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  1. The best point that the Brier article made was re: pseudonyms. Does anyone here actually use the same screen name for everything on the internet? I've been posting online since 1997 (I was 13 then) and have gone through a series of names, about 3 of which are in rotation now depending on how much I want to be linked to my public life. None of them are rage-bloggers or Campbell-nominated authors, but there's also a question of whether I want my students finding out everything I do in my spare time or whether I want someone who dislikes a moderation decision I've made here to find me at work and try to get me fired or something. But I also present different facets of my personality depending on who I'm with, and occasionally something will bring out all the 4-letter words I know while sometimes I'm well-reasoned and mild-mannered. But when articles about BS list her by all known pseudonyms, I think it makes the situation ultra-sketchier than it actually is. It's like the rhetorical equivalent of putting "so-called" or "alleged" in every other sentence. :P
  2.   Well, since my job here is to moderate behavior, I'm obviously against people whose behavior on the internet veers into the distasteful territory of gleefully wishing death on people, etc. But I also think there was a group of authors who behaved pretty badly in this situation and which really left a bad taste in my mouth. When I was reading Mixon's report, when I read various links to the context for some of her reports, I felt like she wasn't reporting the whole thing or was putting a spin on it, and also felt like the reason people thought it was well-researched was that it had data tables in it. If data tables is what it takes to be Best Fan Writer, I could probably come up with some of those too. I love data. I literally wear a pin on my key lanyard to work every day that says I <3 data.   OTOH, Brier seems to have even more of a hard-on for data whilst having just as much of a propensity for arbitrary categorization at the end of each of his analyses as Mixon did. I'm no Bakker fangirl, but I didn't read this thread before I read the Brier article and when I got to the part about Bakker typing with one hand, the author instantly lost any credibility that he may have set up at the beginning when he listed his "credentials".
  3. Admission: I voted No Award for the Best Fan Writer award because I thought the Mixon piece was poorly-researched and biased, but I also think that this piece, while exhaustive, is equally biased. The whole situation with RH and everyone involved embarrasses me.
  4. Housing and the Progressive Coalition

    Ironically, people get on SF for being slow-growth when it's one of the only Bay Area cities to actually meet the growth goals handed out by the regional planning agency. Cities like Mountain View (home of Alphabet) and Palo Alto have proportionally higher numbers of NIMBY homeowners and slower residential growth compared to job growth. Deadbeat neighbors not pulling their fair share.
  5. I'd be in for a shared apartment or a group room or the like for when we inevitably convince Jukka to do the Amazing Race again. The Hostel People's Front anyone? :)
  6. Fun Home - A University Controversy

      I dunno about that. I seemed to be the only one who avoided the philosophy classes in college, as they brought out the blowhard logic fiends in all my classmates.
  7. Hugos V: E Paucibus Drama

    Good thing Helsinki won then. Step 1 to icy wastes, unlocked.
  8. Hugos V: E Paucibus Drama

      Me too :)   (very physics, wow)
  9. Really looking forward to planning a trip around this. I had tentative plans to go on a European vacation next summer, but I think I will wait until 2017 now and end it in Helsinki. And...this may be the first time since Montreal that I will be able to attend the whole convention! Yay!   And wedding!  :cheers:
  10. Careerchat

    One of the irritating things about my field is that ideally, they would let us have an upward trajectory in pay/benefits without having us change positions. Instead, since there are few pay incentives after your first 9 years (at a certain point, the seniority-based pay increases come in 3-year steps :dunce: and there are no more retention bonuses), and there are disincentives to move to another employer after 7 years (you can only take 7 years of seniority with you to another district and you lose your tenure). So instead, people seek pay increases another way (moving to administration) or move laterally to get better work conditions (go teach at an easier school or move to a non-classroom teaching position, where you are paid the same but it's a lot less stressful.) The best thing for our profession overall would be to have better chances for people to stay in their schools and take on part-time leadership roles where they could also be in the classroom at their most effective, but these jobs are non-existent. So now I'm kind of pondering where I want to be in 5 years if I don't see myself as an administrator.   I'm also vaguely annoyed right now that the recruiting program I was in seems to facilitate principals in coming up with the worst possible jobs for new teachers. We are entering a teacher shortage time in California overall and no one can afford too live in San Francisco, and there are jobs open that no one in their right mind should take, like weird combination things like biology for English language learners for a year but you have to teach physics in alternating years and also be able to collaborate with the career and tech ed department, which sounds like a logistical nightmare. I know the person who left that position when that's what it got turned into, and I met the person taking it. I told her she was getting screwed over and no new teacher should have that job, but she seemed oblivious. There's a job open at my school that's basically unfillable: teach precalculus and geometry but you're only 40% time (which means you're paid about $20,000 for it and get no benefits- the job would be fine full time but no one should have to prep for two classes if they aren't full time.) I have no idea why principals are looking at an overall teacher shortage and making these jobs. It's insane.
  11. Fashion thread: updating classics

      I wore some Black Milk dragon scale leggings as part of my Daenerys Targaryen: Rock Star Halloween costume last year. They were awesome, although I still wore them under a miniskirt.    Those boots are awesome looking. I've never owned Frye boots (although I have wanted to) and I just don't think those ones would fit around my calves, which are pretty muscular due to Irish dancing. I dunno, it's possible that with the heel they'd fit but I'd still try to find them in a store instead.
  12. Fashion thread: updating classics

      I am eager to relive the late 90s with flare jeans. They can be ok with the appropriate shoes. Now I just need my lime green shirt with a pink daisy and "Girl power" written on it and I'll be all set. :P
  13. Living in California in Fall 2015

      I dunno, but considering most people I've talked to in the U.S. think that people from the Bay Area are unfriendly, you'd think that other regions would come off more favorably.
  14. Fashion thread: updating classics

    I've always associated leggings more with thick tights than pants, and worn them accordingly, except around the house as pajamas. Even when I'm working out or dancing (because the kind of dance I do is highly energetic and is my workout on those days) I'll put on shorts or a skirt over them. There's something about having non-knit fabric (as in denim) that makes it ok to wear as skintight pants, while leggings cross that line into tights territory for me. But I'm also a skinny jeans lover and don't think you have to be any shape to wear them. Not sure why I draw the line for leggings.
  15. Fashion thread: updating classics

      That's the one I like as well. I pass their outlet occasionally and pick up a few, although I think their outlet version has a pocket, and sometimes I've gotten the 3/4 sleeve ones. But they are well-made and fit me well. Also, if you're of the thrifty nature like I am, they hold dye well, so after they get a stain or whatever they will turn into a navy or black shirt.