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  1. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    The Russians brought back lots of spies. They were given apartments in Moscow and pensions, and after a few years the Russians would even allow the occasional Western nation reporter to visit and interview them. But we only heard about famous spies, who knows if they brought back littlefish like secretaries. Mind you, she was a secretary for an FBI department head, so maybe a big enough fish.
  2. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    I'm not sure....did I miss something? Was the message to Moscow only about the dead rat, and nothing about Martha? On one hand I can see the stirrings of a love interest between Tatiana and Oleg, I think Oleg admires her so far, but I don't trust Tatiana. It would be damn sad if Martha never gets off to Moscow. What a relief for Elizabeth.... And you have to feel for Agent Gaad. After a long career in the FBI, he's going down down down. I thought Elizabeth had stabbed Martha for a moment. That must have been one hell of a punch to the kidneys. ETA: And I agree, Alison Wright was fabulous tonight, especially for that minute or so when she spotted agents (I guess she was onher wayback to her apartment thinking she was fine) and stepped back off the sidewalk, and thought the man walking towards her was FBI. Turning around and around stunned like a deer in headlights was poignant.
  3. Acrophobia #22 -- Words to votes

    How about something really wacky and off the wall....... Pick a famous saying of the books ie a Lannister always pays his debts, and create a new saying that HBO would like better. And now that I brought this up I can't think of a damn thing....
  4. Acrophobia #22 -- Words to votes

    Aaaarrrggghhh, between a funeral, a children's birthday party, conversations with my accountant about inome taxes and a few other things, I completely forgot to vote. Mea culpa, and my apologies. Congratulations to Julia for a fine win!
  5. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    Truly one of the best things they do in this show is use sex wisely. Can anyone name a sex scene in any season that they thought was gratuitous? I think in Episode 1 of Season 1 we were introduced to Elizabeth in the guise of a woman whohas sex witha businessman in a hotel room and I wondered where the show was going, but where it went was back home with her to the basement where she hides her disguise and locks up valuables in the secret cubby hole. And it set the tone of deception that has run throughout the series. And, oy vey, deception after deception revealed last night! Some people in this thread have complained about how long the Nina story line dragged and wondered about the Martha story line as well. Surely this is going to be some kind of dramatic comparison of Nina and Martha. The question is, where will it go? Will we see the US system is just as ruthless as the Russian system, or will we see a better outcome for Martha? Will we see how people used by both systems are abandoned in the end? Will Martha turn herself in, or will she jump off a bridge? Will Elizabeth and Phillip show up a moment later, and who will go after Martha? Will Elizabeth tell Phillip she'll handle things and kill Martha? So many possibilities, and I can honestly say I really don't know which way it will go. I suspect, though, that it will end badly.
  6. Happy birthday larrytheimp

    Happy Birthday, Larry! Have a great year!
  7. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    They aren't the same things though. A general election should be open to all citizens to vote in, since the purpose is to elect your government in a democracy. A primary is not a general election, it's a method to choose a candidate for one position. How are candidates chosen for every other candidate in this fall's election? Are all those votes open votes?
  8. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    I'm puzzled by the line of thinking here. The primaries aren't closed, you can vote in them if you register. Same argument made by Fez. You can't attend university unless you register. The argument is specious. You can't send your kid to a lot of free programs run by the state unless you register.
  9. Drink-o-philes...Rum!

    I agree as well. I posted a picture of the Kraken bottle on facebook before Christmas and got oohs and ahs from people who hadn't seen it before. And the spiced rum is very, very nice, especially if it will just be drunk with something like a coke.
  10. Mazel tov Inigima!

    Congratulations to you both, Ini! May there be many happy years ahead for you two!
  11. Acrophobia #22 -- Words to votes

    Congrats, Julia! I must admit I have been very uninspired as of late....
  12. Acrophobia #22 -- Words to votes

    1st. 8. Creating Our Southern Destiny. Mance's southern destiny, not sure about everyone else.. 2nd. 6. Comrades! Our solidarity defends! He does seem to be the most communist of the candidates 3rd. 4. ‘Cause Others Serve Death I like the double play on Others as rivals as well as...Others 4th. 7. Come on, select deliverance! That's it, prod the peasants in the right direction!
  13. You ungrateful Toronto dilettante!
  14. The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS]

    Ember was pretty disappointing....
  15. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    Cool! I'm glad it's not filmed in Vancouver. "The series films in New York City at Eastern Effects Studios in Brooklyn. Other shooting locations include: Mamaroneck, Coney Island Avenue, Kew Gardens, Morningside Heights, and Farmingdale. Shooting of the pilot episode began in May 2012 and lasted until mid-June."