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  1. Who are your top four characters?

    Petyr Baelish Sansa Stark Theon Greyjoy I'm really torn between Brienne, Samwell, and Asha for the last spot.
  2. Best and Worst POV

    Best: Sansa, I always enjoyed her chapters, but I found myself especially looking forward to them in aSoS and aFfC. Also, Jaime, Tyrion and Theon are usually interesting reads. Worst: Daenerys, I just never connected with her character... I also used to dread Davos' chapters, but now they're some of my favorites.
  3. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    Well, for a man who wears pink and whispers everything, he's a downright terrifying villain, I'll give you that. And if what Lady Ryswell said to Theon in aDwD is any indication, I don't see him going down easy: Some men hunt, some hawk, some tumble dice. Roose plays with men. You and me, these Freys, Lord Manderly, his plump new wife, even his bastard, we are but his playthings. *shudder*