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  1. Tris, how so - isn't he rated second right along Bob Marley? I have to thank Jimmy "Rhyging" for furthering my interest in Jamaican music after the introduction by UB 40 (forgive me, I was fifteen). Today he's much too mainstream for my taste, and the only acceptable authority is LKJ ;). Good summer sounds in any case. That might be the reason I've almost missed the new album by Richard Dawson - Peasant, which is a hard yet rewarding listen best suited for cold rainy days. It's so Septon Meribald.
  2. He's probably more Blackwood than Targaryen in any case, but I don't see why that is important anyway. Remember power lies where people believe it lies.
  3. On this day I should remember working class heroes as in Phil Ochs' Ballad of Joe Hill and Joe Hill's Rebel Girl. Considering how we pissed away their sacrifices as told by the Art Bears The Song Of The Martyrs, I should get my ass up and stick it to the man as Atari Teenage Riot did 18 years ago. But I'm just a tired old man taking solace in watching cat videos, such as The Jazz Butcher - Love Kittens Thunder Cat - A Fan's Mail (Tron Song Suite II) Thunder Cat - Tron Song (Live on The Current) Tell me about some of your favorites. I'll lap it up.
  4. "Trickle down" at work ;).
  5. As I want to do away with my old tapedeck, I was sifting through my old 80's tapes. The Jazz Butcher had a great single with a buzzing Modern Lovers' Roadrunner on the A side and on the B side a nice piece of powerpop, Rain as well as this controversial song, that suggests misery and alcohol create art, called Drink.
  6. FB, " this the best way we can grow our good fruit? They've fallen like dry leaves and rot on your top soil and be known by no name, except deportees." Plane Crash at Los Gatos
  7. I recently read the Futurist Manifesto by Marinetti (wikipedia). I had the impression that the "alt -right" are either influenced by it or that there is a similar social development that causes some insecure people to turn to a martial "traditionalism" while embracing the fruit of cooperative utalitarism - technology. "We want to demolish museums and libraries, fight morality, feminism and all opportunist and utilitarian cowardice. " It seems that this is intentional. Bannon Cited Italian Thinker Who Inspired Fascists (NYT)
  8. I really love this thread. I'll just drop this here for now and may follow up on it later. J.W. Goethe from Willhelm Meister's Apprenticeship Chapter I, Book III. " Know’st thou the land where lemon-trees do bloom, And oranges like gold in leafy gloom; A gentle wind from deep blue heaven blows, The myrtle thick, and high the laurel grows? Know’st thou it, then? ’Tis there! ’tis there, O my belov’d one, I with thee would go! Know’st thou the house, its porch with pillars tall? The rooms do glitter, glitters bright the hall, And marble statues stand, and look me on: What’s this, poor child, to thee they’ve done? Know’st thou it, then? ’Tis there! ’tis there, O my protector, I with thee would go! Know’st thou the mountain bridge that hangs on cloud? The mules in mist grope o’er the torrent loud, In caves lie coil’d the dragon’s ancient brood, The crag leaps down and over it the flood: Know’st thou it, then? ’Tis there! ’tis there Our way runs; O my father, wilt thou go?" As a song by Franz Schubert sung by Janet Baker
  9. C'mon people let's make it happy! Shit isn't there anything to say that wasn't used to promote Coca Cola.
  10. Well, there was a band called Fall Of Efrafa with some nice album titles, too bad the music is not what I'm into. I must admit that Watership Down is the only work I've read by Richard Adams, apart from the beginning of Shardik. The topic of Shardik really interested me, but it just didn't click. Wether it was Adams' self-confessed weakness of writing humans or a bad german translation I can't tell. It was also decades ago shortly after my last reread of Watership Down, so it probably just didn't live up to my high expectations. My brother loved Plague Dogs (that's a nice name for a punk combo) and tried to get me to read it, but ... well there was so much other stuff. Is it really comparable to Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH apart from the Animal testing / experimenting? I loved the rabbit mythology of Watership Down and the different models for societies, maybe a bit simplistic, but they were perfect for my ten- or eleven -year old self. The impact on me was, and still is, huge. And then there is the fact that Adams wrote Watership Down, his first novel, when he was older than fifty, which gives me hope that I will still get the chance contribute in some great way.
  11. May he find a peaceful spot next to El - Ahrairah, Hazel and Fiver. Richard Adams, the author of Watership Down, has died aged 96. His creation has made my world richer and kinder.
  12. I'm sorry but isn't this Steak - umms? The scary thing is, that I actually liked Steak(- umm) sandwiches. The thing that makes my tongue blister with disrelish is cheese powder and related products - eewww shudder.
  13. That's so true the most drastic image to show this is probably the shrinking od the South Aral Sea.
  14. Take a look at Barack Obama's White House Sound System - I had a laugh noticing that it's almost what I sugested in my first post. I like the Audio Technica cartridge that is mounted on the Denon, but Xray is right - you should replace the stylus with an elyptical one.
  15. Some interesting offers, Klipsch R-15PM turntable bundle for $599 More info - probably the best speakers at this price - perfectly capable to blow the building away - the turntable very basic and offers no comfort in handling and won't sound much better than, The Denon DP 300F or The Teac TN-300 (this one received a very good review in a german hifi mag and I like it's looks)