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  1. salihzzz added a post in a topic Smiling Knight = The Joker?   

    Robert as Hawkman?
  2. salihzzz added a post in a topic The others, the wall and the north   

    there are going to be safe places in the north while the others march south
  3. salihzzz added a post in a topic aurane waters (TWoW spoiler)   

    I think he's going to sail the seas, find a small island name it raftel and become the pirate king
  4. salihzzz added a post in a topic If a random villian was dropped into Westeros...who should it be?   

    L from deathnote

    not a single backstabber would go unpunished
  5. salihzzz added a post in a topic If Some Random Hero were dumped into Westeros.....who should it be?   

    i´d like L from deathnote, he'd catch littlefinger before his second fart
  6. salihzzz added a post in a topic Jayne Westerling as the Younger Queen - Cersei's Prophecy   

    if there is no kingdom of the north there is no queen of the north.

    but i still like the idea.
    This theory, I like it! Another!
  7. salihzzz added a post in a topic [Sample] Arianne I   

  8. salihzzz added a post in a topic If you were one of the smallfolk, who would you want to be your overlord?   

    ow yeah and i would pick
    Arryn (not his crazy Bi**h)
    and mance would be pretty awesome if he counts

    I pick ned as my number one becuase in peace time he seems like a great leader who really lives to serve his people and his honour.
    In war the starks did send their smallfolk to war, but so would every other lord, tywin would burn half of westeros down to get back jaime
  9. salihzzz added a post in a topic What gave YOU a chill when you read?   

    long time lurker new time poster

    “They killed Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn and King Robb. He was our king! He was brave and good and the Freys murdered him. If Lord Stannis will avenge him, we should join Lord Stannis.”
    and of course
    “I know about the promise,” insisted the girl. “Maester Theomore, tell them! A thousand years before the Conquest, a promise was made, and oaths were sworn in the Wolf’s Den before the old gods and the new. When we were sore beset and friendless, hounded from our homes and in peril of our lives, the wolves took us in and nourished us and protected us against our enemies. The city is built upon the land they gave us. In return we swore that we should always be their men. Stark men!”