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  1. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic How have your appliances been holding up?   

    I don't think that Whirlpool quite had the name Maytag did, but were considered to be pretty reliable.
    Many of the manufacturers made lines for each other.  Kenmore appliances are made by different companies.  The business is extremely competitive, and North American manufacturers have been hit hard by Korean brands in particular. 
    I remember reading a case study in the Harvard Business Review years ago about why GE moved the manufacture of microwave ovens to Korea.  The microwave oven was invented in the US, of course, with Raytheon and Litton making the first models, and then Amana (another high end appliance manufacturer, taken over, I think, by Maytag) making the first widely used home microwave ovens.  A Korean corporation (Hyundai, I think) was desperate to get more work from the US and bid on a GE microwave contract.  The GE engineer in charge of microwave ovens flew over from Louisville, headquarters of GE Appliances, to review their work, and found it a good start but inadequate, outlying the issues he had in a meeting with their engineers and set a meeting for the following quarter.  He stopped off at the plant the next day on his way to the airport, and was called into a meeting room where the entire engineering team working on the project staggered in, having worked non-stop from the day before redesigning the microwave and re-drafting blueprints so the GE engineer could take them back to Louisville.  The engineer was stunned, he knew the same work would have taken at least three months to do back in Louisville.  Shortly afterwards, GE transferred product responsibility to Korea, deciding to concentrate on white goods in Louisville.  That is, fridges, stoves, washers and dryers.  It was just a preview of things to come, though, and Appliance Park went down from a city-sized factory of 30,000 to about 8,000 employees, the last time I heard.  Could be fewer now.
  2. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic How have your appliances been holding up?   

    Maytag was a huge and well respected US appliance company founded in the late 1800s.  In the late 1980s and the 1990s, they went on an acquisition binge and then got into debt problems, and started cutting back on the quality of their products.  They used to run an ad campaign, for decades, iirc, on the loneliness of the Maytag repairman, their reputed quality allowing them to charge premium prices, but when they got into debt they decided they had to create some cheap lines to increase sales.  Bad mistake.  They were eventually acquired by Whirlpool, who wiped out their executives, board members and head office staff, and closed down numerous plants.  But the name lives on on refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers.
  3. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic How have your appliances been holding up?   

    Funny this topic should come up, because I've recently been worried everything is going die at the same time.
    I bought a high capacity front load washer and dryer from Sears (Kenmore) in 2005 or 2006.  They've run almost flawlessly since then.  The light burnt out in the dryer, I need to look up how to change it.  Everyone warned me at the time that 'everything new these days is shitty, don't expect to get 10 years from them'.  My brother has replaced his dryer twice or three times in that period, and his washer once.  However, everything electronic my SiL touches dies an early death, so I'm not sure if their stuff was crap or not.
    I did a kitchen facelift in 2005 and bought a new dishwasher and fridge.  I didn't need a new dishwasher, but my mother was convinced our dishwasher leaked and wasn't worth using, so I replaced it (I think it was a 15 year old  Kitchenaid, but I can't remember) with a Miele, which I have just loooooved.  Of course, being newer it's been quieter and more energy efficient than the previous dishwasher.  Friends just got a new Bosch which looks mighty fine, super quiet and with a feature allowing you to time delay the wash.  Since electricity rates are higher during the day, that's a handy feature.
    The new fridge I bought is a bottom freezer Maytag with a sliding drawer.  Since it will go in the next year or two, I assume, I'll replace it with a French door bottom freezer fridge.  The fridge has also worked flawlessly.  The only problem with it is that a plastic edge broke off one shelf, but in a spot hidden by a drawer, so no big deal.
    I also got a new over the stove microwave at the same time, since the previous one, a GE, was also 15 years old.  I replaced it with a Panasonic.  Again, no problems with it at all.
    And, finally, in 2009 my stove died.  It didn't owe me anything, it was 15 years old.  I replaced it with a GE Profile glass top range, and, once again, no problems.
    All the appliances were medium price range, not the cheapest but definitely no where near the most expensive.  The microwave was probably the appliance in the highest expense category.  When I re-do my kitchen I'll likely replace it with a vent and buy an inexpensive counter top microwave, since I rarely cook with the microwave, just re-heat.  When I bought the first microwave I tried cooking all kinds of dishes in it, but decided I liked cooking on the stove and oven better.
    Maybe I should knock on wood, it sounds like I've been pretty lucky with my appliances to date.
  4. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Fargo Season 2: you betcha!   

