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  1. Happy National Eat Till You Puke Day!!!
  2. I wasn't expecting this. Jeffrey Tambour, of the series Transparent has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women that are part of the series. One is a trans actress. I wonder how the media will deal with this.
  3. I'd prevent the extinction of dinosaurs.That ought to be sufficient to keep humans from overwhelming the world.
  4. Still, that percentage of the public speaks better of the public than I'd have thought the public was.
  5. I hate to be a party pooper, but let's see what the politicians do, before cheering too much.
  6. And the concept of comparing the levels of sexual misconduct as a purely statistical thing, has no bearing on the amount of harm does to each of the victims.
  7. Actually, you already did defend him You did it by implying what he did was less than what Weinstein did. I can assure you that each of their victims would disagree with you. The idea that the number of offenses is what makes their behavior bad, is flat out wrong. I don't care whether it's Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, or Bret Ratner, or the guy down the street. If they did it only once, it should be a career ender.
  8. One that I got a quote from was this one. And yes, the cost of replacement is at least as much as the cost. Between our computers and about 500 blu rays (I know I'll have to get an all region player, once we move there.) We're trying to be practical.
  9. FYI, I found out that a 4x4x4 container that can weigh up to 600 lbs., costs about $1600, door-to-door.
  10. It is next on my list of places to look at. I'm currently researching Navan, which Is smaller in size, has enough modernity and convenience to look promising. It's also closer to Dublin, which will be our base of operations in looking for a place when we get there. Since it has an annual Pride event, I'm assuming it isn't a terribly hostile area. But that, in itself raises another question. I can't find any demographics like the ones in the US that provide information on what portion of the area is LGBT. In the last 40 years, I've always found the risk of detection was greater where there was a higher density of LGBT population than areas where awareness was minimal. I've already looked at County Cork, since my wife has family there, but it's a bit to rural and very traditional looking, which suggests, to me, that the people are traditional, as well.Too bad, because Skibbereen looks idyllic. ETA: While Galway looks very nice, rents look a bit high.
  11. To do it properly, would require an amount of time that would make the cost a bit high. I'd like to keep our resources intact. I'm at an age where I have to consider how much is in the bank and will be available for my wife, when I kick the bucket.
  12. Good idea. I'm also getting feeds from Irish news sources.
  13. Thanks, even though the move is 12 to 24 month away, and things could change. This all came about when my wife discovered that Irish law makes her and Irish citizen and eligible for an Irish passport. I told her she should get one, as she has no passport, currently. She asked why an Irish rather than US passport. I told her that if the US went to shit, she'd have a safe haven. That seemed to make sense, especially when she discovered living there was affordable. When she had some question about the possibility of my gaining long term residency, she lost interest in the idea, but when we found how it was possible, she embraced the idea, again. Anyone who knows me will realize that the idea of moving to an area I'm unfamiliar with, isn't something I do willingly, but this provides her with safety, and let's face it, I can sit in front of a computer monitor there, as easily as I do here. And grocery shopping and other necessary trips out of the house, are unlikely to be any different there, than here.
  14. I'm taking that into consideration. I'm currently looking at towns with populations between 20,000 and 30,000.Large enough that I can do my best to blend in and not be noticed. Attitudes may have changed, but I still go by the idea that if people don't know you are something they hate, you have an advantage. I've been looking at the demographics (where available) of different towns, and have also been using Google Street View just to get a look at the people one sees on the streets, just to get an idea of the types of people I might encounter.
  15. I'm aware of the voltage/frequency issue and there are converters available for the few electronic items we plan on taking. Fortunately our computers have dual voltage power supplies and will be less costly to ship than replace. Blu rays are region coded, but there are "all region" players available. They cost more, but our movie library is nearly 500 movies, so it pays to pay a little more for a player.