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  1. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 3

    1st. 5. Duty, ardor, with these your royal brother anticipates happiness. 2nd. 9. Dragon will always treat you royally, benevolently, and harmoniously. 3rd. 7. Dragons are we - triumphant, young, resplendent. Blending aflame hearts. 4th. 1. Destiny awaits westward! Targaryens, your ride beckons and hollers!
  2. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    I almost did not want to watch this episode, (and I did not watch the replay once the meeting between the 'family' and Don started) because I was afraid of what would happen to the Korean family. It was painful to watch the wool being pulled over Don's eyes, and left me feeling badly for both Elizabeth and Don and Young Hee. Phillip didn't have the attachment to them. And the scenes between Pastor Tim and Elizabeth were awesome, because I felt both the manipulation going on and detected an underlying genuine emotion on display. And the was The. Most. Awkward. Dinner. Party...evah!
  3. Acrophilia #9

    I was worried there was more to it as well...
  4. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    I am expecting that before the season ends Don will have committed suicide.
  5. Acrophilia #9

    Yes yes yes, go ahead, do what you can...
  6. Acrophilia #9

    hahahaha, nice try, I meant #7 in this latest round, which was stumping me until the last moment.
  7. Myrddin is getting internet famous (Possible Spoilers)

    Lovely! Someone send a copy of the articles to the two Dans!
  8. Acrophilia #9

    Okay, author of #7, I take that back. Peace!
  9. Acrophilia #9

    Just so that you know. Whoever wrote number 7? I hate you.
  10. There is an essential difference between Canadian and US criminal law that has allowed US states to legalize marijuana. Criminal law is controlled by the federal government in Canada, and the federal government is the signatory to those UN treaties. Criminal law is controlled by individual states in the US. I know very little about US law, but I assume that the federal government complies with anti-drug treaties at the federal level, but since criminal law is under the control of states, the states don't have to comply with international treaties. This has caused a huge problem for the companies that sell marijuana in those states, because federally governed banks refuse to allow them to open bank accounts owing to the fact that they won't touch proceeds from what, on a federal level, is criminal activity. But in any event, if you google the topic of international treaties you'll see that the US is infamous for entering treaties, demanding the other nations that are signatories comply with the treaties, but the US ignores treaties whenever they feel like it.
  11. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    I absolutely loved him in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. And this thread may be locked at any moment, since we are on page 21....
  12. So, Aemon, are you suggesting then that it was deliberate? Take a look at the link I posted. All of the NDPers in that scrum were blocking him and hitting him, he hasn't claimed he was assaulted. The NDPers were also blocking and hitting Gord Brown, all technically assaults but only an idiot would claim they were assaulted. And in any event I've now heard this was a game arranged between the NDP and the Conservatives, so Gord Brown wouldn't have complained anyway. That was on the CBC's Politics radio show this morning, the House, the Conservative said it didn't matter if the scenario was arranged. I'm not excusing the PM, he got sucked in good and hard, but I do object to the bs being thrown around by the opposition. Especially that rat faced Conservative who got up and announce this was a criminal assault. He's the same little jerk who got up and castigated the Minister of Justice for not having appointed judges yet because she was too busy attending fund raisers. Rich considering the Conservatives had the worst record in history throughout their entire term in office with regard to appointing judges. I believe when Harper called the election there were 45 empty positions, because Harper didn't give a flying fuck about judicial appointments. He did however appoint 49 positions to various boards, renewing positions that hadn't even come to the end of their terms, like the notorious 7 year renewal to the National Energy Board. And speaking of rich, hearing Rona Ambrose get up and say the NEB approved the Trans Mountain pipeline and therefore the government has an obligation to approve it made me want to puke. Those hearings were notorious for all the people who were refused a say before the Board hearings. And the Board was stacked with oil men by Harper. Talk about a process without credibility. But back to 'elbowgate' for a moment. According to what I heard this morning, all that had to be done to start the vote was for the government whip to sit down. Elizabeth May didn't know that, and as she said, she's a rule junkie. Both the Conservative and NDP members on the program knew it, and mocked Trudeau for not knowing that. I suspect that both he and the government whip were aware of the rule, which was likely why Trudeau went down to grab Brown. If the government whip had sat down, everyone not sitting at that moment would have been unable to vote, which is why he wasn't sitting yet, waiting