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  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: To Kill a Mockingbird

    Bit of both mainly s2 figuring out what the writing is. Show keeps getting better really starts on an upward curve from the episode turn turn turn near the end of s1

    Loved every minute of it and will see it again soon. I realised part way through the movie that what really makes it feel like a real star wars movie for me is theĀ falcon, the bit when han says to chewie from the cockpit 'we're home' and i just thought yep hes right.
  3. Just finished giving the girlfriend the star wars education and as she is smart she decided that the original movies are the best although she did like the ewoks so im still not 100% sure she is right in the head. Going to see the new movie next week with a few other friends!
  4. Cricket 29: The Kings of Method Sledging

    Must say i was a little suprised to see a declaration this early thought maybe an hour before end of play thought they would let voges go for 300. Must be a threat of rain.
  5. Just got back from seeing acdc live. To call those guys legends doesnt seem quite enough, ears are still ringing what an awesome performance. The hives were also very good as the support act
  6. West ham and leicester are looking like the hard games of that run. If we keep getting better at the rate we have been since klopp took over then this season could be a big one
  7. Cricket 29: The Kings of Method Sledging

    Man what a day by warner interesting to see how he can back up tomorrow. Smith and warner to take the score to 550-600 maybe more and then have a session at the kiwis tomorrow after tea sounds like good viewing for aussies at least. Would love to see warner make a run at haydens 380.
  8. Aussies LXIV - Invasion Day Edition

    Abbott was just a puppet with zero ideas of his own you could tell that he was given a message to stay on every time he spoke. I for one am sick of all this faction bs in our political parties unfortunately nothing is likely to change as there are very few of the morons who actually realise they are there to serve the people not themselves. The parties all follow the same plan if they arent in power shout down any idea the ones in power have and there is no genuine leadership to be seen. Turnbull is the first in a while that could be that sort of person but he wont be allowed to because of the way politics here works
  9. Cycling 2015 - froomes turn to try to double up!

    Only managed to catch the stage from saturday night i think it was where sagan got taken down by the moto and looked like he was going to punch the crap out of anything that got close to him
  10. Cycling 2015 - froomes turn to try to double up!

    Wtf were astana thinking such an obvious breaking of the rules was sure to get some hefty punishment
  11. SkullpoopL (2/12/16) -- Wolverine: Origins? Totally kidding!

    Yes it does that red trailer is awesome!
  12. Cycling 2015 - froomes turn to try to double up!

    If you compare times on so.e of the big mountains with pantani and armstrong to today they arent even close the speeds of the epo era going uphill were insane compared to todays riders
  13. The British Open

    Yeah i agree on the amateur and speith making history would be great but i think i would still prefer scott day leishman and bowditch as winners. That may just be the aussie coming to the surface a bit though!
  14. The British Open

    Going to be a fantastic final round hoping for an aussie victory. Anyone know what the weather is going to be like for final round?
  15. The British Open

    Yeah i understand that. Willet having a solid round Visiting st andrews is on my bucket list playing it would be magic.