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  1. Hernandez has been played out of position pretty much every time he has played for west ham so wouldnt take that as too much evidence of him being a bad choice. He has played wide instead of up front most of the time and he is definately the sort of guy that needs to be getting the ball in the box not on a wing.
  2. Yeah that mma podcast was great the breakdown of his guy beating another guy in bjj showing how he was going to get the leg lock was great. So was the GSP stuff. Rogan has had some good guests lately in general. Danica Patrick the other day was a really good one and he said that in Feb Neil Degrasse Tyson is going to be on with a flat earther!
  3. What happened to lmd daisy could aida have given her powers and thats why everyone thinks its this daisy that broke the world?
  4. This is the frustrating thing because you see guys taking a dive or going down easily in the box and they are rightly criticised for it but when there is a guy who gets fouled and stays on his feet nothing ever happens.
  5. Dropping Renshaw was harsh but they picked him on form and the other selections worked out but really I think Renshaw is the better option and he did well last summer and then in India was probably second best to Smith. Paine was unlucky with the injury to his finger in 2011 and has had a horror run because of that for the 6 or so years after that happened. I think he may have almost lost the finger at one stage. Seems like the selectors saw that he was fit again and batting well enough to be selected for Tasmania as a batsman when Wade was keeping and they decided that it was time to give him another shot. He was next in line after Haddin when he was injured and has shown how good a wicket keeper he is through the series.
  6. If Mahrez comes in im assuming that the front 4 will become a lot more fluid and he will float between right wing and #10 salah will float between right wing and striker firminho will float in his false 9 type roll and then switch to the left when mane comes central. This sort of system is why we really need a top quality holding mid as well as a new goal keeper.
  7. So mitch just given not out before it got to the ball tracking saying he hit it and for me there is nothing there. I mean it was not out anyway but i think he hits his pad
  8. Yeah it was widespread and from both sides of the fence that the pitch wasnt right. I do agree somewhat that there could have been more done by both sides especially england on the last day. The Aussies werent particularly good for most of the match especially the big 1st innings collapse but they bowled quite poorly really and if Smith catches Cook instead of dropping him the game would have looked a lot different. I think if Australia were in Englands position on day 5 they would have been a lot more attacking in the field and gone for the win. It seemed England were just happy to not lose so they would avoid a whitewash.
  9. Well done Cook good to see him back in the runs even though it means england are going well. Really showing a touch of class today even though Smith has let him off twice. As for the pitches thats what happens when pretty well all of the test grounds have drop in pitches in Australia because of the AFL. Some years they come up flat and fast but mostly they are just dull and featureless. It used to be the Gabba would be seaming around and good bounce, Adelaide was a road after the first day and then day 4 into 5 would start to spin and variable bounce, Waca was fast and bouncy and even Warne was dropped there in favour of another fast bowler a few times, MCG was a seamer and would get lower as the test went on and the SCG was a spinners pitch. Now they are all just dull, except the Waca was almost back to what you would expect this year.
  10. If Klopp can get a keeper who is capable of playing for a top 4-6 team that is trying to be a title challenger and probably a world class holding midfielder then the team will start to look very impressive. Unfortunately for Mignolet the step up to being at a top team from the mid table teams has been too much and he absolutely has to be replaced.
  11. For the quality of players at rafas disposal only going down 1 nil and having a chance or 2 to equalise at the end was a pretty good result. Was very dissapointed to see Gayle take a dive
  12. Apparently smith has made over 400 runs since 2014 at the MCG without being dismissed.
  13. Hes more an Everton level player. I think hes part of the reason I see palace as ending up safe this year probably even more so than Benteke
  14. So this has draw written all over it unfortunately the WACA just doesnt have the same character it used to. Can see England getting to 450+ pretty easily on that pitch and so long as the Aussies get through the new ball with say Warner and/or Smith there they should be able to bat the game into a place where the only result is a draw.
  15. Mane has been getting worse as the season goes on since he came back from injury and suspension it doesnt really seem like hes been able to find the form of last season.