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  1. Bolton's other bastard. Naturally I would be very very careful as to not upstage Ramsay.
  2. Eddard Stark: The Vale He spend his formative years in the Vale. His infatuation with honor in AGOT is very akin to 'as high as honor'. Ned may as well have been Jon Arryn's true son.
  3. While I don't agree with the sentiment there is an argument to be made that he belongs there more. He was born in the Riverlands, was crowned King in the Riverlands, gained his reputation as a talented commander in the Riverlands, his reign as king was in the Riverlands and lastly he died in the Riverlands. Plus I find it ironic that you consider Robb as child of Ned and a man of the North, but Sansa, who strongly desires to be back in the North, draws strength from being a Stark, builds a snow replica of Winterfell and literally thinks to herself she is stronger within the walls of Winterfell isn't of the North according to your OP.
  4. For the jousting yes, but for the melee you don't need any invitation. Though I agree characters like Jon, Brienne or Jaime are out of question for obvious reasons. A certain dog, however, could end up visiting. Could explain why GRRM deliberately tried to not mention him in this chapter. Considering how often Sansa thinks of Sandor the fact that he is barely in this one makes me incredibly suspicious.
  5. Not the next book. There's an unique pattern whenever a Stark dies and it always happens during an uneven book. In book 1, 3 and 5 a Stark has died so naturally for the next Stark to die it will happen in the seventh book. Though in my opinion I don't see any Stark dying. I am not sure about Varys, but littlefinger will most definitely not die in the upcoming book. His demise will be in Winterfell.
  6. I think Shadrich will definitely try, but fail and expose Sansa's identity in the process. That would shake things up in the vale. The question is will the lords and ladies at the Vale throw Sansa at the lions when they learn her identity? I like to think they won't because one some people are already aware of who she is and they haven't ratted her out. And two when all of the vale courtiers are aware they would protect her even only because she is Ned's daughter.
  7. Tommen will most likely die.
  8. I loved this chapter. For the first time in a long time Sansa is actually enjoying her life. Her interactions with Harry were a delight. Loved it how she sassed him. He deserved that, especially after his disgusting comment over his late lover. Enjoyable as it was in many ways this chapter feels like a calm before a storm... PS: Why are some people here saying she was too over-confident. I didn't get that impression. I think you guys are only taken aback from Sansa's openness, because of her forced timidness in King's landing. Let the poor girl enjoy.
  9. Is there a heart tree at the gates of the moon?
  10. Sansa's skills in court intrigue in the next book will most likely skyrocket the point it will look unrealistic because technically she is supposed to be eighteen in TWOW. GRRM originally intended to do a five year time skip between ADWD and TWOW. He wanted to do this to aid the Stark children and Dany so they could hone their skills in those years, but while they would benefit from it the adults in the series wouldn't so he decided to scrap it entirely.
  11. You forget the best part about this: "Frog-faced Lord Slynt sat at the end of the council table wearing a black velvet doublet and a shiny cloth-of-gold cape, nodding with approval every time the king pronounced a sentence. Sansa stared hard at his ugly face, remembering how he had thrown down her father for Ser Ilyn to behead, wishing she could hurt him, wishing that some hero would throw him down and cut off his head" Jon will probably get a big hug from Sansa if she ever learns this. That Catelyn and Tyrion scene is indeed brilliant. One of the few things the tv-show actually did good.
  12. You are pulling a strawman. There is no Sansa fan on this forum board who argues she will be a master player in the league of LF or Varys. What we are saying is that given Sansa's arc has been mainly about politics and court intrigue and that she is right now in an apprentice stage, like Arya and Bran, it is extremely likely she will become a player.
  13. They have equal amount of chance to survive. As for who I want to survive? That is such an evil question to ask. Though I love Arya a lot I do love Sansa more so I chose her - though begrudgingly.
  14. As foolish the idea was the King in the North scène was amazing. Sansa building a snow replica of Winterfell. This scène was so exquisitely beautiful. It was a moment for Sansa to mourn the lost of her innocence, to say goodbye to her childhood, but there was also a touch of hope. That though she would never get her old life back, she can build a new life. A new place to call home. In my opinion this scène was when Sansa killed the girl, but let the woman be born. PS: A little fun fact. This is the last chapter where Sansa talks about songs
  15. When I was talking about Stark-specific characteristics I wasn't speaking of physical traits, but personality ones. I should have been more clear. And my apologies for being rude. The reason why the concept of Starkness annoys me is because too often I have seen people use that to justify their dislike for Sansa. The biggest irony of this all is that according to them the character who is most Stark-like is Eddard Stark.