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  1. No. No he's not. His watch has ended.
  2. Isn't the Hand of the King Uncle Kevin Lannister? Why was Jamie asking him if he wanted "your son" back? "Your Army..." It sounded like he was addressing him like he was the Lord of Highgarden there with the Queen of Thorns.
  3. I love this idea. I've gotten bored with the white walkers story line. It's like there are two huge stories going on where Jon needs to be involved with both. Westeros and these frost giants. I'd like to see the Starks get some joy back and Ramsay to finally get his comeuppance.
  4. and become a full Stark. Rally the north against the psychopath Ramsay. When you take the black, your "watch ends" at your death. He died. He's free to go, or take the black again I suppose.
  5. I think I have become a "Book Snob". If people can't give up 15-30 minutes a day to enjoy the books, so be it. Or 10 minutes to even read the chapter synopsis in the wiki. We've read the books, we know who the players are, what the symbols mean. I will enjoy the show and all the "visiual candy" it provides, the comparison to my imagination when I read them, whether or not there is continuity there for series-only watchers. I'm more than happy to answer questions for those I watch with who haven't read them. HBOGO also offers PLENTY of background when you watch on-line and use the interactive features. That's how I got "hooked" and decided to read the books. I wanted it ALL!
  6. I think the biggest reason the three slaps fell's probably physically awkward. Standing up or sitting down, in live action, how would she hit him? From the books and our imagination, it's easier to "see". You look familiar. Do you live in Florida by chance?
  7. (I apologize in advance for misspelling any names. :dunce: ) Gave it an 8. I did watch it twice, back-to-back. Nothings perfect so a 10 is immediately out of the question. Was very impressed with how some things were introduced in an efficient manner (specifically the important plot items from Dragonstone. The incest letter, the Cesson/Melisandra standoff, intro of Davos, burning of the Seven/intro to R'hollor) weighing along with it that they can't be true to the book with less than 40 episodes. I'm sure my opinion is jaded by that inevitable disappointment. I am not at all happy with the whole Roz angle. I'm just assiming it is just gratutious sex to feed the lower denomenator of fan/viewer population who needs that to stay interested. There's plenty already in the book. The Margarey scenes they have sneaked in are added. Obviously, fir the future storylines, she wasn't sexual in the books at all to this point. I agree with most everyone else; the LF/Cersi scene was unnecessary. Craster was in my mind much uglier, older, etc...
  8. Pretty cool!