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  1. The plan is to have two more books after book 5 but I read somewhere that GRRM remains open to writing an 8th book. However, it's taking longer and longer to write each new book It's been more than 6 years (I checked the release date of book 5) since the release the last book and the time between book 3 and 4 was 3 years longer than the previous 2 year gaps of the first 3 books. Book 5 took even longer than book 4. If book 6 is released in 2018, that makes it 7 years. If book 7 takes longer also and then GRRM decides to make it 8 books, get ready for this: The last book will be released in 2035!
  2. I couldn't continue Stephen King's Pet Sematary because it was too scary. I've finished reading two of Kings other books however: Rose Madder and Needful Things. I started Misery but got bored or distracted by other books. However I'm considering to read it again. I hated Tom Clancy's Against All Enemies and could not get past the first few chapters because the narration which was in third person, used too much crude language. Not that I was offended. It's just not enjoyable storytelling when the narrator and not the characters says things like 'son of a bitch'. Plus it did not come off as the character's chain of thought but that of the narrator's.
  3. Edd Tollett Jessica Lucas
  4. Styr Magnar of Thenn Greg Ellery
  5. Mya Stone Cassie Howarth
  6. To this day I still call the current US president Drumpf. Earlier last year while he was still a candidate I tried running with 'The Duck' but it throws people into confusion. I'm part of another forum where it drives them crazy that I keep saying Drumpf. I keep telling people this, but nobody ever gets it. Drumpf is an attention whore. Any time people talk about him for good or for bad, it raises his name recognition and thus we all give him free advertising. However he is President so often we are forced to talk about him since he has significant influence on millions. But that does not mean I will give him the luxury of free advertising. I tell people that if they want me to say the magic five letter name, I demand cash payment for every time I utter it. Or if I'm paid a LOT of money, I could speak the name all the time for a week or a month. But saying Drumpf is more often a conversation stopper. So I guess that's the next best thing.
  7. If I cannot meet my past self, have somebody else nudge me at 17 years old in high school (2002) telling him 'Ask that girl on a date or you'll regret it for the rest of your life!'
  8. Please make a 'world events' rule to this question. Otherwise I'm just thinking of only correcting my personal past.
  9. In that case, I'd say Bronn and Jorah also have become irrelevant. For obvious reasons I forgot to mention Edmure. Sam has been relevant throughout this season, but I fear his relevance is running a little thin.
  10. I really do not like how too many characters have become irrelevant. I'll go down the list ad you can tell me where I'm wrong. I really fear that we might never again hear from some of the following: Ellaria Sand Euron Greyjoy Theon Greyjoy Yara Greyjoy Brienne Grey Worm
  11. Davos saying 'thought you were still rowing the boat' was a nod to the jokes fans were making.
  12. I just finished the book. The ending was really sweet. This book ALMOST beat my current favorite all time book. This book is a close second. I would say that this is the best example and the first book to read if you are interested in alternate history.
  13. I finished part 8. With some exceptions, I don't like how when things heat up and then the story abruptly ends and moves on to the next part of the book. Otherwise this is truly a great read. I'm learning so much about religion and science. I can tell you that this is the first time in years I've learned things from reading a book and not looking it up online.
  14. I just finished the Alchemist part of the book. It was a fascinating read, but the chapter describing rainbows was hard for me to follow.
  15. The night was dreamless and filled with salmon swimming