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  1. More than street cred to me and it would be quite the trolling of established characters if an unknown suddenly pops up and topples all the primary contenders. Is rather amusing actually.
  2. Well no but a significant portion of the series of kings have been named Aegon, this new one would be the sixth of his name, I'd say that if his name is any indication he has a good chance as he has the "kingly" name.
  3. Not surprised, I haven't read any of the WoW chapters, hoping to old gods and the new, the Drowned God and the Red One that the book will come out sometime this decade and I won't have to read in bits and pieces.
  4. Theon - his role is done I'd say Ramsay - I want him to die sure but a loose cannon like this can't stick around, 'sides the North needs someone to get their rage into Victarion - Honestly I see his grudge against Euron to be his undoing Jorah - Lord Friendzone shall make one last glorious sacrifice for Dany
  5. I think at the least Ramsay is definately going to get axed, can't have a pychopath like that surviving into the next era whatever that may look like. His father now... I can see Roose bending the knee and being forgiven by whoever ends up in the Iron Throne, whether the North likes it or not. Hard to guess really, still so much story to play out.
  6. I see much wild speculation on this forum and I always marvel at the theories that people can imagine so i figure I might as well dip a toe in. I am sure to be reading too much in this offhand comment that GRRM made in an appearance sometime back be he mentioned that English history is filled with "Henrys and Edwards" and that people with other names just don't make it. That being said i have to wonder if this might be also him saying that Daenerys is a Eustace and therefore doomed to fail. Meanwhile his nephew (or "nephew"? whatevs) Aegon is certainly the Targaryen version of a Henry. So should we expect at the end of this series to witness the crowning of King Henry... Aegon VI?
  7. Seems unnecessarily complicated to add a need for possible regent for his child, I can understand it being ditched. As for Jon, people really should get off that theory, him being King of Westeros or of the North, more than likely he'll either stay/become a corpse or will remain in the Nights Watch. Would be too much of a stretch of his "honor" for any other conclusion imo. Rickon will be new Lord of Winterfell. Episode was certainly a punch in the gut though. Shows how well written and acted this was, even though I knew it was coming it still was a thrilling ep. Talisa... disliked her character but... wow.
  8. What is with the complaint with Robb's will? In the books he didn't have an heir so had to make a decision on who would take over for him should he die. In the show Jeyne was pregnant which means the will wasn't necessary...
  9. HBO is staying much more faithful to the books than many would when adapting from source material. There will always be changes often not to the good but that is simply something to tolerate, even if it does leave you muttering in annoyance after seeing it, heh. I myself mourn the loss of the innocence, ignorance and self-doubts that plague book-Brienne that is lost in the tv version. Maybe we'll see some of that come next season when there is a larger focus on Jaime. *crosses fingers*