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  1. Prevalence of Valyrian heritage?

    I don't give a damn about how many Valyrian looking people there are. That has nothing to do with what I was saying.
  2. Unknown / Double Identities

    "Your Grace is kind," said Waters with a smile. A wicked smile, the queen thought. Aurane did not resemble Prince Rhaegar as much as she had thought. He has the hair, but so do half the whores in Lys, if the tales are true. Rhaegar was a man. This is a sly boy, no more. Useful in his way, though. AFFC - Cersei VIII (Thank you A Search of Ice and Fire) Cersei thinks this because Lys is famous for its Valyrian bed slaves. This just one of several quotes showing that Valyrian bed slaves are what Lys is famous for. The quote I provided was to show that Lys purposely bred them that way. Your idea that the Dothraki are the major source of slaves, rather than just one source of slaves has been disproven. Your claim that of people of Valyrian heritage aren't slaves has been disproven. Your claim that Targaryens would not have found descendents of old Valyrian noble families acceptable as wives has been disproven. You can interpret that any way you want in your mind.
  3. Varys - unusual name for characters from East

    Why would Varys need to make up a name?
  4. Unknown / Double Identities

    The Dothraki are not the only source of slaves. As this quote shows, they are bred. We also know that excess children are given into slavery by their parents (Areo Hotah and Thoros). Also, children born to slaves are slaves. Also, pirates take prisoners that they then ransom or sell into slavery, this happened in ADWD. The Dothraki are only one of the many ways someone can end up a slave in Essos. ETA: Hell, all it took for Tyrion to become a slave was for Jorah to put chains on him.
  5. Unknown / Double Identities

    Where are you getting the idea that people of Valyrian heritage aren't slaves? We are told that Valyrian slaves are specifically bred to be sex slaves since they bring such high prices. You seem to be making an assumption along the lines of: The United Kingdom has a queen, therefore, all people in the United Kingdom are royalty. It just doesn't work that way. And yes, some of the old Valyrian families of the Free Cities (particularly Volantis) were minor nobles in Valyrian times. Also, there are indications in the story that Targaryens married into Free City families multiple times in the past.
  6. Long winters in reality vs long winters in AsoIaF

    Coastal conditions are generally milder, but fish are not as abundant in winter (at least in Alaska). Even coastally, the Alaskan Natives needed to process as much fish as they could to see them through the winter. The main method was smoking and drying. Along the northern coast they would take more advantage of sea mammals. If you read about the different groups of Wildlings there were some that were sea mammals hunters, this would be the closest analogy to the Inuit. When in the 18th Century European and American ships would come into the Cook Inlet Region of Alaska they would often try to trade with the Native groups in the area for food. How much success they had depended on the time of year. If the ships came toward the end of winter (before the Natives could begin replenishing their food supplies), the Natives wouldn't trade for anything. Also, someone up thread mentioned how stealing someone else's food stores would one of the worst things you could do and in Alaskan Native culture that was true.
  7. Unknown / Double Identities

    You're making the assumption that every Valyrian was royalty. If all Aerys was looking for was a Valyrian he could have bought a whore from Lysfor Rhaegar. What Aerys was looking for was a distant relative or at least a daughter of an old noble Valyrian family.
  8. Long winters in reality vs long winters in AsoIaF

    There are a lot of food preservation methods that were available to our ancestors that allowed them to keep food long term. Just some of these methods are salting, drying, and pickling. Through the use of a root cellar, vegetables like potatoes and turnips can be kept for a long time. Our ancestors even used fermentation. By purposely spoiling food in a way that gave it a longer shelf-life, they prevented the food from spoiling in a manner that made it unusable. Grains and fruits could also be preserved as beer and wine. Old fashion beers can be quite nutritious. Anyway, the real problem with getting through winter is in estimating how much food you are going to need to survive. By building up your food stores and rotating them (in other words, using your oldest preserved food all the time), you can be prepared for winter. However, if you are wrong in your estimate of how long winter will last, all the food preservation methods won't help you make it through.
  9. Late to the party....

    Actually no. Valyrian is not genderless. It is dragons that are of first one gender, than the other. This is what Aemon said and meant when he was traveling to Oldtown with Sam.
  10. Late to the party....

    Where did you get the meaning "lesser sibling" for valonqar? It means younger brother.
  11. Unknown / Double Identities

    You're right. Just to provide you with some back-up, Duck's story is told in chapter 8 and Yandry and Ysilla's story is told in chapter 14. Both of these are chapters are in ADWD. I think most people know Duck's story and Yandry and Ysilla were part of a movement where orphans of the Greenblood returned to Mother Rhoyne. It seems to be a semi religious movement.
  12. Unknown / Double Identities

    Sadly, that is all too often true.
  13. Unknown / Double Identities

    While the identities of Yandry, Ysilla, and Rolly are dealt with in a straight forward fashion, there are reasons given in the text to question the backgrounds and identies of Lemore and Haldon. This is a longer quote from Chapter 22 - ADWD (This is in response to Aegon wanting to go ashore): So, there you have it. The author himself strongly invites the reader to question Lemore's identity, including whether she is a septa at all. As far as Haldon is concerned, it is not really his identity that is called into question. He is Haldon, the single name he had as a student at the Citadel. The maesters hide their pasts behind this single name, as pointed out by Lady Dustin. Instead, what needs to be revealed for Haldon is his past. How did he come to be here? Haldon's story is not shared openly, but there is reason to believe Tyrion was told after winning the cyvasse game. But ... oh my, oh my... GRRM wouldn't actually withhold information that he wasn't ready to share yet, would he?
  14. Unknown / Double Identities

    This is actually answered in the story.
  15. Unknown / Double Identities

    I get your point. There are a lot of readers that don't understand what is going on in the story. For instance, Marwyn is another character that is talked about in the series before we meet him. And large numbers of people think he is going to teach Dany about dragons, never mind his area of expertise is magic and prophecy. Tyrion, who is the expert on dragons, is going to tell Dany that Aegon is a fake, never mind that Tyrion believes Aegon to be real and actually likes him. So yeah, you're right there will probably be lots of people who say "who?" no matter how well GRRM sets it up. They will then blame their lack of understanding on "bad writing".