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  1. very poor route this year its like they saw what the giro did and thought how do we have the opposite of a good grand tour
  2. These american commentators for the 500 just cant believe how well alonso is going. Also that was a massive crash!
  3. Thats the result i was looking for! Great ride by Dumoulin
  4. The argus jail is my guess for how they survive. Also think merlin found a way to get one of the others onto the mine and survives tocome back next season, he is almost my favourite part of each episode he shows up in.
  5. Itt is going to be really interesting now dumoulin should be favourite but has looked spent the last 2 days. Im backing him still but i think pinot is an outside shot for the upset win has been looking the best in the last couple of days. I dont think quintana has the legs or tt ability to hold on but he does have the advantage of knowing what everyone else is doing.
  6. Dumoulin needs to have a good day today still to keep his confidence for tt if he stays within 1.30 of quintana its pretty well wrapped up. Might even be a good thing he doesnt have the jersey for this stage.
  7. Yeah dumoulin looked real strong and i loved his play at the end when the other 2 wouldnt ride. Its pretty clear from his interview that fdj and pinot are going to do what they can for him as well which will make it interesting. At the moment pinot is in with a real shot at a podium again if he can put in a tt that is more like him. Nibali and quintana looked out of legs on the last climb.
  8. Bad time for a shit. Going to be a hot topic here natural break and they attack the pink jersey. Fuck those guys he waited when quintana fell the other day i know its bottom of the last climb but he is the pink jersey do the right fucking thing.
  9. If quintana is going to get back into it this stage is surely the one with the mortirolo and then 2 times up the stelvio. Its really high altitude which should give quintana a big advantage, going to be very interesting to see how dumoulin copes. Would be great if the likes of nibali and pinot can take some time and make it a 4 man fight but with the descent i cant see pinot doing that, nibali could though so even if it doesnt break apart at the top people could still open gaps on the way down to the finish.
  10. Just caught highlights of the flat stage to get rest for tonight and holy crap was it worth it for that finish. Dumoulin is an absolute beast could be a future tdf winner going on his giro so far imo. Cracked quintana, nibali 2 of the best climbers going atm. Really hope he can maintain the form for the rest of the giro.
  11. Can see landa pulling out as well tbh hasnt looked real good since the crash
  12. So just watched ep 22 and yeah the show probably isnt what it was but i dont think i have ever been more hyped the past couple of seasons than the very end of this one when i realised where oliver was.
  13. He had a top 5 finish at the tour when there were basically no contenders left in the race i think same as when he pulled out but whenever there are serious climbers about he just 'has a bad day' but the media is constantly hyping him up. After yesterdays effort there is surely no way anyone thinks of him as a gc rider anymore.
  14. It hasnt been quite as good since probably the first 3 seasons but it is still one of the best shows around and the episodes seem to end so quickly. Im still loving it and yeah that last supper scene was pretty brutal
  15. Ps2 for me as it had gran turismo 4 the imo absolute peak of the GT series and the first time i played with a steering wheel. Will never forget thrashing around the nordschleife tuning cars for hours at a time.