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  1. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    Unlucky for kruijswijk today but really hope chaves can hold off these guys tomorrow but nibali looked so good on this stage. Chaves needs to have a day as good as the one he won the stage on a week ago to hold onto pink and win this thing
  2. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    Its great he is finally really showing what he can do sure to be a good last week with nibali and valverde needing big chunks of time and chaves going almost as well as kruijswijk.
  3. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    Tomorrow will be a big indicator for nibalis favouritism to me, if he comes out and takes a big chunk out of the other guys in the mountain tt then i can see him being the winner but i like the way chaves and especially kruijswijk are looking especially with the laters ability against the clock
  4. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    A lot happened in the last week but what an epic queen stage with chaves getting the stage win for green edge and valverde completely cracking. Kruijswijk into pink with a week to go and nibali not looking as invincible as when he has won previous grand tours really setting up for a great final week would love to see chaves pull more time out of the other two, still very unpredictable so some late nights ahead for me this week 130am here!
  5. Agent Carter

    Any chance it gets a netflix run seeing as marvel already have a connection there?
  6. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    Chaves was pretty good in the final as well. I expect that nibali will come on in the 2nd and 3rd weeks. Zakarin looked good but i really like how dumoulin is going especially with the tt coming this weekend loved watching his crack at the vuelta last year. There is something great about watching a tt rider mix it up in gc against the 'pure' climbers.
  7. Robb is dead so she only has 3? Or as you say they dont count jon being a bastard. Cant say it bothered me much when watching it.
  8. The whole waif hitting her thing is a part of the 'lying game' from the book, if arya tells a lie the waif hits her and she has to be able to slip a piece of information in that is a lie without the waif noticing. I believe there is one instance in those scenes where she does lie about something and get away with it but i will have to rewatch to be sure. Its a part of her book training, the waif doesnt actually care about the information just if arya is lying.
  9. F1 2016

    Season isnt being helped by it being a snoozefest with rosberg basically unchallenged so far thanks to hamiltons car issues.
  10. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    After his ride last year im hoping landa gives nibali a real shake up in the mountains this year. Also kittel is an absolute beast in the sprints so far, hoping to see caleb ewan get a stage win at some stage for oge. Looks like being a solid 3 weeks of racing, usually my favourite gt of the year.
  11. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    The leicester crowd are excellent. Are you watching tottenham We are staying up And 4 nil to the 1 man team Surely anyone that isnt a spurs fan is hoping leicester win this year now
  12. Football: 4 is Kompany

    I thought that was the case although i did wonder if it counted as the 4th english team as well. I will admit its pretty wishful thinking at this stage
  13. Football: 4 is Kompany

    So does the winner of EL go into champions league next year? I thought that was brought in last season. In that case if by some miracle liverpool get passed dortmund and win the thing what happens to the places alotted to the english teams for CL?
  14. Football The Millionth

    If it wasnt for Leicester and their incredible season pretty sure all the talk would be about tottenhams run. In a way i think that has helped spurs keep their run going because it isnt being talked up us much. Just think if it was man utd/city arsenal or chelsea leading spurs instead of leicester what the talk would be about.
  15. Football The Millionth

    Thats just rude haha but awesome those guys look like they are having so much fun playing football and making other teams look like they are from the sunday league's