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  1. So...the passage of the tax bill was just steaming along right on schedule, all those duckies lined up in a row, when somebody finally really read it and noticed the math was off by a trillion dollars. How quickly can the Republicans cut Medicare so they eliminate that wee little problem? Billionaires need their tax cuts!
  2. That was, of course, a sumo wrestler....
  3. I received two packages while I was out shopping the other day. One is a small 5" x 5" package in perfect shape, and the other, larger, package looks like a sumi wrestler sat on it! I've been looking at it trying to decide if I should open it, or complain to Amazon, or what. If my SS could tell Lany what I should do, it would be helpful. If the gift is something scrunchable, maybe there's no harm done? And thank-you, my sweet, I have been so absent minded and I forgot to link to the thread, please forgive me for not posting my questionnaire! I look forward to opening the gifts, sooner or later! <3 <3 <3
  4. Interesting. Adam Schiff just said Nunes said "he never stopped running the Russia investigation". So much for stepping aside.
  5. Another woman has tweeted about Trump. The wife of former hockey star, now president of the LA Kings, Luc Robitaille, said 20 years ago she was at Madison Square Garden in the elevator with Trump, when he was 'aggressive', told her she was coming home with him, and in her reply to her telling him she was married to Luc, said he guaranteed he made more money. Cuz women will leap into the bed of a rich man, right? "I was once on a elevator alone with [Trump] (& a man w/him) at Madison Square Gardens (sic)," Stacia Robitaille wrote. "He was aggressive & told me I was coming home with him. I laughed, stating I was married to a Ranger. He guaranteed me my husband didn’t make as much money as him. #ThisIsOurPresident
  6. I tried to quote Kalbear's post 6 pages back, but it wouldn't load. In honor of last night's win and the fact this thread title is totally totally wrong, I think it should be changed to "Quoth the voter, Never Moore".
  7. So the Republicans will be as obstructionist as possible. They do have a valid point, though, that the military vote has not been counted yet. But, ya know, God is in control....
  8. Right after the heavily Republican northern Alabama vote came in, giving Moore the big lead, the CNN panel starting talking about what a Moore win would mean for Bannon's power (all the while they were also saying hang in there, lots of votes still to roll in), how he would rule the roost with Trump once again, how McConnell would be crushed, how the candidate picked by Bannon would mean more candidates to be picked by Bannon next year. And then once CNN called for Jones, Rick Santorum, when others said Trump will wear this, said, I kid you not, that Trump only stepped in to help out an obviously doomed campaign. So, many of y'all agreed, right? The Moore campaign was a doomed campaign, right? Lol!
  9. Never thought I'd ever type these words. Ivanka made the right call.
  10. Hot damn!
  11. Just ate dinner in front of the tv, of course!
  12. Bastards! We haven't even hit 400! Bastards!
  13. HEY!!!! Let's get to 400 posts! No more posting until then!
  14. So,,,Senator Charles Grassley has actually come out and criticized two of Trump's judicial appointment nominations, the guy from Texas who called transgender children the spawn of Satan and same-sex marriages as leading to polygamy, and the guy in Alabama who's wife works as a lawyer in the WH, and who has never conducted a court case, and has suggested they be withdrawn.
  15. What exactly do you do for a living? Are you a hermit who lives in a cave? I was in grade school, probably younger than 10, when I first understood that that when a boy said "she'll do anything" it meant something lewd. Everyone knew. Details were filled in later.