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  1. 12 months ago Tim Paine was reportedly about to retire and was not even the number 1 for Tasmania. He is now the Australian cricket captain and reportedly going to be on a contract over 1 million a year plus match payments. Thats quite a turn around in fortunes.
  2. I was always a bit off on both Speith and Reed and thought it was more Reed but after Sunday I realised I dislike Speith more. Dont know why but I just cant stand him and I was relieved when he bogeyed 18. Was really hoping Fowler could find a way to at least make it a playoff. Was disappointed Leishman went backwards on the weekend and Rory on Sunday and Tiger didnt even get started. Reed isnt the most popular guy to win the Masters thats for sure and when he sunk the winning putt it was a pretty subdued atmosphere around the 18th green. Im just glad Speith didnt get up despite what I can see was one of the great final rounds of the masters.
  3. I think I was most disappointed with AJ vs Nak never seemed to have any pace. Im most suprised with the Ronda/Kurt vs HHH/Steph being as good as it was and the entrance was great. Loved Seths entrance along with Alexa Bliss and bringing Taker back they did some pretty good work on the entrances as usual for wrestlemania. They have to do something with Rusev besides Bryan I think he is the most 'over' guy in wwe right now. Elias is probably being underused a bit atm but where do you put him in a match on that card really apart from making the IC a 4 way. Watched NXT for the first time over the weekend and yeah the main programs need to take note of what is happening there. What a great show they put on.
  4. Thats the point though i quite liked both haha
  5. Ive heard it refered to as the last jedi of wrestlemanias
  6. Ferrari won by luck in australia this year as well
  7. Im up to reigns lesnar and..... what???? So bad that the crowd is chanting this is awful. But seriously wwe just went you know what everything we have buolt up lets go the opposite way to what everyone thinks we will.
  8. Yeah the rumble winners both losing was like they just did it to piss the fans off at least they paid it off at the end of the mens match a bit. Strowman is just bloody hilarious and dumb and its about the best thing happening atm. Cena vs taker was a great bit of entertaining fun as well as it was obvious that taker cant really go atm but cena selling it all is hilarious. Which is really what its all about.
  9. You know you are doing heel right when the crowd reacts to you like that for the whole main event
  10. I like Reed but not enough that I will be wanting him to win over some of tge other guys up there. Rory for one but if he and Reed have an off day then I would love for Stenson or Leishman to get up but they would have to shoot a 63-65 and hope Reed shoots over and Rory doesnt get going tomorrow.
  11. Solanke and Ings havent really played and Ings is better through the middle but was hung out on the right with not a lot of help. Solanke put himself about pretty well I thought just needs to get his finishing up to where it should be. Origi and Sturridge I can agree with. Where was Woodburn and why hasnt he had game time this season? Karius was pretty good in goal and van dyk was pretty good. Mane wasnt on and only having klavan and milner out on his side didnt help. Really hope we can get the intensity back up and Mo is fit for the City game. We got really lucky not to concede a late one in this game.
  12. Looks like im getying onboard the Leishman train and hoping tiger has a big weekend to make top 10. Tiger snd bubba both hit awesome shots into 11 today then leishman hit one if the shots of the tournament on 15
  13. That was so bad
  14. Such a predictable start. Lack of intensity away from home and we arent solid at the back. Our right side will be absolutely terrorised by Sane
  15. He is also no Bird who missed the tour with an injury and sayers was his replacement