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  1. The sniffer is back, just chatted to SWMBO. I was getting worried, but all is ok.
  2. rocksniffer did not make it to WorldCom. He had a family get-together before the con, and then posted that a family member was seriously ill (like, dying) and that family came first. We were greatly disappointed but we understood. I have not seen him post in Facebook at all, so I assume things have not gone well.
  3. TitanCon 2016: Fri 30 Sept - Sun 2 Oct

    Saw Pat Cadigan in Kansas City, had a nice chat with her about Titancon ("I'll be there"), and then saw her this afternoon in the lobby of the Marriott waiting for her taxi. Had a friend take a picture of the two of us, which I've posted in the BwB MidAmericon Facebook page. ETA: She was the toastmaster at the Hugos and did a fabulous job. The Mountain Goat flew in for the weekend!
  4. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    Buckwheat created the av without the whip at first, then jokes were made about me cracking the whip and she made a version with it. I do go back and forth with them, depending on my mood....
  5. TTTNE CDLXV - To boldly go where no thread has gone before.

    I just wanted y'all to know that I am am sitting here with awesome amazing person known as Lany. She's even more fantastic in person.....
  6. Acrophobia 24 - Be the Prophesier! and the winner is .... !

    I spent the day traveling to Kansas City for Worldcom, and had to nap when I got here because of getting up ridiculously early. So I am astonished to see the results! Thank you everyone for your support! i thought we had extremely good entries every round, and I am so happy to see such strength from the ranks of the newcomers. And I join in the chorus of praise for our great host, lil ghost! i would say more, but I'm about to pass out! Goodnight and gosh bless!
  7. TitanCon 2016: Fri 30 Sept - Sun 2 Oct

    She still does not know whether or not she's changing jobs, but at this point things don't look good.
  8. Acrophobia 24 - Be the Prophesier! and the winner is .... !

    I also seriously thought about look-alike, but it's legit, because that's the way it's spelt. It's not a made-up hyphenated word,
  9. Acrophobia 24 - Be the Prophesier! and the winner is .... !

    1st. 4. Postulate much...teach Cat's look-alike bold necessities I just love this one, sometimes I am so blind to possibilities 2nd. 3. Perilously mounting the chaos ladder beckons nemesis My alternate entry used nemesis, so I love this one. 3rd. 1. Patience makes trout catching lord barely noticeable. I also worked the patience angle. 4th. 2. Played Mercilessly to crushing loss. Befitting noose! A prophecy ignored, I think! A good game, everyone! Congratulations to you all! I have a long history of losing the lead in the last round, so I'm not holding my breath for a win.
  10. Acrophobia 24 - Be the Prophesier! and the winner is .... !

    1st. 8. Faithless sycophants oust commanders. Gratuitous infighting threatens the Watch. If he was given this as he was leaving for the Wall, he would be put on his guard without knowing his future, and then have an "Ah ha" moment. 2nd. 1. Find some obsidian. Concentrate genius in terminating terrifying Walkers. If he heard this, again, at the start, I think he'd be saying WTF? 3rd. 6. Forget summer. Only covert, genealogically interesting, Targaryens tame winter. "Forget summer? Huh? Bran's wolf? Or the season? Targaryens? Huh?" 4th. 9. Forefathers Stark offer cryptic guidance. Interred truth thwarts Winter. One that is unknown still, into the future. Let's see if there is guidance in the crypts from forefathers, and not just Mother. I have changed my picks several times now, HMs to everyone else!
  11. Acrophobia 24 - Be the Prophesier! and the winner is .... !

    Yes, I noticed. Just to aggravate you, I should vote you first.
  12. Acrophobia 24 - Be the Prophesier! and the winner is .... !

    Tough, tough choices to make here....
  13. economics & ethics of praise

    As my mother always said, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar...