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  1. Why do some readers Hate the Targaryens?

      I never said GRRM is endorsing these things. Actually I am of opinion he intended to do the opposite. GRRM most likely wanted to use sexual violence in the series to discourage misogyny just like he used war as way to say how he is really against war. However unlike with his anti-war message he went horrible wrong when it came to misogyny, because he didn't do his proper research. This probably goes the same with the portrayal of mental illness. 
  2. Why do some readers Hate the Targaryens?

      GRRM portrayal of mental illness is iffy because a good portion of those who have them in this series are often pretty violent and aggressive which enforces the stigma that people with mental illness are more likely to commit crime. This is most likely unintentional on GRRM part (same goes for the disturbing amount of sexual violence on women in this series), but ignorance does not excuse him in my opinion. He should have done some proper research before dealing with these highly controversial subjects. 
  3. Why do some readers Hate the Targaryens?

    The reason why I don't like them is because a majority of them have a superiority complex and that irks me a lot. With that said I also feel particularly uncomfortable that GRRM uses mental illness to portray them as 'antagonists' and/or villains. 
  4. Name your biggest criticism of the series

    This basically sums up my issue with ASOIAF. Plus lack of diversity. 
  5. He would probably use her to make Robb bend the knee and beyond that he would most likely do nothing to her. Stannis is overall a honorable man. 
  6. Favorite female character?

    For me it is, obviously, Sansa. There are many things that I love about Sansa. But what I love the most about her is that despite the horrors she went through Sansa never stops hoping that things might be better. Some people might find this foolishness to hope for 'happy little after', but I consider this to be so crucial in life. Why do we endure the bad things that are happening in our lives? Because we hope that some day that our lives will be better. And if through all hope away in life then what is the point of living? What makes Sansa so strong in my mind is that despite going through her own winter she never stops dreaming of spring. 
  7. So, who's definitely gonna die in The Winds of Winter?

      Perhaps you should look at it from the story perspective. Sansa is, right now, in that apprentice stage (just like Arya and Bran) and that does indicate that she has an important role to play. It is illogical for a writer to spend 25 chapters and development on a character who will do nothing in the end.There is no doubt in mind that Sansa will surprise you :)
  8. The Minor Character you despise the most

    Randyll Tarly.    Craster.    Gregor Clegane. 
  9. What about Rickon?

    I think that too many people are expecting too much from little Rickon. His purpose will most likely be post-ASOIAF. 
  10. I have come across several little finger theories, but this isn't one of them. 
  11. What if Rickon Never Returns?

    Well there is also Sansa. I could totally see her holding the status as leader of the starks temporarily. In all honesty I don't think they would go to war if they didn't have a Stark with them. Though I am confident that Rickon will return. The plan to return may be delayed (like Davos taking Rickon to the wall first and get involved in the dilemma there), but return he shall. 
  12. I don't think that Sweetrobin is Little finger's child. If he was then Lysa would have brought that up when she was rambling before being pushed out of the moon door. 
  13. Name the one ASIAF character you'd hook up with

    Garlan Tyrell
  14. So, who's definitely gonna die in The Winds of Winter?

    I won't deny the fact that I am biased to an extent, but I would not claim anything unless I have some substantial evidence to support my theory.
  15. So, who's definitely gonna die in The Winds of Winter?

    Shireen. Stannis Tommen Wyman Manderly Margaery