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  1. The Republic of Littlefinger Theory

    The reasons for these actions are simple. They have decided to fund Stannis' claim to the throne. By taking all these other actions they are making sure that the enemies Stannis is fighting are cash strapped and in a worse situation than he is. Nothing more, nothing less. And yes, they do believe that Stannis can win. They would not fund him otherwise. What the IB is doing is making sure their preferred candidate is well funded and everyone else is as poorly funded as they can make them. Really, it is just that simple.
  2. The Republic of Littlefinger Theory

    Yes. Forget Dany. Aegon is already there. I think you've given too much weight to what you see in the show. I don't think the books support what you're suggesting.
  3. How is Littlefinger able to hide his plans from Varys?

    There seems to be some misunderstanding about Varys' spy networks. Spy Organization in Essos: Before coming to King's Landing, Varys and Illyrio ran a spy organization that covered all of the Free Cities of Essos. Varys would steal the secrets of wealthy and powerful individuals of Essos and Illyrio would sell them back. This made both of them exceedingly wealthy. That's right, Varys is as wealthy as Illyrio. This previously established spy network is still functioning. Illyrio explained how it worked to Tyrion. Spy Organization in Westeros: Varys had essentially two different spy networks going in Westeros. The first was people who Varys paid to bring him information. Varys accepted information from anyone who wanted to sell. However, this restricted him to the information that someone was willing to sell. If there was no one willing to sell to him, then Varys had no information from that area. Once Varys went underground, this spy network turned to Qyburn. When it is said that Qyburn has taken over Varys' "Little Birds", these are the people they are talking about. Cersei even says particularly that paying these people money is all that is needed. Varys' second spy network is a bunch of tongueless children that move through the walls of the Red Keep. No one knows about these children. The proof is that no one has ever said, "HOLY SHIT! THERE ARE TONGUELESS CHILDREN IN THE WALLS!" In fact, they haven't even figured out that there are secret passages throughout the Red Keep (except for Maegor's Holdfast). Notice how they burned and tore down the Tower of the Hand because of the secret passages, but have said nothing about all the rest of them. Also, notice how Varys can still move at will through the RK. Also, notice how Varys still had control of the children when he killed Kevan and Pycelle. All of these things indicate that no one knows about the tongueless children. What does LF know about Varys' spy network. He knows about the people who sell information. Actually, pretty much everyone does since Varys lets it be widely known that he pays for information. LF is also aware that Varys has a very efficient information gathering method inside the RK. We are more or less told what LF knows through Dontos explaining to Sansa why they must meet in the Godswood. Dontos explains to Sansa that they must meet in the Godswood, because that way they can see if anyone is approaching close enough to hear what they are saying. LF knows that if something is said inside a building it is highly likely to be reported back to Varys. LF doesn't know it is because of children in the walls, but he does know that if you can't visually verify that no one is close enough to hear you, then you can't be certain you won't be overheard. One thing that is interesting about this is that the TV show had the Godswood be a place that someone could hide amongst the thick trees in order to have a secret conversation, exactly opposite of the book. Finally, at some point someone suggested Olenna knew about the children in the walls (I don't know who after reading so many posts). This is inaccurate. Olenna simply used the same technique as LF did when he had Dontos and Sansa meet in the Godswood. By having Butterbumps sing so loudly while they talked quietly, Olenna insured that she could see anyone moving close enough to hear in time to stop talking. This in no way suggests she knows there are children in the walls.
  4. Who answered from the flames?

    All red priest do fire scrying, that is probably how she knows.
  5. [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.3

    I'm not sure if this is the place to leave this, but some time ago I posted that I thought Lyanna had originally been taken as a hostage against the Starks and Roberts behavior (like Theon with the Starks). When Brandon did what he did, Rhaegar took Lyanna into hiding so his father couldn't hurt her. This is why no one could find Rhaegar for a time. Anyhow, I think the time is quickly approaching that the series might reveal this. The appropriate time for this to be revealed is when we see Lyanna just before she dies. I just wanted to make note of this before it actually happens in the series. As to why Lyanna would be taken, I think the Starks and Robert were actually conspiring against the throne. I think guilt from this is one of the reasons Robert took Lyanna's death so hard.
  6. How is Littlefinger able to hide his plans from Varys?

    One thing that shouldn't be forgotten when discussing LF's success. I'll paraphrase what he says to Sansa, "If you don't appear to have any reason for what you're doing, no one will suspect you're doing it." That, and making sure the people he double crosses don't live to tell, is what keeps LF afloat.
  7. When you read the books...

