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  1. My two leftovers from the last round. Now that I look at the second I really like it, but I loved "text Royal" so much I went with it. Charming imperial temptress requires outlandish man for assignations. Compass indicates that romance once more feasible! Available?
  2. I watched the live press conference with Trump and the Prime Minister of India, and the bizarre nature of his speeches never ceases to amaze me. He made this great build-up about the things he and Modi have in common, and the punch line? They both use social media well. I mean, wtf? But then again when the president of Panama was in town last week, Trump, at their press conference, said "we really built that canal well, didn't we?" Geez, what a wtf moment! The president of Panama, in case you missed it, responded by saying "A hundred years ago?"
  3. Thank goodness I used the full box of salt.... I meant to comment on your post about trying to guess who wrote what. I find I am not very good at guessing authors, but what I see happening all the time is that I often vote for the same people's entries. I picked yours for first, for example, something I think I do regularly. And I know I've gone wrong in an entry when some people who regularly vote for me don't. I go 'ouch, I'm in trouble!' However, I also know a great entry can take me down, and I look forward to seeing your great entry, Gabe!
  4. So far I got nothing... See what I did, eh?
  5. Reminds me of first year law school and the make-a-list-of-six-friends scheme got started, where you gave a bottle of wine to the person at the top of the list, crossed it off and added your name and then had to find 6 people to pass the list to. The guys who started it did ok...
  6. White men might be a dying category, but not in the next 3 years. Or even the next 7. I assume McConnell will rally the team by emphasizing the bill is open to amendment, but it needs to be passed now as is.
  7. Great change to the thread title!
  8. I have been working on mine and so far there is no 'mine'. I may have been a bit optimistic....
  9. I've been having a hard time choosing, but at this point i don't think any more entries are coming. 1st. 1 2nd. 5 3rd. 2
  10. Fez, somewhere along the way (the US Politics thread???) I read the suggestion that this was in the cloud the way it was because of laws dealing with the reporting of donations, that the funding was from PACs but the information could be accessed by any Republican campaign. I have no idea how the campaign funding laws work, as far as I know your system has no rules. But could this have been done to circumvent rules?
  11. What will Saturday Night Live do?
  12. CNN has been pretty hot under the collar all day about the fact that the WH is no longer allowing press conferences to be filmed or taped. I assume others are just as pissed off. Yup, you read that correctly. Press conferences are no longer allowed to be filmed or recorded.
  13. Aw, c'mon, matched pairs!
  14. On a totally different subject for a moment... Otto Warmbier, the poor, foolish student put on a show trial by the North Koreans and returned to his parents last week in a coma, has died.