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  1. Favorite female character?

    For me it is, obviously, Sansa. There are many things that I love about Sansa. But what I love the most about her is that despite the horrors she went through Sansa never stops hoping that things might be better. Some people might find this foolishness to hope for 'happy little after', but I consider this to be so crucial in life. Why do we endure the bad things that are happening in our lives? Because we hope that some day that our lives will be better. And if through all hope away in life then what is the point of living? What makes Sansa so strong in my mind is that despite going through her own winter she never stops dreaming of spring. 
  2. What if Rickon Never Returns?

    Well there is also Sansa. I could totally see her holding the status as leader of the starks temporarily. In all honesty I don't think they would go to war if they didn't have a Stark with them. Though I am confident that Rickon will return. The plan to return may be delayed (like Davos taking Rickon to the wall first and get involved in the dilemma there), but return he shall. 
  3. I don't think that Sweetrobin is Little finger's child. If he was then Lysa would have brought that up when she was rambling before being pushed out of the moon door. 
  4. Name the one ASIAF character you'd hook up with

    Garlan Tyrell
  5. Any cruel Starks in the history?

    King Rickard Stark comes to mind. What he did to the Mash King says enough.
  6. Is there any sympathy out there for Theon?

    I feel pity for Theon. His childhood in Winterfell kind of reminds me what Sansa goes through in King's Landing, but instead of having bunch of Joffrey and Cersei he dealt with a lot of Tyrions in Winterfell. Relatively kind, but still a threat to him.
  7. How would you rate episode 401?

    I will give it a 6.5 not overly bad, but not very special imo.
  8. A Theory about the Sansa Unkiss

    Uhm... no Littlefinger didn't know that Lysa was looking or else grrm would have made Sansa subtly think to herself that Littlefinger looked behind him or over her shoulder to establish that he knew Lysa was watching them. Since that didn't happen should tell you that it was an impulsive act. Because if it was, as you say, a calculated plan than it is an extremely dumb one. Servants could have seen that forced kiss which would have blown up Sansa's cover and her identity would have been known. It possibly could have unleashed the wrath of Cersei on the Vale. On top of it that "genius"plan of Littlefinger almost. caused. the. death. of. Sansa and Lysa spilled the tiny detail that will bite him in the ass in the future. More importantly his claim as lord protector of Robert and the Vale is shaky at best. It would have been in his better interest if he kept Lysa around and made her tell the Lord Declarants he is the Lord Protector. To me that kiss established an important part to his endgame; he is obsessed with Sansa to the point he slipped up. This should tell us that his downfall is very near.
  9. A Theory about the Sansa Unkiss

    No what I mean is that Sansa being drunk made the possibility of her subconsciously warging Sandor more easier and Sandor being drunk and severely triggered made him more vulnerable of being warged by Sansa.
  10. A Theory about the Sansa Unkiss

    True, but we also have to keep in mind that both Sansa and Sandor were drunk. Plus he was also severely triggered.
  11. A Theory about the Sansa Unkiss

    :lmao: I could definitely hear Sandor say such thing if the kiss truly did happen. Personally I do think that the kiss happened, but only in the Hounds mind and Sansa saw it when she unconsciously warged him.
  12. A Theory about the Sansa Unkiss

    Wait what? :stillsick: Such thing didn't happen. I think that Sandor would especially brag about that to Arya.
  13. A Theory about the Sansa Unkiss

    I think that people are blowing up the fact that Sansa is an unreliable narrator far too much. Sansa couldn't have misremembered that forced kiss of Littlefinger, because it happened right in front of us. Being an unreliable narrator means you alter your memories to make it more bearable for yourself. As for the unkiss. I believe that she accidentally warged the Hound. It makes the promise of grrm explaining the unkiss so much more exciting.
  14. Who will be the final POV character?

    I said it before it will be Bran.
  15. Rickon's Role

    If there will be another stark death it's obviously Jon. He has "Dying for the greater good" all written over his forehead. It won't be Rickon I am quite sure.