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  1. It seems like it is a bit of a misdirect to make people believe she is dead after her whole speech about dying in the framework to daisy. Also ward 5.0!
  2. So they're in the matrix basically and simmons is dead?
  3. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    Im quite enjoying it atm its a slow burn for sure but not bad for me by any means although i can see why some might get sick of it quite quickly
  4. I loved rory in this episode especially the im your forefather line at the end
  5. Yep thats what he said. Him and yoyo were quite good in this episode
  6. Roll credits has to be the best line ever in this show. Had to hit pause i was laughing so hard
  7. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    Sub fielder just starting to get game time in bbl and with nsw i think. Seems the crowd decided he was their new favourite player
  8. Cricket 30: World Twenty20 and beyond

    Yeah I dont get why renshaw would be criticised he is only 20 in his 4th test and batted through the day making 167 while warner made a fast 113 but was back in the sheds just after lunch if warner had just a tiny piece of that patience it could have turned into a huge innings but he quite often gets out pretty quickly after making 3 figures. They were both great innings but I think Renshaw is exactly what the australian cricket team needs as a foil for warner
  9. F1 2016

    I never really liked hamilton much but i much prefer him to rosberg i really hope hamilton can get it done and gets some luck going his way. Happy to see ricciardo get a win he really deserved one the way he has been driving this year especially after the monaco debacle
  10. Boycott Olympics!

    Ah right must not have been as bad as the news report i saw was saying then
  11. Boycott Olympics!

    Didnt bolt tear a hamstring or something recently? The sort of recent that would put him out of the olympics?
  12. Cycling 2017 - warming up by going down (under).

    I think it will be froome, porte and aru podium depending on if yates can keep his form through the end of the third week. Cant see molema holding on at this stage and aru looks to be getting better as the race goes
  13. Cycling 2017 - warming up by going down (under).

    After stage 17 i really think we were robbed by portes flat on stage 2 and his misfortune with the moto that probably cost him a bit the next day in the tt as he seems the strongest of the top guys apart from froome. Not sure whether quintana is just holding back for the tt and a big attack on one of the last 2 stages or if he just doesnt have the legs this year. Was also expecting a lot more of aru and van garderen this year. It will take a disaster from here with croome cracking big time on a climb for anyone to overhall him i think.
  14. Cycling 2017 - warming up by going down (under).

    That last stage was awesome love watching some crosswind attacking. Even more of a team deal than the climbs. Froome and sagan are really lighting things up atm.
  15. Cycling 2017 - warming up by going down (under).

    Quintana is my favourite if he can stay within a minute of froome before the last week he always gets stronger compared to the rest in the last week. The battle for the final podium spot could be more interesting than for top spot with a lot of riders in that secondary group of climbers. Pleased that yates is riding so well definately looks like a future contender. Can see sky putting up $$$ to get him in the next couple of years.