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  1. Why does Dany abhor slavery?

      The comment "accepted custom of war" needs more justification and questioning than you think it does. Accepted by whom? How about those who don't accept it and condemn sackings or wars? And by that criteria, slavery was an accepted custom in Slaver's Bay. What is happening is that those customs have those who accept them and those who don't. Those who don't, can't always stop it from happening.
  2. Why does Dany abhor slavery?

    A sack is not something that just happens. Daenerys is responsible for it due to being the one to do it, and she is also responsible for providing the opportunity for the slaves to revolt. Also, whenever there is mass slaughter of people, I don't care where age you are from, you will get a lot of people from that world, who will be appalled by it. Just because something happens, and people of the time can't stop it, does not mean they like it or accept it. If the majority of people oppose the sack of their cities, I don't see how Daenerys actions are part of the normal laws of the world, whatever that means. Of course the audience reading these books does not merely judge things by the standards of the time. But it is simply not true that actions like the sack of Meereen  wouldn't not had been seen negatively by the people of that world as well. That also applies to atrocities in Westeros. That something bad happens and society is unable to stop it, does not make it not immoral.
  3. Why does Dany abhor slavery?

    The thing that  annoys me with Danny's anti-slavery crusade is that the progressive medieval/pre modern girl tm is a trope I have seen several other times. And each time it is cringey. Now GRRM doesn't go as far as others with it, and thankfully the characters in the books have more nuances, subletries and are more interesting than what some of their fans present them as. Daenerys actions are not presented as the obvious good that make things better and in fact often come with highly disastrous consequences. Additionally her motivation is not really that pure and it is mixed with wanting to prove herself as a great Targaryen, like the conqueror Aegon, or needing troops, and yes abhoring the practice of slavery as well. As a queen, we are let to wonder if she is losing it. Additionally the morality of her actions is complicated by her overall ambition to conquer and lord over Westeros, and her previous situation with the dothraki. Other characters like the mentor (Ned) or Jon also often appear in other stories, with of course some differences.    
  4. Let's say GRRM's plan is still for Jaime to take the throne? How?

    Based on Jaime being a kingsguard and his plot development and where it seems to be going nope. But Jaime who I believe is the valonqar does seem to often have a kingmaker role. He makes or kills kings. Directly or indirectly. His actions often do prove influential about the fate of who is going to be king of Westeros. Whether is by his actions of killing Aerys, and doign so before he blew up the capital or his relationship with Cersei which eventually lead to Robert's death, and of course from that relationship the result was Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella.   Littlefinger reminds me the most of the original plan for Jaime.
  5. There are too many fucking Targaryens. They are like hydra, for each Targaryen you kill, two secret ones pop in their place.
  6. Littlefinger a Targaryen loyalist?

    As everyone else has said Littlefinger is a Littlefinger loyalist. He is also a bandwagon jumper, who tries to insert himself with new rising forces, promise them stuff, and gain power in the process, after showing himself useful. Of course he doesn't mind betraying any of them the second it is advantageous to him. The Lannisters-Tyrells are in decline, and we have reasons to believe that Aegon might even get Kingslanding (at least for some time). LF has available fresh troops from the Vale, and I think using these troops to help Aegon is probably going to prove more important than the tapestries. But they might be a hint for the readers perhaps and yeah you might be right that he might gift them to Aegon. Unfortunately for LF, if Tyrion is Daenerys advisor, he would have a lot more difficulty using Daenerys, the same way he used all those other factions before, or jumped ship when it was advantageous. Because of Tyrion's information. If I was Tyrion, and I suspect this guy almost got me killed, and I didn't try to kill him when I had the opportunity, I would now want to make up for this and get rid of the world of Littlefinger. In addition, The height of Vale's fortress and the idea that it is supposedly impenetrable from bellow, makes me think that it will be visited by dragon(s).  
  7. Would Cersei have cheated on Rhaegar?

    Yes. Also both would have cheated. Rhaegar left his first wife for Lyanna, and I don't see him staying with Cersei. Cersei would have cheated because she can, and Jaime is available and she enjoys fucking him, and because she is a vile character. She probably would have cheated in more idylic circumstances, but the circumstances here are actually bad. In comparison to her marriage with Robert, here there is immediately a bigger issue since Lyanna is alive and if events unfold with Harrenhal tournament and so on, Rhaegar is not going to stay put. At least with Robert, Lyanna was dead. So this marriage is going to self destruct probably faster than Robert Cersei, and to a bigger extend. Depending on how events unfold, Cersei might end up having to marry Robert again.   Unless by Rhaegar we don't mean Rhaegar the person but idealized Rhaegar as Cersei imagines him. Well, who knows what would happen if her delusions materialized, but I highly doubt she would bring anything but misery to actual people or that she would refrain from cheating.
  8. Would Elia be okay with Rhaegar+Lyanna?

    Of course not. She has many logical and emotional reasons to not be ok with her husband running with a teenager girl. In addition to the usual reasons someone might not like that, there is also the threat to her children, and the threat to them losing their position or future position.
  9. If GRRM wrote himself into his books

    Doran Martell and Samwerl Tarly remind me the most of of the author.  The first is an old smart, procrastinator, with many plans that will probably not come into fruition or fail, and Samwell Tarly, a fat, smart bookworm.
  10. Will you be watching S6 even if it spoils TWOW?

