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  1. Man Sturridge just brought some quality that Firmino lacked all game. aaaand we still cant defend
  2. Come on honda engine be good next year and put torro rosso way up the grid haha. Would be great if it happened but cant see it really. Could be good for red bull in a year or 2 if the honda does start to be competitive but it has a long way to go before that happens.
  3. newcastle player - richie? - nearly took a guys head off against swansea but made no contact and got away with a yellow. his challenge looked worse than mane to me he was just lucky he never made contact like mane did
  4. Played destiny 1 for a fair while myself and already had a couple of hours to play D2 this morning - thanks rolling midnight release - wasnt too sure about pre ordering but then thought what the hell a few days ago. From the short bit of gametime I have had im feeling like it was the right decision. Game looks awesome and there is actually some story to it. Looking forward to getting home from work to play some more.
  5. yeah the claire thing was a bit weird i would have thought she would at least contact matt when she brings if and lc together.
  6. The show did it this way because an annulment allows the audience to understand that jon is legitimate. I think in the books we will get polygamy as a way for jon to be a targaryen. Its been set up with previous targaryens through history including aegon the conquerer.
  7. Sansa, Arya and Bran join forces to play him which brings them together properly as a family again. Sansa adressing all the lords tells them his crimes finishing with the words 'lady brienne bring me his head'
  8. I think the last thing littlefinger has left to contribute to this story is to properly bring the starks in winterfell together as their common enemy. To get the sisters to work together with their respective skills and also bring bran back to humanity enough to help with whats happening around him not just the bigger picture he is focusing on atm.
  9. yeah can is poor atm doing nothing with or without the ball and firmino seems to be giving the ball away when he gets near it. Can just lets cleverly cruise into space to set the second up. Need some big improvement
  10. we are looking utter shite at the back still especially set pieces
  11. Yeah but speith rubs people like me the wrong way and kuch is great but a little boring. I will admit that Speiths recovery from that drive and the holes that followed were pretty epic but I just cant seem to like the guy
  12. it will be a let down if the top 5 dont seperate over the top of the galibier. Matthews is doing a great job making the green jersey interesting the last few days. If he can hang with de gent over the hc he could finish in the points today as well but that would take a massive effort. Sad to see Kittel go out because of a crash with the green jersey battle getting so close
  13. great win by matthews yesterday and the gc is actually getting more interesting as froome doesnt seem as strong as everyone expected. The short stage was excellent entertainment although it was frustrating that they didnt make aru do the chasing all the main guys seem a bit too keen to help each other chase down others in the top 10
  14. Vettel is an utter prat thats why he keeps looking like one.
  15. Well that sucks sounds like he is going to be ok. Shame for him and for the race as he looked for me like the only one of those guys who was going to be capable of challenging froome. Also Aru is a dick, sees the leader with a problem and hand in the air and goes on the attack