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  1. http://grrm.livejournal.com/515302.html?thread=25561062#t25561062 He thinks that it will be out this year so I think this small update is something asoiaf fans will be interested to learn. I know I did, even though I am not sure it will be out this year, I just wanted to read some update this time of year. This isn't as detailed as last year but it's something.
  2. What is D and D's endgame?

    I randomly entered the forum today and saw that you are quoting a post I made many months previously in 25th of April just a day after the premiere of the previous season. And I see there is a leaks thread now about the new season or you concluded after more episodes in the previous season that they would be Danny's coalition. Part of what I thought was that Dorne is foreshadowed to get burned in the books, and it might happen here too. That wasn't an examination of the hows and I am not really interested at months old comments. I know many in the books like to raise people from the dead but after a point let those old posts dead.
  3. Is Eddard Stark the protagonist of the Story and why?

    No. He shares time with other POV characters in the first book and he doesn't appear in the series after that. He is one of the protagonists. Or among the protagonists of the first book. Not all characters that appear in asoiaf are equally important even some POV like Arys Oakheart aren't that important but there is a relatively large main cast and Ned is part of the important main POV characters.
  4. Between Sansa and Daenerys, who would make the better ruling Queen?

    Dany: Pros * Seems to be charismatic * has powerful dragons * Can get a powerful military * most other canditates for the throne are even worse * can direct her military * can sometimes give a shit about smallfolk * has some legitimacy for the throne * smarter, more experienced than Sansa * Her dragons could be useful against the others * has some prophetic hints/knowledge Cons * Probably infertile * Westerosi customs and lords prefer male king to a queen. * Her army is going to be seen as barbarians and the interests of the likes of Dothraki would conflict with the interests of Westerosi * Westeros will probably dislike them. * Dany is often quite cruel when she gets angry and can easilly get angry towards those she thinks are enemies. * Has reasons to dislike many of houses, and is quite entitled. * Dragons are very destructive * Doesn't know too much about Westeros * Aegon would probably be a better alternative by the time Dany appears in Westeros * Westeros is too chaoitic and divided. Regions want independence and there is lack of order. * bad taste in men * like her brother and many else, prophecy might mislead her or worsen her judgement. Dany will probably sit on the Iron throne for a short time, kill Aegon, burn Dorne and other places, not manage to unite Westeros, (there will be others also calling themselves kings like perhaps Jon) help defeat the Others, and die without succeeding at getting a lasting dynasty. Sansa is more naive and less smart and experienced, but she has more legitimacy in the regions where there was king of the north than Dany has for Westeros as a whole. And the less negatives of Dany's bad history with Westeros, dragons, and cruel disposition. Who knows how Sansa will change, but if she changes to some sort of competent, intelligent ruler that might be somewhat jarring to her previous character. I wonder if it can be pulled off and come of as believable. Rather than becoming some master player I see Sansa becoming more like an Arianne Martel like player at least on the shorter term, which is an evolution from where she was previously in terms of how she didn't even try to play the game . Which means she can still pull some plotting and based on circumstances might have some success. But it doesn't require some master player for Sansa to be accepted in the north or perhaps even the Vale and Riverlands. If Jon becomes king in the north first but has an expiration date and focuses more on putting shit in order and dealing with the Others, Sansa might have a decent shot at becoming queen. She also has the pro and the negative that LF might plan to help her do that and gain power in those regions. To put it short Sansa Stark is probably more acceptable to the North, Vale and Riverlans than Dany would be to Westeros, and she is less likely to be known for fire and blood and attrocities, so she could last longer. So Sansa might become queen of the north. Since Sansa has much less reasons to have anger, hatred and cruelty towards the Vale, Riverlands, and the north, she would be better queen to them than Dany would be. I can't see anyone uniting all of Westeros or Sansa becoming queen of the realm, so Dany has a better chance calling herself queen of Westeros and has much better blood legitimacy to the throne. Since Dany is more competent with a military and has dragons, despite all the needless blood and chaos she would cause in Westeros, she could help against the Others in a way Sansa couldn't, perhaps in a battle in the trident.
  5. as Ned the worst ever Lord of Winterfell ?

    There were a lot of individuals who either fucked up with mistakes or intentionally caused war, chaos, invasions, strife, to cause the destructive civil war. I don't think it is fair to blame Ned alone for the less of Winterfell. Especially since it wasn't lost when he got beheaded. Even from the Stark camp, Catelyn's and Robbs mistakes also were important and mattered. Now some people like Littlefinger or Cersei are more to blame for the mess that Westeros than others when it comes to not viewing the Starks specifically.
  6. If Jon becomes King , who will be his Queen ?

