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  1. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    I gave it a 5. Too many things are starting to bother me: Little Finger teleporting. Arya defeated the waif when she was blind, but now the waif's power is over 9000. Sansa asking Brienne to teleport to Riverrun because Ramsay has the magical power to stop all ravens in the north. Why the hell did Bran go to to the Three-eyed-Raven in the first place? Why is he supposed to replace him? The Three Eyed Raven knows the whitewalkers are coming for him...so he goes into a flashback with Bran about some unimportant things at Winterfell to set up Hodor's hodoring. Weren't the whitewalkers descending on Westeros? Nope, they are teleporting to Max Von Sydow because his power to show flashback to a cripple is their greatest threat? Wights are now capable of crawling on walls and ceillings like bugs? Direwolf dies like an idiot. Bran messing up Hodor in the past creates a time paradox which GoT really didn't need ast this point. Things are complicated enough. Melisandre II in Mereen to make the people love the Dragon Queen which isn't even there....We don't care about Mereen. We want Tyrion with Deanerys, not him trying to run GoT's Iraq. Yara and Theon have enough loyal men to steal hundreds of ships? How did Euron even win the Kingsmoot then?
  2. [Spoilers] Cerci & Tommin at Kings Landing

    I hope they crush the Sparrows soon. I can't watch another season of these idiots running King's Landing.
  3. [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I'm done expecting the show to be faithful to the book since season 3. Now I just watch it for what it is and this episode deserved an high score.
  4. How would you rate episode 403?

    One of the worst epsiode since the show has been on. Far too many departures from the book.
  5. How would you rate episode 308?

    Books and TV/movie are very different mediums. Writers can can go a lot further because everything is left to the imagination of the reader. There's no "sexploitation" in the Game of Thrones books. Nobody is going to read them just to see the "naughty" bits. The TV show so far has gone out of its way to shoot scenes which aren't in the book for the sake of showing gratuitous nudity (Petyr and his whores, Joffrey and his whores, Podrick at the brothel, Melisandre + Stannis + Gendry). All of this while material is cut from the book because of "time constraints".
  6. One thing I didn't like about the bear scene is that in the book, when Jaime goes back to save Brienne, it's the first time we see him caring about her. In the TV show, they are given 2 or 3 extra scenes that make it unlikely he would leave her behind with Locke in the first place. Also the fact that all the men present are Bolton's makes the whole thing a bit silly. Who's leading them? Locke or the guy escorting Jaime?
  7. How would you rate episode 306?

    I gave it a 5. Really poor episode compared to the previous ones. I liked Ramsay Bolton and the scenes at the wall. Everything else was meh. Melisandre, Stannis' red priest, dressed in bright Red, crossed the Crownlands or the Trident during wartime with an escort of Stannis Baratheon's men? Tyrion blaming Joffrey instead of Cersei from the assassination attempt? Come on, he has never been so clueless. I guess Ros' death is a good thing though.
  8. How would you rate episode 305?

    That's because season 1 was the most faithful to the source material. Ros and the infamous Petyr & 2 whores scenes were the only big departures from the book.
  9. How would you rate episode 305?

    Another great episode. I loved nearly every single scenes. Lots of nudity, but nothing gratuitious, which is how it should be. I'm a bit annoyed that they rushed season 2 and are now introducing characters lately into the story. Also, the actress who played Stannis's wife is far too pretty.
  10. How would you rate episode 304?

    Blackwater lacked some CGI shots to show how big the battle was. It looked like Stannis was trying to take King's Landing with 50 men and 5 boats.
  11. How would you rate episode 304?

    One of the best episode in a long time. The scene with Daenerys was awesome. It was better than anything she did in the whole of season 2, proving once again that when you stay faithful to the book, you get the best results. Also, no softcore porn in this episode, which is always a plus.
  12. How would you rate episode 302?

    I liked this episode better than the first one. I was a bit disappointed by the Brotherhood though. They missed an opportunity to have some colorful costumes and gave us a bunch of guys dressed in bland leather & chainmail again. Why does Thoros of Myr looks like Bronn? They couldn't give him a faded red robe or shave is head to show that he's a warrior priest?
  13. How would you rate episode 210?

    I give 8, my highest score since seaosn 2 started. Again, a lot of departures from the book, but at least stuff happened for once. I wish the entire season could have had this intensity. + Brienne vs 3 men. + Theon and Luwin + The white walkers + Tyrion's face is more damaged than that last epsiode had us believe. + Throne room scene. + Dracarys! - Why is Ros still around? I thought they were sending her off last episode. Is the actress the producer's girlfriend or something? - Robb and that girl getting married - Stannis, out of character, choking Melisandre. - Where is Ghost? It would have ended the fight with Quorin perfectly.
  14. How would you rate episode 209?

    I give it a 7, I liked the scenes inside King's Landing and the wildfire but not so much the battle. It never looked to me like Stannis' army had a chance to take the city. Even when Joffrey says "There's too many of them!", all we see are a couple or rowboats reaching the walls. The whole battle was poorly shot and edited in my opinion. Why did they put so much focus on CGI gore effects like people getting chopped in half? Because of the limited budget, they should have made Stannis' army breach the mud gate and have Tyrion lead the last defense past the gate to save the city. When all seems lost, they could have finally shown Tywin and Loras charging the rear of Stannis forces to break the siege.
  15. How would you rate episode 208?

    What amazes me is how accurate season 1 was in retrospect. The differences with the book were neglectable and easily explained by budget constraint (direwolves, Tyrion's battle). Season 2 is overflowing with changes that make no sense and even ruin the continuity of following seasons. Also, I expected season 2 to be "The Tyrion Show", but he doesn't have enough scenes and it's not clear at all in the show how carefully and brilliantly he took charge of King's Landing. All we got was the firing of Janos Slynt and the visit at the Alchemists's guild.