    That's a really interesting explanation.  Except that Ed looked pretty satisfied after the call, he didn't look stressed by the fact his wife was Hanzee's hostage.
  5. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Fargo Season 2: you betcha!   

    No.  There was no gunshot heard, no body shown.  But Bear was very upset on his return to the truck, and we saw what I assume were images flashing in his mind as he drove home, about those who had died so far.
  6. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Fargo Season 2: you betcha!   

    Also, Hanzee might have thought Ed would have run into Dodd and friends...
  7. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

    I never cease to be amazed and stunned at how people are willing to believe every tragic event that occurs in the world has the hand of the victims' government behind it.
  8. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Fargo Season 2: you betcha!   

    When we left Peggy, the 3 Gerhardt gang members had been killed or knocked out, Dodd being either knocked out by the cattle prod or killed.  When Lou and Ed emerged from the woods and Hank drove up in the police car, Ed hoofed it back to the house and Hank told Lou not to go after him because they knew where he would be.  Hanzee, of course, then emerged and decided to start walking after Ed.
    I assume that when Ed got to the house, Peggy was packed and ready to go, and gave him a rundown of what happened.  Clever, clever Ed must have checked on Dodd, finding him either dead or alive, and then putting him in the trunk.  They seem to have taken Dodd's car or the car of one of the gang.
    Hanzee, I'm sure, did not hurry after Ed, thinking he'd find Ed crying over Peggy's dead body.  He probably got there just in time to see them take off.
  9. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Fargo Season 2: you betcha!   

    I don't know.  The song was written as a warning about using drugs, specifically LSD in the song.  She uses at least marijuana and cocaine that we know of, and comes across as someone who was tripping a bit too much, delusional about what she could and couldn't do.  And she certainly came to bad end...
    ETA:  And Ed presumably was the person who kept calling at the Gerhardt house, saying he knew where Dodd was.  Finally he gives up and calls Milligan.  And Just Dropped In plays, so maybe Ed is as delusional as Dodd's daughter had been.  He had a funny smile, so I assume he thinks he's setting a trap.  He and Peggy may end up as dead as Simone, in the Loplop episode.
    And this episode was called  "Did You Do This?  No, You Did It!", a reference to the conversation between Bear and Simone.  Not what I was expecting...
  10. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

    Yeah, sorry, killing 130 people in Paris is not going to move up the price of oil in a world awash with the stuff.
    And the Monday after the stock markets went up, saying FU to terrorists, which is the opposite reaction to what most people thought would happen.
  11. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Fargo Season 2: you betcha!   

    Plot for Season 3?
  12. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Fargo Season 2: you betcha!   

    Notice the definition that Milligan gave of revolution, of going around and ending up where you started.  a celestial object that comes full circle.
    The last episode is titled Palindrome...
    Back to the time of Season 1, perhaps?
  13. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

    The Daesh are well known to be masters of social media and excellent and up-to-date users of technology.  Anonymous have said they have shut down 20,000 twitter accounts they've been using so far, and even though the response of the Daesh has been they'll simply open encrypted accounts, it seems to me that a group that can hack government, corporate and police accounts can hack into Daesh's computerized records.
    The claims of attacks, of course, could simply be fear mongering, but it sure seems to have gotten to Belgium security.
    ETA:  There was the incident of the publication of the KKK list, which list Anonymous said they did not publish.  Now there appears to be a tweet from Anonymous denying the attack information.
    You can't really know for sure who has done what - western security forces trying to ramp up fear?  Daesh or Daesh supporters trying to ramp up fear?  Anonymous playing a cagy game?  Whatever is going on, some threats are being taken very seriously.  There were reports of increased security provided by the Italian government around the Vatican in response to apparent threats, so, again, some threats are being taken very seriously.
  14. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

    The hacker collective Anonymous has released a statement saying they hacked into secret Daesh computer files and found that tomorrow is supposed to be a worldwide Day of Terror, with attacks planned in the USA, Europe, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, and, of course, France.  They even name events, among them a WWE wrestling event in Atlanta, Georgia and churches in Rome, including the Vatican, celebrating the feast day of Christ the King.  Churches around the world, apparently.
  15. Fragile Bird added a post in a topic Paris implications continued   

    Back to this question...I see Hilary Clinton has a 24 step plan.