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  1. Yea I saw that....he also had a 5 yr gap originally.
  2. I dunno....I'm thinking he is indeed in love with her and his love will propel him to be foolish in order to gain her attention. (yea yea Jorah did something stupid as well) If you go back to the previous episode, he was speaking to her about heroes. She made the comment about Jon being "too small" and the awkwardness that arose from that comment was thick. They had the discussion about heroes being stupid and brash, doing things that get themselves killed. She tells Tyrion to "not be a hero" and stay alive. A few comments have been made about Tyrion dying or staying alive this season. I am wondering if they are setting it up for Tyrion to be a "foolish, brash hero" and sacrificing himself to save Dany. He would do something like that if he were in love with her.
  3. Gaaaah, Sansa is thinking small with her arguing. Jon has seen beyond the wall and knows now is not the time for petty battles. He needs every single living body on their side. He did pretty much the same thing he did with the Wildlings...put aside petty differences for the greater good. She reminds me of her mother, Cat was constantly arguing with Robb and look where she ended? Now the Hound.....omg....they are building his character up!!
  4. I would have to say excluding the house with arya would be waaaay too much of a deviation
  5. Altho the scene wasn't in the books, i LOVED the scene where Sandor is in the middle of the batter and watching in absolute horror the burning soldier. Then Bronn shoots the guy and Sandor just....stands there with this look on his face. We know from the books that he has a melt moment and ditches....but the actor really showed it. His eyes, his was soo moving. The epiphany he had didn't need to see and hear him tell them "fuck you". You didn't think "oh he's a coward" just knew he.....changed. It was a very moving scene to watch and made the followup scenes with Sansa later make more sense.
  6. im still wrapping my head around jaime killing this is just so out of character for him :( :( :(
  7. hmmm well they have changed up Danys story! Granted her story bored me to death in the books so I dont care. I am wondering what is up with Tywin and Arya as well and wondering if we are going to miss out on Weasel Soup :( Tywin needs to be leaving soon so Roose can arrive! Jon and Ygritte....well ok so a change but they seem to be investing a lot of time into them when I think that time should be spent on other characters. Sansa.....well not exactly the serpentine steps or a rooftop least she is interacting with the Hound! I died when they had him standing in her bedroom with her first period....omg..... what's up with the shae/sansa friendship, though?? and when is sansa going to meet dontos in the godswood?
  8. Especially as it was Sandor who warns her to not trust anyone.....and schools her about liars :(
  9. Sandor Clegane finally kicked butt!!! yeaaaaaay!!!!! I was getting tired of them having him just standing around. And he called Sansa "Little bird" :)
  10. Im SOOOOOOOOOoooooo HAPPY Sandor Clegane got to do more than just stand around looking bored or annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........................... *happy dance* They brutalized Sansa's rescue but I did like it....made it more dramatic
  11. *sob* they butchered Sandor in season 1 and seem to be butchering him again! *double sob*
  12. I gave it a 9. I was very HAPPY they gave sandor a fighting scene as they took it away from him last season! Also glad they added him defending Sansa in regards to Dontos. They could've had her smile at him or something, though I could've done without precious time wasted on peeve there.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr