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  1. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    I suspect that it's the same situation as with police officers. The police (irrespective of the colour of the officer) can shoot and kill pretty well anyone without consequences. There may be an exception if the officer is a woman - look at the criticism the woman officer who killed someone during the election campaign faced, even Trump made comments about her. Though in the end I don't know if she was treated any differently from male officers. And thousands more border agents are going to be hired, likely very quickly with likely less vetting than normal. I assume there will be more stories about brutality in the future.
  2. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    I was surprised to hear a story this evening about how many people US border patrol agents have shot and killed, across the Mexican border. They've shot ten and killed six, and none of the agents have had any kind of discipline applied against them. And the Mexicans who have been killed have been told they have no US constitutional right to sue the US government or the agents. One of these cases went before the SCOTUS on Tuesday, that of a 15 year old boy in Nogales, Mexico, who had been fooling around with friends in the zone between fences, running up to the US fence and touching it, and then running back. A US border agent, standing in Texas, shot and killed the boy. The facts seem pretty straightforward, since the events occurred beside a bridge with cameras, and people on the bridge took video with their cell phones. The US government chose not to take any action against the guard and the Obama administration refused to extradite him to Mexico. You can read the story and hear the interview here:
  3. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    So, a Pakistani reporter just pointed out the success of Trump's anti-immigration stance around the world - he said the Saudis have deported 60,000 Pakistanis as "threats to security". ETA: at the WH press conference
  4. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Reuters also reported that, even with the recent influx of immigrants, crime rates in Sweden have dropped since 2005. And the former PM of Sweden made some comments about fewer murders in Sweden than in Florida, fewer than Orlando, but then again Orlando had the nightclub attack where 69 were murdered.
  5. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Yes, I didn't have the time to respond to that properly, but since then have read numerous stories about Trump's remarks about Sweden and there are countless responses by Swedes calling bullshit. Though note that Commodore responds to my list of comments calling out the bullshit in his posted article about rape not by responding to the points I listed but by posting the crap you described. Typical Commodore.
  6. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Try looking at the convictions.
  7. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    My God, more of your brain dead bullshit reporting. There is so much that's misleading in that report. First of all, Sweden has very wide definition of rape. The USA, for example, for statistics gathering used an 80 year old definition of rape until just 2011, that required force to be rape. Secondly, cases get labelled as rapes on initial complaints and stay labelled as rapes all through the investigation and court process even if it turns out they were not rapes. Thirdly, Sweden has worked to make sure they ZERO unreported cases of rape. Women have high confidence in the Swedish police force, so they report sexual assaults at a very high rate. The US number on that chart is 26.6, but the estimate is that only about 34% of rapes are reported, so the US figure of 26.6 per 100,000 could very well be about triple that, or about 79 per 100,000 versus the 69 per 100,000 in the Sweden. And fourth, in the US rapes are reported by number of victims, not number of rapists, as is done in Sweden. In Sweden if a woman is gang raped by 5 men, 5 rapes are reported. Not so in the US, yet over 20% of reported rapes in the US are gang rapes. Fifth, comparing the 1975 number of rapes in Sweden with the 2014 number is also bullshit, because since 1975 the Swedish government strived to increase the number of rapes reported. Sixth, there are countries, like Egypt, that report rapes as assaults. Seventh, 67 out of the 129 countries in that UN report DON'T TRACK RAPE STATISTICS. So saying "Sweden has the 2nd highest number of rapes in the world after Lesotho" is absolutely fucking bullshit. Other research reports have found, for example, in many Asian countries 25% of men have admitted to committing rapes Eighth, talk about a misleading chart - where the flying fuck is Lesotho, the very country that Sweden is being compared to???? And I did this with cursory, brief research. Dropping that story without comment is absolutely a cheap, foul and nonsensical piece of bullshit. It ranks with "80% of the 9th Circuit Appeal Court's decisions are overturned on appeal". Absolutely fucking brain dead bullshit.
  8. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    BTW, Trump just confirmed he was referring to the Fox show. And on Friday letters went out by the Senate committee investigating Russia cyber attacks to the White House and various other parties demanding they preserve all documents related to Russia.
  9. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Trump seems to do a disconnect in his head when it comes to stuff he reads and hears. His spokespeople keep coming out and explaining what he actually meant was something else. Like the story about the murder rate increasing in cities at the highest rate in 45 years. (It was actually Giuliani who said the murder rate was the highest in 41 years). The national rate of murder went up by 11% in 1970, and by 10.8% in 2015. So the murder rate did increase at the highest rate in 45 years, but not just in cities, nationally, and back in 1971 the murder rate was quite low, just a bit higher than it was in 2015. Murder rates started growing after that, peaking in 1992 and dropping off substantially since. During a rally in Florida on Saturday, Trump said "look what's happening last night in Sweden" as he alluded to past terror attacks in Europe. He probably meant "Look what's happening in Sweden [as shown by Fox News] last night." It reminds me of Sean Spicer's comments about the crowd at the inauguration: “This was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period,” Spicer claimed, without offering evidence. “Both in person and around the globe.” The majority of people would interpret that as him saying the largest crowd at the inauguration and the largest audience around the globe. The next day Spicer said he couldn't understand how anyone could interpret what he said as meaning anything but the two together, which might be true, since more people have the internet today than they did 8 years ago. It also sounds like a direct quote from Trump.
  10. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Ok, there seems to be an explanation for Trump's Sweden comments. Friday night Fox News did a segment about Sweden, it's liberal society, and the fact it has welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees even though the population is only 10 M. 16% of it's population was born elsewhere. And some of those refugees, not being able to find jobs, are turning to crime. In fact, Fox News says, the Swedish government is covering up all the crimes refugees are committing. A reporter on CNN, knowing how much Trump loves watching Fox, suggests that's the connection.
  11. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    I would point out that Norway passed legislation requiring that 40% of the board members of public companies be women. Because, obviously, there were no qualified women available in Norway before the legislation was passed.
  12. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Boy, you sure had a reading comprehension fail there.
  13. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    I'm sorry, but you are totally wrong here. Maybe it's because you live in Norway, where the population is more homogenous, and where your society addressed male/female issues a long time ago. You may not realize this, but Scandinavian countries were mocked in North America for decades for their progressive actions. Pro-active measures had to be taken here because the gaps between what men and women and between what the majority versus minority populations were paid were so enormous. The gaps are still there, but have been narrowed. The issue of underrepresented minorities pretty well across the board in many jobs had to be addressed as well. Voluntary measures simply did not work. I got a really great job in the early 90s with a huge multinational at a pay rate that I thought was wonderful. The company was in the middle of complying with equal pay legislation. I was very surprised when I received a 20% pay raise a few months later. My boss told me it was because of an outstanding job I had done on a major transaction that occurred right after I joined the company. The HR guys laughed their guts out when I mentioned it a year later. No, they said, it's because when he hired you he low-balled you so much, in comparison to the men who were hired.
  14. Acrophobia 27: Hypotheticals - Round 4: Vote/Round 5: Submit

    I do want to express my gratitude for the votes I received in the last round. I have been off my game, and it feels good to have written a decent entry! Thank you all!
  15. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    You're in your 20s????