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  1. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic What will Aerys do if he is not a mad man?   

    Arrest Brandon. Call his father and Rhaegar in the capital and try to sort out what happened. Do not let either Rhaegar or the Starks leave until the issue is resolved peacefully and call for Robert and Doran to go to the capital or send representatives. Genuinely try for a compromise to be made.
    If he got a Machiavellian tywinisque point of view, strike one against the alliance should be something more decisive than simply killing nobles in the way he did. Perhaps again an invasion of the riverlands, while not killing the Starks and their noble companions but holding them hostage, transforming their status from guests of the red keep to hostages and prisoners.
    Obviously you need to also spread propaganda throughout the kingdom, maybe lie about Hoster Tully conspiring and saying that he wishes to kill you and usurp the kingdom. 
    Also, prior to the war, call back Tywin as hand and promise that you will reward him if he serves you faithfully and call of him to join and help start the war. (Give him anything required that you as Aerys can give).  Of course, you know that Tywin is too prideful and scheming and the Lannisters too vainglorious and see themseves as the next targaryens so you plan to backstab him in the end. Hopefully through a way that can't be proven back to you. Maybe poison and you pointing the finger at one of the inevitable noble victims of Tywin in the war. 
  2. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic My Interpretation of Eddard's "wolf blood" comment   

    Wolf blood means a wild, untamed side. Being impulsive, not taking into consideration all rules and considerations and consequences. Defying social norms. These are mostly bad things because others react badly to those who break the espected rules or norms, and impulsive behavior can be dangerous but they can have a positive side as well. In regards to maybe living your life with more freedom, or surviving, if it requires someone more wild, violent and impulsive to do it.
  3. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic What if lysa and catylen swapped fertility   

    Lysa would have the children to make her feel better about herself. However if LF still tried to advance by having an affair with her, considering that she desired him in the past (and the older Lysa in the books still desired him), the affair might still have happened. However she might not have done the actions she did under his guidance.

    As for Catelyn, she only has one sickly child and then there is Jon. Catelyn is still a more reasonable person than Lysa and she will also have the companionship of Ned but she will definetly be more unhappy than she was and worried about her child. And even more angry at Jon and possibly Ned.

    If the LF affair is averted despite things going worse for Catelyn, this is a better scenario for the realm since Lysa and LF can do less damage.

    If we assume that Jon Arryn still dies, then things probably go even worse, especially if we expect the Stark kids to play a very important role in the future.
  4. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic Sansa/Sandor?   

    I only saw the show.

    Her English husband looks exactly like the Outlander's Ramsay who set his targets on both her and Scottish one. She did try to return to her English husband before being rescued by her other husband. Then they made up, had sex and she loved the Scottish one.

    Her Scottish husband is a mostly good guy and not that similar to Sandor. Despite being a tortured soul he is pretty good guy. Kind of Gary Stuish. Both her husbands seem decent dudes.
  5. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic If just one could survive, whom would you choose - Dany or Jon?   

    Since it is about the war of the others, and not right now (in which case I prefer neither to die) I don't really care. I like Jon more, but this isn't a game that the character wins with surviving, something about how you win or you die, it's about entertaining me with the best storyline. It's up to GRRM. My current expectations is for both to not survive the story. So, I don't care who survives, in fact I might even prefer for both to die.
  6. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic Varys' Riddles: What in the Seven Hells do they mean?   

    An aspect of the riddle and where it might be foreshadowing might be that Varys might now be counting on using both a priest (High Septon), a king (Aegon), for giving legitimacy to a regime he believes Westeros will follow. As for a rich man, I dunno, or maybe friends from the Reach could count in that, maybe it would be Hightowers. But then again, there is always Illyrio, though he operates more from the shadows.
  7. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic Did Jon Snow make a mistake when he let the wildlings in through the Wall?   

    No. Having the wildlings help against the Others than having to face their huge numbers as wights was necessary. But mission to Hardhome was. Too much risk for reward.

    Also Jon's biggest mistake on the issue isn't not communicating properly, is not having sufficient bodyguard to protect him at all times. While there was some improvement to be made on the communication issue, some men are not to understand however communication. This is the NW that killed the previous LC, and BM who sided against Jon previously. Communication does not always eliminate your enemies, there will be those who will side against you.

    I guess removing an issue of discontent would be another thing, i.e if he did not allow Mance to go north which seems to have resulted in the letter.
  8. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic If Stannis becomes king, will his reign last?   

    I can't really see anyone of the current wannabee kings or queens of Westeros managing to have a lasting reign. So no. I think Stannis will have even less success than Aegon or Danny though. I don't see him sitting on the Iron throne.
  9. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic Who caused the most trouble for everyone else?   

    Littlefinger. But it was intentional and he planned for his actions to have negative effects and create maximum chaos.

    So I guess it is Cersei. She is not a good person but she didn't expect her infidelity and other actions (too many to count, the whole AFFC book for one) to lead to the domino of disaster they lead to. Of course she also causes plenty of intentional misery as well in addition to the butterfly effect of decisions that their results don't go as she expects.
  10. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic Most Dangerous Women   

    I don't really see Brienne as particularly dangerous. She is capable but her intentions of being dangerous to villains like Rorge and Bitter means one could argue that her presence actually reduces the danger to not scumbags by eliminating a villains who are a lot more dangerous than she could ever be.

    In regards to danger, bad intentions and being an asshole go a lot way to make someone a lot more dangerous than someone with better intentions and same skillset.
  11. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic Which character would you have a one night stand with?   


    Hot, experienced, less likely to get in trouble and to get you in trouble for a one night stand considering the more sexually open Dornish society. Unless she convinces you to do a dangerous job for it.

    Margaery (looking like Natalie Dormer) would also be nice if nobody else learns.
  12. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic 9 Reasons Why Dany Might Be The Villain In The End   

    I don't think she is going be a clear hero or a villain. I see her as an anti-villain. Someone who mostly causes destruction and harm, but will also help in some occasions, specifically against the Others or maybe igniting reduction of Slavery in Essos that on the real long term might be beneficial despite the huge number of bodies and destruction/destabilization/devastation currently, though I imagine the books will be ambiguous about the future and won't give us the answer.
  13. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic Do Westerosi nobles actually believe in trial by combat?   

    While I don't know enough about German nobles, knowing a little how some modern people in competitions think (and it might not be about God but luck being on their side), it might just be that they believe in it, because they think they will win.

    So... those who lose or think will lose, don't think that the Gods decide the trial.
    Those who want to win, and then think they will win, do believe the Gods decide the trial. And will be on their side because they deserve it, are the ones truly righteous etc. Now, in a trial by combat, both participants might be overconfident even if only one would win. This confidence in oneself is what gives ammo to the expectation of divine help.

    As for random outsiders, I imagine you will have various opinions including doubt but some tendency to side with the winner if there isn't a good reason to do otherwise.
  14. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic why are people obsessed with Sansa?   

    From GRRM regarding Sansa's role.


    lol at this part. Even fiercely argued 16 years later.
  15. Qhorin Halfhand and Yoren added a post in a topic Is there any Event From ASOIAF You'd Want A Full Book or Series Of?   

    Robert's rebellion. I want to know more about Rhaegar, Lyanna, Tywin, Ned, his brothers and father, Robert and about the event itself.