    Only the characters where the show got them "right". I put right in quotation marks because many of the actors in AGOT don't look like their characters in the book, but they have made their character their own in the show. For instance, I don't see Peter Dinklage when I'm reading Tyrion. He just isn't the same as book Tyrion (too good looking, too tall, etc.). However, Conleth Hill is absolutely perfect. This should all be understood as how I see them in my head, which may be different in your head.
  8. The Last Hero tale by Old Nan foreshadows the deaths of ...

    Robb only has a babe in the show.
  9. The Four major characters

    Exactly, chapter count cannot tell us who the most important characters are, because some of the movers and shakers can't have a POV for fear of revealing too much.
  10. Is Viserion "the nicest" of the three dragons?

    Here is my theory on Viserion. There is, I think, text evidence to back it up. One of the visions Dany sees in the HotU is this (Chapter 48-ACOK): I think this shows symbolically that the animus of MMD entering into one of the dragons. Here I am using the word animus to mean: purpose, intention, animating spirit. I think MMD's spirit entered into Viserion and is waiting to strike back at Dany. However, there are two things stopping Viserion. The first is the bond with Dany's dragon blood. Second, for Viserion to overcome this bond, Viserion will need to find another person with dragon blood to bond with. This is why Viserion first appears to take a liking to BBP and then to Quentyn. The new bond formed would break Viserion's bond to Dany. Breaking this bond would allow Viserion to attack and kill Dany. While most people think that the vision of a cloth dragon that Dany saw in the HotU and the Mummer's Dragon that Quaithe warned Dany of are the same thing. I don't. I think Viserion will bond with Tyrion and this will make him the Mummer's Dragon that Quaithe warns Dany about. When Dany first sees Tyrion he is literally a mummer and if Viserion becomes his Dragon, Viserion will be the mummer's dragon.
  11. The Four major characters

    I would disagree that Arya's travels through the Riverlands is not important action. However you may have a point with Arya's training. As far as the Hands go, the characters chosen to be our eyes and ears can't know too much and most hands would fall into the category of knowing too much.
  12. The Four major characters

    I think a POV's number of chapters is most closely related to how close they are to important action, rather than how important they are to the overall story.
  13. The Azor Ahai Prophecy is probably fake.

    I agree with you. I don't understand the need for making even fictional religions false. I don't believe in zombies either, but I do believe in them in GRRM's story.
  14. Red Priestess

    My theory is a simple one. Because of the voice that Varys heard when he was cut, he has been working towards bringing the AA/PTWP prophecies into fruition. The reason this would make a lot of people angry is because this would mean that Aegon is really the son of Rhaegar and Elia. The reason this would be is because a fake boy wouldn't fulfill the requirements of the prophecy. I have in the past provided lots of quotes to back this idea up, but since most people reject the idea that Aegon is exactly who people think he is, any evidence I provide is rejected out of hand.
  15. Sansa Stark marriage to a Lannister

    I don't have an opinion as to whether Tyrion and Sansa's marriage will factor in the future of the books. However, I must compulsively point out that the circumstances surrounding Tyrion and Sansa's marriage were nothing like you propose and so the things you suggest could not have happened. Here are the order of events: 1) Olenna makes the offer of a marriage with Willas to Sansa. Sansa asks if the Lannisters will allow it. Olenna says the Lannisters would be unable to say no as long as the marriage is proposed AFTER the marriage between Joffrey and Margaery. Therefore, Olenna tells Sansa to tell no one until after the wedding. 2) Sansa tells Dontos that she won't go through with their plans because of the proposed marriage to Willas. Dontos tells LF that Sansa is refusing to go through with their plan. LF tells Tywin about the Tyrells proposed marriage between Sansa and Willas to force Sansa into continuing her plans with Dontos and LF. 3) Tywin proposes the marriage between Tyrion and Sansa in order to stop the marriage between Willas and Sansa. They say it has to be Tyrion because there is no other unmarried Lannister male in KL besides Lancel, who is still severely ill. Tywin arranges for the marriage to occur quickly and secretly in order to avoid any confrontations between the Lannisters and Tyrells. And then Tyrion says this action would probably anger the Tyrells. Tywin asks why would it, because the Tyrells never made their interest in Sansa known. GRRM may have some future impact coming from the marriage, but as of now the marriage has already had the impact of leaving Sansa free to take a different path than marriage to Willas. I think this is one of the things you are saying, but that is something that has already happened. It remains to be seen what future impact the marriage will have on Sansa's life. But if doesn't have a future impact it has already had one, so nothing else need come of it.