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  1. I've only met one member of this board, in person and she is truly a friend. That said, There are many people from this board that I've never met, and they are also truly friends. Maybe I should mention that there are some folks on this board that I'd prefer not come anywhere near me.
  2. R.I.P. Lord O' Bones. You had a unique view of the world. I won't forget.
  3. I wish you the very best with that, and hope your experience with trusting others is far better than mine.
  4. Well, if she had to make that revelation to anyone, I'm glad it was you. That said, if I live to 100, I will never understand why anyone chooses to reveal they are trans in today's social/political climate.
  5. Hope all turns out well.
  6. And historically, privatizing any part of government services has only benefited rich. The direction the administration is heading, would result in student loans starting at kindergarten, instead of college.
  7. I hope the reaction of roommate B was positive. Everyone knows my opinion on people who out others, so I won't bore you with it.
  8. That is fantabulous, Lily.
  9. Would it surprise you to learn how much time I spent thinking up ways to get out of that lunch, without offending you, because I was convinced I would be the disappointment, because behind that armored exterior my online persona projects, there isn't anything anyone would find remotely interesting. I enjoyed meeting you, tremendously. My online persona is reflected by all those sword bearing armored women that show up on my Facebook page. My usual public persona is to not be memorable, which is as close as I can get to being invisible. After I was outed in the 80s, I realized that having face-to-face friends with whom I was with routinely, was simply too much of a risk. For me to drop the personas takes an amount of effort you wouldn't believe. I've said too much, here, but I could not let the idea that you were a disappointment or a waste of my time, stand.
  10. Since we haven't experienced what living in her locale, or being in her workplace is actually like, I'd don't feel comfortable with the idea of saying to her, her actions were unnecessary, and therefor, wrong. Yes, her actions could potentially harm someone, as your example pointed out, but that's a hypothetical. What we have, for certain, is one person, who if outed, could be subject to emotional, economic, or even physical harm. For that reason, while I'd hope she was able to use a less intense method of keeping herself safe, I'd have to deter to her judgment. She knows more about the environment in which she lives, than I do.
  11. Synthetic drug was involved.
  12. Thanks. Blocking the element with uBlock Origin, also works.
  13. @Dr.Pepper The thing I focus on is this. First, that is an expression of fear, And I think from your description of where you live, it isn't an unrealistic.To understand where she is coming from, ask yourself this. What would happen to her if she was outed? While I might handle the situation with her friend a bit differently, I have to admit she is putting herself in the last place anyone would look for a trans woman. Second, Her interactions with people she works with are critical for many reasons, including financial survival. If her friend from work is the only one she engages in this type of talk with, then it is a fair bet that she sees that person as critical to blending in at work.
  14. I have some questions as to whether probing a person's computer to determine if an as blocker is present, is legal under EU law. I've tried different ad blockers. I'll take a crack at running my own script to mask the ad blocker.
  15. Having done my best to blend in for more than 40 years, I might have some insight here. A number of years back, my boss was meeting with a few employees, including me. He mentioned that there was a trans woman where he used to work, and then when into a long discourse about why would anyone do something like that, There was a brief discussion. One person was actually supportive, while another thought it was weird. In such a situation, my protocol is to be neutral, and therefor, invisible. A nod, a shrug and a "if someone doesn't bother me, I don't bother them." While the situation wasn't as extreme as what you described, I made every effort to keep myself from being detected. The problem is really simple. If one person figures it out, you can assume they won't keep that information to themselves. In a conservative area, that can be a major problem. I admit the rules of "stealth" or "blending in" can be onerous, but once outed, it can be dangerous and you can't undo it, unless you relocate, so it is a big deal.