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  1. Man, that Leafs game was excruciating. So happy they won. I will say, though, as a Leafs fan whose view on this playoffs berth was "oh, cool, that's just gravy" and was planning on rooting for the Caps to win Ovi a cup after the Leafs were out, this is killing my confidence in Washington Considering going down to DC for game 5 on Friday, though.
  2. Goddammnit. Anyway, is the peated bourbon any good? Have y'all been able to try it?
  3. FML.
  4. Congrats, Ang! I went to my undergrad graduation, and it was super long and a million degrees. Skipping the Masters graduation at the same institution was an easy choice.
  5. Disagree with the initial premise, they have very different uses, IMO. I do like bourbon quite a bit for sipping (and Scotch as well), but I have never had a good Scotch cocktail (though I drink Rusty Nails when I'm feeling masochistic). As with Week, my go-to cocktail is the Boulevardier, and it's fantastic. Two notes on bourbon/American whiskies with weird finishes - have y'all tried either Breckenridge bourbon (out of Breckinridge, Colorado) or King's County Peated Bourbon (out of I-don't-know-where New York)? Breckinridge I find very interesting, as the initial hit tastes like a bourbon, but the finish has a weird... I dunno, minerality, that I associate much more with Scotches. The peated bourbon is something my boss has been talking up, but I've never seen it before and would be interested in a review from someone who's tried it. Re: old-fashioneds, I rarely order them anymore; like Swordfish, I find the range crazy-wide. There are some very good ones and some really awful ones. You can get a shitty Manhattan, but it's not as far from an average Manhattan as a shitty OF is from an average one.
  6. Oi, fuck off with calling me old. *Looks at current handle* Ah, carry on.
  7. He might be... OK, so only shots are a miracle via Thunderdome or via actually showing up on time next year and joining a Whiskeyjack league or two
  8. Can we still trade in this league? I assume we can...
  9. So, uh, what is the hierarchy of leagues to feed into the Experts slots? Asking for a friend, etc.
  10. On the topic of the initial question - Scot, might it be because they evangelize? The feeling of someone trying to sell you something - whether or not you want that thing - is sort of uniquely distasteful. I had to purchase a car recently, and it was an appalling experience even though I, y'know, wanted to buy a car.
  11. Let's see if it pays off for them...
  12. The Bills - Pats pregame fight they just cut to is the most entertaining thing they've showed so far.
  13. Some reeaaalllll Coltsy bullshit goin' on in London.
  14. Stylistically, tonally, this is what I was worried about, but fuck me I did not think it would be this bad. Kick it onside to open the 2nd half, Shaw. Damn the torpedoes.
  15. Really worried about tonight's game, we're missing both starting corners and one of our starting WR...