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  1. She literally has no allies left. They are setting her up to be the main antagonist, but it's hard to imagine how she could be a threat to anyone now. She's surrounded by enemies and only holds 3 out of the 7 Kingdoms. With Lord Frey's death as well the last "Baratheon" (Tommen), I think we can assume the Riverlands and Stormlands won't stick with her. So all she has are the Lannister Armies, Jaime (who probbaly won't be into this whole Black Queen stuff), Qyburn & Zombie Gregor. Maybe Euron will join Cersei as his Queen instead of Daenerys, but that doesn't sound like much help. I hope GRRM has some sort of giant twist for us before this is over. Maybe the Night King will quickly become the main villain, but that can only happen if his army crosses the wall and takes WInterfell. Or else why would anyone in the south care?
  2. Well....Joffrey was also a little bastard with an attitude at that age.
  3. Why the hell would she bake the freys? She killed the sons and put their fingers in there for Lord Frey to find.
  4. I didn't vote because this episode is clearly an 11. Perfect in every way. Lots of loose ends are finally tied. It's about time. + We are leaving Mereen! + Tower of Joy confirmed what we all knew. + Cersei gets rid of the Sparrows. + Bye bye Tommen. + The Queen of Thorns smacks the sand snakes around. + Lyanna Mormont...future hand of the King of the North? + Jon is the King of the North + Davos exposes Melisandre + Bran is coming south. + Sam is at the citadel. + The Frays get their comeupins (totally surprised me. I thought Jaime was behind it at first) - Varys teleported on Daenerys's ship....come on, this is ridiculous. - They still pretend we don't know who Jon's father is? - Tyrion has the same Hand of the King pin as in Westeros? The couldn't make one with a Dragon claw instead of a human hand?
  5. Just for fun.... 1- When Ramsay releases Rickon, he sends his hounds after him. Jon Snow charges forward with ghost accelerating faster by his side. The hounds catch up to Rickon and when the leader of the pack leaps toward Rickon's back, he's caught mid-air by Ghost. The other hounds quickly forget about the boy and attack the direwolf. Rickon keeps running and when he's about to meet Jon, we hear a "woosh" and suddenly Rickon falls on his knees, eyes wide open with an arrow thru his heart. Cuts to Ramsay holding his bow who then looks at Ghost killing the last hound and prepares to shoot again, Ghost evades the arrow and returns to Jon. or 2- When Ramsay meets Jon inside the walls of Winterfell. After a quick and unsuccessful attempt to strike Jon, Ramsay retreats and lures him into the dark Stable/Kennel. Ramsay grabs a torch and faces Jon slowly entering the kennel with his drawn sword. Ramsay displays his most devious smiles and whistles. Nothing happens... Instead, Ramsay hears a growl he's not familiar with. He slowly turns around extending his torch and sees Ghost, covered in blood and surrounded by dog carcasses. We see fear and panic on Ramsay's face for the first time on the show. My descriptions of the scenes aren't good, but that could have looked great on the show. Also, since the 2 bastards have their own pets, they should have taken advantage of it.
  6. Well, for a start. You don't leave him in plain view with your foot soldiers as if he was just one of them. - You can hide him in the forest and have him charge the rear or flanks of the Bolton army in the middle of the fight - You can build him a shield made of trees so he can move toward the enemy army fullly protected and not become a pincushion. - You can make him carry en even bigger, wider shield so he can move close to the enemy with lots of men behind him. - You can make him hurl rocks at the enemy from behind that shield, like a living catapult.
  7. Ramsay had little or no men at Moat Cailin. His priority was holding Winterfell against Stannis and then Jon Snow. He expects the south to be held by his Lannister allies.
  8. It seems like any epsiode with a big battle always gets very good ratings. I gave this a 7. It was ok, but not great. What bothered me: - Wun Wun the giant was not used effectively. Come on. The Boltons have NEVER seen a giant, why not try to surprise and confuse them with him? - Where is Ghost? - The part of the battle where Jon Snow is buried under his men was a confusing mess. - Daenerys surprising cocky idiots with her dragons for the 15th time in the serie. -Theon and Yara teleported in Daenerys' throne room. -The Knights of the Vale charge was a very pale imitation of the Rohirrim charge in Retun of the Kings. Too predictable. - Lyanna Mormont had no lines before and after the battle.
  9. What book, you guys think we'll ever get it?
  10. Essos.
  11. 5 I didn't like this episode much. - The siege of Riverrun was underwhelming for all parties involved. Brienne was pointless. Blackfish died off screen? seriously? - Arya is yet again a victim of the waif...so last epsiode wasn't even a trick, just Arya being dumb. + The Hound killed bandits. + Is Arya really leaving Bravos now?
  12. Okay, so the Freys are a bunch of cowards and inbred idiots. We've always known that. But why oh why would their men go to war wearing silly leather caps and rags? It makes sense when they're inside their castle, but out in the field? The Tully could have sullied out of the castle and massacred the Freys in 20 seconds from the look of it.
  13. That scene would have been made awesome if the waif had been stabbed by Arya the second she appears. Before we as viewers could even realise what's happening. I've had enough of weak Arya getting her ass kicked all the time, she's supposed to be like Hit-Girl.
  14. Another detail I forgot. Tommen is Jaime's last surviving child after his son and daughter were both poisoned. Lord Commander of the Kingsguard or not, you would think that Jaime would know Tommen's whereabouts and have Kingsguards report to him on his activities...such as visiting the High Sparrow and getting lectured by him. Jaime should have know that Tommen was at the Sept when he showed up at the stairs.
  15. When Jaime showed up with Mace Tyrell and his soldiers (who I think looked really plain and disappointing by the way), Why wasn't there any Gold Cloaks around? They seem to have vanished (With Bronn?). As Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, how did Jaime not rally the other guards to his cause before striking the Sparrows? At the very least, Ser Gregor should have been with him (he's a Kingsguard and does Cersei's bidding) Also, in the first season, Jaime had control over Lannisters troops even as a Kingsguard, which were with him when he fought Ned Stark, isn't it strange that this time he had none with him? Is he not the second in command of the Lannister Armies after Kevan? Because of that, it seemd obvious that no battle would take place with the religious fanatics.