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  1. I think the worst thing about Trump's call was that either he did not know or had already forgotten the name of La David Johnson while he spoke to the widow. Mrs. Johnson said Trump kept saying "your fellow". Perhaps he was confused as to whether he should say "La", "David" or "La David". ETA: One more thing. General Kelly, in that very strange press conference, talked about things that don't seem to be sacred anymore. One of those was women, "We used to hold women sacred" The appalling nerve of saying that when he works for Donald Trump....
  2. "By accident"? Lol, maybe you should tell them it probably won't be an accident....
  3. Wow, the local Congresswoman was in the limo with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson on the way to meet his coffin when Trump called. The call was on speaker. Trump told her "He knew what he signed up for, but I guess it hurts anyway". Holy shit. What tact. But Trump has done more for grieving families than any other president. The family was sobbing because they were told they could not have an open casket....
  4. Kelly has refused to speak to the press about his son, so I kinda think Trump's comments were made without his permission. It has been pointed out that the Kellys sat at Michelle Obama's table at the WH breakfast for Gold Star Mothers in 2011, held about 6 months after he died. It has been a long time policy of the WH not to speak about private conversations with the families of soldiers who have died in combat. People who worked at the WH in the last three administrations have been pretty vocal in their disgust with what Trump said. Afaik, no WH statement was issued, it came out of Trump's mouth and 'an official in the WH' spoke to the press. I suspect that would be Kellyanne Conway, who rails against leaks but apparently likes to act as an anonymous source. It should be pointed out that so far this year 6 US soldiers have died in combat. In 2010 500 US soldiers died. But Trump, of course, has done so much more than any other president.
  5. I would have to do a lot of research to do this correctly, but just imagine if every time the office of President changed parties, the new President destroyed every major achievement of the previous presidency. Imagine if in the first few months of Nixon's presidency, he undid, by executive action no less, all the legislation of the Great Society, cancelled the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, stopped the appointment of black judges to the USSC, cancelled funding for schools across the USA, wiped out the National Endowment for the Humanities and for the Arts , junked food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Work Study and Head Start, eliminated manned space programs, and overturned the Immigration Act. What a different USA you want have today.
  6. Just imagine if Obama had threatened to snatch away Fox's broadcast license for reporting false news. I'd imagine the Republicans would announce there was a constitutional crisis and start impeachment hearings.
  7. What I'd like to see is for someone to demand that the other tapes of Trump being vulgar be released. Then start an investigation of Hollywood and the harassment of women by members of congress and the senate at the same time.
  8. Lol, good memory! Oh heavens, golf carts were allowed a long time ago. They are even allowed in competition, unless they are forbidden. The PGA does not allow the use of golf carts unless there's a medical reason, which doesn't happen too often, because normally you probably can't play golf if you have a medical condition. The last time a cart was allowed I think someone had a foot or leg injury but could still play, so a cart was allowed. I didn't know Trump drives his cart on the green. That would be on his own golf courses, I guess. Because rules don't apply to him. Which just confirms what I said about what your golf game says about you.
  9. Polling numbers can turn around quickly if the right kind of disaster happens just before an election.
  10. Frankly speaking the incredible snark you have used in this thread, making all kinds of claims without attempting to back-up any of them, eventually creates the kinds of responses you get.
  11. And where is your confirmation of this whole line of bullshit you are spinning? From Fox News, so truly reliable, right?
  12. And CNN just 10 minutes, when discussing the new timeline, just said "Though it's still correct the security guard alerted police."
  13. This has been nagging at me because I knew it was wrong. The police praised the security guard as a hero in their press conferences because EVEN THOUGH HE WAS SHOT HE HELPED THE POLICE CLEAR THE FLOOR. He used his master key to unlock doors for the police, among other things. I have neither seen nor heard anything about the police not knowing the security guard was on the floor. Your whole scenario of him too stunned or unconscious to alert anyone that he was shot is something you have invented out of thin air.
  14. Yes, there were, some were interviewed by CNN. They spoke about hearing shots.
  15. Well, the security guard had a communication device of some kind, probably a walkie talkie. He reported being shot. And the news reports said the police got there so quickly because they were already in the hotel for another event. Much was made of the fact they immediately started searching for the gunman. But now it seems that the search started in response to the guard being shot. I don't think they could have stopped the shooter, the timing was too close. They may have gotten to the floor while he was still shooting, but the first thing they did was evacuate the floor. I bet they had no idea how devastatingly effective the gunman was. They were 33 stories up, after all.