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  1. Just woke up from a nightmare and I'm not kidding....for some reason I was being forced to watch seasons 2-6 of GoT back-to-back with a bunch of Unsullied who hated the books and me even more. It was actually kind of terrifying, lol.
  2. I had a few people on my FB feed write stuff like, "THANK GOD TOMMEN IS DEAD!!!!" lol. I admittedly haven't watched much of this season, but has he turned into a monster or something?
  3. I still don't understand how she can have a different face when she isn't a FM ?
  4. D&D said the reason Tommen killed himself is because Cersei didn't console him. Sounds overly simplistic but whatever. I didn't watch episodes 3-9, but I was surprised at how much they have actually turned her into a bad person (I think?). I remember back in season 2 or 3 or some season, she was horrified by Joffrey having all of Robert's bastards killed in KL, even though in the book it was clearly Cersei. They did this a few times...taking things Cersei did in the books and put them on Joffrey. So I don't know what their deal is. They also said that the only thing that humanized Cersei were her children...
  5. Dragons are way more important, duh. Noob.
  6. Sooooo, I have a few comments and questions. Bear with me, because I missed episodes 3-9, but that might not matter much since nothing doesn't make much sense anyway. And sorry if it's already been mentioned. The inside the episode part.....wow, D&D don't even understand their own bad motives when they write. I saw nothing weird between Sansa and Jon, but they are saying there is a lot of anger, resentment, and jealousy. I watched the scene again and unless I am just stupid I did not get that vibe in the slightest. I also agree with everyone that Cersei murdering everyone and immediately becoming queen makes no sense. And was is really necessary for Tommen to fall out the window? It was actually kind of a well-done scene, but in the context is was pretty stupid. D&D said that Cersei had a chance to comfort Tommen but didn't so he killed himself....that actor does look a lot like a Targaryen king btw... particularly Aegon III when he was young. Where is Brienne? So, even though I thought I've heard about Arya training as a FM in recent episodes, I'm assuming she left, because if you're a FM you're "no one," not Arya Stark who goes on a revenge trip to kill bad people. How does she have a different face though if she's no longer a FM? Very lame homage to the Frey pie too. Of course like the very first scene is a naked woman randomly walking around, lol. Gotta fill dat quota!!!!!!!!!! So do you guys think that Stannis is a goner in the books? Or is because D&D admittedly hate him? You think he really burns Shireen alive? Does this mean fake Aegon is actually meaningless? The scenes with Tyrion and Dany are really bad.
  7. I am at 1:05 with 15 minutes left and I swear it has taken me like 5 hours to get here....I keep getting distracted. It is so boring and frustrating. How do you guys get through it?? Alcohol???
  8. Lol, you signed up to write this. You are dedicated. BELIEVE!
  9. We have to stomach Game of Thrones stuff EVERYWHERE. We have to stomach most of our friends and family being in love with the show and just smile and nod so we don't look like assholes. If we criticize it anywhere on social media, particularly a place like Reddit, you will be completely torn apart. You like to go through your news feed on Facebook? Well, get ready to see GoT everywhere! Facebook today even politely asked me if I would like to make my status update about the Game of Thrones finale. How sweet! Ugh. This is literally the only place for people like us and others still try to come in here and argue with us and harass us, when 99% of the internet agrees with them.
  10. LOL. I initially totally ignored this comment because I thought you were trolling me...am watching the show now and realized you weren't.... Does anyone think this is actually going to happen in the books?? What in world??
  11. Damn, I wish for once I actually had the ability to watch the show. I'm so confused!!! lol.
  12. Oh, I guess it's an extended episode...
  13. Can someone please tell me the big twist or death or anything?? I'm out right now and can't watch it.
  14. so what was the big twist? who died?