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  1. This came up elsewhere. I think you can figure out my view on it, but does anyone think this is a good idea, in view of the level of violence in the series. I'm not asking about the merits of the book, or series. Just wondering if anyone thinks this would have any benefit.
  2. @Lily Valley, I lack the knowledge to be of any help, but I do know that if anyone is capable to dealing with these issues, it is you.
  3. Apologies. that wasn't my intent. I do think people are better off when they know what is going on, that may affect them.
  4. In case anyone thought the problem was only the extreme right. Of course, it may be the the Republican Party is now part of the extreme right.
  5. I turn on CNN, listen to conservative panel members, and become enraged. Rage makes boredom disappear.
  6. I cringe at the analogy, but I can't argue with it. When those not directly threatened start backing away, the threat must be perceived as real.
  7. I think it is simpler than that. When people see that those in power are attacking a group, they worry what will happen if those in power see them as supporting that group. It's a reaction based on fear of what may happen to themselves.
  8. The problem I see is in the section entitled "A Shift From Allies to Detached Supporters." I'd really like to see an ind depth analysis of why that drift is occurring. Whether its a case of people protecting themselves in an increasingly problematic political climate, or the specifics of what is making people uneasy. And yes, there is always a pendulum effect to progress in the social arena, but with the mobilization of reactionary forces, this is starting to look like one step forward and two steps back.
  9. Why am I always the one to point out how the current reality is worse than the old one? But, I'll be honest. These statistics aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Acceptance 2018.pdf But category 2 is worrisome.
  10. On the other side of the coin, is the one who has known her gender since an early age, and seeks to change the physical to the extent that medical science made possible. Yes, they are separate descriptors, but we exist in an age where everyone believes there is "only one right way." karaddin, I didn't think you were agreeing with those who see the term as a slur. When you get to my age (almost 75), you just want to scowl and shake your cane at everyone. (I don't use a cane.) I don't like labels, but the constraints of communication via language, make their use unavoidable. If people refer to themselves differently than I refer to myself, that's fine. But when they denigrate the word I find most accurate, but talk of community, I can only ask whose community do they mean.
  11. There is truth in that. Google "transsexual" and click on images (an observation, not a recommendation) and porn is the first thing you see. Once the word became anathema, in the trans community, there was no one to willing to attack its use by the porn industry. Of course, that would never have happened, because people would never agree to "attack their own." "Greater good" seems to get ignored on such issues. But that's a side issue. Getting back to the main one, this is the quote I'm referring to. That's like saying, "Unless someone self-identifies as that, "ni**er", its use is considered racist. That's the definition. As far as I'm concerned, anyone claiming that is a slur is as bigoted as RuPaul, in his defense of the use of tra**y. It's no different than the homophobia and transphobia of the Christian right...except there's no name for it. That said, I consider the battle lost. There is no way the word will come back into appropriate common usage, Just another area where it has become me and them, rather than us.
  12. Yeah, Mr. Toxic Freedom of Speech. "Transsexual" was intentionally thrown on the scrap heap, beginning in the late 1980s. When people decided simply living their lives like every other human being, and decided to to have a social/political agenda. Activists realized that there is strength in numbers, so they came up with a word that allowed them to include more people. Things were so much simpler, before then.
  13. Theda, it isn't your fault. In fact, I've never heard that, and if that sentiment has become widely held within the trans community, it's important that I know of it. What you posted was great.
  14. We have gold finches and house finches here, all year long. Because of the direction our balcony faces, we usually see them when they are back-lighted, which makes positive identification difficult. I can say they are gluttons for nyjer seed.
  15. 1. I'm happy for you MFC and your fiancé. I also agree with the others who have commented. 2. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, after happy news, but I'd like to know what people think of this. Yesterday, on Facebook, a trans person told me she regards the word. transsexual as a slur. She added that she made an exception that it wasn't a slur when it pertained to those who identified as transsexual. I kept my cool and was very moderate in my response, though I was seething, inside. I know the transgender community favors the word, transgender, and probably wishes, transsexual would disappear, but this is the frost time I have ever hear of it being called a slur, and likened to tr*nny and such. Has anyone else heard heard of anyone referring to transsexual as a slur?