dick. But as it was filmed i think she would have come off as mean.
  2. [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Sansa would have come as a total bitch if she refused to Kneel.
  3. I'd she is a spy she could be lying about being pregnant. Not sure what implications that could mean, possibly the will in the book leaving Jon Winterfell gets discredited.
  4. [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I find it interesting and compelling, better then watching a giant stereotype that is Loras or Sansa acting like a idiot.
  5. Walking in the daytime killed it for me, in a wide open stretch of land. If it was closer to dusk with the area being closed off a bit with some trees. There was no ominous tone for me when I watched. I can understand the cold desolate thing they were going for but I just did not feel any suspense.
  6. What do you Collect?

    1. Books 1-4 Paper back 2. aDwD Hardcover 3. All the Comic books the have come out so far. 1-12 i think at this point 4. Compilations for the comic books. think there is 2 so far 5. All the dunk and egg books. 6. The Hedge Night Graphic Novel Hardcover- 7. Audio Books 1-5 read by Roy Dotrice 8. PDFs of all the books, and E-Books formats for Kindle and Nook 9. GOT Season 1 10. GOT Season 2 Would like to get miniatures based on the book descriptions not the show. have never looked for those though.
  7. Which word in Westeros bothers you?

    It always bother me when people said, "If it Please you." it sounds like it should be "If it pleases you."