for the MPs to sit down. So Trudeau was damned if he did, damned if he didn't. If the whip sat down, I can just imagine the screams that would have come from the opposition benches from all the MPs who couldn't vote because they were standing around. Gord Brown would have screamed that he had been blocked by the NDP. You have to admit, it was a clever nasty little trap. And as for Ms Brosseau, the NDP member who was so terribly assaulted, Elizabeth May saw her afterwards and said she was convinced she was traumatized. I respect Ms May and I believed her, and I also happen to like Ms Brosseau.. But after seeing that frame-by-frame breakdown of the event, after hearing the incredible bullshit being thrown around by the opposition members, after listening to the fuck-you attitude of the opposition members being interviewed, I'm afraid that I now believe her trauma is also bullshit. She was likely planning to scream about injustice if the government whip sat down and she couldn't vote because she was standing on the floor, so when the PM led Brown to his seat she ran out of the House and cried about missing the vote because she was so traumatized. And, in the end, I put a whole lot of blame the Supreme Court of Canada for not granting the government's request for a 6 month extension for the assisted dying bill. I could also place blame on the Conservatives, for dragging their feet for months and then calling such a long election, preventing discussion on such an emotional issue.
  13. I was trying to find Terry Milewski's interview with Elizabeth May yesterday where she explains the story behind the rising antagonism. The CBC has not posted it to either their web page or their Facebook page, surprise surprise. You may have heard that the NDP called for a snap vote the other day in the House when they noticed there were more opposition MPs in the House than Liberals. The bells rang and the Liberal whip had to work his butt off to get enough MPs in to avoid a defeat, but there was a tie, only the 11th in Canadian history, requiring the Speaker to cast the tie-breaking vote for the government. Now, that kind of a stunt being pulled doesn't exactly foster friendly relations between the government and the opposition. The Liberals then called for a vote on closure of the assisted-death bill, which some people say was retaliation for that snap vote, and that made the NDP decide they would block the vote. Apparently there's a three-minute rule about getting all parliamentarians into their seats before a vote can be held. The whips walk along the front of their benches on the floor of the House to confirm all of them are in their seats (you can't vote unless you are in your seat), so a bunch of NDPers milled on the floor blocking Gord Brown, the Conservative whip, to prevent the vote from being called, and the reason why everyone was standing to one side. That's when the PM obviously got pissed off and walked over to Brown to escort him back to his seat so the vote could be held. The PM should not have done that, no doubt, someone else should have handled the situation, although I'm not sure what could have been done. I assume they would have lost the opportunity to vote, and then a complaint would have been made to the Speaker, who would have had to sanction the NDP or something. Then the vote would have to be held on another day, once again delaying action on the bill. Presumably the NDP would then do it all over again with different MPs. Elizabeth May said both the Conservatives and the NDP were cooking up "mischief", so the whole blocking Gord Brown thing may have been an act by both parties. I could not find the Elizabeth May interview but there has been a frame-by-frame breakdown of what actually happened posted on You Tube which is quite edifying.
  14. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    Considering that a former CIA agent is their central consultant, I assume they are writing in real issues faced by agents. To think that agents are unaffected by the work they do is to assume all of them are psychopaths or sociopaths. Being affected by the work they do has been a central theme in this show from the very first episode. We are introduced to Stan, for example, as someone profoundly affected by his lengthy undercover work in the US South. And I remember being introduced to Elizabeth seducing some guy in a hotel room and then totally changing and going home to listen secretly in the basement to a tape from her mother. The stresses on these people were made obvious from the get go. William, the scientist trying to steal microbes and viruses, thinks Central are all idiots and obviously aches for his wife, who has returned to Russia.
  15. Acrophobia #23 - "Till death do us part" - Round 3

    I did not submit an entry because I was dry, dry, dry. I'll try to get an entry in the next time. 1st. 6. I'm given faithfully, true. Ever. Always. I promise. Amen. Lovely, even though I don't think they used Amen in Westeros 2nd. 3. I'm game for trout. Even-keeled attitude is perfectly acceptable. I had to remove the colour because I could not override it. A vow I think Eddard made in his mind. And just plain funny, and just like a man.... 3rd. 10. I give fully to eternity. (Although, I prefer another..) 4th. 8. I give freely, today...everyday...although I'd promised another. The 3rd 4th was difficult to choose because there were several strong choices. Congratulations to all!