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  1. Roleplay is actively encouraged! It's a pretty code-light game. It is fairly active. Rough estimate... there's probably about 20 or so pretty active players, a few more who are less so. There's normally somebody always on since there are players from the US, Europe and the east (gets especially active during the US evening hours). Come take a look!
  2. @Papa Stark: I'd recommend just jumping in on the guest client and talking to folk. I found it easier to learn stuff that way. To be honest, I've probably read less than half the helpfiles and stuff on the website. The CG stuff is invaluable but beyond that I found it easier to just learn as I went along.
  3. I believe so, which client are you thinking of using? And yes, the MUSH is very much still active. At present in King's Landing - under the directive of the Hand Prince Viserys - a fleet of ships, full of fighting men are out fighting the infamous pirate Sullehman Saan in the Narrow Sea, many of whom have been reported dead. Back in the city, grieving wives and family fear the worst. All the while there is said to be a war brewing in Essos, as certain Free Cities act to take advantage of the Iron Throne's waning power under Baelor the Blessed, while at Sunspear there are whispers that said Free Cities may have reached out to Prince Marence, in aim of perhaps earning Dorne's support in the coming war. So yeah, absolutely loads to get your teeth into, should you choose to join us :)
  4. Complicated? Nah. I seem to do okay on there and I'm an idiot. But do come try it if you ever change your mind, even if it's just a Cameo character for a short while. You may get hooked :)
  5. After thirty days of inactivity your character gets placed back onto the roster. You can take part in scenes as much or as little as you want, all admin really ask is that you keep your character up to date (such as setting Relations to other characters, inputting key Events in the life of your character going forward). Just in case you ever have to leave, so there's a fully fleshed out character left behind for someone else to play. Hope to see you on there soon. The greeters should be able to answer any other questions you have :)
  6. There are Cameo characters available on a temporary basis that you can take onto the grid and get a flavour of the game. You can also check the recent logs uploaded to the website or the Roleplay/Tidings board in-game to get an idea of current stories and gossip going on in the MUSH. Hope to see you on there soon, Leo ;)
  7. Welcome! First thing's first, go have a read of the Blood of Dragons page on, especially the FAQs bit to learn more about the theme of the game and MUSHing. In fact, that page will probably contain all the answers you need, more so than anything I could tell you on here. Following that, get yourself onto the Guest server and say hi to the awesome greeter folk there by typing +guest Hello! Supposing any are around and able to respond, they'll take care of you and teach you how to get involved with the MUSH. If nobody replies, check back later, as you may just have logged in at an inopportune time of the day when our greeters are at work. Usually there should be 2-3 around to help you out :) Hope to see you on the grid soon!
  8. Get yourself onto the Guest server and say hi to the awesome greeter folk there. They'll take care of you and teach you how to get involved with the MUSH :)
  9. The game is very much active; folks can get themselves involved in a scene almost every day. A lot of players do not seem to use the forums much despite being very active on the MUSH. I seem to be an exception in that regard. Hope to see you on the grid soon, maybe!
  10. Get yourself on the guest client... and just ask questions til you annoy everyone in sight! :P Tis the best way to learn if you are new to MUSHing. I'd never played a MUSH before and now I am hooked. Don't worry about messing up, everyone was new once and people are super forgiving and helpful. Hope to see you on the grid soon, Starkwolf64 :)
  11. Refer to my above post and anything Linda has said. Best way to learn is to hop on in and say hello to people :)
  12. I was new to MUSHing too, now I can't get enough! Click on the link ( and it should automatically log you in. One of the game's greeters or admin should give you a greeting, let them know you are there :) Not going to lie, there's a whole lot of code to learn. Your best bet is to log in and apply for a Cameo character. They are pre-created characters that allow you to get a flavour of the game before you go into generating your own character. That way you can see how the game works and how we all converse together. Everything becomes a lot clearer once you start playing. So get on in there and start! Give me a page if there isn't anyone more experienced offering a hand straight away ;)
  13. Thoughts for this week... Dany: Relatively fun week with Dean Pelton's magic trickery. Jon: Funny. Ygritte is just about right on the hot/dangerous scale. Theon: Eww. About time we saw some charred corpses in this War of Five Kings though. Jaime/Cat: Frustrating week for my favourite character. As has been said, the Alton murder was unnecessary. Cat ever so slightly starting to come across as arrogant/naive. I expect that to intensify next week, Tyrion/Cersei: Still hate bubbling below the surface but I thought they had a nice scene. Sansa: Captured the moonblood scene perfectly. N.B. The music at the end was fucking awesome.
  14. Yeah but now she's gonna flea back to Robb's camp with that idea freshly implanted in her mind. I think she's gonna release him straight away.
  15. So do you guys reckon the Jaime/Brienne thing is going to be brought forward? The way LF proposed it to Cat, it seems to be not that far off. The plan is going through Cat's mind now... Perhaps the "man of no honor" of episode 7 refers to Jaime (AND Theon)? Brienne likes drawing attention to his kingslaying past so this title sounds like something she'd say to him.