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  1. Site keeps logging me out

    I have the same issue with logging in on my desk table. It tells me that my username does not exist.
  2. Choose your new Lords Paramount

    THE NORTH- Manderly(I'd prefer a descended of the First Men, their seat makes too much sense) THE RIVERLANDS- Mallister THE STORMLANDS- Swann THE REACH- Hightower THE WESTERLANDS- Marbrand THE VALE- Royce of Ruinstone THE IRON ISLANDS- Drumm (though I'd probably just leave the be, until they start raiding) DORNE- Yronwood
  3. You must now create a Fellowship...

    Jon Snow & Ghost Mance Rayder Tormund Giantsbane Qhorin Halfhand Thoros of Myr Ser Brynden Tully Squire Dalbridge Stonesnake
  4. The Height Hierarchy

    That's why I said maybe 6'4" at the tallest
  5. The Height Hierarchy

    I took it as being in terms of general population, not against himself. I meant it as he is not spoken of as being similar to the Hound or the GreatJon. He seems to be more in line with Jorah Mormont or even his own relative Lyle Crakehall (who's refer to as being big, but nothing really is spoken about his height being substantial)
  6. The Height Hierarchy

    Gerris is probably 6'1" at the tallest, I don't see him being near Archie's height. Ser Stupid is Hosteen Frey, he's a bull of a man, but I don't remember him being spoken of as being tall. Maybe 6'4" at the tallest.
  7. The Height Hierarchy

    Robert is said to be 6'6", GRRM said so. Sandor is taller, and Gregor is closer to eight feet than seven feet.
  8. The Height Hierarchy

    Seniority and possibly being tougher, Mag could have seem more fights. I don't know how old Wun Wun is. I'm 6'2" and for the most part I'm taller than others, but I have a good amount of friends that are taller than I am. Three of my closest friends are 6'3"-6'5". It's not uncommon for me to meet people taller and larger than myself and I'm a pretty big guy. I think the Big Man is closer to 6'6" IIRC. He seems like a clone of young Robert without the superhuman strength, though he seems to be a fairly strong man himself.
  9. The Height Hierarchy

    twelve feet I believe. Wun Wun is 14ft IIRC, and is said to be bigger than Mag and most of the Giants.
  10. Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    They started it for a reason. Now, is it their first stop when choosing actors, probably not, though it may have helped a couple of the role get filled.
  11. Lyanna Stark

    Definitely a better pick then some of the recent suggestions.
  12. The Height Hierarchy

    And pretty much everyone of them is that tall due to genetics and not gigantism.
  13. The Height Hierarchy

    Sandor is taller then Brienne, but not as tall as the GreatJon or Hodor. The SmallJon is a hard one to judge because he's described as being two different heights by Cat, if I recall correctly.
  14. The Height Hierarchy

    Renly was 21 I think. as far as I know Robert was 6'6" back during the rebellion. I think Stannis is also at least 6'3" because Ned point out that all three brothers are large men and I don't see why Ned would consider anyone under 6'3" to be big.
  15. The Height Hierarchy

    There's no way Renly is shorter then Ned, Ned has stated that he looks like Robert did when he was that age and Robert is 6'6" so Renly is at least 6'4"