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  1. Could the 47 men of the Night's Watch have been anymore stupid? If you're going to betray Jon, why do it AFTER they let in 5,000 Wildlings. I'd love to see how those 47 jackasses (maybe not Edd) plan to deal with the Wildlings now, who also have a FREAKIN GIANT with them!
  2. 3/10. Some good stuff but a lot I didn't like. Of course, if GRRM had actually finished The Winds of Winter, maybe things would have played out a lot more clearly.
  3. 1/10. In fairness, the last 15 minutes were good but the rest was ****ing awful. D&D's character assassination of Stannis is complete. The Dorne storyline has been a track wreck. Please explain to me how it's better than Jaime's Riverlands storyline...
  4. It would be funny after that dramatic display at the end if the Night's King then dropped his arms and said "Well, that's a wrap for the season, folks! It's too fucking cold and I'm too tired to be hauling my ass up to the Wall anytime soon."
  5. 10. It was great BEFORE the battle. Then the battle raised it to an even great level. Thrilling and suspenseful.
  6. This might seem odd to bring up but Sophie Turner REALLY looked like Karen Gillen in the bedroom scene.
  7. This might seem odd to bring up but Sophie Turner REALLY looked like Karen Gillen in the bedroom scene.
  8. I was so-so on this episode but I thought it finished very strong. First, Tyrion FINALLY meeting Dany, something that should have happened in the books aleady. Second, the performance of Jonathan Pryce, who absolutely killed it as the High Sparrow. I'll go 8, as it took a while for this episode to find it's footing and I wasn't a fan of some of the storylines.
  9. I thought it was going great until the end. That definitely dragged this down. D and D have managed to make Sansa more of a victim than ever.
  10. While the show has badly neglected the Northern Lords (the ones loyal to House Stark at least) I'm glad they are at least allowing the Northern smallfolk to pick up the banner of The North Remembers.
  11. I suspect Sam and Gilly will be heading down to Oldtown with what was discussed here. I think this is the second time the Citadel has been brought up this season too.
  12. 9/10. Really good episode. Not quite as good as recent weeks but this keeps up a streak of four really strong episodes in a row. Bryan Cogman never disappoints and filled the episode with a lot of backstory, which is always welcome. This episode was also another example of the benefits of a reduced focus. Less jumping around means more time spent on key plots like the Wall and Winterfell.
  13. I'll give them credit...they definitely made Cersei look like a tremendously incompetent ruler here. Well done!
  14. 9/10. Not as good as last week but still thought it was a terrific episode with some great character moments, like Stannis and Shireen. Jaime and Bronn in Dorne is working out well so far. I wish Melisandre would have been more subtle but she absolutely nailed the "You know nothing, Jon Snow" moment.