    I am watching because I have watched all of the show until now and I am invested in it and its version of the story and characters. I don't think they have done a particularly good job with the last season, and my expectation for this one are low but I will watch.  There is probably enough entertainment value in it I am also curious about what happens next and the fates of the characters. Most importantly, I expect people to post spoilers all over the place, and I am not talking about show watchers being the problem, but also about people who are both book readers and show watchers.
  11. Crusade of Kings 2 - GOT Mod

    I played this more than a year ago, though I played crusader kings 2 without mods more.  I picked Robb and found it easy to keep most of my family relative safe and well in comparison to the books and to oust the Lannisters and compromise with Stannis as king. But I couldn't manage to keep my kingdom in the north.
  12. Who Actually Sits on the Throne, Jon or Dany?

    I don't really see them ruling together and marrying. Or Westeros uniting under one ruler. What I envision is both claiming to be king, queen and having different regions support them. I see the north going with Jon, but as for the rest I am not really sure. As for who sits in that chair. Who knows, maybe both, maybe Daenerys, maybe neither and the iron throne is destroyed., I doubt either would be able to be king or queen for that long or build a lasting dynasty.
  13. Will the show work well when ahead of the books?

    No. Often adaptations that at some point they have to reach an ending or the final third of the story with the source material not finished and covering that point seem to suffer a lot. In this case, I don't think the show did a good job with season 5 and I don't trust the showrunners to do a good enough job with even less material to adapt. That being said, it is likely that there will be again complaints about a certain cruel fate of whatever character, and it is also possible that it could also happen in the books. But for me, who doesn't take that seriously that kind of criticism, when it is focused on moralizing, the last season was still disappointing. 
  14. The problem with the book is that it adds several new characters, and in addition to the old ones, hardly progresses their story sufficiently, and then there are the characters that it doesn't add. A book of many half stories, which actually neglects the main character stories. While Cersei, Brienne and Jaime dominate. Now Jaime is already an important character but one among several. Additional problem, is that GRRM himself thinks that he might need 8 books to finish this, because things take longer to develop  than he expects. Now WOW will have to provide the battle for Winter and Mereen. Think about it, if Daenerys is to meet the dothraki, develop a relationship with them them, somehow gain them as forces, then we will also have the battle of mereen and winter, then she will have to move her army across the sea and then she will land in westeros and we will presumably have the conflict with Aegon and other players. Considering each book takes 5 years, it makes sense for the competition of the series to not focus on too slow pace, to the detriment of the story and characters moving forward. You can't really fix with editing, the new number of locations or characters and either way you go, there will problems, including my suggestions.   Since this is a fantasy scenario and I can get away with things as an editor I could never get away with towards GRRM, I would force him to delay it until he creates a feast for dragons. How it will go? Cut bloat and a lot of the first half of Brienne's storyline, keep quiet isle, and later. Add an additional Brienne chapter from WOW. Highly reduce Cersei's chapters and remove the prophecy. Reduce Jaime's chapters and add the Jaime chapter from ADWD. Add all ADWD Arya chapters in it, and add the mercy chapter as well. Maybe make the original AFFC content move a bit faster. Add 2-3 more Sansa chapters. Add a few Tyrion chapters. Have  Tyrrion meet Illyrio and Aegon, but cut the travelling time with Jorah or have it progress much faster. Now Tyrion does not get to do much in Mereen in this book. Maybe it ends with him reaching it or it ends on him being on a ship to reach it and in the next book, the story continues from him reaching Mereen. Add a couple Jon chapters. Reduce Samwell's pre travel chapter length, Skip Samwell Tarly's trip to bravos and chapters focusing on whatever shit happens on the ship, except maybe one for Aegon's death.(as much as I love the fat pink mast entering the myrish swamp, they aren't needed)  Add additional content that moves the timeline forward and has us see what is happening in the cilladel. 2 chapters focusing on that would be good. One before it, and one showing us Ironborn assault. Add a 2-3 Daenerys chapters that focus on the stuff the ADWD Daenerys focused, but move forward a bit faster. Keep the Dorne POVs. Arys one chapter isn't a big deal. I tend to like having different P.O.V in one location, the problem is the number of locations in the books. Make the Aeron chapter somewhat less bland and boring and have it less at the beginning of the book. Alternatively, remove it and keep the only P.O.V from the Iron Islands to be Asha and Victarion. Epilogue is Aegon landing   What will the next book have? In short ADWD + TWOW content. I really enjoyed its northern storylines so I want to retain that. Theon storyline, continuation of Daenerys storyline, Batle for Mereen.  Less bloat for Tyrion, Daenerys, perharps move their storyline somewhat forward too. Less chapters on Tyrion on a ship. Have him in the chapter he arrives talk a little about how he went on a ship, or met this guy if he has to. Bran chapters remain as they are. Add some Arya and Sansa content, taken from TWOW. Add some Brienne and Jaime chapters. Add a few Samwell Tarly, maybe two chapters. Not sure how to handle Quentin, his chapters are kind of boring, but I liked having a look at what happened in Astapor and after Daenerys disappears it might be important to have eyes on the ground. Add the Theon chapter released for WOW by GRRM, and the Battle of Winter or part of the battle of winter, perhaps ending on a cliffhanger. Now for Jon, I am not sure whether the book should add additional content or not that moves his story forward to where it ended. It depends on how long the book ends up being with these changes.   In the end both books would be bigger than they were, and perhaps bigger than the other books, a consequence of the world expanding to more locations and characters.  The next book from these two revised editions (a feast of dragons and dragons of winter) could fix some those problems by getting characters closer together and killing some.        
  15. Did LF murder Joff to revenge Cat?

    I am not so sure he lusted after Catelyn anymore either in the timeline of the books. He did have his eyes on Sansa, so perhaps he lusted after his ideal of teenage Catelyn that in his eyes was denied to him.