    Against Starkcest or Dany. Starkcest for the obvious reasons. It destroys his relationship with them as siblings. I don't want him to screw/marry his sister. And yes they are his sisters due to their history, regardless of biology. Dany because I find them hooking up as too cliche, I don't want them to join forces. I want each to be an independent force with their own army, followers, and agenda doing their own thing. I also find that it makes the world feel too small when two of the most important characters with some important world changing prophecies involving them, get united, instead of finding someone else. In this case, I don't actually care about Dany being his aunt. I don't really care about picking someone else, I am fine with other ideas if they work well, but firmly against Dany or Arya, Sansa being Jon's queen.
  7. The Winds of Winter progress monitor thread

    A lot of the sample chapters are super old, and at the start of the story- in TWOW. Considering he had a personal deadline that he missed of finishing before this season, I don't think he didn't write beyond the sample chapters. Most importantly he said he wrote hundreds of pages and dozens of chapters. http://grrm.livejournal.com/465247.html The problem is, suppose he wrote hundreds of pages, which is what he said he did, and what we have no reason to disbelieve, the book might need several other hundred pages to finish. These books are huge. Consider rewrites and GRRM consistently missing deadlines and it isn't really that easy to expect what will happen. I think 2017 because usually books take him about 5-6 years. At least the last two. But we can't really know at this point.
  8. The Winds of Winter progress monitor thread

    I would be surprised if it was released in 2016.
  9. Long may she reign!

    It's pretty obvious with the city hating her (and even more after she blew up their beloved high septon and queen Margaery) and without a legitimate heir to the throne and most importantly, with the Tyrells, Dornish against them, Daenerys army coming, that Cersei and the Lannisters are done. Hell, there is also Littlefinger who has the Vale knights. And even Arya the assassin is a threat. How long can Cersei even last again this? Characters tend to travel relatively fast in the show, but it's a bit hard to imagine how a major character from the start of the show and one of the few remaining villains would end in like one of the first episodes of the next season. Yet on the other hand, what can she even do against her enemies?
  10. Which Season 6 events do you think are book events? (Spoilers)

    A lot of them but not exactly as they happened in the show. Tommen dying Obviously, Jon is ressurected Jon becomes King in the North Daenerys with Tyrion as important advisor returning to Westeros along with Dothraki warriors and Ironborn ships Sansa gets mixed up with the north and its politics Bran leaves that cave Cersei might blow the sept as in the show. She is definetly blowing up something in Kingslanding, maybe it will be a bigger catastrophe than what happened in the show. Ramsay kills Roose and Fat Walda and his brother. Ramsay dies.
  11. What? A review of the battle in this game of thrones episode by a Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) expert who runs a youtube channel that focuses on medieval historical weapons and armor. The review focuses on issues such as the the tactics they used or their equipment. I enjoyed the review, and thought that others here could get something from it as well. It's been a few hours since I seen it but a few of the main points: Jon Snow's army has some problems in terms of their efficiency and capability. The lack of helmets is a big issue since helmets is one of the most crucial defensive equipment. The lack of shields in Jon Snow's camp. And the lack of polearms. The lack of equipment by the Giant, who with the proper equipment such as a shield or perhaps a club, could be a much more powerful force, and could cut through the enemy lines. Some other points: There is no historical example of a medieval battle following Ramsay's tactic of ordering his archers to shoot towards the enemy but also his own men. By charging Jon Snow might be avoiding arrows aimed at longer range, though later he is in a lose-lose situation without any good options. Armor should be more effective than depicted in the show.
  12. What would you do differently as Jon Snow

    Ask to Davos and Tormund to stick to the plan. Run towards rickon with quickly ordering some other expendable dudes holding shields runing as well. My brother and lord of Winterfell>them. Then run back and hope I survive Before the battle would also try my damnest for my army to have more shields and helmets. Maybe we can't equip most of our troops but we could do more. So still try to save Rickon, even if it is more likely he would die, I still consider the decent thing to do is to take the risk and try to save him than simply abadon him to his fate, but also hope to fight the battle properly. If I die running back to my army, so be it But this is speaking from emotional distance and hindsight. In any case, at worst I would order some other people to run and die and bring Rickon back. I wouldn't do nothing.
  13. Jon Cannot Be Angry With Sansa

    Sansa should not have withhold some key information which could have helped Snow's camp with their battle plans, and reduced the risk to them, as they would have allowed them to make better use of their forces. Plus, the problem isn't just with Jon Snow but with also withholding information from Davos and Tormund. And of all the men in the army who are also fighting for Sansa's cause of retaking Winterfell. All of them matter too. Jon charging and Sansa withholding the key information was both being handed the idiot ball for the sake of extra drama. Like a lot of tv show miscomunications and secrets, i don't buy the reason assumed for why it was necessary.
  14. I think 5-6 years is a decent amount of time for GRRM to produce a good book. If the book isn't good then the problem isn't with the time he was given. Plus there is the whole issue that the series needs several books to finish, so his time management does matter, as I care about the series as a whole and not just the next book.
  15. FUCK NO. I want it to be good and I want it as fast as possible. It doesn't really matter if the show is going on or not. It does to some extend, but it is of lesser importance than getting the books in at least about 5-6 years. If the show goes on for 8 seasons then the wait would be even longer.