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  1. Catholics who feel guilty are one thing, we're trained from childhood. Canadians have to grow into feeling guilty.
  2. The souls of 50 million tasty Americans! The title, Just Another Slow News Day will be saved for another day.
  3. The first bit I saw he had a squeaky voice. Normal now.
  4. Sorry, I meant to answer! Yes, that's him. And Don Lemon is interviewing him tonight. He has a funny voice.
  5. It has been reported that people from the Mueller investigation sat down with Trump's lawyers last week to discuss some of the questions Mueller wants answered, and they include a question about what Trump knew about Flynn's phone calls to the Russian ambassador. This question apparently is the one that sent Trump into a rage, that may have led to McCabe's firing. So...has Flynn told Mueller he briefed Trump about the calls? And is that why panic levels been jacked up? And is that why Trump has hired this new, very aggressive, lawyer? eta: And the fact that the Trump companies received a subpoena, and the fact his lawyers keep telling him the investigation is going to wrap up any day. And questions about Session's role in the firing of Comey.
  6. Tsk tsk. Asimov decided to unite the Robot series, the Empire series and the Foundation series, and Daneel is definitely thee central character of the Foundation series, even if you don't find out until the end. He's the longest living character in his books, just under 20,000 years, although I must say it was his relationship with Elijah Bailey that I loved most of all. And Jace? Asimov was waaaaaayyyyy better than Orwell, because Asimov knew it would be mathematicians who were important!
  7. Hmmmmm, I read stories saying that Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower, helped found Cambridge Analytica and other stories saying he had nothing to do with the founding of the company. In any event, CA is defending itself by saying that the data scraping was done perfectly legally, because the original survey gave the Cambridge professor who created the survey the right to access the friends list of the survey participants. I know when I have taken part in games and quizzes I've always clicked to refuse access to my friends list. When the app refuses to let me play their game, I shrug my shoulders and walk away. But I'm sure my name is on lots of lists because it was not a choice originally offered to Facebook users, or because friends didn't click on that box. Back to Wylie - he's a Canadian from BC, who whistle blew because he felt guilty about what they did. He's a high school drop-out diagnosed with ADHD who briefly worked as a summer intern for Opposition Leader Stephen Dion of the Liberal Party in Canada when he was 17. He learned all about data working for people working on Obama's election campaign and became a big fan of micro targeting.
  8. Facebook has just announced they have hired a forensic firm to search the records of Cambridge Analytica to see if CA did actually destroy the records of the 50 million profiles they harvested two years ago as they told Facebook. If they did destroy the records, then what business were they in? Did they do an analysis of the information they harvested and then delete the names? So they could still prognosticate on election outcomes based on the information they collected and still have? This should be interesting.
  9. Why? Because hospitals are run for profit in the US, so they're just another commercial venture? I think hospitals are a special case - it's where the sick and the helpless are. Anyone who attacks a hospital should be hunted down. It's like the Red Cross or the Red Crescent and whatever other names that organization has. Armies that blow up the Red Cross should be charged with war crimes. I know every now and then some scumbags do damage to the brand by disguising themselves as legitimate healers, but overall you don't bomb people who help the wounded. And if it exists, I hope there's a special place in hell for terrorists who set off bombs in five minute intervals to kill those who arrive to help victims.
  10. News on a different front, one we've discussed before in terms of job losses. Uber has suspended tests of driverless cars because a car struck and killed a pedestrian. The story is a developing one, so I'll just post the entire story.
  11. rocksniffer would be proud of you!
  12. On the other hand, they infiltrated power station and hospital computer systems. Shutting down those facilities could cause serious infrastructure damage. And transportation systems. A few train crashes could kill a lot of people. Or dam sluice gates opened at the wrong time. There have been hospitals across North America who had their computer systems hijacked, putting patients at serious risk, for ransom. Those bastards should have been hunted down by the NSA and taken out like the scum they are.
  13. As I watched the news unfold about Cambridge Analytica the last couple of days, I wondered if I should sell my Facebook shares when the markets opened today. But since they're down $14 it's too late now. However, if they have a bounce up I may sell them because there may be talk about regulating Facebook, particularly with how they sell information, something that would do serious damage to the share price. For those of you who are interested, Facebook has fallen to the 200-day moving average. If it falls below $170 it could take a substantial drop. The markets are all down about 1.5% .
  14. Must be the charm of the fourth. I’ve been following this since probably the second bomb since I’ve been watching CNN way too much, and they have been reporting on it. The problem is there’s been nothing to report. The Austin police have no suspects and no leads. So far all they can do is warn people to report suspicious packages, but now the use of a trip wire to explode this bomb has ratchet things up to another level. We’re all asking what the hell is going on in Austin.
  15. Trump, it has been pointed out, has today started to use language in his tweets against Mueller that repeat the language of the clauses that give him the authority to fire a special counsel.