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  1. In that case, I'd say Bronn and Jorah also have become irrelevant. For obvious reasons I forgot to mention Edmure. Sam has been relevant throughout this season, but I fear his relevance is running a little thin.
  2. I really do not like how too many characters have become irrelevant. I'll go down the list ad you can tell me where I'm wrong. I really fear that we might never again hear from some of the following: Ellaria Sand Euron Greyjoy Theon Greyjoy Yara Greyjoy Brienne Grey Worm
  3. Davos saying 'thought you were still rowing the boat' was a nod to the jokes fans were making.
  4. I just finished the book. The ending was really sweet. This book ALMOST beat my current favorite all time book. This book is a close second. I would say that this is the best example and the first book to read if you are interested in alternate history.
  5. I finished part 8. With some exceptions, I don't like how when things heat up and then the story abruptly ends and moves on to the next part of the book. Otherwise this is truly a great read. I'm learning so much about religion and science. I can tell you that this is the first time in years I've learned things from reading a book and not looking it up online.
  6. I just finished the Alchemist part of the book. It was a fascinating read, but the chapter describing rainbows was hard for me to follow.
  7. The night was dreamless and filled with salmon swimming
  8. It seems there is more of that mysticism than I first thought. But it does not seem to change predictable real world event patterns. I just finished the tiger chapter. Wow! I did not expect that. From the perspective of an animal!
  9. The night was
  10. A few years back an American from Oklahoma came knocking at my door and tried to recruit me to a MLM/pyramid scheme for a medicine company from China. At first I was interested and attended a party with the guy where people were sharing their success stories. Upon learning more about what a pyramid scheme is though, I turned his offer down a few days later. We did become and remain friends however. Which is weird considering he tried to sell me crap. I later learned he is one of those quiverfull/Duggar type of people. As of today he has 6 kids and they are all home schooled. And he's about two years younger than me! He also has a lot of Bible quotes on his Facebook page.
  11. Arianne Martell Tommy Wiseau
  12. I've started reading this interestingly named alternate history novel by Kim Stanley Robinson. To be brief, the setting is a world without European powers. It asks what the world would look like if the Bubonic Plague wiped out 99% of Europe. The Islamic world and China are the most influential forces in the world. The structure of the novel is very interesting from what I've read. It's ten short stories taking place in ten different time periods of this alternate history. The stories are told from the perspective of people of various positions and circumstances both the powerful and those on the lowest level of society. The author insists that this alternate reality is not better or worse than this world. It's just different. What's even more interesting is that the stories feature the same set of characters in reincarnations with each character identified by the first letter of their names. Reminds me a little of Cloud Atlas. Also each story seems to have a different style of writing. The elements of mysticism are there but for the most part it's subtle. All of this I read on Wikipedia. I did not read into the specific plot details so the story is not completely spoiled. But I am very much looking forward to reading this because the reviews for this book I am told are overwhelmingly positive.
  13. I don't know if this has been addressed yet, but what becomes of the 2018 boundaries review with these election results? A quick review of the history: In the early days of Cameron's coalition government, the then PM proposed to reduce the number of mps from 650 to 600. Cameron argued that the current boundaries benefited Labour as they could win majorities in elections wit less than 40% of the vote but the Conservatives needed to win much more to win a majority. Some like myself expressed concern that the Conservatives would gerrymander the boundaries to their benefit. The Lib Dems at the time supported the move in exchange for the Alternative vote referendum and an elected House of Lords. Withe the voters voting no on the referendum and certain Tories blocking any move for an elected House of Lords, the Lib Dems withdrew their support for the boundary review. And with the withdrawal of their support, The House of lords successfully passed an amendment that kicked the can down the road for the boundary changes to be postponed to 2018. All of that was from what I could recall. Correct me if I was wrong in anything. So with DUP influence, what becomes of those boundary changes and reduction of mps? Will they support the reduction of mps and the re-drawing of the lines? Maybe they will demand that the number of mps in Northern Ireland remains at 18 or to gerrymander their constituencies for unionist benefit and at the expense of Sinn Fein.
  14. As someone who is obsessed with politics (especially elections) I was resigned this year to hear nothing but glum headlines from everything concerning politics. Other than being disappointed, I was expecting to be bored the whole year. This is a pleasant surprise for me. Not because I am expecting my desired election outcome, but that politics remains exciting and interesting. This is gold for political analysis.
  15. Eastern Europe continues to open up. I learned that if I applied for a Shengen visa (which I have successfully applied for twice), there is one loophole that can get me into Russia. I can stay in St. Petersburg for 72 hours if I take a ferry from Stockholm or Helsinki.