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  1. I will give it a 6.5 not overly bad, but not very special imo.
  2. Uhm... no Littlefinger didn't know that Lysa was looking or else grrm would have made Sansa subtly think to herself that Littlefinger looked behind him or over her shoulder to establish that he knew Lysa was watching them. Since that didn't happen should tell you that it was an impulsive act. Because if it was, as you say, a calculated plan than it is an extremely dumb one. Servants could have seen that forced kiss which would have blown up Sansa's cover and her identity would have been known. It possibly could have unleashed the wrath of Cersei on the Vale. On top of it that "genius"plan of Littlefinger almost. caused. the. death. of. Sansa and Lysa spilled the tiny detail that will bite him in the ass in the future. More importantly his claim as lord protector of Robert and the Vale is shaky at best. It would have been in his better interest if he kept Lysa around and made her tell the Lord Declarants he is the Lord Protector. To me that kiss established an important part to his endgame; he is obsessed with Sansa to the point he slipped up. This should tell us that his downfall is very near.
  3. No what I mean is that Sansa being drunk made the possibility of her subconsciously warging Sandor more easier and Sandor being drunk and severely triggered made him more vulnerable of being warged by Sansa.
  4. True, but we also have to keep in mind that both Sansa and Sandor were drunk. Plus he was also severely triggered.
  5. :lmao: I could definitely hear Sandor say such thing if the kiss truly did happen. Personally I do think that the kiss happened, but only in the Hounds mind and Sansa saw it when she unconsciously warged him.
  6. Wait what? :stillsick: Such thing didn't happen. I think that Sandor would especially brag about that to Arya.
  7. I think that people are blowing up the fact that Sansa is an unreliable narrator far too much. Sansa couldn't have misremembered that forced kiss of Littlefinger, because it happened right in front of us. Being an unreliable narrator means you alter your memories to make it more bearable for yourself. As for the unkiss. I believe that she accidentally warged the Hound. It makes the promise of grrm explaining the unkiss so much more exciting.
  8. What I mean with is that Ned caused his own death, and he had no idea while he was doing it. That is what I mean with digging his own grave with a big smile. Causing your own death while not realizing it.
  9. And acting all barbaric and reckless makes you also end up dead. Look at Lyanna and Brandon. Rhaeghar was reckless and Ned was naively digging his own grave with a big smile on his face. Both where not so thoughtful. And yes Thoughtful characters who last longer: Doran, Little Finger, Varys etc. all of them very much thoughtful and outlived quite some characters.
  10. I have a question for Rickon fans. Why is it that some of you want Rickon to be all barbaric and unable to control his emotions? I am all for him being a Brandon Stark reborn and even a little bit wild, but seriously barbaric? He may have been the last two years with an wildling woman as his mother figure and on a island that is rumored to be one that preforms cannibalism, but that doesn't mean he has to condone himself to this all his life. For him to be an effective lord of winterfell he has to lose quite a lot of that wildness he probably took on to protect himself.
  11. After everything that has happened? I personally do not think so, however we will see in TWOW if her desire to return to home is still strong even though her childhood in Winterfell is dead. And we are derailing in this thread. We are suppose to discuss about Rickon. Have people read the link I gave about the Shaggydog story? The names of the direwolves are important and significant to their storylines: death of Lady represents that Sansa's ideals are dead and her first taste of monsters, that she won't be the typical lady ore even possible cease to be lady (this would be a bittersweet ending for Sansa), Nymeria, I am guessing if there is one stark who will leave Winterfell then it is probably Arya. Queen Nymeria did leave her home and to never return again (Also a bittersweet ending for Arya), As for Summer I guess that Bran will take a big part on defeating the others and bring summer once again back to Westeros, Ghost many people have speculated that Jon will share body with Ghost. So lets discuss about what the Shaggydog story call tell us about Rickon.
  12. *sighs* Sansa is, like all her siblings (excluding Jon) are, 50 % Tully and 50 % Stark. Though Sansa may have been blessed to inherit diplomatic tactics from Catelyn and most political savy from her siblings (which was in her favor during her time in King's Landing), she is very much a child of the north and *stark-like. In fact she is the kid who is the most like Ned. Nor do I think it is an coincidence that Sansa was out of her siblings most removed, in spirit, from the north, but gradually turning to the side more: praying at the godswood, despising the Lannisters, craving to return to Winterfell, building that snow castle. I fully expect Sansa to make a full circle. *I wish that people would stop saying that Sansa is nothing like Stark-like, incapable of warging etc. newsflash people the houses of westeros are not the houses of harry potter not every house member of a certain house have all the same character traits. Sansa is just as strong as her siblings, just as intelligent as her siblings, and very much capable of warging like her siblings. There is something called individuality you know.
  13. Sansa didn't hate the north she simple preferred the south over it. Would you prefer to live in the North Pole instead of, for example, Croatia? However Sansa does get disillusioned by the south and it's superficial splendor and craving for the north and Winterfell. Her building that snow replica of Winterfell proves just how much. Further then that I agree with you. I don't think that Sansa being in the Vale, a kingdom that has been untouched by the war and very much remember the days that Ned Stark grew up there, is a coincidence.
  14. It is the common believe around here that it will be either Sansa ore Rickon taking the north.
  15. Perhaps this helps. http://tvtropes.org/.../ShaggyDogStory It explains this trope in a very detailed way and you can find at the end of the page examples in anime/manga, comedy, comic books, literature, films, poetry etc. I also found an explanation on Wikipedia: Since GRRM tends to twist typical archetypes I think he intends to show just how much shaggy the wolf Rickon truly is, though I hope he is subtle about it and NOT put Rickon like a barbaric kid.