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  1. I think it's their reaction to things like the "eager Russian brides" websites. Thanks for that info. I'm definitely going to look into it. Recognize that this is long range planning. Yesterday, we renewed our lease on our apartment for another year. I'm not expecting to need to get out of Dodge, before then. This may be a conservative state, but this area of Arizona seems to have a live and let live way of looking at things. No one has hassled either of us, since we moved here.
  2. There's no problem for my wife, since she is by law, an Irish citizen. She's already applied to get certified copies of the documents needed to get an Irish passport. I'm the problem. For me to get permanent resident status, I'd have to prove I had 50,000 Euros/year in income. There appears to be no provision for getting around this, even though I'm her spouse. So this may not work. Even so, we'll proceed with getting her passport. She has relative in County Cork, so there is a safe haven for her, if she needs it.
  3. We're looking into the feasibility of moving there. Since my wife's mother was born in Ireland, she is a citizen of Ireland, and is in the process of obtaining an Irish passport. My view is that by 2020, the US will have irrevocably changed, and that the Democrats will, again put party before country and fail to nominate a candidate that can defeat him. That gives my wife a safe haven, even though the spouse of an Irish citizen is not guaranteed permanent residence status (I'm looking into how difficult a problem that is, for me). I know what Irish law is, with regard to LGBTIQ matters, but am trying to get the lay of the land, as to what areas of the country to avoid, due to local hostility.
  4. Anyone have any information about Ireland from an LGBTIQ point of view?
  6. That removes a protection people have. If a politician votes for something shitty, they can be voted out of office. If people vote for something shitty, can they be voted out of the country? No one should have the right to vote on what rights, people other than themselves, are permitted to have. that results in tyranny.
  7. I think that is pretty obvious. People can't hate you if they don't know you are that which they hate. In the late seventies and early eighties, when I was living in NYC, the only area I encountered problems was in Greenwich Village, where they knew we existed. I lived in the borough of Queens, where I never encountered a problem, because they were clueless. Visibility may benefit some, but in 41 years, it has never benefited me.
  8. You got to see it before the page was removed from the Huffington Post website. From what I understand, many people inside the transgender community were upset at its alarmist tone. Turning this loose in a community that has far more than its fair share of people with anxiety and depression, can be quite damaging. They simply don't benefit from this kind of "the sky is falling" article. I'd rather see articles available only to their target audience, to provide information on how to survive the bullshit that is likely to come their way. And if we are to continue fighting, I'd point out that the French army failed miserably, against the Nazis, but the French resistance made a substantial impact. If anyone thinks that visibility and education will change the minds of the dregs of humanity like the FRC, I think they are mistaken. Anyway, read it if you can handle the doomsday rhetoric that was in the article, before it was taken down.
  9. I came across this, today. I've been expecting it. It's the inevitable backlash to visibility, and raising public awareness. One of my definitions of insanity is providing people with a target, and expecting them not to shoot at it. Anyone know of better strategies and tactics to survive this?
  10. It is hard for people to fully understand that which they are not. I can understand any of the non-binaries on a cognitive level, but I can never know what it actually feels like. Everyone believes there is only one reality, but they fail to understand that they can never know what it is. They can only perceive it through the filter of their own life experience and emotional makeup. I guess the best we can hope for is someone saying, "I'll never know what that feels like, but if it works for you, I''m glad."
  11. Calling Sessions the Keebler Elf is wrong The Keebler elf is not a racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic,white supremacist.
  12. That is a significant step. May everything go well...beyond your expectations.
  13. Vacuum cleaner cleaner.
  14. I only wish we could be a better country than it is, at the moment.
  15. Neither was I, but almost 33 years later, it's still working.