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  1. As someone who is obsessed with politics (especially elections) I was resigned this year to hear nothing but glum headlines from everything concerning politics. Other than being disappointed, I was expecting to be bored the whole year. This is a pleasant surprise for me. Not because I am expecting my desired election outcome, but that politics remains exciting and interesting. This is gold for political analysis.
  2. Eastern Europe continues to open up. I learned that if I applied for a Shengen visa (which I have successfully applied for twice), there is one loophole that can get me into Russia. I can stay in St. Petersburg for 72 hours if I take a ferry from Stockholm or Helsinki.
  3. Wow! I just learned that as of April 15th, I can get a 15 day visa on arrival in Ukraine. Eastern Europe is really opening up to me!
  4. Suicide Squad won an Oscar! Best makeup. I wish these lesser awards were made known more often.
  5. Last month I visited my brother who now lives in another part of Indonesia. He had a friend who is my Dad's age that made home made vodka. He had everything from the equipment to the bar in his front yard. My brothers, one of my sisters-in-law and I all got hammered on both his alcohol and store bought alcohol. The guy is something of a drunk asshole but at least he is nice enough to share his booze with us. At first we drank and did nothing of note, but then we all started talking openly about our sex lives!
  6. I find this bureaucracy so ridiculous. For an Indonesian citizen to travel to Japan, you can either go through the paperwork to get a visa or paperwork to get a visa waiver. Does anyone here know the difference? That is the advantages/disadvantages for both of them because they both require work to get.
  7. I completely agree with you on that point. I jumped through many bureaucratic hoops to get my American visa including standing for hours in the pouring rain for a cab that never came so I had to hitch hike on a motorcycle (it's a long story). The reason I'm talking about visa free travel is that I need to help get visas for several family members. Most of them are adults but I need to wait for them to get their paperwork in order. In fact that was why my trip to the states last year was cancelled. Because my brother had legal issues he had to deal with before he could travel. If it were just me travelling, it would be much easier.
  8. Yeah but I hear that you also have to go through paperwork in advance of going there to get that waiver. Maybe it is less work than a visa but it's still work.
  9. Umm... Don't you need to go through visa required Moldova to get there?
  10. Wait, that's five/six. Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Guyana. A tourist card on arrival for Suriname.
  11. After I decided not to travel to the States this year, I was considering my options for where else to go. Last year I tried to get a Shengen visa but stopped because of some complications in the family. Re-applying with several members of my family also wanting a visa will take a lot of work. So I looked at my options with visa free travel and it turns out I have more options as an Indonesian passport holder than I first thought. I thought it would just be Southeast Asia. But some countries in South America allow visa free travel for Indonesians. But even more surprising was this: there is one country in Europe where I can travel visa free for 5 days only as of February 17th of this year. That country is Belarus. I have no idea what I want to see there and I don't speak Russian but I'm considering using that loophole. I'm guessing most of you here who have powerful passports (passports which give you visa free travel to many more countries) cannot sympathize with me over how hard it is sometimes to obtain visas. So what do you guys think? Should I go to Belarus visa free? Other alternatives include four South American countries, Morocco and a visa on arrival in Iran.
  12. Last year I planned a trip to the states but due to my brother's bureaucratic complications, it was postponed. I had hoped that this year I could get to the states, but with this travel ban thing going on I do not want to anymore. My country is not on Drumpf's list and I'm no Muslim. Still, I could face hassle at the airport and who knows?! Maybe Drumpf will suddenly add my country to the list because of some terrorist attack that might occur in my country while I'm on the flight. Some American conservatives will probably gloat at this and claim they are keeping unwanted people like myself out. But I just think it's a loss of tourist revenue and building barriers of mistrust between communities.
  13. I watched the inauguration so that I could mark the official end of the Obama Presidency. But after the Chief Justice said 'congratulations Mr. President' I immediately turned off the TV. I cannot stand listening to one of Drumpf's speeches for more than 30 seconds. So to those who endured his speech tell me; did he say anything I should know?
  14. Drumpf will be President in eight hours as of typing this. But five hours before he is sworn in, there will probably be an outbreak of war in West Africa. I want to pay close attention to the invasion of Gambia (it may or may not happen in three hours) but the inauguration events will dominate the news channels because nobody in the western world cares about Africa.
  15. I am wearing my 2008 Obama campaign pin today. It's my last opportunity to celebrate all things Obama before Drumpf takes control.