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  1. The Greatful Dead - Cassidy RIP John Perry Barlow (obituary in the Guardian)
  2. Figures.
  3. Yes, I think Stark might have been the title of an office before it became the name of a House. From an old post.
  4. I like the Ofra Haza version, I also like her other songs that keep the focus on her voice. I heard Kashmir done by Plant and some North African muscians on the radio, it blew my mind. I don't know if Page ws involved as well and I don't think it was the version with the Egyptian musicians you find on you tube. A little over thirty years ago I took an album by the Inca Babies called Rumble to the USA for an exchange year. It was inspired by the Link Wray song of the same name (there was a mediocre rendition on the album, that got me nonetheless. My favorite songs were 16 Tons of Fink and The Interior). Tonight there is a documentary on Arte TV about Link Wray and native american rock, most europeans will be able to watch it here. Only in the last years have I discovered the Link Wray beyond Rumble and Switch Blade. My favorite song of his at the moment is Fire and Brimstone.
  5. The Black Bear, thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite movies . Too bad that life is not anywhere close to it and Trump isn't in the remotest sense close to Mr. Happer (Freddy Trump might have been...) Under the pavement there lies Ben's Beach. (extra points for people who get the reference).
  6. I do not have much time, so I just drop two things that Martin has said on the matter of - Villains and - Heroes
  7. Sad news. I probably wouldn't be on this forum or delved into Martin's work, if he hadn't made A Song Of Ice And Fire come to life. I hope he was aware of the pleasure he gave to so many people before he crossed over.
  8. I pray for another miracle - Tom Petty is a humble genius! - a rare person, we cannot have enough of. Tom on writing The Tweeter and the Monkeyman (no it's not about big D - not about you either Tris - but some lines resonate oddly familiar.) "It was mostly Bob writing it all by himself. I was just credited for remembering some lines he forgot, which became the chorus" As I remember it from this video.
  9. 1317 is a really bad year to adapt to in Europe. It was the time of the Great Famine. I also wonder what modern profession or skillset could have been most usefull in those times. I think that being able to read and write latin would have insured a half way secure position, but probably would have raised a lot of suspicion against you, had they noticed you were a woman, unless you could pass as a noble. I'd probably be best at dy(e)ing, since I learned some basic techniques from some centuries earlier an a bit further north (Bryneich), from this song, Weaver - Richard Dawson.
  10. Thought you were refering to the drug dude.
  11. This is true, they will still cost you however, as they won't pay for the journey and will expect food and - err well probably rather camp followers for comfort than actual lodging.
  12. I believe that Sandor wants his brother to realise what he has done to him (and their mysterious sister), he deems death too merciful for Gregor (, just as Arya did for Sandor?). I agree that there needs to be a climax to their relationship, but I expect something unexpected, like Sandor forgiving his brother and mercifully releasing him from Qyburn's mind control.
  13. Some jobs are also better left to troups you can easily distance yourself from later on, like rabid dogs and foreigners, and not your loyal bannermen. There's a tool to every task, as Tywin would say.
  14. Nope, (I must say, since I have the memory of an Elephant )my dear old friend. Sansa in Game
  15. Charles Bradley - Why Is It So Hard His passion will remain.