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  1. I know I'm wicked late to this party, but my husband and I wanted to wait till we had finished book 2 before we started watching the second season. I'm starting to wonder if we should have even bothered, since it's looking a lot different already. I think he still would have been surprised by the second book at this rate. ROZ! What the fuck, man? Brendan already called it, and I bet he's right: Roz is going to be the one the Kettleblacks capture, thinking that she's Shae. It seems like anytime there's something for a side character, she gets shoehorned in. Writers, WE DON'T CARE. Her character has no depth, no backstory, and she's not that great an actress (she's not even actually crying in that scene, I mean, c'mon). JOFFREY! He's suddenly got a brain in his head, eh? They;re making both him and Cersei a lot smarter in the show than they are in the books. Not that I think that's a bad thing, but I wonder how it will affect the rest of the story. YARA! I actually liked her casting a lot. She's not classically beautiful, but she's got sex appeal, which I think is more important for someone who's supposed to be kind of a badass. I wish that they had kept in Theon spilling his guts to her about his family, I think that added to his humiliation, which I always enjoy. BALON! He was perfect. 'Nuff said. PYKE! God, it was SO PERFECT. STANNIS FUCKS MEL?! So fucking what if the TV audience was going to be confused? You think that I WASN'T confused when she's suddenly 9 months along after having been flat-stomached only a few days earlier? And yet GRRM felt no need to explain everything and ruin the mystery. That's half the fun! Oh, well. ANYWAYS. I think that this episode could have been a lot tighter and a lot better, and I didn't enjoy it half as much as the first one.
  2. Repost from where I started a new thread. *hangs head* Hey guys, just introducing myself. Finished the series not long ago and precious few people I am friends with have read the whole thing so there's nobody to talk to about it! Excited to take part in these chats.