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  1. For sure it's him being diplomatic. For some reason the forum ate up part of my post. I wrote that he's probably tired of seeing his story and characters being slaughtered.
  2. Wow! He says it's because he does not have the time, but come on, its 10 hours per year. He is sick and tired of this abomination.
  3. I agree. I was talking in regards to the current season. The decline in quality is so frustrating especially because of the pretty great earlier seasons. Us geeks would not have told all our friends about it if had not been a great show back then pp
  4. This enrages me way more than the stupid plotholes and all: The people involved in making this show take a huge dump on the exact people, who even made this show the big success it is: geeks and hardcore fans. Of course the show is a success now, and of course people watch that crap. I heard people say, they like this season best so far because earlier there was too much boring, talkative scenes that they could not follow. It's okay to make pulp. But just don't flatter yourself by believing the success is because of the high quality of the writing or anything.
  5. The problem with the travel times is not that we have to see Jon sit in a boat for a month. But if we know he's traveling for a month, then what happens in the other storylines during that time? What did Dany or Cersei do during that month? I think in this thread someone mentioned Robert traveling from KL to WF in Episode 1. That's true, but we see Bran going like "They're finally here" or something, so we clearly are shown that some time has passed. Also, there weren't any other storylines on hold at that time. If all the travels and the passing of time is so unproblematic in S7, can someone provide a rough timeline of the events so far for the major characters? preferably a timeline that doesn't rely on, i don't know, parties in an ongoing war doing fuck'all for a month or roundtrips of a continent in a week. On a sidenote, though: I don't think Jaime actually went to CR in those 14 days, did he? I think he met the Lannister army on the way to Highgarden. That makes it a little easier to swallow, although far from realistic.
  6. Obviously someone could have told her. I Imagine the conversation like this: Jon: I told you, you didn't have to come to the parley to meet Ramsey. Sansa: I did have to come. I left when I couldn't take any more of his rambling. J: I totally get it. So let me tell you all the threats he made after you decided you had heard enough. S: Cool, I'm really interested in that. Please don't ommit any important details like exact numbers or sth. D&D didn't have to show that conversation, even though it would have been great dialogue as always. It was obviously not a mistake.
  7. Did anyone else imagine Horn Hill a lot smaller? That looked like a huge castle. Also it looked like a library or a museum. Loved Randyll. Great casting there.The dinner scene was good, but I think they've overdone it a little with the cheerful happy mother and sister. They seemed just a little too sweet to that complete stranger in rags. Heartsbane looked cool, but I wonder why Sam would take it. No good can come of this. I get it, he's getting braver. But he's still smarter than that. Really looking forward to Jaime/Blackfish confrontation. I loved that in the books. I'm not sure how well it can be done on TV though, since there's a lot in Jaime's inner thoughts. Also Jaime on the show is someone else entirely
  8. The deal Tyrion offered was sweet from the slavers point of view. They can keep slavery for seven more years. By that time, Dany will long have left slaver's bay and taken almost all her soldiers with her. Who is supposed to make sure that the slavers keep their promise when Dany is in Westeros?
  9. It's not really important in the books either. It's kind of a big deal for its bearer and it surely is famous. But so far it hasn't proven to be important in any way.
  10. Well, I'm kind of glad that you liked it. But I'm also kind of bored right know, so I checked: All of Tyrions chapters in ADWD take up 169 pages (based on UK hardcover). The chapters with penny take up 90 of those pages. The phrase "where do whores go" appears four times, the phrase "where whores go" appears nine times and "wherever whores go" appears eight times. That is a lot, I agree. I personally liked a lot of his journey in Dance, though. Some very atmospheric world building, especially the about the Sorrows and the Rhoyne But my point is: saying Tyrions story in the book was bad doesn't improve the (imho) rather poor scene in question. But here we can agree to disagree, as I said, glad at least someone got some enjoyment from it
  11. I get that it was a call-back. But the scene went on for over two minutes without any meaningful dialogue whatsoever... Is that good television for you? No offense, I'm actually asking honestly. Doesn't really belong in this thread though..
  12. That would still be better than some other scenes from this show, like Tyrion/Missandei/Grey Worm in this very episode
  13. Well that's because not everybody knows about Dawn or what it looks like. If they wanted to give a little nod to book readers, they could have made the blade somewhat paler, although maybe "the Visual" prevented that. On the other hand: everybody (even show-only fans) knows, that dogs usually don't disappear into thin air.
  14. Presumably Dawn keeps its edge better than other swords. There's still no reason to thrust it into sandy ground. Especially when he drew that other sword just as quick from the scabbard as the one from the ground.
  15. Well, lightsabers look cool as well. They should have used those. Jokes aside: I don't mind it too much, the choreography was nicely done and the stunts were good, I guess. Still, the dual wielding remains a silly thing and was not necessary at all. Even for the best fighter ever, using two longswords is a very bad choice. And if he still decides to make that choice, maybe he isn't that good of a fighter after all.Most people watching the show don't care, I know. Was it impossible to make Dayne look like the legend he is, while using only one sword? I don't think so. Also, as was mentioned before: I cringed at the sword getting plunged into the ground. No one in their right mind would to that to a weapon like that. Even more silly than the dual wielding is Ned's company not wearing armor. I was pleasantly surprised by the kingsguard actually putting on helmets for a fight.